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AMC Recap Written by Nathan

Marissa finds JR in an alley and asks him what's wrong. He tells her that he's just dizzy and hot. They discuss the current situation with Scott and he confides in her that he's angry and jealous of Scott because he is the type of person he wants to be but can't. Marissa then tells him to cut Adam and Scott some slack because he needs all the family he can get.

Adam and Annie announce to Scott that they're getting married. While Annie leaves to get champagne, Adam and Scott talk about his happiness and the fact that he has reconsidered Scott's new mission statement for the company. JR and Marissa walks in and learns the news about Adam and Annie. JR puts on a fake smile and tries to pretend to be happy for them after Marissa reminds him of their earlier conversation.

Kendall frantically shouts that she's guilty in front of Jesse and Ryan. Zach continues to beg Liza to stay on Kendall's case. After much hesitation, she finally gives in as Zach receives a phone call from Jesse warning him about Kendall's confession. Liza sits by Kendall as he confesses all to Jesse. Kendall sees Stuart again and he tells her that she did the right thing and that he accepts her apology. After overhearing Kendall's earlier conversation with Ryan, Natalia confronts Jesse about trying to cover up Kendall's crimes. While sleeping, Randi flashes back to the night Henry North was killed and the day she lost her baby. She confides in Frankie that she feels guilty about the baby but he assures her that it wasn't her fault. Natalia comes by to vent about Jesse. After she leaves, Frankie tells Randi that they should try and get pregnant again but Randi insists that she's not ready.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Parker prepares for the photo shoot, as Craig is proud of himself that things are falling into place with Carly's family. Jay tells Audrey that he wants cash, as Henry shows up, not knowing what is going on and pleads with Jay for him not to drink the coffee in his mother's room. Audrey laughs, as she explains that Henry thinks she is a serial killer. He has evidence. Henry leaves with Jay and shows him all the obituaries of men that his mom carries in her luggage - all men his mother has dated, as Jay laughs it off, but Henry is serious about this. Brad and Katie speak with Terri about her co-hosting with Brad on Oakdale Now. Terri is thrilled and can't wait to start, but Brad and Katie explain they have to pitch this to Kim first. Terri has to talk to Rosanna as well about how this affects her looking after Parker and Sage. Janet is feeling a bit down with how her life turned out even though she wouldn't change having Liberty for anything, but compared to Terri her life seems boring. Jack thinks he has an idea and heads over to talk with Brad about a favor - he would like Brad to get Janet a job as co-host. Katie and Brad don't understand why Janet suddenly needs something different, as Jack explains. They explain that they just offered Terri the job, as Jack wonders if they can take it back. They aren't sure they can, but when Jack waxes on about what will happen if Terri gets the job, how Sage will lose her new friend and Janet will become more depressed, Katie and Brad agree to tell Terri they are going with Janet instead. Janet is moody later still in thought about how her life turned out when Liberty shows up to tell her about her plans and ask her to make her food. Next Parker arrives, who needs the day off. Janet is miffed by them both but agrees to let Parker leave, but then tells Liberty her plans have changed and she is now doing Parker's job. Liberty is annoyed and calls Janet on being upset that Terri is cooler then she. Terri tells Craig and Rosanna about her offer, as Rosanna is unsure but Craig acts happy for her. Rosanna worries about how this new job will affect the kids so Craig goes to talk with Terri on his own and explains how important she is to the kids and how he will make sure she has a good job waiting for her after the summer, as Terri is confused. Parker does his first photo shoot, as Liberty shows up to watch. She asks Parker to hang out after, but Rosanna worries she will upset Parker and he needs to concentrate, but Parker assures her that they are just friends now. Terri turns down Brad and Katie's job offer. She is disappointed to have to, but she is happy that Janet will be taking the job instead. They make a pact not to tell Janet about this, Audrey goes to the hospital for the DNA results but sees Katie. She asks her not to tell Henry because she is just there for a check up. When the nurse comes back over, Audrey blows her off in front of Katie. Katie doesn't suspect anything, as they talk. Jay tells Audrey that he played the part with Henry, but he wants his money. Audrey promises when they find the real Jay, he will. Henry learns from the bartender that the man he thought was named Jay is really named Raymond, as he is confused by what is going on. Parker and Liberty meet up and talk about his photo shoot and how he is helping out but secretly enjoying it. Parker seems finally content with how his life is and how he and Liberty are finally in a good place. Liberty, however, wants to go for a car ride and get away for a while with Parker. However, when the photographer shows up and wants to do a few more shots, Parker leaves to do it, as Liberty is slightly bothered about him blowing her off now. Rosanna learns Terri isn't taking the job. as Teri explains it was thanks to Craig really explaining about the kids that changed her mind. Brad offers Janet the co-hosting job; at first she thinks it is because they feel sorry for her, but they convince her otherwise, so she happily takes the job. Craig wishes Rosanna would give him some credit for how he is helping out, as Rosanna can't help but ride him about why he needs her approval when he has such a fan in Terri. Audrey finally receives her DNA test over the phone; the samples she brought in were a match. Henry goes to a disbelieving Katie for help in proving his mother is a killer based on the fact of the 'Jay who is really Raymond' fiasco.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie tells Whip that in his capable hands that this Indulge campaign can not fail. Eric reports to his crew that the news it not good. Jackie M has surpassed Forrester. He’s proud of his daughter, but they will have to do something to counter. Brooke comes in and not a moment too soon. She states they will have to forget the past and forge ahead to something new and exciting. Katie doesn’t think most women want to traipse around like a cougar. She has a suggestion that they might want to be more like a princess….. royalty…. like the Logan girls who came so far, so play that up with elegance. Eric loves it and Brooke offers they all want a little “happily ever after.” This is not lost on Ridge. Nick calls a meeting and gives them the good news. All agree that it was a team effort and they drink to Bridget’s success. They also agree they need to give Bill Spencer some credit to for his magazine publicity. Nick whispers to Bridget that as much as she has brought to Jackie M that she has brought more to him. Whip catches Jackie and Owen kissing. He needs his own office, but Jackie wants him to stay and tell her more what he has planned for her.

Whip tells Jackie that he wants to keep pushing the boundaries. She tells him to keep working, but don’t get burned out. He’s a valuable asset and she doesn’t want to lose him. She’s surprised when he says there is no girlfriend. It’s all work for now. She gives him more suggestions and laments that they work good together. As she is leaving, he admits to himself that yes they do. Katie makes suggestions to save the company money. The first is to sell the company jet. Eric tells Katie she can have all the money she wants in P.R. to make this project work; just don’t let him down. Ridge thinks they might be getting ahead of themselves as all of this that Brooke is suggesting is going to be very expensive and Forrester is tapped out at the moment. Brooke wants to talk to Ridge alone. She wants to know if this is his reaction or is he worrying about something else. She thinks they can work on this campaign and have their own relationship too. He’s not too keen. This was supposed to be his honeymoon and instead he is sleeping in the guest bedroom. She chides him about his “I now pronounce you man and horse.” She teases him; does she know how to make an entrance or what?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate confronts Daniel at the jail. He accuses her of poisoning Chloe and framing him for the crime over jealousy. Kate, fearful that Daniel is wearing a wire, doesn’t admit to anything. Lucas confronts a comatose Chloe and tells her to rot in hell. Father Matt overhears and urges Lucas to try to forgive Chloe. Philip tells Stephanie that breaking up with him was the best decision she has ever made. She tells him that while it is too late for them, it isn’t too late for him, and that he can turn his back on his family. Philip learns she is in the park on a date with Nathan and leaves abruptly, upset. Later, Carlo’s widow comes by the mansion to apologize to Philip. While Nicole celebrates Sydney’s six-month birthday, EJ visits Grace’s grave and grows incensed when he sees her last name is listed as ‘Brady.’ EJ arranges for a new tombstone to be erected with his last name on it. He admits to Nicole that Sami has been haunting his dreams. Nicole frets. Brady nearly opens Arianna’s drug shipment, but she stops him just in time.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Liz and Nik discuss their past kiss while drinking at Jake’s. Liz is happy to call Nik her “friend.” Rebecca insists to Ethan that she’s done with “the con” and wants to see how things go with Nik. Ethan insists that he “knows” Rebecca in ways that Nik never will. Sonny promises to “respect” Claudia and says it’s a bad time for them to make any decisions about their marriage. Olivia pretends not to know Dante/Dominic as he walks into her apartment and interrupts her and Johnny. Johnny figures Dante/Dominic is there to check up on him. While helping out at Kelly’s, Lulu runs into Dante/Dominic and he tells her he’s renting a room upstairs. Sonny comes into the diner and tells Dante/Dominic that Lulu is protected by him (Sonny). Dante/Dominic makes mention of his mother to Sonny. When Olivia comes into Kelly’s and sees Sonny with Dante/Dominic, she voices her disapproval and says working for Sonny is “a dead end.” Robin realizes the person who hit Brianna used their right hand. Robin throws keys to Alexis, who shows she’s a leftie when she catches them. Michael and Kristina get settled in Cancun. Claudia informs Jerry that Michael didn’t cause her accident. Jerry is anxious to run into Sam and Jason. Claudia tells Jerry she could care less if he kills Jason, but the kids better be safe. Johnny interrupts Claudia’s call with Jerry and is upset that she turned to him for help. Johnny thinks Kristina and Michael are in huge trouble at Jerry’s hands. Much to Claudia’s dismay, Johnny says it’s time for him to tell Sonny the truth about the shooting. Johnny says Claudia “deserves” whatever happens to her. Sam is hot on the heels of Michael and Kristina.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is missing Jeffrey. Jeffrey comment that he almost had Edmund. Just as Doris pronounces Shayne and Dinah man and wife, Dinah interrupts with a phone call from Mallet. He tells her, "It's me. We've got a problem. Frank overheard us." After the call, Dinah mentions places to go, Rome, Tahiti Paris. Shayne is confused. He wants Dinah to explain what she is talking about. She later says, "Yes, yes, It was our wedding today. I think we are wasting too much time in this room. Shayne says, "This doesn't feel like a waste to me." Dinah explains further that what she meant was lets go somewhere tonight. Lets go on a honeymoon." Shayne is still confused. Dinah continues by saying, "Our wedding was spontaneous. Shayne is still confused and doesn't know what Dinah is talking about. Later at the police station, Frank has some papers for Dinah to sign. He tells Mallet about them. Mallet is still defending Dinah's actions. Frank agrees and tells Mallet that they are both on Dinah's side. That no one is the department is pressing for big charges. Mallet mentions the court. Frank says they have to go by protocol. Mallet agrees and suggests they get a patrol car to pick up Dinah. Meanwhile, Josh is worried about Reva. She says she is ok. That it was a good day for her. Shayne asks if hopping on a plane is really what Dinah wants. Dinah says, "Yeah." Shayne also says, "Yeah." Shayne continues by saying, "If that is what my wife wants, a spontaneous honeymoon, then my wife's going to get a spontaneous honeymoon." Dinah is so pleased that Shayne would do that for her and tells him so. Then Dinah realizes that is not what she meant and stops him. She says, "I don't want an exotic honeymoon. I want to go away because I have to. The cops are after me. Shayne asks her what she did. She tells him, "I killed that John-Doe. And I am sorry I never meant to hurt you like this." Then there is a knock at the door. It is the waiter and he comes in with room service. After the waiter leaves, Shayne has a lot of questions for Dinah. She tells him the man who she thought was Edmund was coming after Henry. She says she picked the stroller up and hit the guy hard. Shayne can't believe it. He says, "My mother went to jail for this. She got arrested, Dinah. She was facing murder trial. Dinah says, she wouldn't have let Reva go to prison. Then Jeffrey's name is mentioned as one that set himself up and went into hiding to save Reva. And now Reva is a widow because of Dinah. Dinah says she was scared. Everything was so out of control. That she thought everything would blow over. Reva asks Josh for a ride home. Frank declares Dinah a flight risk. Mallet wants to get the facts straight then act on them. Marina interrupts. Mallet tells her that he is working on issues. Later Dinah is telling Shayne how much it hurt when she found out about Jeffrey's plane. That she wishes it were her. Shayne says, "But you kept the lie going? You went to Jeffrey's funeral. You watched my mom have a meltdown." Dinah says, "I ruined everything. I ruin everything I touch." Shayne is still angry. Later after Shayne has calmed a bit. Dinah thanks him for everything he did for her. Back at the Mallets, things are happier. Mallet says he is sorry for what he did to Marina. Marina wants to know what changed his mind. He just says that he realizes he's been a fool and that he'll make it up to her. Marina tells Mallet she'll see him home. Later Remy sees Shayne and asks him what he is doing out on his wedding night. Shayne acknowledges Remy. Remy continues by asking if they had a fight. Shayne says, "Something like that." Dinah goes to turn herself in. Mallet thinks she is crazy. That he was on his way to find her and now she wants to go to jail? He says he can fix this. Josh is worried about Reva and suggests she go home. She holding a cup of coffee says, "That is what the coffee is for." Josh is about to leave. Reva stops him. Dinah to Mallet, "You can't fix this." Mallet want her to hear him out. Dinah mentions it can't be fixed. She tells Mallet that Shayne now knows everything. Mallet can't believe it. Josh and Reva talk about the wedding and how old Shayne looked. After talking about what Shayne wanted in a marriage as a kid, Josh decides to go. Reva wants to come with him. Josh tells her that she doesn't want to go where he is going. He says he is going to a bar. Reva is questions that. Josh says to shoot pool. He says that shooting pool happens in a bar. Reva tells him to wait and she'll change. Josh wonders if Reva should rest. Josh finally agrees to have Reva come and tells her to go and change. Reva has a reminder of Jeffrey telling her to hang in there. Frank and Marina chat about the case being over. Marina mentions it couldn't be soon enough for her. Frank agrees. They say goodbye to each other. Dinah says she can't live in Springfield anymore. Mallet agrees to help her go away. Mallet asks Dinah if she has money. She says she does. Mallet questions her about disappearing. She reminds him she did it before. He tells her she isn't going to look back. That he can get her to the boarder. She says ok but that she has some goodbyes to do. First she goes to see Remy. She tells him nothing is wrong when he asks. That she is ok. She says that Remy has always been a best friend. Remy asks if she is going to work things out? She says, "Yeah, Yeah. Give Christina a big hug for me." Remy, "Ok." Josh and Reva are together when they run into a lonely Shayne. Reva asks about Dinah. Shayne says he has no idea. You mean my wife, right? My wife the murderer, Dinah. Josh and Reva are dumbfounded and shocked. Reva wants to know what is going on. Shayne says he is sorry. That he didn't know. That because of Dinah they locked up Reva. Josh tells Shayne to slow down and simmer. After telling them what he knows. Reva tells Shayne that he is now married and should go back to Dinah. Shayne is confused. Josh tells him to use his heart. Dinah and Bill meet at his new house. Dinah feels sorry for the hell she put him through. Bill doesn't want to look back but to the future and that he is so glad to have his sister back. Dinah then meets with Vanessa. She tells her of what she did to save little Henry. Vanessa can't believe her ears and asks Dinah to repeat what she said. Vanessa then says she is proud that she was trying to protect the children of those she loves. They hug. Vanessa demands that Dinah tell her where she is when she leaves town. At Reva's, she and Josh are talking. Reva wants Josh to leave. That he had been with her too long. Jeffrey awakens to see a young girls looking at him upside down. Shayne goes to the roof of the building he threatened months ago to jump from and is about to drop his ring from it. Reva talks to Jeffrey's picture about being alone and sad for ever. Shayne is on the porch of the place he and Dinah lived. He sees a box, envelope and on top of the envelope two rings. Mallet sees Dinah off...

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

At the Buchanan-Banks wedding reception, Bo rails at Greg about trying to convince Matthew to have surgery without his permission. Greg protests that Clint brought him here. Bo tells him Matthew is his son, not Clint’s. Rachel enters as Bo is leaving and demands to know what Greg said to him. He tells her Bo became angry when Greg accidentally referred to Nora as Bo’s wife. Rachel orders a glass of wine and explains that she sometimes orders one to prove to herself that she doesn’t have to drink it. Greg surmises that Rachel must always stay in control, and that is why she is dating someone safe like Shawn. She throws her wine in his face.

Brody tells Jessica that he thinks her recent preoccupation with Nash means that she is not yet ready to be in another relationship. Blair insinuates herself into Todd and Tea’s date. Todd tells Blair he does not want her, and passionately kisses Tea in front of Blair. After the reception, Todd surprised Tea with a private performance by her favorite entertainer Frankie Negron.

Gigi admits to Rex that instead of going to Viki’s wedding, she tried to talk Stacy into getting an abortion, but she refused. She tells him she wishes there was no baby. Rex explains that he does not want to have anything to do with Stacy, but he cannot abandon the baby. Meanwhile at Rex’s loft, Stacy suffers a miscarriage.

Y&R Recap Written by Keith  **One Day Ahead

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