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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Tad’s home, Jake, Amanda, Trevor and Taylor quickly hide to keep Liza from finding out about the baby. Tad tries to make up every excuse that he can think of when Liza hears the baby cry. Tad even feigns illness in order to keep Liza’s mind off the baby. At the Chandler home, Zach questions Adam if Kendall is here. Annie comes in and interrupts. Annie lets Zach know that she is not afraid of anyone. A.D.A. Willis and other police officers visit Ryan’s home to serve a subpoena on Emma. Jesse interrupts them. A.D.A. Willis tells Jesse that he is there to serve a subpoena on Emma, but Ryan had taken her away. Kendall visits Emma in Erica’s hotel room. Kendall begins to question Emma about who had shot Stuart. Emma tells Kendall matter-of-factly that Kendall had been the one, who had shot Stuart. Emma runs out of the room. Ryan orders Kendall to stay away from Emma. At the police station, Jesse questions Zach as to where Emma is. Annie finds Adam with her journal. Annie becomes upset that Adam doesn’t believe in her and that Adam is like everyone else in Pine Valley. Annie assures Adam that instead of her saving him that he had saved her. Emma steals Erica’s cell phone. Amanda lets Taylor care for her baby.

At the Slater home, Zach reprimands Kendall for visiting Emma and trying to harass her into telling her who really killed Stuart. Tad and Taylor care for Trevor. Amanda doesn’t know how she will get through the night without Trevor. Emma gets the cell phone to make a call to Annie. Ryan questions Emma as to who had killed Stuart. Emma tells Ryan that Kendall had shot Stuart. Emma asks Ryan doesn’t he believe her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Larry arrives with a gift for Hunter; it was a music box of his mother’s. Hunter kicks Larry out afterwards still angry and bitter with him. Emily tries to talk with Hunter about his feelings, but he doesn’t want her support either and tells her that she is not his mother before he stomps out. Casey finds out that he is being allowed to re-enroll at O.U in the fall, but balks at telling his family when Margo walks in wanting to make Adam breakfast. He then runs into Alison, and is excited to talk with her, but she is more interested in an apology so he leaves without saying a word to her either. Margo and Adam realize what Casey was keeping from them when they see the O.U. letter and Adam suggests throwing Casey a surprise party. Adam invites Alison, who realizes what Casey was trying to tell her before she got angry with him. Hunter finds Alison and wants to talk, but she has plans. Hunter isn’t pleased when he hears where she is going, but decides he is going too so Casey can’t make her feel bad, as Alison agrees to this. At Casey’s house, it is awkward as Hunter blurts out to Tom, Margo, Bob, Kim and Lisa who he is and how it came about. This is interrupted when Casey comes home and doesn’t react well at first to the surprise party. Margo stops him from leaving and wonders why he is so mad. He doesn’t know, but he wanted to tell her the news himself to see their faces. Margo admits how proud they are of him. Casey comes back in happier and mingles with everyone but makes a beeline for Alison. Adam plays distracter when he takes Hunter aside so Alison and Casey can talk. Casey and Alison make up, as Hunter is annoyed at this and wants Alison to leave with him before she gets in deep with Casey again, but Alison decides to stay with Casey and Hunter leaves in a huff. Casey and Alison enjoy their time together again, but Alison is a little concerned when Bob seems to think they are at the hospital when he addresses Alison. No one else hears this and Bob blows it off to Kim after Alison mentions it to her; he claims he was making a joke. Alison seems unsure. Later, Bob calls Kim by Lisa’s name. She wonders if he is making a joke again, as Bob thinks she heard him wrong. Larry tries to talk with Emily about getting her onto a list for donor eggs, as Susan overhears and chides him about this. Emily promises that she can handle him, and puts Larry in his place about what kind of liar and fake he is. He was just trying to help her with her dream. She no longer wants a child, but Larry doesn’t believe her and offers to be there if she calls him one day. Susan wonders if she really has given up on having a baby, as Emily tells her that she has Hunter. It isn’t the same, Susan reminds her. Emily wonders how to get through to him, as Susan suggests giving him space because she has always resented the fact that she never did. Later, Emily offers kind words to Hunter to try to help ease his grief. She tells him that if he doesn’t want a family then they can just be friends, but a still bitter Hunter wants them to only be about business. Alison and Casey reconnect passionately on the hospital roof.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All Ridge has to do is say yes to Taylor’s proposal. They can heal as a family. They’ve wasted too much time so they just need to do it, get married. He agrees with her and says yes. Taylor wants to be sure this is what he truly wants. He tells her that he loves Brooke, but he hates Rick and it is more than any relationship can bear. His life is now with her and the kids. She vows they will always treasure him. He is home and this is where he belongs. Whip has some new tricks up his sleeve and wants Bridget to be the new face of Jackie M’s. She nixes her being the model, just wants to be the designer. Owen takes an immediate dislike to Whip when Whip refers to his marriage to Jackie as publicity and then drags out the bathtub again to portray her as the cougar with her boy-toy. Owen surprises Jackie with a tub of bubbles and wants to kick off their hot new ad campaign. Whip and Nick find themselves behind closed door with a Do Not Disturb sign. Whip is amused at Nick's dynamic mother; Nick is disgusted but has to put up with it for now.

Steffy tells Brooke that it meant a lot to them that she supported her and Rick, but that is what turned Ridge away. He can’t accept that. Brooke says she can’t and won’t give Ridge up. She is convinced Ridge sill loves her too and she can’t give him up. Steffy says his life is always in chaos with Brooke and she will not let Brooke do that to him or her mother again. She begs Brooke to find another man and move on. Katie didn’t want Brooke to be alone so she drops in. She assures Brooke that Ridge still loves her, so she has to hang in there. Thomas and Steffy are delighted to hear from Taylor that she and Ridge are going to be married again. They all feel so blessed. Taylor truly believes that Phoebe helped bring them back together. Brooke says out loud that she is sorry but Steffy won’t get what she wants. Brooke will see Ridge tomorrow and he will come back to her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe gets sick after eating the poisoned brownies and she is rushed to the hospital. Bo and Hope learn about the phone call Kate made pretending to be Chloe. They begin to grow suspicious of Daniel, despite Kate’s claim that he must be innocent. Maggie is forced to admit that Daniel and Chloe had an affair. Bo conducts a search of Daniel’s apartment, and finds the drug Kate was using to poison Chloe. Chloe hovers on the verge of life and death as Lexie and Daniel learn what she was poisoned with and try to counteract the effects. Hope tells Maggie and Kate that Daniel is a suspect. Mia confides in Nicole about her worries over Chad learning about their baby. Nicole tracks him down and threatens him, telling him to quit bothering Mia or she will make sure he’s shipped off to another military school. Meanwhile, Mia prepares to tell Will the truth about why she left Salem West. A drunken Philip talks Melanie into driving him to the Horton cabin to look for his watch. He accosts her and kisses her. A disappointed Nathan learns from Arianna that Melanie left the pub with Philip.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sensing Michael may be in “trouble,” Edward offers his help. Sam and Jason worry that either Kristina or Michael caused Claudia’s accident. Olivia tells Carly about kissing Sonny. Patrick runs more tests on Claudia. Robin tells Sonny that “the baby is at risk,” no matter what. Sonny gives Claudia his support. Tracy tells Edward what happened at the country club. Edward sides with Michael and reminds Tracey that he’s given lots of money to the club. Lucky finds evidence that another car was involved in the accident. Jason tells Sam that “Michael can’t carry” the “burden” if he caused Claudia’s accident. Sam agrees to keep her knowledge of Michael’s possible involvement to herself. Sonny tells Carly about the baby. Claudia asks Johnny for his support. Kristina fills Michael in on the accident. Michael tells Kristina he almost hit a car and says he thinks it was Claudia. Alexis tells Sam she went to the mayor’s house and got into a fight with his wife. Because the mayor has security cameras, Alexis asks if Spinelli can make the footage disappear. Sam finds it curious that Alexis was also in the vicinity of the accident. Diane tells Alexis she got a call from Mac saying Alexis was in need of a lawyer. Olivia isn’t happy when she learns Dante is still in town. Jason heads to GH and Sonny fills him in on Claudia. Sonny asks Jason to tell Olivia he’s chosen Claudia and the baby. Patrick says Claudia needs medication that may cause a miscarriage. Carly goes home and fills Morgan in, then she passes out.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At Food Court, Mallet runs into Dinah. She sees the worried look on his face. They talk. He is worried that the investigation is hurting his marriage. At the Beacon, Olivia and Emma are getting ready for the day. At the Mallets, Marina is alone with her son until there is a knock on the door and she opens it to find Reva and little Colin at her doorstep. Reva says," I had to get out of the house. Everything reminds her of Jeffrey. I am so angry." At the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip is telling Alexandra that the men in the family had a pretty good time fishing and getting to know each other. He tells her of the story Alan told of his friend that went to war for him and died. Alexandra is surprised to hear about it. Alan looks in a wooden box of old mementos he has for he draft papers he got. Alexandra tells Phillip the truth of Alan's friend and Viet Nam. Phillip comments that he really didn't know who his father was until this moment. At Company, Mallet runs into Ashley who tells him, "Whomever the murder is he deserves to be punished." Mallet just stares into space. Back at the Mallets, Reva is really enjoying herself and Marina's company along with little Coop. In Olivia's car, Olivia tells her they will find Natalia. And the reason she brought Emma was to keep her company singing songs and just talking to her. Phillip mentions his talk with Alexandra to Alan about his paying his friend to go to war for him. Alan remarks he pays his taxes with money, pays alimony to his wives with money, this was nothing more than that. And besides he hasn't talks to the dead man's family in years. At the Mallet's house, Reva gets uneasy about Marina's questions and advice and decides to make the visit short before she ruins their friendship. At the TV Station, Dinah and Ashlee are making a documentary honoring Jeffrey. Dinah is getting weepy doing to voice over for the video. Ashley comforts her and tells her she is doing good. Dinah says she needs a break and leaves the recording booth. At a bar, Olivia runs into a guy and tells him, "I think we no a mutual friend, Natalia." She tells him that Gus is dead. The bartender can't believe it. Olivia handcuffs herself to a post at the bar and is later arrested. She calls Josh for bail. Shayne comforts Reva. Mallet calls home only to get the answering machine. Marina is at Company talking to Ashlee. Ashlee tells her of the documentary on Jeffrey and when it is going to air. Marina is not happy about it. She feels it is too soon to air the documentary. Mallet is at the ball field when Dinah joins him to tell him he has to work it out with Marina. Dinah goes to see Reva. Dinah feels she is intruding. Reva says she is glad to see her. Dinah warns her about the documentary. Reva starts to cry while thanking Dinah. Dinah tells her that she needs to get through this. Shayne is at the TV Station and Ashlee shows him part of the documentary. He just gets up and walks to the door without saying a word. Ashlee wonders if she did the right thing. Mallet goes home to see that Marina is there. He sees that little Coop isn't there. Marina says she left him with Reva. He is not happy. Phillip makes a call to look for that friend of Alan's relative. After he hangs up, Alan walks in. Alan asks if Phillip is going on a trip. Phillip confirms this, but doesn't tell him what exactly the trip is about. To Phillip's surprise, Alan tells him he's coming along. Phillip just stares at Alan. Phillip mention he is going to go see a baseball game in Jersey City. Alan says, "All that way for a baseball game and you driving like you drove camping?" After Phillip leaves, Alan thinks that Phillip has other plans other than just going to see a baseball game. AT Reva's, she picks up Jeffrey's guitar and hugs it. At the Mallets they are on the couch after they have made up and talking and smiling at each other. At the gazebo, Shayne is there and then Dinah arrives. He reminds he that he knew that this is her favorite place. She is honored that he remembered. Then Shayne hands her a small box. She opens it and Shayne says, "Will you marry me?"

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Markko's father brings his things to Viki's house and tells him he may never return home and that he is no longer his son. Cristian demands that Kyle tells him what he knows about Oliver Fish. Kyle tells him that Oliver had a serious relationship in college. Kyle tells Cristian that Fish cared more about what people thought about him than he cared about the person he was with. He walked away and pretended the whole thing never happened. When Oliver hesitates to become intimate with Layla, she asks him if he is gay. He vehemently denies it. Cristian tells Layla that Kyle Lewis told him that Fish is keeping a secret that could hurt her. Layla tells him that her relationship is neither Kyle's business nor Cristian's. At the hospital, Roxy admits to Rex that the real stem cell donor was his father. Stacy falls down the hospital stairs in a scuffle with Gigi. After she has been examined, the doctor tells her she is very lucky; she and her baby are both ok. Back at the Angel Square Motel, Roxy and Kyle bond over a bottle of booze. He tells her his friend is too much a coward to tell the truth. She tells him that his friend is probably afraid that his world will spin out of control if he does. Starr and Cole make love for the first time since their first time a year and a half ago when Hope was conceived.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy calls Mac to help him celebrate his birthday. Cane and Mac talk. Cane tells Mac that he had been trying to call her. Cane wants to know about Lily. Mac tells Cane that Lily has ovarian cancer. Olivia tells Devon and Lily she has good news. Olivia tells Lily that she had been working with one of the country’s leading gynecological oncologists and he is going to do the surgery. Lily refuses to sign the consent form. Lily tells Neil and Olivia that she is not having the surgery today. Jack and Sharon find out that Victor has offered a reward for info leading to the whereabouts of Mary Jane. Sharon also finds out that Mary Jane had hurt Summer by deliberately feeding her peanut butter. Heather tells Victor that the Genoa City police is making this case a top priority. Victor lets her know that that will not be necessary. Nikki tells Victor that Adam had been hiding something from him. Lily decides to harvest her eggs and freeze them before she has the surgery. Billy finds Cane in his mobile home and orders him gone. Nikki lets Victor know that Adam is gay. Rafe comes to visit Adam. Jack asks Sharon to move back with him, but Sharon refuses as usual. Mary Jane cries and begs for her kitty that she needs him. Adam apologizes to Rafe that he had been leading him on. Rafe realizes that Adam had only been using him. Tyra finds Lily gone. Lily goes to see Billy to find out where Cane is. Billy and Lily go in search of Cane. Mary Jane meets up with Mac. Mac agrees to help Mary Jane. Nikki tries to warn Heather about Adam, but Heather doesn’t want to hear any of it. Victor meets with Adam and tells him that she knows about Adam and Rafe.

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