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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake sees David holding Little Stuart. Creating a diversion, Jake manages to get David away from Liza so he can have a talk with Liza. Jake reprimands Liza for letting David hold little Stuart. J.R. brings Adam into the hospital to be checked out. Emma pulls on Adam’s sleeve and tells him that Annie hadn’t killed Stuart and Adam knows that she didn’t. Erica walks up and asks Emma what is she doing here. Adam apologizes to Erica for his treatment of her. At the police station, Annie accuses Ryan of being in on this plan to frame her for murder. Annie then realizes that it must have been Zach, who had fired the shot and made it look as though Annie had done it .Kendall confronts Zach about firing the gun and setting Annie to take the fall. In the hospital corridor, Marissa meets up with David and tells him that Annie had made another attempt on Adam’s life. Outside of the Chandler parlor, Natalia investigates the bullet hole in the glass in the door. Jesse makes Natalia believe that this case is open and shut and all the evidence points to Annie. Natalia asks Jesse why he wants to put all the blame on Annie .

Marissa meets up with Liza in the hospital and tells her that Annie had been arrested for murder. Liza refuses to take Annie’s case because she is already defending Kendall. J.R. brings Adam home from the hospital where Scott barges in on them and tells Adam and J.R. that he believes that Annie is innocent. Adam confesses that he misses Annie. Liza visits Kendall and Zach and tells them that Annie had been arrested, but Kendall is less than overjoyed. Ryan visits Zach and Kendall and finds out that Zach had been the one, who had fired the shot and framed Annie. Zach orders Ryan that he will not utter a word as to what had really happened. Jake reprimands Amanda for going over to Taylor’s to see Trevor. David walks into the Confusion Bar.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Casey and Allison reconnect after he sets up a romantic date for them on the hospital roof. They promise to try to communicate better. Meanwhile, communication is lacking when Tom is less then thrilled to find Riley/Adam and Margo closer then ever. Instead of sharing his feelings with Margo, he simply tells them that he has gotten Riley/Adam a job at a law firm in Milwaukee and he would be leaving that night, as Margo is very upset. Riley/Adam is forced to go along. Margo panics and enlists Casey's help to stop Tom from sending Adam away. Casey speaks with Tom about why he is doing this and finds out that Tom is worried there might be something inappropriate going on between Margo and Riley, as Casey finds it hard not to tell him the truth. Casey is able to talk Tom out of sending Riley away, as Margo is thrilled but horrified when Casey explains why Tom acted the way he did. Margo and Tom reconnect afterwards, but Margo still isn't able to share the truth about Adam. A relieved Adam learns that Casey stepped up for him and Allison is pleased to see this too. Jack decides that Sage and Parker should live with him because he can't trust Rosanna and Craig. He heads off to break the news. Craig offers Terri a job as nanny to Sage and Parker, but Terri isn't sure. When Craig sweetens the deal with a job at summer's end at Metro, Terri jumps at this. Sage is tickled to learn her friend Terri will be living with her this summer. Rosanna is sure that Jack won't like not being consulted, and her observation is very accurate when Jack doesn't want anything to do with a stranger taking care of his kids and is just as annoyed that Craig took it upon himself to hire her. Terri doesn't like Jack's reaction, but doesn't have much to say about it. Sage is very upset to learn Jack vetoed Terri moving in, as is Parker. Jack tries to smooth things over later at the farm, but Sage wants none of his explanations. Terri realizes that she didn't give Sage her contact information so Rosanna and Craig give her directions to the farm, as Sage is thrilled to see Terri. Jack, however, is not at all happy and goes as far as accusing Terri of stalking Sage, which infuriates Terri. Janet hears the commotion and heads out and is shocked to find Jack and Sage with her long lost sister.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Whip shows Owen the photos of Jackie that he wants to use for publicity. And it doesn’t matter whether their marriage is a stunt or not, just keep doing it. Jackie calls and leaves a sexy message for Owen to join her in the steam room – the Queen awaits. Complete with tiara, she coos that she is so exhausted and he must tend to her every need. He will be rewarded with the kingdom if she is given her every command. He puts his big sword aside and rubs oil over her body. They kiss and the room is really steaming. Brooke drops in at FC and Eric welcomes her. Unfortunately he has to go down to the cutting room. She tells Donna that she has to get through to Ridge somehow. She’s shocked when Donna tells her that Taylor and Ridge are getting married tomorrow. She’s not ready to give up. Steffy thinks the gig is up. Ridge has her cell phone and he wants to know what she’s been up to. The guilty looks says that he must know he’s been missing Brooke’s texts. Turns out that Ridge thinks it is very good news as some new client wants to speak with Steffy directly. Steffy and Thomas hustle their parents out of the house so they can prepare for the wedding. Eric calls Ridge and wishes to see him. Ridge invites him to the beach house. Brooke barges into the house and demands that Thomas and Steffy tell her where Ridge is.

Eric arrives and congratulates Taylor. She leaves them alone as she needs to attend to things back at the house. Eric tells Ridge that as much as he admires Taylor that he is worried about Brooke. Ridge tells him not to, she has not tried to reach out to him at all so that must mean she has accepted this. Steffy tells Brooke that she needs to let this go; leave their dad alone. She tells them that she wants Ridge to look her in the eye and tell her that he’s happy with this marriage to Taylor. Otherwise, she will not accept it and she will fight it, with or without their help in finding Ridge. Steffy tells Thomas they just need to keep Brooke away one more day to allow this marriage to happen. Eric tells Donna that he saw Ridge and he thinks he is all swept up with this marriage, but he’s concerned. Brooke finds out from Donna that Ridge is at the beach house. She hugs her and runs out to find Ridge. In conflict, Ridge has flashbacks of both ladies, Taylor and Brooke. Steffy intercepts another text from Brooke. She tells him that she knows where he is and she is heading to the beach house. Thomas encourages Steffy to text her back right now and make sure that she does not go to the beach house. Steffy does that and asks Brooke to meet Ridge at their secret spot on the beach tomorrow at 12:30. This will be after the wedding. Brooke is tickled that Ridge will meet her and texts him back that she will be there.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Even though Bo is sure Daniel is innocent, the D.A. forces Bo to arrest him. Daniel continues to warn Bo and Hope to keep an eye on Chloe, and to keep Kate away from her. Hope arrives at the hospital to question Lucas, and is suspicious about both Victor and Kate’s behavior. Bo divulges to Hope that he thinks Kate is a better suspect than Daniel. Meanwhile, Victor threatens to tell the police everything if Kate doesn’t come up with a way to get Daniel off the hook. When Bo questions Victor, however, he claims to have no idea who could have done this. Philip and Kate break the news to Lucas about Chloe’s affair with Daniel. Devastated, he asks a comatose Chloe how she could do this to him. We learn that Chloe is slipping deeper into her coma. Sami gives Rafe a run-down of her past so that he won’t be afraid to tell her about what happened to Emily. Rafe is angry that Sami coerced him, but eventually admits that Emily died in a car accident for which he was to blame.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason fills Spinelli in on Kristina's possible involvement in the accident. Diane tells Spinelli that Maxie isn't ready for marriage yet. Lulu wants Maxie to return the ring to Spinelli if she can't come to a decision. Morgan gets an email from Michael explaining why he left town. Morgan doesn't tell Carly but he does tell Jason. Sam still thinks Kristina is guilty but Alexis disagrees. Molly tells Alexis that Kristina's bed wasn't slept in the previous night. Liz goes to see Nikolas and tends to his wounds from falling off a horse. Nik confides in Liz about Rebecca. Edward tells the Q's that Rebecca is moving in. Monica is thrilled but Tracy isn't so happy. Liz wonders what Edward is holding over Rebecca's head. When Liz talks to Lucky about the situation, he wonders why she's so concerned. Jason and Sam decide to track down Kristina and Michael. Nik bails Edward and Rebecca out of jail when they are arrested while driving. Alexis spills the news about Michael and Kristina to Jax and Carly. Maxie refrains from telling Mac about Spinelli's proposal. Spinelli goes to have a talk with Mac.

GL Recap Written by Beth

James is in the living room on the couch when Alan and Phillip come in. Alan wants James to get off his butt and do something. Alan questions Phillip about it. At the jail, Mel is talking with Cyrus about strategy. At the police station, Marina is at it again about Mallet blaming her for something she has said she didn't do. At the Food Court, Dinah and Shayne are announcing their engagement. Rick talks to his dad about what is going on around Springfield. At the Spaulding's Mansion, Alan is nagging Phillip about James and his plans. Phillip tells him that when he knows he will let Alan know. Phillip gets James alone to talk. Phillip gives James advice about thinking before he makes the same stupid mistakes he did. At Company, Alan comes in and spots Ed. Alan wants to know why Ed came back all the way from California. Then Alan mentions that he is trying to protect the company from Phillip. Ed is surprised that Phillip has had time to go up against Alan for the company. Mel tells Cyrus he is in serious trouble in that he stole jewels from a country. Mallet and Marina go to a dumpster to check it out. Matt and Dinah are at the Food court alone after she and Shayne told them about their engagement. Shayne leaves and Matt and Dinah continue talking and then Matt leaves Dinah alone there. Buzz is home wondering what to do with the box that Coop left him of his stuff. He goes through it. It is mostly news clippings and photos and drawings. He sees a jean jacket and picks it up and puts it to his face to smell it. He sees an old tape recorder and tape and plays it. It is Jenna's voice on it. He reads a passage in a notebook. At where Jeffrey planted evidence, Mallet blames Jeffrey for it and making it harder in the investigation to know what really happened. Marina still is on the fact she still thinks Mallet pegs her as his number 1 suspect. At Towers Dinah runs into Alan. Dinah tells her of her engagement to Shayne. He says another one marrying into "that clan". Phillip goes to Ed to tell him no to the treatment. He says, "I really need these two months. He explains more. Phillip mentions Alan starting to open up to him. Phillip want to get Alan to a "better place in his life." At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan is on James' case about the company. James mentions Phillip running things. Alan says something to the fact that Phillip has too much of a "bleeding heart" in running the company. Buzz goes to see Cyrus about Coop and Jenna. At the crime scene, Marina comments that Mallet doesn't believe her. Mallet says he does and wants her to plead self defense. Marina stands her ground. In Coop's old classroom is in Coop's old chair just talking as if Coop is there. He sees more pictures on the desk. He leaves. Cyrus is out of his cell handcuffed. still talking to Mel. At the Spauldings, Phillip is on the phone when Alan appears on the landing listening to Phillip's part of the conversation. When Phillip finishes, James joins them. Phillip mentions something he wants to follow up and leaves. Alan and James just look at each other. Alan makes a point that Phillip is not of sound mind. At Shayne and Dinah's, Shayne is on the phone with Josh talking about Reva and when to tell her of his marrying Dinah. Dinah is just coming in at this point and waits for Shayne to end his call to go to him and talk. Shayne mention that he was talking to Josh. Marina tells Mallet she can't take much more of this between them. Buzz comes to the jail to help Cyrus with mentioning $42,000. After Buzz leaves, Cyrus looks at Mel in shock. Alan sees Phillip at the desk packing a small case. Phillip mentions the trip he was talking about earlier to Alan. Alan says that he'll go pack to join him. Phillip just stands at the desk in shock as Alan leaves the room.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Nora and Bo discuss their kiss the previous night. Nora says she loves Clint and will marry him today.  Matthew tells his parents that he will drop the lawsuit and they will sign the consent for his surgery or else he will tell Clint that he saw them making out the night before Clint’s wedding to Nora. Bo tells him he will not agree to blackmail. Matthew goes to find Clint. Starr asks Blair about her encounter with Todd and tells her mother that if her mother has changed her mind about her father, she will support her decision. When Todd enters, Blair says she wants nothing with to do with Todd. Tea comes in with the key Todd gave her. She tells him she cannot move in with him because she doesn’t want to be in the middle of his games with Blair. She tells him she wants a man that takes her out on real dates and only has eyes for her. Todd asks her to be his date to Viki’s wedding. When Schuyler thinks Stacy is pretending to be pregnant, she says she will have another pregnancy test to prove it.  Rex and Gigi argue, clear the air and make up.  They go to the hospital to get information on Stacy’s pregnancy. While they are there, Stacy and Schuyler arrive to get another pregnancy test, which confirms her pregnancy. John takes Marty and Cole to the apartment Cole will occupy during his undercover assignment.  Cole calls Asher to set up a meeting. When Asher arrives, Cole tells him that he is not interested in using drugs, he is interested in selling.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis teaches Summer how to make a bow. Phyllis is really impressed. Summer begins to call Phyllis, “Mommy Princess.” Nick walks in and wants to know where his crown is. Phyllis reminds him that his crown has to be earned. Jack calls Sharon and wants to know where she is. Sharon informs him that she is in her room at the club. Sharon tells Jack that she has a doctor’s appointment and asks Jack to go with her. Jack agrees. Ashley comes downstairs and finds Victor with Victoria. Victor tells Ashley that they are going to celebrate her appointment to the board. Victoria asks Victor to talk J.T. into coming back to work at Newman Enterprises. J.T. arrives at the bar to put in a new security system for Mac. Nina arrives at the bar and tells Mac that after all that has happened she doesn’t know whether or not she wants to write Kay’s life story. Philip thanks Chance for coming to talk to him. Chance asks Philip why he left. Philip tells Chance that he is gay. Jill tells Billy that she invited Cane to be part of their family. Billy resents the idea, but Jill orders him to grow up. Billy asks Jill about the C.E.O position and if he had been given to him under duress. Jill tells Billy that it had been Victor’s idea. Sharon finds out that Jack took a room right down the hall from her. Jack lets her know that he took the room to protect her from Mary Jane. Sharon finds out about the doll that was left outside her door. Sharon lets Jack know that he is not the father of her baby, but the father is Nick. Nick asks Phyllis to marry him again. Billy confronts Victor. Billy finds out that J.T. quit at Newman.

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