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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Sitting on the sofa in the Slater house, Kendall reads the headlines of the newspaper. The doorbell rings and it is Erica. Erica lets her know that they have a lot of work to do at Fusion. Kendall balks at the idea of going in to work. Liza, Zach and A.D.A. Willis meet with the judge to try to get the charges against Kendall dropped. At the police station, Adam comes to visit Annie. Once again, Annie tries to get Adam to believe her, but she can tell that Adam doesn’t believe her. At the hospital, Ryan offers his apology to Emma for not believing her. Emma hugs him and attempts to open up until she sees Zach. Taylor has a visit from Brot, who tells her that Randi had lost the baby. Brot invites Taylor to accompany him to see Randi and Frankie, but Taylor tells him that she cannot go right now. Tad comes out of the bedroom, wearing only a towel. Brot, quickly, makes his departure. Taylor becomes angry with Tad for making an appearance. Jack goes to visit Annie at the police station and decides to take her case. Erica orders Kendall to focus on her husband and her family. Jack visits Erica and Kendall at Fusion, and lets them know that he had taken Annie’s case. At the hospital, Adam attempts to see Emma, but Ryan stops him. Adam tries to talk Ryan into believing that Annie hadn’t killed Stuart. Ryan begins to have his doubts as to whether or not Annie had really killed and had attempted to kill Adam.

The judge refuses to drop the charges against Kendall. Zach lets Liza know that no way is Kendall going to jail. Kendall comes to the police station and tells Natalia that she wants to talk to Jesse. Natalia, immediately, goes to find Jesse. Kendall sees Aidan walking out of the interrogation room from seeing Annie. Kendall goes in to see Annie. Before Kendall can say a word, Annie begins to make all kinds of accusations against Kendall. Jesse walks into the room. Annie tells Jesse that Kendall has something to tell him. Jack is busy hurling accusations against Zach when Aidan walks up and tells Jack that Zach was with him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Meg and Damian are so happy after an incredible night of making love but Lily isn't so thrilled to see them kiss good-bye in the Lakeview lobby. Holden and Lily try to persuade Luke to work for Worldwide instead of Grimaldi shipping and Lily even persuades Damian to let Luke make his own decision. Damian tells Luke he can take whatever job offer he wants and Luke wants to work at Grimaldi shipping. Damian thinks Lily changed her mind about Luke working for him because she is jealous that he is now with Meg. Lily denies the allegation and reminds Damian their relationship ended a long time ago and she is happy with Holden. Lily tells Holden that Damian doesn't have a family of his own so he is trying to steal their family but Lily is determined to beat Damian at his own game.

Jack is suspicious of Terri because he thinks that Craig hired her as part of one of his plans but because Terri's arrival is too much of a coincidence. Jack doesn't want Terri taking care of his kids but once but Janet defends Terri after she tells Jack Terri is her sister whom she hasn't seen since Terri was five years old. Janet is hurt that Jack doesn't trust Terri to take care of his children and she and Jack have a big fight. Parker and Sage are mad at Jack because they don't want to move into the farm they want to stay at their house. Jack later agrees to Craig's idea that Terri work at Metro so she can spend time with Janet and Sage and Janet is happy about that and her and Jack kiss and make up. Sage on the other hand is still mad at Jack because she wants to live at home and not the farm. Janet persuades Jack to let Sage be happy because she deserves a little happiness after all that she has been through lately. Jack brings Sage back home and agrees to let Terri be the kids' babysitter for the summer. Rosanna praises Craig for persuading Jack to change his mind and helping to honor Carly's wishes that the kids live at home while she is in rehab.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It’s the morning of – Taylor's wedding day. Both Donna and Katie try to warn Brooke that she may be disappointed as Ridge probably wouldn’t pick the beach spot to break it off with her. She texts Ridge one last time before going to meet him and gets a yes answer from him/Steffy. Whip shows up at Jackie’s loft and surprises her with a table full of delicacies and high tea. They enjoy each other’s company. Eric asks Ridge about Brooke and he admits that he still has not heard a peep out of her. And if truth be known, although he loves Taylor that he also loves Brooke, so he’s in love with two women. Stephanie gives Taylor a lovely old diamond brooch that she got in Paris years ago that supposedly belonged to a Russian duchess who’d had her love stolen from her twice by a blond witch. Brooke saddles up her horse and is off to meet Ridge.

Everyone congregates at the beach house. Steffy gives her mother something new and something blue. She exclaims that she feels Phoebe there and she knows she is shining down on them. Donna calls Brooke and tells them that except for Ridge everyone including the minister is at the beach house. Obviously no one told them the wedding is off. Brooke thinks she hears Ridge’s motorcycle and wants to go meet him. Her spirits dampen when she discovers it is someone else, not Ridge. Whip tells Jackie that he wishes she would loosen her reins and let him take charge. He needs a place to live first and she recommends her own realtor who might have something available close by. Ridge gets a text of how bad things really are at Forrester. Ridge confides that he loves Taylor and he wants to do the right thing for her, Thomas and Steffy. Yet he just doesn’t get why Brooke never even tried to call him. As the bride is escorted down the aisle by Thomas and Steffy, Brooke looks dismal wondering where Ridge is.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady accosts a man at the pub who is talking to Arianna. He later explains what happened to Chloe, and why he feels the need to be so protective. Arianna admits that she has feelings for Brady, and they agree to go out on second date. Later, the man Brady confronted shows back up and Arianna gives him money in exchange for a small bag. Although Mia assures Nicole that Chad is going to leave her alone, Kinsey and Chad formulate a plan to break up Will and Mia. Kinsey apologizes to Will for the way she has been treating Mia. Meanwhile, Chad works on Mia, apologizing for giving her a hard time about being in rehab. Later, Will receives the news that something is wrong with Chloe and he rushes off. Chad takes the opportunity to tell Mia that he will be attending her school in the fall. Brady is trying to get in to visit Chloe when Will shows up at the hospital. Brady break the news to him about Chloe’s coma. EJ admits to Stefano that he is having dreams about Sami, and that he can’t seem to get her out of his mind. Nicole, fearful that the hammer is getting ready to drop, confides in Stefano that she fears Rafe will lead Sami to the truth about Sydney. Sami finds Rafe at the cemetery and apologizes to him for pushing about Emily. When she tells him about Meredith, he rushes off. Later, Sami runs into Nicole and divulges that she and Rafe broke up. Nicole suspects Stefano’s involvement. EJ tells Nicole about Chloe’s coma, and adds that he has decided to focus all of his energies on Nicole and their daughter. Rafe confronts Meredith. She accuses him of never loving Emily, and blames him for Emily’s death. She vows to make sure everyone, including Sami, learns the truth about what happened. Later, we learn that Stefano arranged for Meredith to return to Salem. Rafe and Sami make up.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli goes to Mac to ask permission to marry Maxie. Maxie does her best to sidetrack Mac before Spinelli can say anything. Lulu also tries to get Spinelli to hold off on his talk with Mac. Sam and Jason head off to find Kristina and Michael. Jason has car trouble so he calls on Spinelli for help. After Jason’s attempts fail, Sam manages to fix the car. Claudia gets restless and tries to leave the hospital. Sonny tells Claudia that Michael could be innocent per Carly. Carly blames Alexis for Claudia’s car accident. Carly gets upset when Jax seems to side with Alexis. Jax says Carly “changed” her “story” once Michael confessed – but Jax also insists he believes Carly. Nikolas shows up to bail Edward and Rebecca out of jail. Lucky tells Edward that Michael switched his license plate with Edward’s. Edward is amused. Kristina and Michael find food and shelter in a diner. Sonny goes to see Carly to discuss Michael. Diane presents Mac with a court order to have Alexis’ vehicles inspected for evidence. Jax and Diane assume the search will prove Alexis innocent. Michael tells Kristina he wants to head to Mexico. Kristina is visibly shaken when Michael mentions the death of the baby. Edward sings the praises of Rebecca and Michael to Tracy. Claudia enlists Jerry’s help to find Michael. Markings on one of Alexis’ cars shows it was involved in an accident, so Alexis confesses.

GL Recap Written by Beth

A delivery of empty boxes comes to Reva's. She starts packing them with Jeffery's things. Matt and Dinah ply one on one basketball and talk. Marina gets frustrated with a person on the phone regarding her credit card. Mallet comes in and tries to kid with her but she is serious about proving she didn't kill the "john doe" they thought at first was Edmund. Blake visits Reva and sees she is packing up Jeffrey's things and offers to help. Romance is in the air with Bill and Lizzie and Remy and Christina. Frank gets word that Cyrus is out on bail and is furious. Buzz goes to see Cyrus telling him that since he got out of jail, it is time to pay up. At Reva's, talk between Reva and Blake turns to throwing Jeffrey's stuff away. Blake wants her to stop. She says, "Life goes on, whether Jeffrey is in it or not. Shayne stops by the indoor basketball gym. Matt leaves Dinah and Shayne alone. Beth visits Lizzie and Bill. Beth tells Lizzie that she has something to show her. Buzz talks to Cyrus about Coop. But doesn't know where to start. At Lewis, Matt is in the office when Bill comes in. Matt questions him about his honeymoon. Bill says, "Beth interrupted. Bill also says he is looking for a house for he and Lizzie. Beth shows Lizzie the house she and Phillip found for them. Marina proves that her credit card was stolen and the purchases at the time of the murder were not done by her. Reva visits Lewis Construction on the basis of going back to work. Matt questions her. Marina goes to Company to find Cyrus there and Buzz acting weird. Frank enters and sees what is going on. Buzz had re-mortgaged the restaurant to get Cyrus out of jail. Frank can't believe it. He tells Buzz he is going to get a warrant for his arrest for bailing Cyrus out. At the Gazebo Bill and Lizzie and Shayne and Dinah run into each other. Mallet runs into Reva and sees the boxes and bags she is taking out of her car. She angrily says that it is Jeffrey's stuff. He tells her how much he admired Jeffery. Reva is home when Shayne and Dinah come calling with Reva's favorite ice cream. Dinah shows her the ring Shayne gave her. Reva hugs them saying, "I am happy for you, so happy!" Marina tells Mallet about Buzz's weirdness and the mortgage. Mallet says he got good news. He got a copy of the receipt. Marina still thinks Mallet doesn't believe her. She tells him she is going to prove she didn't kill that john doe. Frank tells Blake that things are going crazy with Buzz. Blake tells Frank to just be there for him. At Company Buzz and Cyrus continue their earlier talk about Coop. Lizzie shows Bill a house that isn't even for sale. Lizzie says, "I know, Dad bought it for us as a wedding present." Bill is thrilled saying, "We have a house." They check out the house. They say it needs work. At Company, Frank has calmed down. Mallet and Marina check out the time on the card receipt and realize there is a 47 minute time lapse between sales. Reva watches the happy couple as they leave the house and yard.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Nora are both "curious" about whether Matthew will go through with informing Clint that he saw the two of them kissing before Nora's wedding day to Clint. He tells them no, he'll stay out of it. But he still won't accept their decision not to approve the surgery. When Rachel finds out her mother kissed Bo, she asks her if she really should marry Clint after all. Viki tells everybody she wants to marry Charlie. But she relives all of her many marriages. Langston and Markko are very disappointed that his father won't let him come home. Starr is missing Cole while he goes undercover. Cole goes and attempts to "work" Asher so that Asher will lead him to the drug dealers. John asks Brody to help the police station investigate the drug trafficking. Jessica doesn't know what to do when she notices Bree with an unidentified stuffed elephant. Bree tells her mom it's from Daddy. Jessica remembers that Nash gave their daughter elephant toys and only he would know about that. And she can tell that an unseen person is outside that could be Nash.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Sharon argue over the fact that Sharon had lied to him about him being the father of her baby when the baby is really Nick’s. Nick asks Phyllis to marry him again and she accepts. They set the wedding date for that day. Daniel calls Phyllis and tells him that he is out of jail and is at Crimson Lights. Amber meets Daniel at Crimson Lights. Daniel demands that Amber tell him everything about her past. Nikki stops by the Newman house to talk to Ashley and Victor and finds them both gone. Nikki reminds Adam that this is the anniversary of Sabrina’s death. Victor tells Billy that he is giving Ashley Colleen’s seat on the board. Billy lets Ashley and Victoria know that Victor had purchased the 5% stock of Jabot from Gloria and then he had Ashley and Jack fired, and then he had made Billy C.E.O of Jabot. Ashley nor Victoria believe Billy. Nick and Phyllis prepare for their wedding .Deacon interrupts Amber and Daniel and reveals to Daniel all about the things that Amber had done in her past. Adam saves an article about Sabrina’s death to his computer so that Ashley will have a bad night. Adam calls Dr. Taylor to get out to the ranch because Ashley will have a bad night. Ashley demands the truth from Victor. Victor tells Billy that he will regret this .Nikki comes to visit Victor at the office. Daniel leaves Amber and Deacon to have some time by himself. Phyllis lets Noah know that Nick had proposed and they are getting married today. Mac tries to comfort Billy after his run-in with Victor. Ashley imagines talking to Sabrina and Sabrina warns Ashley about Victor. Victor comes home, but Ashley doesn’t’ want Victor near her .Nick and Phyllis renew their wedding vows. Daniel comes back home to Amber and tells her to move out. Jack decides to move back home. Sharon decides not to tell Nick about the baby.

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