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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Frankie sits beside of Randi on her bed in the emergency room. Randi assures Frankie that he has not done anything that it is what she has done. In the corridor of the hospital, Jesse tells Angie that Randi may be miscarrying. Krystal and Marissa arrive at the hospital to pick up some papers for Liza, but Krystal sees through Marissa and knows Marissa is really looking for David .Zach tries to get some answers out of Emma as to who had killed Stuart, but Emma refuses to talk. Kendall receives a visit from Stuart, who tries to help her know who killed Stuart. Adam gets the gun out of the desk drawer and then proceeds to confront Annie if she had killed Stuart. Annie makes up a story to tell Adam about Stuart’s death. Ryan orders Zach and Liza away from his doctor. David visits Liza and finds Colby alone with Little Stuart. In checking on Stuart, David realizes that Stuart has a fever and proceeds to stay until Liza gets home. At the hospital, Jesse confronts Madison about sending Randi the bookend that had been used to kill Henry. Angie watches from afar Jesse’s conversation with Madison.

Angie confronts Jesse about Henry and if Jesse had killed him. Once again, Jesse denies killing Henry. Zach calls Jesse and lets him know where Ryan and Emma are. Randi begins to have pains in her stomach. Kendall breaks into the Chandler living room and apologizes to Adam. Ryan brings Emma into the hospital to get her help. Adam gives A.D.A. Willis a CD of Kendall breaking into his living room. Adam questions Annie as to how long she had been planning their wedding. Through tears in her eyes, Kendall tells Zach that she had killed Stuart.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the diner, Luke tells Noah that he is not returning to school. Emily offers to pick up some breakfast for herself and hunter, but Hunter refuses. Hunter holds a box in his hand which holds his Mother’s ashes. Damian arrives to see Meg to tell her that the neurosurgeon that he had found in New York is fully cleared at Memorial. Meg tells Damian that Margo had called and Dusty had decided to plead guilty.

Bonnie stops by Dusty’s hotel room to see if he is ready for his hearing. Paul and Emily meet up at the diner, but he doesn’t know who she is. Lucinda stops by the Intruder to see Emily, but see Hunter instead. After watching Hunter a few moments, Lucinda remarks that he could run this place on his own. Lucinda tells Hunter to tell Emily that she would like to see her. Luke informs Noah that he is going to be working for Grimaldi Shipping. Bonnie stops by the ranch to talk Meg into testifying for Dusty. Hunter catches up with Paul and Emily at the diner and tells Emily that Lucinda wants to see her .Emily goes to see Lucinda and because of the low revenue, Emily is fired. Hunter walks in and Emily blames Hunter for getting her fired. Meg is all prepared to testify for Dusty when Paul walks in and takes all the blame. No charges are pressed against Paul and he is free to go. At home, Paul and Emily kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

When Brooke kisses Ridge, she feels hopeful that he feels the same as she does. He informs her that he wants peace in his life and to be happy again and that he is going to marry Taylor. They’ve put the pieces together as a family and now Brooke is asking him to walk away from that. Ridge says she is saying she wants him to be happy, so let him be happy. Do not try to see him; respect his wishes. She doesn’t think marrying Taylor is going to fix the situation so she hopes he won’t do it. He kisses her goodbye. Katie catches Brooke in this down mood. She doesn’t understand how Ridge can just switch it on and off like this and she doesn’t believe he will actually go through with marrying Taylor. She advises Brooke to call him back. Nick surprises Bridget with his one month wedding anniversary present of wedding photos. She forgot. Bridget misses the personal aspect of being a doctor. Nick quips that she can play doctor with him at any time. Taylor tells Steffy and Thomas how she once ran away from Ridge to St. Thomas. This was after Caroline and when Ridge was involved with Brooke again. She also remembers when she fought so hard to come back from death to them. Ridge tells Thomas that he is not going anywhere. Brooke understands and she will respect his wishes. Brooke tells Ridge through a text that she will not come to the house, but she will keep texting until he responds. Steffy and Thomas see the phone and intercept the message.

After playing hide and seek under the covers, Nick pleads with Bridget to go find some way to spend money and not wear him out. He presents her with a pair of huge diamond earrings. It cost him a fortune, but she’s making him a fortune too, so she deserves it. Steffy thinks her dad doesn’t need this, so she texts Brooke back. Brooke reads it to Katie. Ridge tells her to respect his wishes and not text him again. Ridge tells Taylor that in one way he thinks Brooke was right. This is all happening so fast. They never got the chance to discuss it. She gets edgy, but then he pulls out a huge engagement ring. She can’t wait to go flash it before the kids. Steffy takes her picture on the phone. Brooke receives the message and is thrilled that it is from Ridge…until she sees his response is to leave him alone….and there is the happy picture of him with his arms around Taylor.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie and Stephanie argue about Philip and what happened between him and Melanie. Brady shows up to mitigate the fight, and gets Melanie to explain what happened. She and Stephanie end up apologizing to one another and making up. Later, Stephanie shows up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Philip. Bo and Hope continue to interrogate Daniel in regard to the drugs in his house, and the poisoned apple and food--all things he had access to. Daniel says that he can’t explain any of it, but he begins to suspect Kate when he overhears Bo telling Hope that he thinks someone else had a motive to harm Chloe. We learn that Chloe is in a coma and may never wake up. Kate continues to play the grieving mother-in-law, and breaks the news to Philip, who works on tracking Lucas down. Brady, Nathan, and Melanie all learn of Chloe’s poisoning and subsequent coma. Maggie tells Nathan that Daniel is a suspect, but he can’t believe it. EJ and Nicole bicker when Nicole finds Sydney alone and unattended in her playpen. Having called Mia before about Chad, and not hearing an answer, she’s anxious to hear from the girl. EJ notices that she is checking her phone too often, and they get in an argument about that, too.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dr. Lee says Carly’s blood pressure is at stroke level from the stress of saving Claudia. The doctor prescribes peace and relaxation for Carly. Morgan listens in on the conversation and gets upset. Johnny finds Morgan crying in the hospital alone. Morgan tells Johnny that Michael caused Claudia’s accident. Johnny does his best to comfort Morgan and tells him not to mention the information about Michael to Carly. Kristina listens in as Alexis tells Diane she was near the accident scene but she didn’t cause the accident. To Jason’s dismay, Michael confesses his guilt to Mac. Jason calls Diane to help Michael. Jason advises Michael to stay quiet. Mac arrests Michael. Jason asks Mac to arrest him in Michael’s place. Diane talks some sense into Jason and Michael is taken to “lock up.” Olivia confronts Dante/Dominic about talking with Sonny. Dante/Dominic tells Olivia he now works for Sonny. Olivia warns Dante/Dominic to “stay away from” Sonny but he refuses. Sam tells Alexis the footage of her at the mayor’s house has been deleted. Mac calls and tells Alexis about Michael’s arrest. When Alexis tells Sam, Kristina appears and wonders how Michael can “take the blame for something” Alexis “may have done.” After Alexis heads to the PCPD to check on Michael, Sam confronts Kristina about what she’s so obviously upset about. Sam wonders why Kristina is so convinced that Michael is innocent. Sam begs Kristina to tell her the truth. She tells Kristina the spare car was still warm right after the accident. Sam asks Kristina if she caused Claudia’s car accident. The team finishes up with Claudia’s surgery. Liz notes to Robin that the baby’s heart rate has dropped. Dante/Dominic meets with his contact to discuss bringing Sonny “down.” Jason calls Jax and fills him in on Michael. Dr. Lee tells Claudia her seatbelt “compromised” the baby and nothing can be done to save him. A distraught Claudia sends Johnny to get Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Today everyone is getting ready for Jeffrey's memorial service. Josh looks at a big picture near the pulpit of Jeffrey. Remy talks to Mel about his and Ava's son's death. Mel comforts him. Mel tell her brother he is a good man. At the Mallet household, Marina is getting ready for the service and Mallet get her a cup of coffee as they talk. Marina still thinks Mallet is accusing her of Edmund's murder. At the memorial service site, Hawk and Shayne arrive and comfort Reva. Reva then walks up to the big picture of Jeffrey. Ava and her mom, Olivia arrive. Reva introduces her baby son to his older sister. Ava can't believe it. She holds baby Colin and admires him. At the Mallet's house they are still arguing about Mallets accusing her of being what Marina now calls his "Perp". At Company, Matt and Dinah are talking. Dina feels guilt for leaving Jeffrey alone and coming home. She blames herself for not being with him when the plan crashed. Remy arrives at the memorial service and sees and talks to Ava. Remy is concerned that Ava will crack. Ava says, "I'm good." She continues to tells Remy she is happy for him. Phillip arrives and sits near Reva. They hug and she thanks him for coming. Reva mention the time Jeffrey had on earth. Phillip tells her, "We get what we get," referring to time. Outside, Remy and Mallet talk. Remy can't believe that Mallet is accusing Marina of Edmund's death. Doris starts the service and well. Reva is smiling. Doris mentions one of Jeffrey's favorite songs and plays it for all. Dinah and Shayne arrive and both hug and kiss Reva. Doris continues after the playing of the song. She tells everyone that Reva wanted everyone to share their time with Jeffrey. Doris starts by saying that they were at opposites in the courtroom, but they admired each other. Reva shares his favorite recipe. Mel tells how Jeffrey was the first to tell her she could become a lawyer. Rafe remembers how Jeffrey helped him when he was jailed. Hawk remember how Jeffrey came to him to ask for Reva's hand. Phillip says, "I didn't know Jeffrey well, but he was a good lawyer". Olivia leaves Reva a picture she took of them. Then Dinah gets up and says, "Wait, I have something. Dinah remember Jeffrey busting her out of prison and bringing her back to Springfield. And how they became good friends. When she goes to sit down, Reva thanks her for the kind words. Mallet, who is sitting with Remy sees Marina is upset and goes after her. When he gets to her, she says, "I am not going to fall apart." Mallet reminds her she is his wife. She gives him a look and walks away. Doris gives a medal of Valor Jeffrey was awarded to Reva. Ava gets up and tells of how she and Jeffrey got to know each other as Father and Daughter. She says of how they got close. Billy remembers how Jeffrey helped in getting a playground for kids. Josh remembers how he didn't know Jeffrey well, but when Reva's cancer came back, how strong he was for Reva. Josh remembers also a conversation about this last trip when Jeffrey wanted to say goodbye. Reva gets up and comment, "Jeffrey needs to say goodbye." Then she gets angry and says, "How could you do that to me. Make me laugh!" Then she takes off. Josh get up to leave but Hawk stands up to stop him. Josh goes to pick up Jeffrey's picture and stand and tells everyone, "It's been an emotional day for Reva. Lets take a break." Frank comforts Marina. Frank can't believe Mallet is not with her. Doris goes to Josh to ask, "What now?" Josh answers, "We wait now for Reva." Billy follows Reva to the church. Reva tells him, "I don't want you here. I want Jeffrey!"

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Rex are ready to press charges against Stacy. Gigi goes to tell her it's "all over". She has no choice except to go to prison or to leave town and leave them alone forever in order for them to drop the charges. But, little do they know that she is pregnant. She tells Gigi it's not that simple and she does have a claim on Rex. Matthew is still determined to take his parent to court to authorize Greg to do the surgery. Nora tells Clint she cannot marry him on the day planned. Dorian tells Blair that she has an idea of how to break her niece of "Todd addiction" forever. Tea can move in and be with Todd. Blair tells her aunt absolutely not. Todd presents the same idea to Tea. She tells him absolutely not.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy and Mac wake up together and know that this is how it should have been. Deacon tells Amber that this was worth waiting for. Amber reminds Deacon that it is morning and the night is over. Deacon promises to send the DVD to the D.A. in order to clear Daniel. Amber realizes that Deacon has called Daniel. Amber makes Deacon promise that he will never tell Daniel what had happened between them. Deacon lies and tells Amber that Daniel will never know by him telling him. At the Chancellor mansion, Jill asks where Chloe is. Chance tells Jill that Chloe is party planning. Philip tells Cane Lily is still in surgery. After talking to Esther for a few minutes, Chloe insists that she is going to save her marriage. Billy asks Mac does she want him to tell Chloe about them. Mac tells him that Chloe deserves to know. Chloe calls Mac and invites her to lunch. The doctor tells Lily that he had to remove her uterus, as well as her, fallopian tubes. Neil also lets Lily know that they had been able to save her eggs. Philip tells Nina that he is leaving for Sydney. At the police station, Daniel tells Amber that he doesn’t want to see her. Amber insists that she is not leaving, Nina begs Philip not to go. Billy arrives at Chloe’s birthday party and finds Mac talking to Chance, thanks to Chloe. Chance lets Chloe know that this is not going to work between him and Mac. At the hospital, Lily asks to talk to Cane .Devon calls Cane and tells him that he can come and visit Lily. Deacon is sure that Amber will be back.

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