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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Randi questions Frankie has he gotten everything figured out. Randi receives a package but doesn’t know who it is from. Randi opens the package and it is the bookend that she had used to kill Henry. Liza tells Zach that Kendall’s life is on the line here. Liza tells Zach that someone needs to get inside Emma’s head and get the real story inside of Emma’s head. Erica tells Ryan that Emma needs him to be Emma’s shield. Erica assures Ryan that Emma will be fine. Emma picks up the phone to call Annie. Annie gets a call while Jesse questions her. Adam comes in and asks Annie isn’t she going to answer her cell phone. Annie answers the phone and finds out that it is Emma. Frankie begins to question Randi as to what is going on with her. Brot brings a big bunch of flowers to Randi and Frankie. Jesse promises to stop any other harassment that Annie receives from anyone. Kendall urges Zach to talk to her. Ryan catches Emma with Erica’s cell phone. Ryan finds out that Emma had called Annie. Annie orders Erica away from Emma. Randi calls someone to meet her that something is going on. Frankie shows Brot the e-mail that he had received in which he was asked if he was sure the baby was his. Jesse assures Randi he will take care of Madison. Liza meets with Erica to have a talk with Ryan. Liza wants to talk to Emma, but Erica refuses to let her. Ryan visits the Chandler mansion to talk to Annie, but Adam tries to stop him until Annie agrees to talk to Ryan.

Liza continues to harass Emma despite Erica’s protests and urging to stop. Erica calls Zach for help in this situation. Zach arrives and takes control of the situation. Randi is rushed into the emergency room with severe stomach pains. Frankie arrives at the hospital shortly hereafter. Zach tries to talk to Emma, but Emma refuses to tell Zach anything. Ryan arrives and orders Zach away from Emma. Kendall is spooked by the arrival of Stuart, who offers to help Kendall. Adam remembers things about the night that Stuart was killed. Adam takes the gun out of the desk drawer as he asks Annie if she was the one, who had killed Stuart.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig persuades Rosanna to take Carly's place at a business meeting for the vitamin water so Craig, Rosanna, Johnny, Parker, and Sage go with them and have lunch at the same restaurant that Rosanna and Craig have their meeting. Sage makes friends with their waitress whose name is Terri and asks for her e-mail to let her know the next time they are going to go to the restaurant. Craig and Rosanna argue because she wants to be more involved in the business while Carly is away so she can protect Carly's interests. Rosanna talks to Mr. Lazarus and once he discovers that she is Rosanna Cabot decides to expand the distribution of the vitamin water and not concentrate so much effort on the vodka. Sage e-mails Terri once everyone arrives home to thank her and tell her it was nice to meet her and Terri gets fired for reading the e-mail during working hours. Rosanna makes it clear to Craig that they are not business partners she is just looking after Carly's project until Carly returns home. Rosanna tells Craig she doesn't want to return to the business world but after Craig leaves Rosanna smiles because she is happy the meeting went so well today.

Damian offers Luke a job at Grimaldi shipping once Luke admits to him he really doesn't want to return to college. Holden, Lily and Lucinda are upset that Luke threw away his chance at college to take a job working for Damian. Lucinda and Holden worry that Damian is trying to take Luke away from his family and turn him into a Grimaldi. Lily is also worried and confronts Damian but changes her mind shocking Holden and Lucinda when she tells them Luke must make his own decisions. Lucinda warns Damian that his game to take Luke away from Holden and Lily won't work because she will be watching him very closely.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie says hallelujah when she hears that Taylor and Ridge are getting married. She says they don’t call her the wedding planner for nothing. Tomorrow is fine; just get on with it. She can call the minister, the caterer and the florist. Ridge tells Stephanie that he must go tell Brooke his decision. She warns him to give it some time. She will try to change his mind again. She always promises but can not deliver. Whip wants to go all out for the fangs out cougar image. Jackie M will sizzle. Owen is less enthusiastic, but Jackie laps up the praise. If one boy toy is good, then four must be better. Whip calls out the big guns. Owen thinks it is undignified, but Jackie thinks it is serious fun and she is ready for it. Clarke and Pam stand by while Jackie struts her stuff with the four cavemen for the camera. Whip directs but Owen objects to him making his wife out to be a sex starved diva. Again Jackie thinks the idea is brilliant and Owen has to go along. Katie tries to cheer Brooke, but she’s not up for going out. She knows the family is trying to get Taylor back with Ridge, but she knows he will not make that commitment.

Brooke is happy to see Ridge at her door. She assumes he is coming back. He has to burst her bubble by saying that he is staying with Taylor….in fact they are getting married. She tells him he can not do this. It’s a mistake, it’s too soon. He asks her not to make this more difficult than it is. She thinks he came because he wants to punish her or to get her to ask him not to marry Taylor. He tells her they did not get here by accident. All of the things that happened shouldn’t have, but they did. She refuses to see his point of view time after time. Brooke laments that Taylor can not make him happier than she can. He is only acting out of hurt and confusion. Don’t deny it. She kisses him and says she is the love of his life.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie tells Philip that they can’t be together, since she has met someone else, and since he clearly hasn’t gotten over Stephanie. They agree to be friends for now. Meanwhile, Stephanie learns from Nathan that Melanie stood him up for Philip. Stephanie, furious, later confronts Melanie. Suspicions against Daniel arise when Bo and Hope begin to piece together the events of Chloe’s multiple poisonings. Thanks to Kate’s help, they learn that Daniel bought the apples that were poisoned before, and that he and Chloe were alone together before she collapsed recently. Bo refuses to let Daniel treat Chloe any longer, telling him that he is a suspect based on the drug found in his apartment. Chloe ends up flat lining and Daniel goes berserk. Kate watches with glee. Mia admits to Will that she and Chad dated for a long time. Chad tells Mia that he wants another chance with her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax arrives as Morgan calls 911 for Carly. Michael tells Kristina he caused Claudia’s car accident. Kristina stays mum about her possible involvement. Kristina tries to talk Michael out of telling Sonny. Michael blames himself for Carly’s condition and he heads to GH. Alexis is questioned about the accident. Andrea comes to the PCPD and says Alexis was at her home, “stalking” the mayor. Andrea makes a point of saying that Alexis was hysterical and driving erratically. Alexis privately tells Diane about her visit with the mayor. Alexis tries to talk some sense into Andrea privately and wonders why Andrea is trying to make her look guilty. Jason relays Sonny’s message to Olivia. Dante/Dominic ducks out of site. Jason says Sonny is supporting Claudia and the baby so he can’t come to Olivia. Dante/Dominic wants Olivia to go back home rather than get involved with Sonny again. Claudia refuses taking the meds because they may cause a miscarriage. She opts for the surgery instead. Johnny wants Claudia to take the meds because the surgery is risky. Robin worries about Patrick performing the surgery because he sprained his finger. Patrick calls on Matt to perform the surgery. Sonny apologizes to Claudia for his recent treatment of her and promises they’ll give the baby a good life “together.” Carly finally regains consciousness. Dr. Lee says Carly has “serious complications.” Morgan tells Jason that Michael is headed to the PCPD to take the blame for the accident. Jason runs off to try and stop Michael from confessing. Johnny tells Patrick he will kill Matt if Claudia doesn’t come through the surgery. Olivia goes to GH and she sees Dante/Dominic with Sonny. Claudia’s surgery begins.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Billy and Reva arrive outside the funeral home to arrange his funeral. Reva hesitates. Billy sweet talks he and she agrees to go in. At the park, Olivia and Rafe talk then argue about Natalia and her wants and needs. At the Mallet's house, Mallet tries to talk to Marina. He is talking like he thinks she did the murder of Edmund. Marina figures out what he is doing and can't believe he thinks she did it. Mallet keeps asking her what happened until she walks away from him. Shayne tells Dinah he wants it all with her. The marriage, the license, it all. At the funeral home, Reva and Billy meet with the funeral director. He asks Reva what kind of casket she thinks Jeffrey would like. Then the funeral director goes on to the kind of service, readings, etc. It becomes to much for Reva and she says she has to take a walk. Dinah refuses Shayne's proposal because she feels it won't be fair to Reva right now. Shayne tells her Reva would be the first to go ahead with the marriage. That he knows she is the one from the first minute he saw her. He slips the ring on her finger. Then his cellphone rings, it's Billy at the funeral home telling him Reva needs him. Shayne tells Billy, "I'll be right there. He hangs up and tells Dinah that, "my mom needs me." Dinah tells him to go. Shayne kisses her. Back at the Mallets, Marina yells that she didn't do it. And if he continues to accuse her that she will, "bash his head in." At the ball field, Olivia is angry and starts throwing whatever she can pick up. Reva is walking in the park, thinking of Jeffrey. She calls Billy, she is smiling. She tells him, "I know what Jeffrey wants at the funeral." Danny visits with Marina at Company. Dinah joins Mallet at an indoor basketball court. He tells her, "I am trying to tie up loose end and talk to Marina." Dinah gets a little tense and asks, "What did you do? Mallet tells her of the earlier conversation with Marina. Dinah says," Mallet, sometimes you're too much!" Frank joins Dinah at the indoor basketball court and talks to him about the case. Back at Company, Marina and Danny are talking about his living in LA. He tells her, I love living in LA. Outside the Police station, Mallet and Remy have the stroller that was in question. Mallet takes control of the stroller. Reva tells Billy that she knows what she wants. She tells him, "I want people to remember Jeffrey." Reva runs into Doris to ask her to be at Jeffrey's memorial. Doris agrees asking when it is. Reva say, "Tomorrow at 11." Doris agrees. Billy and Marina are talking at Company. Marina has calmed down. Billy gives her some advice to talk to him. Marina sees Ashlee and ask her to watch the baby. Ashlee accept happily with no question. Marina tells her that he is fed, changed and there should be no problem. Marina hands the little one over and leaves. Rafe is at Company, Ashlee sees he is upset. She ask him about it. Rafe says he is worried about his mother. Meanwhile, Mallet has taken the stroller at the dump. Remy catches Mallet trying to get rid of the stroller. Remy asks why. Mallet tells him that the stroller was used to kill Edmund. Mallet tells Remy that Marina denied killing Edmund. Dinah is outside company with Marina's baby. Dinah starts talking to him like he understands her. Unaware Matt Reardon is in the doorway listening. He hears her say, "I did this for you." She then realizes Matt is there and tries to recover. Then Ashlee walks in on them. She takes little Henry. Dinah walks back into Company. Ashlee tell Doris of her conversation with Rafe about his mother and her feelings for Olivia. At the Mallets', Marina is home when Mallet comes through the kitchen door. Mallet says he believes her. Dinah goes running and Matt catches up. Dinah tells him she did the murder. Matt says in short she got rid of a bad man to protect a little baby.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew is adamant about having Tea represent him in court and confident that she can get the judge to authorize for him to have the surgery that can make him walk whether his parents approve or not. Rachel admits to Greg that she owes him gratitude for saving her client's life yet tells him that he needs to convince Bo and Nora to approve his operating on Matthew. Nora goes to confront Tea when she finds out that she is representing Matthew. But Tea tells Nora that she is not listening to her son. At that point, Nora admits to Bo that maybe Tea is right that Matthew is not ok with his situation and would rather die than accept being in a wheelchair. Starr and Cole spend their last night together before he goes under cover. After Dorian finds out that Blair and Todd made the mistake of sleeping together, she tells Todd she has an idea about how he can win Tea over. Todd goes over to see Tea with a ring.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

In the coffeehouse, Chance tells Kay and Chloe that the place hasn’t changed. Chloe tells Kay and Chance that this coffeehouse has the best java in Genoa City. Kay tells Chance that the owner is a friend of hers. Kevin walks in to the coffeehouse. Daniel tells Jana that he can’t think of one single person that would want to do this to him. Deacon reminds Amber that she is running out of time. Neil asks Olivia why would Lily walk out on her surgery. Lily begs Cane to hold her. Billy calls Mac and asks her to meet him at the trailer. Lily tells Cane her plan for harvesting her eggs. Billy surprises Mac with her old scrapbook from high school. Daniel tells Jana that he loves Amber and is going to ask her to marry him. Amber walks in and orders an iced latte to go. Chloe asks Philip to join her and Chance. Lily begs Cane to take her to Chicago. Lily arrives back at the hospital to have the surgery . Neil asks Cane if he is the one, who had convinced Lily to go through with the surgery. Amber arrives at Deacon’s to get this over with, but Deacon wants to take his time. Chloe kisses Chance. Olivia tells Neil that the cancer had spread and they had to remove everything.

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