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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda dreams that she hears a baby crying. Tad tries to calm Trevor down by talking to him. Taylor walks in to see what the fuss is about .Randi has another pain. Frankie goes to get her help. Ryan brings Emma into the hospital from being traumatized. Erica tells Jake what happened to Emma. Adam asks Annie how long she has been planning their wedding. Annie tells Adam that she loves him. They kiss. Annie asks Adam to marry her. Kendall, through tears tells Zach that she shot Stuart. Taylor tells Tad that she wants a baby. Frankie panics that Randi is losing the baby and it is all his fault. Ryan blames Zach for Emma completely shutting down. Ryan asks Jake to talk to Emma. Jake tries his best to reach out to her, but with great difficulty. Amanda arrives at Taylor’s to check on her baby.

A.D.A. Willis arrives at the hospital to question Emma, but Dr. Meyer, Emma's doctor, absolutely forbids it until he shows them the subpoena. Dr. Meyer agrees to the questioning as long as she is there to monitor Emma’s reaction. Willis gets through to Emma and she writes “Mommy” on the wall behind her bed. Randi loses her baby. Amanda falls asleep with her baby lying in her arms. Annie hear a noise outside and when she goes to investigate, she finds a broken flower pot. Zach hides behind the wall and fires one shot. Annie looks up and sees the bullet hole in the glass in the patio door. Adam comes back downstairs and sees Annie outside.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

A depressed Henry is staying on Katie and Brad’s couch, as Katie tries to inspire him to do more with the help of Cookie Dough ice cream. Brad thinks that Henry owes him since he got fired too so Katie thinks if they plead their case to Kim again then she might reconsider and as an added benefit since Vienna loves the limelight so much, if Henry gets her job back then she might come back to him. Henry is suddenly raring to go and he and Brad head out to plead for Kim’s for mercy. However, Kim won’t change her mind about hiring Vienna back since she alienated the audience when she hit ‘Geneva’, but she finally relents and admits that the audience is clamoring to have Henry back. Henry is caught up in his popularity again and seems to be considering the offer, but Brad reminds him what will happen with Vienna if he does take the offer. He decides to forgo the offer and a dejected Henry heads home. At home though, he sees a note about forgiveness and coming to see him attached to some flowers and he assumes, it is from Vienna and calls Brad and Katie to share the news. They are thrilled, but Brad seems to try to be hiding the fact that he is now worried about how he is going to be able to provide for his family without a job. Later, when Henry opens the door dressed to the nines with a romantic setting in the background, he is stunned and not so happy it seems, to find his mother there instead of Vienna. Damian is upset, as he vents to Lily about Meg being intent on talking with Paul, and seems to feel, he will never make headway with her. Lily is offering some comfort when Lucinda and Holden arrive with a proposal that Damian rescind his job offer so Luke can work at Worldwide. Damian is not onboard, and Holden sees Lily as the deciding vote. Lily is worried that Lucinda and Holden are manipulating Luke. Meg finds Paul and Emily after having sex and is beside herself, as she tries to hide her hurt. Paul doesn’t seem too concerned, as he continues to show PDA towards Emily, but is wondering why Meg is there. After he goes to get dressed, Emily and Meg get into it about how Emily is manipulating Paul and is still desperate to get with him and Emily rides Meg about her being jealous. After Emily leaves, Meg tries to gather herself to explain to Paul that she is proud of him and his actions in court showed her glimpses of the man she once loved. Paul seems oddly causal and stuns Meg when he outright turns down the surgery option. He doesn’t feel anything for her and is not sure why they even have to be around one another. As for Eliza, he will support her, but he doesn’t think it will do either Meg or Eliza any good to be in his life. After he hands Meg a check, she stomps out claiming he really doesn’t know her anymore. Meg interrupts the meeting with Damian, Lily, Holden and Lucinda and Damian leaves with her. Holden is not pleased and Lily staunchly defends Damian, and criticizes Holden for trying to run Damian out of everyone’s lives. Damian and Meg talk about what happened with Paul, as she is saddened by who Paul now is. Damian lends a shoulder, which turns into much more when they end up in each other’s arms. Paul finds Emily again, as they continue to flirt and spend time together. When she tells him that she is busy worrying about her future, Paul lends an ear and offers her money. At first, Emily is offended thinking he is paying her to have sex, but then she realizes Paul is genuinely trying to help, as they grow a bit closer. Later, Holden wonders what is wrong with Lily, as she claims that she doesn’t like how Holden is acting; it reminds her of how Lucinda used to act towards them when they were growing up. Holden assures her that he only has Luke’s best interests in mind. He also asks her whom she would have sided with earlier before Meg interrupted. Lily pauses but then claims that she would always side with him, but as she is hugging Holden, she doesn’t seem to look very confident or happy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Clarke gives an amorous Owen and Jackie his report on Sally. From her globetrotting, she’s happy that Queen Stephanie has taken over at Spectra. Pam quips to Clarke that she was stunned to hear that he was once married to Sally. She pushes herself as one who can be pretty amazing too. Clarke can you take a hint? Oh he loved that crazy redhead. Stephanie admires Taylor’s beautiful engagement ring. Taylor has a favor or two to ask of Stephanie to make the wedding run smoothly. Stephanie is thrilled to accept being her matron of honor. Ridge looks for his cell phone, but Steffy slips it in her purse. She keeps finding another message from Brooke and tells Thomas that she is tired of texting messages to all these calls. Whip gushes to Jackie and Owen that she is the hottest thing going in the magazine business now. Brooke ends up at the same restaurant as Stephanie and Taylor. Stephanie walks over and taunts her about stalking Ridge and texting him when he’s already given an engagement ring to Taylor. Stephanie states that Taylor did not have to beg him for that.

Whip plants a seed in Jackie’s ear. He thinks she is a very smart, savvy, great lady and he knows Owen is charming, but intelligently she needs to be challenged. He just hopes Owen will be there for her as she deserves the best. Stephanie drops in on Ridge and questions Steffy what she knows about all these text messages that Ridge is not receiving. When Steffy confesses, Stephanie thinks they are geniuses for thinking of this. She warns her they need to keep this to themselves and not let Brooke get wind of it. Holding his photograph, Brooke cries over all the messages that she is getting from Ridge telling her to leave him alone.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie and Philip agree to be just friends, even though they nearly kiss. Melanie and Nathan reschedule their date. Rafe tries to have an indoor picnic for Sami after the kids go to bed, but Roman calls, wanting to know why Sami has him investigating Meredith. Sami heads off to talk to him about it, but Roman comes over to the townhouse instead, just missing her. Sami runs into Meredith at the pier. Nicole divulges to EJ that she thinks he wishes he would have married Sami instead of her. EJ claims that he doesn’t, and that he wouldn’t trade her for anyone else. EJ then has a dream about Sami holding Sydney in bed and telling EJ how beautiful their daughter is. Daniel accuses Kate of poisoning Chloe. She denies it. When Bo and Hope admit that Lucas is also a suspect, Kate panics and accuses Daniel of being the one that poisoned Chloe. Lexie advises the family to talk to Chloe and urge her to keep fighting. Kate goes inside and tells a comatose Chloe that no one gives a damn about her and that she needs to hurry up and die. At Daniel’s request, Brady goes to talk to Chloe and urges her to fight, telling her how much everyone love and cares for her. Bo and Hope receive the forensic report on the poison, and learn the vial had Daniel’s fingerprint on it. Bo has him hauled down to the station for questioning.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason asks Robin for help with Michael so Robin talks Mac into releasing Michael. Jason takes Michael home and tries to reassure him. Sam gets Kristina to admit she was driving the night of the accident. Kristina tells Sam about her disagreement with Kiefer. Kristina tells Sam that Alexis is a hypocrite. Sam does her best to council Kristina. Claudia tells Sonny about the baby. Sonny says Claudia has proven herself “a good mother.” Sonny and Claudia wait it out together. Jax keeps the news about Michael from Carly and he turns off the hospital TV before Carly can see Michael’s mug shot. Johnny tells Jax about Claudia’s baby. By the time Johnny returns to Claudia’s room, the baby is gone. Claudia asks Johnny to find the person who caused the accident so she can make him “pay.” Johnny tells Sonny that Michael caused the accident. Sonny blames himself for buying the car in the first place. Sonny goes to see Michael, who admits his guilt. Sonny says Michael is dangerous and “irresponsible.” Sonny then tells Michael he “killed” the baby. Kristina takes off after Alexis says Michael may serve time for causing the accident. Kristina goes to the Q’s and listens in on Sonny’s conversation with Michael. Sam isn’t convinced that Michael caused the accident. Jax won’t allow Jason to tell Carly about Michael. Carly sees Michael’s story on the news and her blood pressure goes up. Jason and Jax do their best to calm Carly down. Carly says Michael’s car didn’t cause the accident. Sam tells Alexis that Kristina drove the extra car without permission and she (Kristina) could possibly have caused the accident.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah talks to Matt about the last time she saw Jeffrey. Remy defends Marina to Mallet. Remy says, "So what if she tried to protect herself in fending off some guy." Lillian and Phillip are together talking about what Reva's comment at Jeffrey's service. Lillian didn't quite understand it and Phillip just making it clearer by saying, "Just something about Jeffrey not giving her a proper goodbye before he left." Lillian says something about that being understandable. Reva and Billy continue their talk in the church. Reva is still angry at Billy's comment. Reva is upset that everyone including Dinah knew of Jeffery's plans but her. And here she fought for her life for Jeffrey. Lillian later sits next to josh talking about Jeffrey while looking at the portrait of him after the service. Lillian say, "He was quite a man." Josh agrees. Phillip and Buzz are talking about mortality. Phillip just shakes his head not letting on about his to Buzz. Back at the church, Billy comes back to Reva after leaving her earlier. He thinks she has cooled off. She has only a little. They leave the church together. At the park, Ava and Remy are on the swings. They are talking about what could have been. Remy asks, "How long are you staying in town?" Ava says, "A day." Remy suggests they have a memorial for the baby they lost. Ava says, "I'd like that." Ava is at a grave thinking. Shayne and Dinah are on a blanket in the park talking when they decide to go home. Billy takes Reva home and wants to stay. Reva getting out of the car says, "I want to be alone." Billy then drives off. Just as Reva is going into the house, she is remembering conversations with Jeffrey. She becomes overwhelmed and falls to her knees crying. Shayne takes Dinah to the first place they met. The top of the building he was about to jump from when he first came back home. He says something to Dinah about seeing her and talking to her then was when he first felt like he was home. Mallet crying and comes up behind her saying, "It's ok." She gets angry again at him about how she feels about his questioning her about what she did the day Edmund "was killed." Ava is talking with Olivia about teaching each other how to love. Olivia is grateful to Ava for teaching her that. Ava asks about Natalia. Olivia says, "She left." Ava asks, "Mom are you ok?" Olivia says, "No." Phillip come upon a kneeling Reva and asks if she is ok. Reva tells her of the 4th of July when she was about to put something up on the house and she was on the ladder and how Jeffrey was concerned. Phillip lets Reva ramble on. Reva says, "I didn't see him that day. "Did I ever really see him?" Phillip tries his best to say the right thing. He says in short, "You never really know. But you try and take it all in." Reva kind of laughs. Then Phillip stands up and bends down to hug and rub Reva's shoulder. At the Mallets, Mallet goes into the frig and gets a beer. Marina mentions Jeffrey's trust in Reva. Mallet barks, "He didn't trust her!." Marina starts crying again about how Mallet doesn't seem to trust her. Dinah and Shayne are outside. Dinah says to Shayne, "I want a life with you." Shayne says, "I want a rollercoaster, banana life with you." At that moment Dinah says, "Yes" to his proposal. He so happy he repeats her yes back. She repeats it also. Reva finally goes into the house alone. At Company, Buzz is talking to Frank about Coops book about his mother. Frank thinks it is a wonderful gift for Coop to have given Buzz. At the cemetery, Phillip and Lillian are talking. Phillip is joking about his mortality. Lillian is reminding him that what is happening to him is no joke. Rafe goes to Gus' grave. Outside the Mallet's house, Mallet asks if the baby is asleep. Marina answers, "yes" as she puts the baby monitor on the outside table. At Shayne and Dinah's, Dinah says, "Now we have to start planning.' Next thing we see is them kissing and falling on their bed. Reva goes into the quiet house. She grabs Jeffrey's guitar and strums it, then hold it close to her. We then see Jeffery in some woods, he is alive! He is wrapping his leg.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Renee talks to Madam Delphina who tells her that Asa has some "plans" and is unsettled about the decisions that family members have made. He tells her that Asa believes that one should go back to their original spouse and not think they can find a new one. At the lodge strange things happen. A banner mistakenly names Viki and Clint as one couple and Bo and Nora as the other. Jessica is remembering Nash and senses that Asa does not want her to move on. Matthew can sense Asa's presence and knows his grandfather would encourage him to go after what he wants regardless of what it involves. Bo admits to Rex that he's unsettled with his brother marrying Nora. Rex and Gigi tells Stacy that it's all over for her. But she reveals to them that she is pregnant with Rex's baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Paul and Nikki discuss her involvement with David and how it cost Sabrina her life, as well as the life of her child. Billy warns Cane that he is not going to allow Cane back into this family. Billy orders Cane to stay away from Jill. Cane gives Billy a heads-up as to why Billy was replaced by Cane as C.E.O of Jabot. Phyllis gets a call from the magazine about the upcoming new issue of “Restless Style.” Phyllis contemplates whether or not to keep Summer’s pics in the new issue. Sharon receives an order from Fenmore’s that Jack ordered for her. Jack arranges for a room right down from Sharon’s so he can protect her from Mary Jane. Sharon tells Jack that she doesn’t want him hovering over her. A minister visits and witnesses to her about the love of God and the love of her family. Mac brings Mary Jane some personal care items. Mac asks her for her name, but Mary Jane refuses to tell him. Jack has a meeting with Victor concerning Mary Jane and the gift that she left outside Sharon’s door. Sharon meets up with Phyllis and asks her about Summer. Phyllis mistakes another woman for Mary Jane and attacks her. Sharon makes her apologize to the woman. Jack has a meeting with Paul about Mary Jane. Jack tells Paul about the gifts that Mary Jane sent to Sharon. Mac takes Mary Jane to the bar as a hideout. Billy walks in, looking for Mac. Summer begs Nick to let her watch a video of Nick and Phyllis’ wedding .Cane visits Lily and tells her that the doctor was able to save two of her eggs and freeze them until she is able to use them.

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