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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Taylor tries to talk to Trevor because he is crying when Tad comes in. Tad informs Taylor that Trevor needs burping. In burping Trevor, Trevor throws up all over Tad’s shirt. At the hospital, Jake shows Amanda the test results. Jake holds Amanda close as David watches from outside the door. When the nurse comes out of the room, David takes Amanda’ chart and finds out that Amanda can’t have any more children. Kendall dreams that she is in court and is found guilty. Stuart appears to her and tells her that she is guilty of murdering him. Kendall wakes up with a start to find Natalia stand outside of her cell. Natalia tells Kendall that it is time. Outside of the courtroom, Liza tells Ryan that he cannot be in the courtroom while the jury is being seated. David confronts Jake about the news that Amanda can’t have any more children. In the interrogation room at the police station, Jesse urges Kendall not to give up. Natalia wants to go to the courtroom, but Jesse refuses, at first, but then agrees. Amanda comes to see Trevor at Taylor’s. Jake calls Amanda and tells her that David had bought their story so they can go ahead and adopt a baby. Marissa join Krystal at the Confusion bar to let her know that she is due in court in twenty minutes and cannot stay. Amanda lets Tad and Taylor know about hers and Jake’s plan to fake an adoption. The jury selection begins. Krystal meets Taylor at the Confusion bar and tells her that Tad had told her that he and Taylor were dating. Ryan sneaks Kendall out of the bathroom window. Natalia goes into the bathroom looking for Kendall and finds her gone.

Krystal urges Taylor to be good to Tad. Amanda tries to talk Tad in getting into a relationship with Taylor. Jake meets up with Ryan and Kendall and brings the boys to Kendall. Kendall remembers all the good times that she had had with the boys, Ryan and Zach and refuse to leave town . Ryan fills Kendall in on their plan. Zach arrives and finds that Kendall doesn’t want to leave town. The police sirens sound closer to them. Tad tells Taylor that they need to get back to the baby when Krystal walks up and asks, “What baby.”

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Henry and Vienna wake up together and kiss. They are interrupted by Audrey. Vienna and Audrey go shopping. Henry searches through Audrey’s suitcase to see what she is up to. Henry finds a diary and some obituaries. Meg admires Damian’s new offices. Meg and Damian. Lily walks up with a bunch of flowers and sees them kissing. Emily urges Paul to give Meg a check for Eliza’s future. At the boutique, Audrey runs into Jay. Vienna invites him to join them for lunch. In reading Audrey’s diary, he finds out that there is one man left that Audrey is going to kill. Vienna calls Henry and invites him to join her, Audrey, and Jay for lunch. Emily takes the check from Paul to Meg. Lily asks Damian doesn’t it bother him that Meg is still hung up on Paul. Henry join Jay, Audrey, and Vienna for lunch. Henry warns Jay about Audrey. Henry orders jay to leave that his life is in danger. Meg confronts Paul over the money and then refuses to take the money. After arguing with Paul a few minutes, Meg decides to take the money.

Paul defends Emily to Meg. Lily accuses Damian of being Meg’s “savior.” Henry tries to tell Jay how dangerous Audrey is. Henry finally manages to get Jay to leave. Henry attacks Audrey and accuses her of killing all of these other men that he had found their obituaries. Audrey denies killing anyone. Later, Audrey meets Jay in the Lakeview Hotel bar. Meg confronts Lily about interfering into her business with Damian. Meg accuses Lily of wanting to sleep with Damian herself.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

“I now pronounce you man and…….horse,” says the minister. The wedding was just about complete when Brooke shows up right behind her horse. She tells the minister that there will be no wedding today. Stephanie and Taylor advise her to leave, but she will not go until Ridge hears everything. She spills everything that Steffy has been doing with the text messages. Thomas and Steffy confess they intervened because of Brooke’s obsession. Brooke doesn’t care that he is committed to Taylor and their family. She is not sorry for what she did to get him and her family back. Ridge asks everyone to please leave; he wants to speak only to Taylor and Brooke. Taylor apologizes for Steffy, but she understands why she did it since Brooke would not let go. Brooke asks Ridge if this is really what he wants as she doesn’t believe it is. They have always been able to work through anything and it’s not too late now.

Steffy apologizes to Marcus since Brooke is his aunt. He says it’s okay; he understands. Eric tells Stephanie that he and Donna are going to let Ridge work this out with no interference. Stephanie should heed that advice too. She dismisses them by saying she will not sit by while Brooke wrecks havoc on her family. Whip calls Jackie to borrow some soy sauce. She’s surprised to learn that he has just rented the apartment above her. Over lunch he tries to find out more about her and how she met Owen. Talking to her he gets a brilliant inspiration – the grande dame and beach girl all rolled into one. Steffy tells Thomas that their dad will not go to Brooke. He can’t hurt their mom this way. Stephanie accuses Donna of knowing this was going to happen. She should go get Brooke to leave so they can finish the ceremony. Donna tells Stephanie that it is really up to Ridge, but she thinks he will pick Brooke. Brooke tells Ridge that he needs to take time to think. Only marry Taylor if he loves her more than he loves Brooke. And there is not a shadow of a doubt in her mind that he still loves Brooke. She doesn’t want him to make the same mistake that she did in telling him to go to Taylor. She is sorry that she threw everything away, but their love is stronger than anything they ever faced. If he can just tell her that, she will leave him alone and never see him again. She just wants to hear him say it. She can live with his decision.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate threatens to move out of the Kiriakis mansion. Victor agrees with her decision, saying that he doesn’t want her living under his roof anymore considering what she has done to Daniel. Kate warns Victor that Philip will never forgive him if he turns in his mother. Victor caves and agrees to allow Kate to live with him and to keep her secret, but only for Philip’s sake. After Brady and Nicole tell each other that they know Chloe and Daniel were in love with one another, Nicole doubts that Daniel could have poisoned Chloe. She confides in Brady that she thinks Kate is the most likely person to have done this. Brady later becomes suspicious when he learns Victor talked Kate out of moving out of the mansion, and when Victor makes some cryptic remarks about Kate making a lot of mistakes lately. Daniel tries to convince Lucas that Kate tried to kill Chloe to avenge Lucas’ honor, and avenge herself on Daniel for rejecting her. Lucas, of course, can’t believe it. Daniel assures him that Chloe will corroborate everything he says when she wakes up, and adds that she planned on Lucas, too. Kate sits by Chloe’s bedside and admits to her that part of the reason she is doing this is because she loved Daniel, and was angry that he never felt the same way about her. At Stefano’s behest, Meredith writes Sami a letter about Rafe’s involvement in Emily’s car accident. Sami learns of Chloe’s coma, and her affair with Daniel, and rages to Rafe about how awful Chloe is. She makes some remarks that she fears Rafe might take personally, and assures him she didn’t mean to imply anything about Rafe and Emily’s relationship. Stefano tells Nicole that she need no longer fear Rafe, but Nicole wants Stefano to back off of Rafe, as she feels sorry for Sami, and also guilty about taking her baby. Stefano warns her that she must get over that.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam and Jason head for the bus stop after Michael and Kristina. Michael gives Kristina the option of returning home but she refuses. Michael wonders why Kristina is throwing her life away by running away with him. Kristina says she’s not the perfect child Alexis thinks she is. Kristina and Michael wait at the bus stop for their journey to Mexico. Claudia tries to call Jerry off but he refuses. Jerry says he plans on continuing the pursuit of Michael so he can get to Jason. Dominic/Dante survives a beating at the hands of Ethan and Lucky. Nikolas arrives and breaks up the fight. Dominic/Dante continues to flirt with Lulu until she offers to take him home and patch him up. Instead, Lulu takes Dominic/Dante to GH. Rebecca tells Ethan, Lucky, and Nik that Lulu should make her own dating decisions. Olivia admits to Sonny that she enjoyed his kisses. But Olivia insists that she has no interest in a relationship with Sonny. Johnny reminds Claudia that she no longer has a future with Sonny. He also mentions catching Sonny kissing Olivia the night of the accident. Later, Olivia tells Johnny that she’s finished with Sonny. Mike goes to GH and tries to give Sonny some fatherly advice. Sonny tells Mike he’s decided to end things with Claudia. Jason and Sam separate to cover more ground. Jerry spies Kristina and Michael at the bus stop. Claudia wakes from a dream about the baby just as Sonny comes into her hospital room.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan is not sure of this leg of the trip. Shayne gives Dinah a pre wedding call. After her call, Dinah talks to her mom. Vanessa asks if she needs to worry about Dinah. Dinah says that Vanessa doesn't have to worry from here on in. Reva wonders if the small light house light in her window really works. Alan tells Phillip he is hungry. Philip says, "Good, because he read about a diner between here and the next ballpark." Mallet and Marina talk about their marriage and how important it is to little Henry. Marina says, "I am so glad that Dinah and Shayne are getting married today." Shayne meets Dinah at the gazebo with a bouquet of flowers. Back at the gazebo, Shayne and Dinah are talking about the rest of their lives together. As Dinah is talking, Shayne thinks she wants a bigger wedding than what he is giving her with just family and close friends. Dinah says, "No." Alan figures out that Phillip's trip isn't about ballparks. Phillip tells Alan, "Ok I will be straight with you as you were years ago." Phillip tells Alan about the widow of the army friend. Alan gets up and walks away angry. Marina and Christina are outside the courthouse talking about today and Little Henry. Mallet and Remy are talking about marriage and trust. Mallet still feels upset that he thinks Marina doesn't trust him. Lizzie and Bill arrive for Shayne and Dinah's wedding. Phillip finds Alan outside and talks to him about Alan's being a coward. That Alan shouldn't feel that way. That he should go back in and ask the family for forgiveness. Alan walks away from Phillip. The wedding of Dinah and Shayne begins. Doris starts the wedding. Then asks if Shayne has anything to say. Shayne talks about how Dinah saved his life when they met. And teaching him about trust again. Dinah is overcome with emotion when she begins her vows of trust and love. Josh gives Shayne the ring and Shayne puts it on Dinah's finger. Doris pronounces them, Husband and Wife. Josh wishes them the best as they are about to leave. At the hotel, Alan and Phillip talk. Alan says he knows he would make Phillip proud to go back to the dead soldier's family and face his past, but he can't. At Towers, Josh and Reva look at Shayne and Dinah and talk about wishing their son happiness. Meanwhile, Mallet is still feeling Marina is lying to him. That the evidence points to her. He tells this to Remy. Meanwhile to Marina he is acting fine with her. Keeping his feelings hidden. Bill makes a toast to the happy couple. Outside, Mallet shows Marina a piece of paper that has some info on it about Henry. Marina says she was going to run it by some people to check it out. Mallet feels that their trust has been broken again. Marina is upset that Mallet still thinks she killed the "John Doe". Mallet says,"! want to believe her more than anything in the world." Alan is outside he motel when a woman asks if he wants anything. He asks for Coffee. The woman is the widow of Alan's war buddy. They talk about a man that is sitting their. The woman says it is her son and he just came back from being in war. The young man's name is Charlie. Alan introduces himself as a man that knew his father. At Towers, people are milling around. Shayne asks where his wife is at. Josh laughs at that. Dinah follow Mallet out. He wants her to go back and be happy. Dinah says she has a secret. That she can't turn in Marina. That she killed that John Doe.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora stalls for a long time at the wedding. And everybody knows the reason why. AN unseen person appears at Nash Brennan's gravesite and observes the wedding announcement between Jessica and Nash. Stacy tells Rex he has to let her stay in his home if she is pregnant with his child. He tells her he is kicking her out but cannot actually go through with it realizing she may very well be carrying his child. He goes back to Gigi and she knows that he has not thrown Stacy out of his apartment. Schuyler is there for Gigi and Rex is not ok with that. Dorian tells Blair that the two of them are better off alone than with the wrong men. But Blair is not ok with that. A kitten appears out of nowhere. Dorian immediately takes it in and loves it in place of a man. And Blair is very worried what that could mean for both of their futures.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At the bar, Jack tells Billy a story of himself and how he had been played for a fool that he had mistook for love. Billy lets jack know that it is time to go home Jack lets Billy know that there is no one at home. Mac tells a man that she will have to order another case of scotch. Kay orders a club soda. Nikki asks Paul about Todd and his performing their wedding ceremony. Paul agrees to get the tux while Nikki gets the rings. Nikki leaves to go meet Kay. Lauren assures Michael that he had gotten through to the D.A. about Daniel’s case. Lauren tells Michael that Daniel is just gonna have to cut Amber some slack. Daniel comes home and finds Amber still there. Daniel offers to help Amber with her stuff. Daniel demands his key back from Amber. Daniel lets Amber know that he cannot trust her anymore. Chloe answers a call for Chance. Chance lets Chloe know that he is interviewing for a detective. Chloe is thrilled for him. Jill walks in and asks about Billy. Jill tells Billy that Victor wants her head. Jill and Billy argue. Jack imagines that Sharon is there with him. At the bar, Nikki asks Kay to be her matron of honor.

Kay feels that Nikki still loves Victor. Michael tells Daniel that the D.A. is going ahead with his case. Mac goes to check on Mary Jane and finds out that Mary Jane is reunited with her husband. Billy interrupts them. Billy asks Mac about Mary Jane.

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