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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall tells Erica that she is turning herself in. Erica stands in front of the Slater door and tells Kendall, “over my dead body.” At the hospital, Emma writes the word, “Mommy” on the wall when asked who had scared her on the night of Stuart’s murder. At the Chandler mansion, Annie hears a noise outside. When she goes to investigate, she sees a broken vase. Zach steps out from behind the wall and fires a shot which misses Annie, but makes a hole in the patio door. Adam sees Annie through the door. Adam wants the police called that Annie had tried to kill him. Annie denies trying to kill Adam, but Adam refuses to believe her. A gun is found on the Chandler grounds. Annie is taken to the police station for questioning. Jesse arrives to find out what had been going on. Zach arrives home and tells Kendall and Erica that it is all over. Liza brings Little Stuart into the hospital to find Jake because she cannot get the baby to stop crying.

Adam apologizes to J.R. for his treatment of him and Little A. Adam begins to have chest pains. Liza wakes up and finds David looking down at her. Liza tells David what had been going on with Stuart. David offers his help and Liza agrees. David manages to get Stuart to stop crying. Jake walks by and sees David with Liza’s baby. J.R. brings Adam into the hospital. Scott pays Annie a visit at the police station. Scott believes Annie’s story. Kendall finds out from Zach that he was the one, who had fired the shot and had set Annie up to be arrested. Emma sneaks out of her hospital room and sees Adam in the corridor. Emma tells Adam that her Mommy hadn’t killed Stuart and Adam knew that Annie hadn’t killed him. Erica walks up and sees Emma with Adam.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry's stunned when instead of Vienna coming home for a happy reunion is mother arrives for a visit. Henry isn't happy and knows that Audrey wants something from him. Audrey admits that she broke up with her boyfriend and when she saw Henry on TV dressed as a woman she had to come visit him. Henry calls Katie and pleads with her to help him find a way to make his mother leave town. Katie and Brad are in the middle of making love when she gets the call from Henry but hearing how desperate he sounds on the phone Katie invites Henry and Audrey to dinner. Katie and Brad are charmed by Audrey and Katie encourages Henry to try and forgive his mother. Katie tells Audrey that Henry and his girlfriend Vienna had a fight and she went home to Sweden. Audrey is convinced that Henry needs her now more then ever and she asks Henry if they can try and mend their relationship.

Sage runs away to try and find Carly when she discovers that Janet didn't give her a letter Carly sent to her and since Sage is tired of everyone keeping the truth from her she leaves a note for Jack and heads to the train station. Jack and Craig go looking for Sage even though Jack makes it clear that he wants Craig out of his life and his kids lives as well. Terri the waitress from Chicago fins Sage at the train station and encourages her to ask her dad why he kept the letter from her and Sage agrees to do that so Terri takes her home. Jack decides to move the kids to the farm while Carly is away because too many people are trying to but into their lives. Terri tells Craig she needs a job and he decides to pay Terri to cook and take care of the kids while Carly is away.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam is wearing a red wig which she thinks will please Clarke. He tells her only one dame could pull that off and that was Sally. Katie tells Brooke that Ridge is not married yet. She can still get through to him, so text. Steffy and Thomas admit they can’t believe this is happening. Their parents being together is so cute. Their only problem is Brooke who keeps texting. She doesn’t know when to give it up. She thinks chasing after their dad is love. Steffy says that Ridge may be weak but with his cell phone she will be his strength. Her latest tells Brooke to give him some space. Katie tells her that she has to get with Ridge and have him admit that he still has feelings for her. Brooke confesses that although she can not get through to Ridge on the phone, she won’t give up. She will get through to him. The Jackie M crew surprise Stephanie with a newly renovated office. She gives a speech that she thinks they are all jelling as a little family. She wouldn’t want to be anyplace else. Bridget tells her that working with Whip is no problem. That part of her mother’s life has long been over. Stephanie is not so sure. She thinks Whip still might have a small crush on Brooke.

Jackie brings Stephanie a photo for her desk. Stephanie admits they have not been the best of friends over the year. They both have said some mean things to each other and even done some bad things to each other, but she is truly sorry for that. And here they are. She hopes they can push those bad memories out of the way. Jackie agrees. Stephanie confesses that sometimes you have to lose what is important in your life before you really appreciate it. So look what Jackie has done for her. She has given her something she thought she lost……a sense of family and this company that gives her something to come to every day. Jackie did that for her and she wants to thank her for that, and hopes they can be friends. Jackie grabs her and gives her a sincere hug. Brooke continues to text Ridge all the while remembering happier romantics moments including their wedding on the beach. Steffy forgets but gives Taylor a message a couple of hours late from the wedding planner. Minutes later Steffy intercepts a message from Brooke in which she sends him a link to Unforgettable. They tell Ridge they are still afraid for him. He’s vulnerable to Brooke and they don’t think their mother can survive it if he changes his mind again. He tells them that Brooke knows she must move on. She has not tried to reach out to him, not once. Steffy accidentally drops the cell phone and Ridge picks it up and looks shocked.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami tries to get Meredith to talk about Emily, but all she will say is that everything changed between her and her sister because of Emily’s fiancé, Rafe. She tells Sami that Rafe wasn’t as wonderful as they all thought at first. Meanwhile, Rafe learns that Sami and Roman have a secret. Roman refuses to tell him anything. Rafe catches Sami in a lie when he learns she never showed up at the pub. He questions her about it once she arrives home. Hope interrogates Daniel, who continues to insist that Kate is behind all of this, and that she is setting him up for Chloe’s attempted murder. Bo learns that only Daniel’s fingerprints were found on the vial of poison. He thinks Daniel is innocent, but Abe tells him he must arrest Daniel due to the overwhelming evidence against him. Victor shows up at the hospital, and Kate basically admits that she poisoned Chloe herself. Victor wonders how she will keep people from suspecting her when, all of a sudden, Bo gives him a call to tell him about having to arrest Daniel for the crime. Victor is furious with Kate, and threatens to tell Lucas what she has done unless she makes this right. Lucas shows up at the hospital, asking Kate what has happened. Lexie admits to Nathan that there is little hope Chloe will ever come out of her coma.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael is riddled with guilt over the loss of Claudia’s baby. Sonny apologizes to Michael for his “anger.” Michael says he wants to take responsibility for his actions. Edward tells Sonny to stay away from Michael. Kristina comes out of hiding and tells Michael he could serve time for the accident. Alexis refuses to believe Kristina caused the accident. Sam advises Alexis to talk to Kristina. Carly says the car she saw cause the accident didn’t belong to Michael. Mac is hesitant to believe Carly but she stands firm. Mac mentions that Alexis was the original suspect. Dante/Dominic tries to rent a room at Kelly’s. Olivia walks in and they pretend to be strangers. Johnny tells Claudia that Michael caused her accident. Claudia wonders if Johnny thinks she’s getting paid pack for the shooting. Jason tells Sonny what Carly saw. Carly accuses Alexis of trying to cover up her own guilt in the accident. Carly and Alexis argue. Jax promises to help prove Michael’s innocence. Claudia tells Johnny she doesn’t care if Sonny learns the truth about the shooting. She then accuses Johnny of wishing the baby dead. Johnny tells Olivia the truth about the shooting. Olivia tells John she already knows the story and says she doesn’t blame him (John). Olivia says she kept the secret to protect Carly’s pregnancy. Sam tells Jason she thinks Kristina caused the accident. Michael says he plans on leaving the country and Kristina decides to accompany him. Sonny and Claudia discuss Michael. Sonny blames himself and says he “can’t lose another child.” He asks Claudia to “back up” Carly’s story that the car wasn’t Michael’s. Claudia agrees.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip is talking with Lillian. He apologizes for being bratty about his telling the family about his condition. He tells her Alan really talked to him for real for the first time in his life. Alan and Alex are arguing over the company. At the Mallet's, Marina and Mallet have calmed down and acting just about civil which is making Buzz, who is sitting at the kitchen table think he woke up in the "Twilight Zone. Dinah wakes to gifts and little messages. No Shayne to be seen. She is enjoying the little game of messages in balloons and popping each to see what message it has. She out loud wonders where Shayne is She opens the bathroom door to see a toweled Shayne standing there. She kisses him. While in bed, they talk about who to tell about their engagement and marriage. At Springfield jail, Buzz is visiting Cyrus. At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan and Alex are talking about James. Alex reminds Alan that James is 18 years old. Phillip continues to talk to Lillian about his conversation with Alan about Viet Nam and the man who went in Alan's place. Lillian can't believe that all these years something like that would change Alan so much. Phillip tells Lillian that he has to help Alan come to terms with it. Shayne and Dinah go to see Vanessa. Vanessa is too busy to see that Dinah is trying to show her the engagement ring that Shayne gave her. Finally Vanessa gets what Dinah is trying to do and gets up and hugs both Dinah and Shayne and congratulates them. When they tell her when they get married. Vanessa is shocked gets up and goes off. Dinah is left laughing. At the Mallets, Mallet and Marina are kissing. Outside, Shayne and Dinah visit Josh. Shayne hints they are getting married and why they are there to see Josh. Shayne says "We want to marry in a couple of days." Though he is worried about Reva. Josh tells them that he thinks this will be good for Reva. Ed Bauer is back in town and at Towers with Lillian. Vanessa stops by and sees them sitting at a table and comes to see them. Vanessa is so happy to see Ed. He gets up to greet her. Vanessa asks Ed how long he is in town. He says for a couple of days. Vanessa then tells him she'll see him later. Mallet and Marina are now at Company talking. Their talk turns sour again when mentioning trust and the case and Marina gets up, grabs the dishes and walks away. Leaving Mallet to sigh. At the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip is talking to Alan about opportunities. Alan is wondering what Phillip is talking about when Phillip walks away. Ed stops by Company and sees Buzz, they hug. Ed says he can only stop for a few minutes that he is on his way to a meeting. Ed tells Buzz how sorry he is about Coop. Shayne sees Marina in a parking lot. He tells her about him and Dinah. Dinah stops Mallet outside Company and tells her about her getting married to Shayne. He congratulates her with a hug. He is with the baby, but has to stop somewhere and doesn't want to take the baby. She agrees to watch him for a few minutes. AT the TV station, Alan stop by to see Vanessa. He wants her help. She agrees But he starts to go too far. Vanessa tells him before she changes her mind to stop. He does, smiles and leaves. Phillip meets Ed for a talk about his condition. Outside their house, The Mallets shake hands on trying to get their marriage back on track, then hug. Alexandra goes to see Cyrus in jail. Ed comes back with new test results. He tells Phillip with these results there could be a possible cure. He has to takes some shots. But there are no sure things but this is a possibility. Phillip says, "I need some time to think about it." Ed talks more about the possible cure and Phillip repeats that he needs time to think. he goes outside to think......

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The ghost of Asa is visiting all his family members that gather at the lodge. He indicates that he wants Viki to marry Clint instead of Charlie and Nora to marry Bo instead of Clint. He also causes Jessica to see and sense Nash there. Matthew also senses that he needs his grandfather's help in deciding whether to sue his parents. And he talks to Destiny about his grandfather. Stacy reveals to Rex and Gigi that she is pregnant with Rex's child. Gigi assumes that that is impossible since Rex "told" her that he never slept with Stacy. But he later reveals that he did once. At that point, Gigi is horrified that it could cause Stacy to ruin their lives forever if it's true. She runs into Schuyler and talks to him about it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jana and Kevin visit Daniel in jail. Jana wishes that she could hug Daniel, but she knows the guard wouldn’t allow it . Daniel tells Jana and Kevin that Amber had stopped by, but he hopes he never sees her face again. Amber goes to see Deacon. Deacon asks her if she is back for more. Amber calls him a “perverted creep.” Heather and Michael watch the DVD and wonders if it is legit. Victor tells Ashley to keep her eyes shut as he shows her a surprise. Billy calls Jill and tells her to call him back. Colleen tells Billy that she is about to be booted off the Newman board of directors. J.T. can’t believe that Victoria is going to demand Colleen’s resignation. Victoria and J.T. argue that Victoria is turning into her father. Ashley realizes that she is taking over Colleen’s seat on the board. Deacon tells Amber that he had sent the DVD to the D.A. Michael tells Heather that he wants Daniel released, but Heather doesn’t quite think that the DVD is legit . Colleen refuses to sign the resignation papers. Amber calls Heather and Michael to come to Deacon’s hotel room. After talking to Deacon, Heather still has her doubts about Daniel’s innocence. Heather tells Michael that Daniel stays in jail. Ashley feels the baby kick or so she thinks. Michael tells Daniel that he is getting out on bail. Daniel calls Amber and tells her that he wants to see her . After a confrontation with Victor, J.T. resigns his position at Newman Industries.

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