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AMC Recap Written by Nathan

Marissa and JR talk and she advises him to just accept that Adam is marrying Annie. This results in an argument and Marissa storms off. Colby talks to him and he informs his little sister that their father has proposed to Annie. Zach swings by the Chandler mansion and Annie informs him of her engagement. He asks to speak to Adam alone and asks him to help him with Kendall. The two men argue over what she did and Scott and Annie come in to see what's happening. They both agree that Adam should help Kendall. Adam is confused as to why Annie would want to help Zach and she explains that if Kendall is buried in court he will never leave them alone. While Adam and Scott are in court, JR comes to see Annie and continues to play with her head. He takes it a step further and kisses her.

Natalia comes by and apologizes to Frankie and Randi about dumping all her problems on them. Angie overhears her talking about Jesse and questions her about it. Angie takes Frankie to the hospital for a checkup and she shares her suspicions that Jesse may be keeping something from them and that Randi may be in on it. She sees Madison talking to Frankie and after she leaves she tells her son that she gets a weird feeling about her too. Randi runs into Madison at the hospital and accuses her of being the reason her baby is dead. Madison says that the reason her baby is dead is because of her guilty conscience. Angie sees the two of them together as Madison is leaving.

Erica interrupts a conversation between Liza and Kendall in the interrogation room. She tries to talk Kendall into taking back her confession but she refuses. She tells her mother that she is taking her off the character witness list in order to spare both of them the pain. After Erica leaves, Zach comes to see Kendall and they share a tender moment. Ryan checks on Erica and comforts her. Zach, Scott, and Adam all give testimonies on Kendall's behalf, however Marion is not moved and exclaims that she will never forgive Kendall. Liza unsuccessfully tries to get Marion to calm down as she breaks down on the stand. She later announces to Adam that she is moving out of the gatehouse, as it is no longer home without Stuart. The judge reaches his verdict, but we'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out what it is.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Allison is worried about Bob when he calls her Susan and then gets angry when she corrects his mistake telling her he would never call her Susan because her name is Alison. Margo poses a hypothetical situation to Tom and asks him if Adam were alive would he help get the charges against him dropped. Tom tells Margo he wouldn't do that because Adam committed worse crimes then Casey and since Casey went to jail he thinks its only right that Adam also pays for his crimes. Tom worries that Margo hasn't accepted Adam's death and suggests she get therapy but Margo tells Tom she doesn't need therapy. Allison tells Casey that she is worried about Bob and they both tell Tom about the episode but Tom tells her not to worry but if anything else happens to let him know. Riley has a fever so he goes to the hospital where Bob mistakenly tells Allison to give him a higher dose of medicine then he needs to treat Riley's flu. Allison questions the dosage but Bob gets angry and tells her to stop questioning him and do what she is told to do. Allison gives Riley thee dose and he goes into convulsions Bob is able to save him but when Allison tells him she followed his dosage order he tells her he told her to give Riley a much lower dose of medicine. Allison tells Casey about the incident but admits she isn't sure if she was the one who misunderstood Bob so Casey tells her not to report the incident to the hospital since she isn't sure of her facts so that it won't cause trouble for her or his grandfather. Allison apologizes to Riley who says it was an honest mistake and promises not to sue the hospital. Tom asks Riley to move out of the house when he feels better because having him around isn't helping Margo because she is using him to replace Adam.

Barbara is angry when she discovers Paul gave money to Emily to start a newspaper and she vows to do anything she has to to protect Paul to stop Emily whom she calls "the blonde barracuda" from digging her claws into Paul again. Emily asks Hunter to be in charge of the online version of the newspaper while she will handle the print version of the newspaper. Hunter turns down Emily's offer at first because he thinks she either feels sorry for him or is trying to buy his affection. Hunter has no choice but to take the offer when he gets fired from Java for being clumsy and breaking too many cups and plates. Paul tells Emily she and Hunter can move into Fairwinds because he has a lot of room and they can also use the house as an office for the newspaper. Hunter wants to know Emily's relationship with Paul and she tells him their relationship is very personal and Hunter tells Emily he doesn't need to know that much information about his mom. Emily is pleased Hunter called her mom for the first time. Bob tells Barbara about the mistake Allison made at the hospital and questions if Alison can be a good nurse. Barbara asks Bob to help her have Paul committed again.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Whip pulls out a real beastmaster fantasy for Jackie, only Owen is not too keen on being the beast in his skimpy shorts. He goes along with it only for Jackie, but tells Whip that not a single picture goes out without his approval. Over at Forrester, the Logan girls are shooting their royalty fantasy line. Brooke tries to get Ridge to say he is impressed. Taylor shares in Stephanie’s glory over at Jackie M. Steffy tells them that Brooke’s leave of absence was a short one. She is back at FC. Brooke said it was because of FC’s downfall, but it really gives her plenty of opportunity to be near Ridge. Stephanie warns her that she better think up some strategy to curb this. With Ridge out in the guest house instead of in Taylor’s bed, Brooke will be circling the wagons to get him back. At Jackie M, Clarke breaks the news of what FC is doing with their royalty line. Whip tells them that they have the patent on provocative and the public is wondering what Jackie M will do next and how far they will go. Nothing Forrester can do will ever compete. Jackie says she learned a long time ago never to underestimate the power of Forrester Creations.

Brooke tells Eric that she is glad to be back. Ridge listens as she says sometimes you don’t miss something until it is gone. Steffy tells her mother that she hopes it is not going to get to her that Brooke is working again with her dad. Taylor says no; she knows what kind of games Brooke plays. She’s had years of experience, but her dad is smarter than that to be manipulated. Ridge tells the Forrester office that it all starts with the image, but now they had to follow through with designs. Stephanie barges in and finds only the Logan girls. She reminds them they are only valley girls and have never adhered to being anything close to regal. Brooke tells her royalty is only a state of mind. Without money or bloodlines, it’s how you choose to lead your life. It’s about women coming into their own…..mothers, daughters, sisters…… about liberation and helping others. That is what they are trying to do here. That is their image here at FC. She warns Stephanie not to dare say they can’t be royalty here at FC because they can and they are.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole tells Sami about EJ changing Grace’s headstone. Sami, furious, confronts EJ. Rafe advises EJ to focus on his own wife and daughter and to stop tormenting Sami. Nicole later tells EJ that she doesn’t blame Sami for being angry. EJ vows to punish Sami for what she has done to him. Stefano learns that Meredith sent Sami a letter about Emily’s death. He tells Nicole that it’s all over for Sami and Rafe. Sami arrives home and begin to read the letter. Kinsey and Chad put their plan to break up Mia and Will into action. Kinsey pretends that her parents are getting divorced and uses it as an excuse to worm her way into Will’s good graces. Mia catches the two together and stews. Later, one of Will’s friends tells him how easy Kinsey is. Mia jumps to her defense. Will is suspicious, and Mia eventually admits to him that she is really defending herself because she isn’t a virgin. When Melanie brushes Nathan off, Maggie suspects that she is pushing Nathan away because she doesn’t feel worthy. Melanie admits that is true, and Maggie reassures her. Melanie apologizes to Nathan for the way she has behaved, and the two agree to try to go on another date. Meanwhile, Roman soothes Stephanie, who is still upset about her breakup with Philip. She admits that she went out with Nathan and had a good time. She later calls and leaves him a message, telling him she’d like to see him again.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam doesn’t notice Jerry sitting in the Internet café when she returns the next day looking for the kids. Patrick worries that Robin is taking on too much by trying to solve the murder. Robin is convinced Andrea is the killer. Michael and Kristina plan their strategy for survival in Mexico. Carly tries to reassure Morgan about Michael. Carly figures out that Jax asked Morgan and Max to help Carly relax and eat right. Later, Carly calls Jax on using Morgan and Max. Edward shares pictures of Lila with Rebecca on what would have been their wedding anniversary. Lulu calls Maxie on avoiding Spinelli. Sam checks in with Spinelli and he confides his worries about Maxie accepting his proposal. Sam says Maxie may not be “ready” for marriage. Spinelli tells Sam about Alexis’ “confession.” Later, Spinelli uses Diane and Max as a sounding board. Both agree that Spinelli should ask Mac for Maxie’s hand. Molly over hears Diane advise Alexis to confess that Kristina caused the accident so she (Alexis) won’t be a suspect in Brianna’s murder. Michael emails Morgan and tells him not to tell anyone aside from Molly. Jerry breaks into Michael and Kristina’s hotel room and finds Kristina’s postcard to Molly. Molly tells Morgan what she overheard about Kristina. Some unscrupulous looking men approach Michael and Kristina. Robin shares her thoughts on the murder with Mac. Andrea tells Mac that a conviction for Alexis would be in his best interest. Sam finds Michael and Kristina’s empty hotel room so she calls Jason. Jerry conveniently comes upon Kristina and Michael as they’re being threatened.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lillian stops by the Spaulding Mansion. Phillip tells her that Alan knows about his illness. Lizzie wants to have a party. Matt visits Reva to ask about her. Reva says she is fine. Josh checks on Shayne to see if he is ok. They meet outside his room. Shayne says in short his life is falling apart. He storms into his room. Mallet and Frank talk. Frank says the credit card matches Dinah's so lets bring her in. Marina hears what is going on and wants to know who they are talking about. Frank says, Dinah Marler. Marina is stunned. After Frank leaves the room, Mallet explains more to Marina about why Dinah did what she did. Frank then comes back an orders they bring in Dinah. Marina protests because of Dinah's getting married. Reva is out watering her garden when Josh comes by. Reva tells him Matt came by to tell her about Dinah. Josh tells her that they are going to have to help find a good lawyer. Reva says she know that Jeffrey knew some good ones and will make some calls. Jonathan talks to his daughter, Sarah about finding Jeffrey. How they are going to make him better. Lillian finds Beth reading at Company and joins her. Beth tells Lillian about Lizzie and the house. Phillip goes to Ed for more time. He tells Ed that he has started getting through to Alan. Ed says he can't do anything. Phillip protests. Ed gives in a little saying he is working on something but it isn't finished. That he doesn't want to give it to him. Phillip says something to the fact he can't do what he wants in just a few weeks that is not acceptable. Lillian and Lizzie have a talk at Company. They are talking family projects. Lizzie wants to get Phillip back to work. Lillian doesn't let on about Phillip's illness. Mallet visits about Jeffrey being exonerated. Reva isn't happy. Frank goes to Shayne and Dinah's, he is knocking on the door ordering that they have a warrant. Shayne tries to tell Frank that she is gone. Frank doesn't believe him and starts searching the rooms and calling out her name. They start bagging for evidence until Shayne tries to stop him. Frank says he has a warrant. Marina visits Reva. Reva can't figure out why the wife of the man who has put every person in her family under scrutiny. The phone rings and it is Mallet. Mallet tell Reva about Shayne and his arrest for interfering with an officer. Ed tells Lillian about Phillip's condition. At Lizzie and Bill's new place, they are outside with Matt when Phillip arrives. Lizzie goes over and hugs him. Phillip is impressed with the house. Lizzie comments that it will look better when the work is done. Phillip says, "I'll bet." Beth comes and they all start talking about holidays. Jeffrey talks to Jonathan about Edmund blaming Shayne for his daughter's death, Edmund's so call murder, Reva's being blamed and put in jail. Then Jeffrey tells him that he realizes that Edmund was also after Sarah and Jonathan. Jeffrey says that Edmund left a note that was threatening the family was going down. Shayne goes for a bail hearing. When they bring Shayne back to the jail, Reva is there telling Shayne that she and Josh are on it trying to get him out. Reva asks Mallet if Dinah has been found. Mallet says, "We're working on it. Phillip goes back to the hospital and tells Ed that he was just at Lizzie's and she is planning on the first Thanksgiving at the new house. Ed wants to press upon the fact that Phillip may not have that time. That there are certain chemicals he can't be around. Phillip tells Ed that if he can't help him, he'll find someone else who will. And leaves Ed's office. Beth and Lillian talk about Phillip and the recent trip he took with Alan. Lillian doesn't let on about Phillip's condition. Frank calls Bill about Dinah's whereabouts. Bill kids that Frank should talk to her "husband". Frank informs Bill that the police have Shayne in custody. Bill can't believe it and when he hangs up he tells Lizzie. They both wonder how many more loved ones will be involved. Josh tells Reva that as soon as the paperwork is processed, Shayne will be out. Mallet tells Marina about Shayne's arrest. Marina wants to know if they found Dinah. Mallet says that there is an APB out for her. Marina suggests they go home. Mallet says that he has to get something out of his locker and they can go.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Stacy has had her miscarriage but realizes that nobody knows that. Rex and Gigi argue about what it will mean that she could be having his baby. He goes to talk to Stacy and she tells him that "the baby is fine". Schuyler goes to see Gigi and kisses her. Cristian is concerned that Fish must be gay and is falsifying his sexual orientation to Layla. Kyle tells Fish he cannot lie nor change being gay. Cole and Brody do their jobs to uncover the drug trafficking. But a guy who works with Asher is determined not to trust them or anybody who might be wired or might have a bug.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon is in a jewelry store and tries on a ring that Nick had purchased for Phyllis. Sharon remembers her conversation with Phyllis in which Phyllis had shown her the ring that Nick had purchased for their wedding . Sharon becomes flustered and leaves the store with the ring on her finger. The salesman yells after Sharon, but Sharon leaves anyway. The security guard goes after Sharon. Victoria visits Nick. They have a beer and small talk about how that J.T.’s parents had been married for 35 years. Victoria know that her and Nick will never manage to be married that long. Ashley reprimands Victor for his treatment of her and how he had treated Colleen. Ashley goes upstairs by herself. At the church, Nikki tells Paul that she cannot marry him and thus gives him back his ring which he refuses to take. Nikki lays the ring down and leaves. The guard brings Sharon back into the store and questions her about the ring. Sharon denies taking the ring. The salesman tells Sharon to look at her hand. Sharon is very apologetic when she sees the ring on her finger. Sharon tries to explain, but the salesman tells Sharon to explain it to the police since he has called them. Nikki arrives at the Newman ranch to visit Victor. Victor wonders what Nikki is doing here. Nikki lets him know that he is the only man that she will ever love, and if he would only admit it, he loves her, too. Adam listens from on the stairs. Ashley, upstairs in bed, imagines seeing Sabrina coming out of the bathroom.

Paul sits alone in the church and grieves over the fact that Nikki wouldn’t marry him. Heather join him and finds out about the wedding. Adam continues to listen to the conversation between Victor and Nikki and them confessing their feelings. Nikki and Victor hug good-bye. Ashley dreams of seeing Sabrina with a baby. Victor goes to see Paul at the church. Ashley comes downstairs, looking for Sabrina and finds Adam in the living room. Nikki wanders outside in the rain and remembers better times with Victor. Nick and Victoria continue their heart to heart talk.

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