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AMC Recap Written by Nathan

After accidentally hitting him with her briefcase, Liza apologizes to David and talks to him about her troubles. Zach gets Kendall to leave just seconds before the cops show up. After the cops swarm the marina, Kendall flashes back to the last few seconds she spent with the boys and turns herself in to Natalia. Ryan and Zach are brought in to the police station and after Liza shows up and advises them not to talk, Natalia brings Kendall in. Kendall tells Jesse how she ran away and tells him that Zach and Ryan had nothing to do with it. Before she is taken back to her cell, Jesse allows her to have some time alone with Zach. She tells him about how she couldn't stay away from him and the kids and he understands. In her cell, Kendall flashes back to all of the people and all of the times she was accused of murdering Stuart and she snaps. Ryan and Jesse race to check on her, and she claims that she's guilty.

Amanda and Jake spend some quality time with Trevor. Meanwhile, at ConFusion, Krystal overhears Taylor and Tad talking about getting back to a baby and questions them about it. Tad covers it up by saying that it was lyrics from their song. After seeing David walk in, Taylor puts a French fry in Tad's mouth to shut him up. Jake gets Taylor and Tad to come home and he and Amanda are upset when they learn that Tad slipped up. David approaches Krystal and they talk about Taylor and Tad. She tells them about "their song" and David gets a suspicious look on his face.

After reconciling with Annie, Adam asks Scott to move in with them. Adam walks out of the room for a second and asks Annie to continue convincing Scott to move in with them. After Annie talks about how much fun they could have, Scott accuses her of hitting on him. She assures him that that is not the case and after Adam comes back, he says that he'll think about it. Adam gives Annie a romantic evening and proposes, to which she says yes. They share a kiss as Scott walks in. JR talks to Marissa about his worries that he and Little A will end up with a relationship like he has with his own father and Marissa assures him that it will not happen. JR and Marissa run into Scott at ConFusion and they argue over Annie and Scott being asked to move in with them. Scott storms off and Marissa leaves soon after, angered by JR's behavior. Observing the whole scene, David walks up to JR's table and teases him about the conversation. Later, JR walks home from ConFusion and passes out in an alley.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke has his first business meeting for Grimaldi shipping with Mr. Rusk and his daughter Sarah who is very taken with Luke. Luke thinks Damian is trying to set him up with a girl and makes it clear to Damian that he is gay and that won't change. Damian tells Luke that he had no idea Mr. Rusk was bringing his daughter to the meeting. Meg and Lily have a fight over Damian and Holden and Meg both feel that Lily still has feelings for Damian but she denies their accusations and insists she is only trying to protect Meg because Damian will break her heart. Meg later arrives at the business dinner with Damian and Luke but since Meg is upset Damian Leaves Luke alone with Sara to have a nice dinner. Meg tells Damian she is tired of everyone trying to run her life and takes the job with Grimaldi shipping. Holden tells Lily the best way to help Meg is to let her find out the truth about Damian for herself so Lily calls Damian to tell him she won't interfere in his relationship with Meg anymore but when she hangs up the phone she cries a little bit. Damian also doesn't tell Meg who was on the phone and they make love. Mason arranges a private screening for Noah of a movie he thinks will help him with his project. Noah later sees Luke having laughing and having dinner with Sarah and after Luke explains the misunderstanding to him Noah still isn't convinced that Damian isn't trying to break them up and set Luke up with a girl. Luke believes that his father has changed and he has made it clear to him that he isn't interested in girls.

Paul doesn't want to have an operation to remove a lesion from his brain because he doesn't want to become bitter angry Paul again. Emily tries to persuade him to have the operation but he explains to her that he wants to start over with no baggage and she tells him to do whatever he feels is right for him. Allison tells Emily that Hunter quit his job after she was fired so Emily goes to thank Hunter. Allison doubts Paul's amnesia and asks him to stay away from Emily because she is vulnerable since she has lost the newspaper which was her life. Paul later makes Emily happy by offering to buy the newspaper for her. Alison tells Hunter that the fact that he quit his job when Emily was fired only proves that he is a Stewart because Stewarts stick together in the tough times no matter how badly they fight with each other.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke demands Ridge tell her the truth. She wants to know if it is Taylor who he wants. If so, she will hop on her horse and ride away. He tells her she is making this more painful than she has to. He said his vows. No one held a gun to his head. Taylor says as much as she loves Ridge, she does not want to go through what she did when they were married earlier. She thought this was what he wanted despite what Steffy and Thomas may have done. She takes off hers and Ridge’s rings. Brooke looks pleased. Taylor tells her guests thanks but there is not going to be a wedding today. Brooke asks him not to be upset as she had to do something. Ridge leaves the cleaning up to Stephanie and takes Taylor home. Nothing has changed….home is still home. They all need to sit and talk this out. Bill follows Katie home. He says he smells another Forrester scandal. She calls him the lowest of low; always looking out for his magazine. Donna calls Katie and informs her that it is a long story and Brooke did come galloping up on her horse, but they are now locked up in a room trying to sort the whole mess out. Bill laughs when he hears. Those Logan girls are always good for a headline. Katie warns him that he can say what he wants about her, but not her sister. Sometimes Brooke leads with her heart and that gets her in trouble, but she’s a good person. She will forgive you a 1000 times if you deserve it or not. He says that is a good feeling….to know there is someone out there that loves you no matter what. He starts to leave, and she says he doesn’t have to go. He states that he is not going to file the story. She thanks him.

Brooke returns home and Katie can see that she is pleased. Ridge is over at Taylor’s now, but he did not marry her. He could have had he really wanted to. Brooke tells herself that Ridge will be back. Stephanie almost breaks down the door blasting Brooke for riding in and ruining the wedding. But it will happen so Brooke better get used to it. There’s a lot to be said for peace and tranquility. Steffy and Thomas apologize for their parts in keeping Ridge and Brooke apart. Steffy says she thought it was a done deal. He’d made his decision and Brooke wouldn’t accept it. Taylor also takes blame. Brooke didn’t stop the wedding. She interrupted it, but Taylor was the one who chose not to continue. Ridge also says all of this was his fault as they were all doing what they thought he would want. They’d had a lot of patience with him, so he feels he can afford to have more patience with Brooke. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is going to be her mother-in-law again so they have plenty of time to argue. Ridge will come back to her. Ridge boxes up all the food that he and his family do not feel like eating now. They will give it to someone who can use it. Taylor tells Ridge that it is okay if Ridge stays. She knows where they stand now. This will be a rehearsal. Brooke calls Ridge and tells him that thank God they have another chance. She thinks what happened today is the best for everyone. She will win him back.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lucas and Daniel continue to argue about Kate, with Daniel insisting that Kate is the one that poisoned Chloe. Hope, growing ever more suspicious of Kate when she overhears her telling Chloe that she made her do what she did, questions Kate about Daniel’s relationship with both her and Chloe. Later, Hope assures Daniel that Kate won’t do anything to Chloe while Daniel is in jail, because that would ruin her plan. Daniel is relieved that someone believes him. Lucas confronts Kate about knowing of the affair and lays into her. He also accused her of poisoning Chloe, adding that what Daniel told him makes a lot of sense. Kate, devastated and angry, heads to the jail to confront Daniel. We learn that Arianna is a drug dealer. Brady nearly catches her with drugs in her purse, and later finds her at the pub, exchanging money for a shipment of drugs. Melanie cancels her date with Nathan because she has to work. Nathan, appreciative of some paperwork Stephanie did for him, asks Stephanie to go to the concert with him instead. She accepts, provided that they are just going as friends. One of the men working with the Kiriakis family, Carlo, is shot and bleeds to death in Philip’s arms. Bo questions him about it, but then says he won’t be able to help Philip find out who did this, since every time he tries to make sure justice is served, Victor and Philip keep him from learning the truth. Bo warns Philip that he won’t be able to do the right thing as long as he is under his father’s thumb. Philip informs Carlo’s wife of his death, and she blames Philip. Philip, who also blames himself, later runs into Stephanie, and tells her that there is something important she needs to know. Meanwhile, Melanie searches for Philip, as she saw the confrontation between him and Carlo’s wife.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claudia tells Sonny about her dream. Patrick and Robin ponder Alexis’ admission of guilt. Liz and Robin discuss the possibility that Alexis killed Brianna. Dominic/Dante asks Lulu to stick around while Epiphany patches him up. Dominic/Dante continues to flirt with Lulu. Johnny and Olivia spend some quality time together. Ethan spies on Rebecca and Nik as they share a dance at Jake’s. Later, Edward catches Nik in the house with Rebecca. Edward orders Nik out of the house and Rebecca protests. Edward threatens to tell Nik about the loan if Rebecca moves out of the mansion. Andrea gives Mac her statement about the night of the accident when Alexis came to her house. Alexis asks the mayor to “tell the truth” about the emails so the situation can come to an end. Robin takes another look at the information on Brianna because she’s convinced that Alexis is innocent. Patrick lends Robin a hand. Robin thinks the person who “hit Brianna” was shorter than the mayor due to the location of her head wound. Liz runs into Nik at Jake’s when Robin and the girls stand her up. A drunken Ethan comes to the Q mansion to see Rebecca. Ethan claims he’s chosen Rebecca over the money. Sonny asks Claudia to come back home after she’s released from the hospital. Dominic/Dante walks in on Olivia and Johnny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie wants a housewarming party. She is talking to Bill about it. She doesn't know that Phillip is on the stairs listening in. Alan comes in and is talking to Bill about a business deal. Alan is amazed at how Bill is handling it and praises Bill on a job well done. At the house that Phillip bought for Lizzie and Bill, Lizzie doesn't know where to start in the cleanup. Marina is trying to cope with Mallet's distrust. Mallet is talking to Dinah, who has told him she is the one that killed the John Doe. She continues by saying something to the fact, "I couldn't watch Marina or you suffer any longer." Mallet says, "I don't believe you." Then Dinah continues by saying that she saw Marina with little Henry in the park. She looked so happy with him. That she did it went home washed it off. Neither Mallet nor Dinah know that Frank is nearby listening in. At Lizzie and Bill's new house, Bill is blowing up a inflatable mattress on the floor. Ed thinks he is talking to Phillip when it is Alan in saying, "The disease has progressed and that it is time to come home and tell the family. When Ed ask who he thinks is Phillip if he is ok, Alan just says, "Huh", and hangs up. Phillip comes back to the hotel room and talks to Alan about being proud of him taking this stand with the man. Alan wants to know what the idea in taking him down this rode was about. Alan also ask about time. And then he mentions Ed's call he took. Phillip looks shocked. Mallet tells Dinah that the conversation that they had is buried. Dinah can't believe that Mallet wants to make believe he didn't hear what she told him about the "John Doe" killing. They end their conversation. Shayne comes up to them. Mallet congratulates them and then leaves them. Shayne ask Dinah if she is ready to go. She says she is. At Lizzie and Bill's new place, Beth and Matt show up unexpectedly. They both make excuses about why they are there. Alan asks Phillip about his health and what Ed was talking about. Alan asks about time. Phillip say, "I don't know." Phillip continues by saying that is why this trip was so important. Alan says, "None of this is real." At the Mallet's, Mallet apologizes to Marina. They kiss. At Lizzie and Bill's new place, he and Matt are talking about some work that Matt has agreed to do on the house for them. Lizzie and Beth talk about the business and what Alan will say when he gets home. Outside the place that Alan and Phillip, Phillip wants the fight between generations of Spaulding fathers and sons at each other. Alan gets even angrier and says, "We're finished. I am getting my own ride home." Shayne and Dinah talk about Mallet and Marina and themselves. Shayne says he wants to travel and help people. Dinah says, "We're going to have a happy long life together." Frank goes to the Mallet on the pretense to talk to Mallet about hearing Dinah's confession to Mallet. Mallet is stunned. Before Alan leaves the motel they are at, he talks with the son of the guy that went to Viet Nam in his place. Alan leaves the motel. Frank gets on Mallet's case for not telling him what Dinah said about being the murderer of the "John Doe". Mallet tells him, "She just got married. And I just found out." Mallet calls Dinah to tell her they have a problem. That Frank overheard them. Dinah and he hang up and Dinah hugs Shayne. She doesn't tell him of the phone call.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian and Blair both decide to crash the wedding drunk. Dorian attempt to cause a scene but realizes she cannot stop the wedding. Todd reveals that he's concerned about Blair getting home alright in her condition. Tea is not ok with that. The wedding is complete. And both brides toss their bouquets. Tea catches the bouquet that Viki tosses. And Blair catches Nora's. Jessica goes to Nash's gravesite, seem to know that he's there somewhere. And somebody still appears to be watching her. Gigi goes to urge Stacy to take some money and have an abortion. But Stacy tells her sister she refuses. She can give Rex the one chance to be a father that he never had with Gigi for the first 10 years of Shane's life. And she tells her that Rex will "come around" during her pregnancy. Rex admits to Shane that Stacy is pregnant with his child. Shane is worried that that could mean his father will abandon him and his mom for Stacy and her baby. Right when Stacy is alone, she has a medical emergency, calls Rex and he refuses to answer his phone. A medical team find her and it looks like she might be hurt or ready to lose her baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Keith  **One Day Ahead

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