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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad and Taylor kiss. Taylor pulls away from him and wonders what is going on. At Tad’s home, Marissa gives Opal and Krystal details about the cases of Annie and Kendall. J.R. interrupts them. At the Chandler mansion, a guard brings Natalia into the Chandler parlor. Annie is ridiculing Kendall in the interrogation when Jesse walks in on them. Kendall tells Jesse that she has something to talk to him about when Annie tells Kendall to go on and tell Jesse what she is here to tell him. Kendall leaves the room while Jesse has a talk with Annie .Annie lets Jesse know that Zach had set her up for the attempted murder on Adam’s life. Liza walks into the squad room and finds Kendall. Liza begins to question Kendall if she is here to confess. Amanda sneaks into Taylor’s home to see Trevor. J.R. lets Marissa know that he is moving back into the mansion. Kendall tells Liza that she remembers killing Stuart. Liza urges Kendall to walk away. Natalia insists to Scott and Adam that someone had tried to kill Annie. Krystal lets Marissa know that she knows that Marissa has it bad for J.R. and warns Marissa to be careful. Jack interrogates Zach when Aidan supplies Zach an alibi.

Ryan tells Zach to take Kendall and the boys away from here. Zach has his doubts about this plan. Kendall, at first, refuses to go along with the plan, but then agrees to it. Tad sneaks back into his own house. Krystal comes downstairs and catches him. Tad begins to make up a story to tell Krystal, but then confesses that he is seeing someone. When Tad senses that Krystal wants to know, who the woman is, he starts to tell her. Opal walks in and tells Tad and Krystal that Tad is seeing Taylor. Adam manipulates Jesse into reaching a deal concerning Annie. Annie is released from jail. J.R. and Little A have settled into the mansion when Adam comes home with Annie. J.R. and Little A leave immediately. Jesse comes to Zach and lets him know that Kendall’s trial is back on and he is there to take her into protective custody because she is considered flight risk.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Rosanna urges Terri to take a break, but Terri tells her that she likes for all her instruments to be clean when she goes to cook again. Rosanna asks Terri doesn’t she want to go and see her sister at Al’s diner. Craig interrupts them and reminds them both that he is engaged to Carly. Craig tells Parker that he and Carly wanted Parker to be the face for their ad campaign for the sparkling water. Rosanna reminds jack that he cannot make any decisions about the children or the business without consulting her first. Katie and Brad look through magazines to find a stroller for the baby. Brad reminds Katie that they are not working and Kim won’t agree to a show without two people. Jack and Janet discuss Liberty coming home from the internship and that she will get to meet Terri. Janet thanks Jack for letting Terri stay here. They kiss. Craig and Rosanna discuss Parker being the next face of their new ad campaign for their water. Rosanna has her doubts that Jack will agree to Parker being the face of the sparkling water without going back to school. At the diner, Terri comes to visit Janet. Terri finds out that Janet had sent her all kinds of birthday cards, Christmas cards and money, but Terri hadn’t seen any of it. Liberty walks in and is introduced to Terry. Liberty is overjoyed to meet her aunt. Janet tells Terri that Liberty is the reason why her parents had kicked her out .Craig calls Jack and invites him and Janet to dinner. Craig also calls Katie and Brad to invite them. Henry comes home and finds Audrey going through his drawers. He accuses of trying to steal from him. Henry brings Audrey to Katie’s and Brad’s for them to watch her so he can get his affairs in order. Audrey goes through Henry’s hotel room and steals a hairbrush for a DNA test. Henry comes home and finds his hotel room ransacked. Vienna comes out of the bathroom and surprises Henry. They reconcile on the condition that Henry gives Audrey a second chance. Everyone begins to gather at Carly’s for dinner. Craig announces that Parker is going to be the face of the sparkling water if he goes back to school. Jack agrees to let Parker be the face of the sparkling water. Liberty lets Parker know that she was fired from the internship program. Audrey tells someone on the phone that she wants a DNA test now. Katie comes up with the idea of letting Terri do the cooking segment on “Oakdale Now.”

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells herself that Ridge will show up, but where is he? The wedding is in progress. The minister states that this is a reunion. Stephanie reads two passages about a renewal; one is from the book of Psalms and the other is from Dante. Bill surprises Katie at Forrester Creations. He banters that he doubted the Logan girls were invited so he thought he would find her at the office. He reminds her that it is the end of the era; the King and Queen of FC is no more. Ridge and Taylor are saying their vows as they speak. He’s had his people on the site all week just waiting for the next cover shot. She states that Ridge might need Taylor right now, but it’s not the same as with her sister. If Ridge said for Brooke to meet him at Point Dune, then she will wait there forever until that happens. Steffy texts Brooke again pretending it to be from Ridge. Felicia takes the Iphone from her and tells her that she is addicted to that. Her folks are getting married and she should be focusing on that. Brooke texts Ridge that she is waiting in their spot. She loves him and instructs him to get there soon. The delivery fails and she realizes the texts are going through Steffy and Ridge is not receiving them nor sending them. She starts breathing heavily and knows she has to get to him as quickly as she can. At the altar, Taylor tells Ridge that she knows this time will be a little different, but they will be more blessed as they have an angel in their corner this time. She knows this is what Phoebe would have wanted, indeed all three of her children are a testament to their love. She really feels they were meant to be together. She vows to love, honor and respect him every single day for the rest of her life. Ridge says yes that Phoebe is smiling down on them. He can feel it. This is a day of reunion, a day of recommitment like Taylor said. Over the years they have lost their way and they suffered great loss. But all of that is coming to an end. This is a day of letting go of the pain and coming together to celebrate the love the family brings to each other. He will be there for her with their family in peace from this breath to his last.

Brooke is galloping so fast that she fails to see a hanging branch and is knocked off Trigger. She dusts herself off and manages to climb aboard again and heads on to the beach house. The minister guides Ridge and Taylor in saying their vows and they exchange rings. He says it gives him great pleasure to pronounce them man and ………horse as the words escape his mouth just as Trigger practically comes inside the house and Brooke is right behind all disheveled. She tells the padre to hold it right there. There isn’t going to be a wedding today.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lucas confronts Daniel about his affair with Chloe, remembering the night he came to confront Daniel about it and was caught in the explosion instead. Daniel tells Lucas about Chloe’s pact to God, and how she was faithful to him after their marriage and tried to make things work. He says he stayed away because he loved and respected her. Lucas wonders why Daniel tried to kill Chloe. Daniel says he didn’t--Kate did. Kate tells Will about the affair and Chloe’s coma. She attempts some damage control, and warns Will that Daniel may start saying bad things about her, and that he has to be supportive. She also tells Will that Chloe will probably never wake up. Nicole confesses to a comatose Chloe that she lost her own baby, then switched Mia’s baby for Sami’s. She sobs and begs Chloe to wake up, saying she needs her. Brady finds her distraught, and comforts her, vowing that they will be there for each other from now on. Stefano pretends to be interested in Meredith because he wants to donate money to her as the administrator of a hospital in Florida. He learns about her sister’s death and presses her for information. Meredith divulges that Emily learned a terrible secret about her fiancé, Rafe, and Meredith is sure Rafe killed Emily because of it. Meanwhile, Rafe and Sami profess their love for one another.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason and Sam arrive at the same diner Kristina and Michael broke into. Unfortunately, Sam and Jason get detained by the police who assume they broke into the diner. Sam sees something in the diner that belongs to Kristina. Michael and Kristina forge ahead to Mexico but they get pulled over by the police. Kristina cries and makes up a convincing story about getting an abortion so the officer lets them go. Claudia asks Jerry to find Michael and bring him back to her. Claudia tells Johnny she’s trying to score points with Sonny by bringing his kids home. She neglects to tell John that she’s in contact with Jerry. Alexis confesses to causing the accident but Jax doesn’t buy her story. Alexis tells Diane what she knows about Kristina. Diane tries to talk Alexis out of her confession. Diane says Alexis’ confession may lead to a conviction for Brianna’s murder. Olivia gets visibly flustered when she goes to see Carly and Sonny is there. After Sonny leaves, Carly wonders what’s going on between him and Olivia. Olivia claims she wants nothing to do with Sonny. Carly warns Olivia that Sonny has his eye on her. Dante/Dominic flirts with Lulu at Jake’s. Ethan comes in and calls Lucky for back up when he finds out Dante/Dominic works for Sonny. Lucky and Ethan fight with Dante/Dominic. Jerry goes through a contact to find information on Michael’s car. Sonny goes to Claudia and tells her that Alexis confessed. Sonny says Alexis “is a good person who just made a mistake.” Jax tells Carly he thinks Alexis is covering for Kristina. Sam and Jason are released and they head off to find the kids. They come across Michaels’s abandoned car on the road. Sonny tells Olivia he still has feelings for her, despite the bad “timing.” Michael and Kristina continue on to their destination.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey is alive on some desert island. He has hurt his leg. Josh visits an angry Reva. They discuss Shayne and Dinah's wedding and home. Reva suggests giving them Cross Creek. At Shayne and Dinah's, Dinah is trying to wake Shayne. She tells him they have a lot to do. He sits up in bed and takes her into his lap and arms. Olivia goes to get a checkup from Rick. After the exam, she is leaving when she runs into Ed. They chat about kids, Phillip, etc. Alan calls Alex, still convinces Phillip is up to something. Phillip calls Ed. Ed asks if he is ok. Phillip say he is. That all this trip is for is to see a ball game, etc. Marina is still upset at Buzz. Vanessa surprises Dinah with a horse and buggy ride. Shayne tells the ladies to have fun. On their trip, Phillip and Alan stop at a place that Phillip could only get one room with 2 beds. At Cedars, Rick is worried about Olivia and her mood. He thinks she is drinking. At the ball field, Josh tries to have a talk about marriage without having the whole talk on marriage. Josh reminds Shayne he has been married 9 times. Josh ask, "Do you want to spend the rest of your life with her? Shayne says, "I do want to spend the rest of my life with her." Dinah is with Vanessa when Matt comes by. Vanessa makes an excuse to leave and order cookies. After she leaves Matt and Dinah talk about Vanessa and what she wants to do to make Dinah happy. Vanessa and Dinah then start on their horse and buggy ride. They run into Mallet and Marina first. Then Reva at which they talk about flowers. Dinah goes to get them, leaving Reva and Vanessa alone together. Phillip goes to get some mementos for the ball game. Reva goes to a bar and asks, "Who's buying the first round?" There with Reva are, Josh, Shayne, Frank, Remy, and Matt. Reva is really going wild. All the guys but Josh leave their stools at the bar. Josh tell Reva to take it easy. After the guys return, Reva makes an excuse to go. As she leaves, Shayne has a worried look on his face. Olivia goes drinking at Towers. Ed tells Rick of Phillip's rode trip with Alan. Rick thinks it is funny. Phillip teaches Alan the fundamentals of having fun at a ball game. Mallet and Marina are at the murder scene with the stroller and still Marina is trying to prove to Mallet she didn't do it. She runs off to the edge of the lake. He goes after her. Marina says that before the murder they were happy. Mallet says because he thinks she did this doesn't mean he loves her any less. He gets her to walk back with him. Shayne and Dinah meet up and tell each other what they have been doing. Shayne tells Dinah about Reva showing up at the bachelor party drunk. Alan wants to go home after seeing the ball game. Phillip says, "No. They have more to see tomorrow." Alan tells Phillip that he knows that this trip has nothing to do with baseball that Phillip is trying to take over the company. Phillip disagrees. Jeffrey prepares to make his move back home. Reva is at home. Mallet is a home and finds a folder with info that makes him more convinced of who might be involved in the murder.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The double wedding is underway. But Nora clearly has her doubts. Rachel asks her mother if she is still in love with Bo. Nora cannot answer. Matthew wonders what to do about the surgery and knows that his mother might call off her wedding to his uncle. BO goes to talk to Lindsay who tells him she can clearly see that he is still in love with Nora and maybe needs to let both Nora and Clint know that. Viki is ready to marry Charlie but also knows that Clint has his doubts about marrying Nora. Blair is "unsettled" with Todd taking Tea to the weddings and Dorian is not ok with Viki having happiness again. They both get drunk and have male massage therapists for them.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack sighs. Noah tells Nikki that Billy had caused quite a stir at the Newman board meeting .Noah asks Nikki if Victor had really taken Colleen’s board seat and given it to Ashley. Billy asks Jack to wait, but Jack doesn’t want to hear anything that Billy has to say. Ashley comes downstairs. Victor offers her some tea, but Ashley tells Victor that she is going to take Zapato for a walk. In the potting shed, Mary Jane looks for kitty. At the Newman house, Nick and Phyllis kiss. Nick lets Phyllis know that he is going to see Sharon. Sharon talks to her Mom on the phone when Nick comes to see her. Nick lets Sharon know that he and Phyllis had renewed their vows. Sharon tells Nick that it is all over between her and Jack. Jack visits Phyllis and finds out that she and Nick had renewed their vows. Billy comes to visit Ashley, but runs into Victor. Victor orders him out. An argument erupts which results in Victor threatening Billy. Mary Jane sees Zapato with kitty’s tail. Mary Jane screams at Zapato and tells him that she hates him for doing this to her kitty. Nikki finds out that Noah is spending time with Eden at the ranch. Jack promises to be there for the baby, but not for Sharon. Nikki catches up with Ashley to see how she is doing. Abby calls out for Ashley. Sharon and Noah meet for tea. Noah tells Sharon that Nick and Phyllis were remarried. Nikki tries to get Victor to confide in her, but he refuses.

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