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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad comes home and finds Jake, in the foyer. Tad lets Jake know that David is after Liza’s baby. They begin to argue. Amanda walks out of the living room, holding a baby. Jake introduces the baby as Trevor, Amanda’s baby. Marian lashes out at Liza for defending Kendall. Erica visits Ryan to check on Emma. Ryan, immediately asks about Kendall. At the Chandler mansion, Adam tells J.R. that until he accepts Annie, he is not welcome there. J.R. tells Adam that Kendall had taken the plea deal. Annie comes downstairs and finds out that Kendall is pleading guilty. At the Slater house, Kendall and Zach share some last intimate moments together. Zach holds Kendall close. Taylor arrives at Tad’s and sees Amanda, holding a baby. Ryan assures Erica that he is going to find out why Emma thinks that Kendall killed Stuart. Annie tells Adam that Kendall taking the plea deal had ruined everything. At the Slater house, Liza tries to talk Kendall out of taking the plea deal, but Kendall insists. Liza, Kendall, and Zach arrive at A.D.A. Willis’ office where he tells them that the plea deal is off the table and he is going for a Murder One conviction. Zach attacks A.D.A. Willis who advises Liza to prepare her client for trial.

Outside of the A.D.A.’s office, Marian slaps Kendall and calls her a murderer. Ryan finds out that Annie had visited Emma the night before. Scott catches Annie holding one of the fireplace attachments in her hand. Scott wants to know what is going on. Annie lies and tells him that she thought she had heard something. Adam visits A.D.A. Willis and finds out that he will honor his agreement with Annie. Adam is pleased. A.D.A. Willis gives Adam a file on Annie and the diary that she had been writing in Oak Haven. A.D.A. Willis tells Adam that Annie has some serious issues. Annie remembers the night that she had told Emma to forget what she had seen. At home, Adam looks at the psychologist’s report on Annie and read some of her diary. A.D.A. Willis arrives at Ryan’s with a search warrant, but no one is home. Ryan and Erica have hidden Emma out in Erica’s apartment. Kendall arrives and questions Emma to tell the truth as to who had killed Stuart. Liza comes to visit Tad to question him some more about what he had seen when she hears a baby cry. Liza asks is that a baby.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke changes his mind about Noah's faculty advisor Mason when Mason tells him that his screenplay was good but it wasn't the right fit for Noah's project. Noah and Luke later discover that Mason is gay when they see him and his boyfriend George having an argument. Mason sees them and invites them to join him and George. George doesn't feel like a crowd so he goes back home. Mason explains to Luke and Noah that George is wealthy and doesn't need too work and it can be a burden for him being George's entire world. Luke admits to Noah that he hopes they will never become like he and George. Noah assures Luke that it will never happen since Luke will be a famous writer and he will become a famous film maker someday.

Paul hurts both Meg and Barbara when he tells them both to stay away from him since he was such a terrible person in the past and he doesn't feel a connection to either of them or Eliza. Damian and Lily persuade a famous neurologist from New York to take Paul's case but Paul isn't happy about that news because he doesn't want to remember that terrible Paul Ryan that everyone has told him that he was wants to start a new life. Dusty tells Holden about Damian's part in the bombing and he and Holden both agree that Damian is lying to get on Meg's good side. Dusty promises to leave Meg alone as long as Holden protects Meg from Damian. Holden warns Damian to stop trying to use Meg to worm his way back into the family. Damian consoles a crying Meg who is worried about the man Paul will be once his memory returns.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Whip kisses Brooke. He asks if it was as good for her as it was for him. She flips him out when she admits that it was exactly what she needed. She was fixating on Ridge, but Whip stirred something inside her….they need to go upstairs. Finally he gets it – Brooke has put one across on him. She laughs and tells him that he will never see the inside of her bedroom. Ridge will always be her one true love. He joins her in a glass of wine and they reminisce about old times when he baled her butt out of trouble. He tells her about his new job at Jackie M and then he’s on his way. Stephanie admits to Pam that she sicced Whip on Brooke. Pam thinks that Whip is quite a man….maybe it’s the name that conjures up all sorts of naughty things although she claims she would know nothing about that. Taylor asks Steffy about her day. Steffy confesses that she walked in and saw Ridge comforting Brooke. Ridge comes in and tells Taylor that she is stuck with him. He’s sorry Brooke is hurting, but he’s not going back to her. Steffy bursts in on Brooke at home and informs her that she wants her to leave her dad alone.

Whip goes back to the office and reports to Stephanie how the evening went with Brooke. She’s happy to hear about the kiss, but not about Brooke yanking his chain. But if it’s not another man, what will keep Brooke at bay long enough for Ridge to marry Taylor. Ridge confides to Taylor that he’s not an easy man to live with, but he’ll try to do better. She assures him that Thomas would take him in a pig sty just to have him home. Steffy chastises Brooke for taking an absence from FC yet following Ridge around and begging him to take her back. She tells Brooke that she had her chance with him and it didn’t work. Brooke ended things so she can’t go back to him now. She is torturing him and Steffy wants it to stop. If Brooke loves him as much as she says she does, then she’d leave him alone and let him be happy with Taylor and his family. If Brooke goes after Ridge again it will throw everything into chaos. She will not let Brooke hurt her dad again. Taylor can see where Brooke would want Ridge back. He’s the best thing to happen to both of them. She lays on the guilt that he is at peace now. She loves him so much and doesn’t want to waste another day. This is breaking tradition, but she is going to do the asking and she wants him to say yes that he will marry her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate poisons some more food and Chloe eats it. Chloe learns that Daniel is leaving town, and that contrary to what Lucas told her, he isn’t dating anyone. She admits that she is in love with him, and that she realizes she must leave Lucas to be with Daniel. The two kiss. Kate puts her plan into action and calls Maggie from Chloe’s phone, playing the recorded conversation between Daniel and Chloe that she spliced together. The recording makes it sound as if Daniel is threatening Chloe. Nathan and Melanie try to have their date, but Nathan is called back to the hospital. Stephanie learns that part of her new job is being Philip’s contact for the hospital, since he is a board member. He purposely flirts with another woman in front of her. Nathan tries to soothe her. Later, Philip offers to take Melanie out for a ride in his new Ferrari. Sami learns that the woman sobbing in the woods is Emily’s sister, Meredith. She tries to find out more about Emily, but Meredith is reticent to say anything. Later, Sami asks Roman to dig up some information for her on Meredith. Roman learns that Rafe has moved in with Sami, and warns Rafe to make sure that he doesn’t hurt Sami. Rafe vows not to do so.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael and Kristina avoid the accident but Claudia’s car goes off the road. Olivia pulls away from Sonny. Johnny walks in on Sonny and Olivia. Johnny announces that the baby is Sonny’s. Olivia tells Johnny she’s at fault for kissing Sonny. Johnny says Sonny is manipulating Olivia because she still has “feelings” for him. Dr. Lee confirms the baby’s paternity with Sonny. Carly calls for help after the accident. Claudia is trapped upside down in her car and the car is leaking gasoline. Carly pulls Claudia out of the car before it explodes. Michael calls Jason to come and get him and says he “lost control of the car” because he was mad at a tailgater. Michael fears that he caused an accident but he can’t remember the details. Jason does his best to calm Michael down. Spinelli proposes to Maxie again. Maxie says she’s “committed” to Spinelli but she’s not ready for marriage. Spinelli gives Maxie the ring and hopes their time will come soon. Kristina pulls over and calls Kiefer for help. Kristina says she may have caused an accident. Kiefer follows Kristina home. Sam is home with Molly and she can tell something is off with Kristina. Alexis gets home and tells Kristina and Sam about the accident. Kristina gets nervous and spills her water. Claudia is brought into GH while Sonny is still with Dr. Lee. Johnny heads to GH when he hears about the accident. Patrick and Dr. Lee tend to Claudia. Jason calls Max and Milo and tells them to remove all traces of Michael’s car at the possible accident scene. Sam heads to Jason’s and says she thinks Kristina caused a car accident. Alexis finds it curious when Kristina assumes a second car was involved in Claudia’s accident. Patrick and Dr. Lee say both Claudia and the baby are in danger.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Frank tells Remy to back off on the case. Lillian has breakfast with Daisy and James. James tells Lillian he took the car back from the lake leaving his father and grandfather there. Lillian says, "How can you be so stupid!" James just stares at her. Back at the lake, Phillip wish the trip went better. Josh helps Olivia over a drunken spell. Remy lands behind bars and orders his phone call. At Company agents arrest Cyrus. Frank comes in wondering what is going on. An agent tells him that Cyrus still had some of the diamonds. Blake defends Cyrus. Back at Food Court, Lillian scolds James even more about what he did to his father and grandfather. At the lake, Phillip sees the irony of Alan's making him leave town and then bringing him back. Lillian tells Beth what James did with Alan and Phillip. Beth doesn't seem to surprised. Olivia thanks Josh for helping her out. At Company, an agent goes into Cyrus' pants pocket and finds the bag of diamonds. Daisy doesn't help any when she shows one of the agents a piece of paper. Remy talks to Cyrus. Cyrus tells him, "I screwed up." Blake goes to see Olivia. When she gets there, Olivia is nowhere to be seen. Blake calls out and Olivia says, "I am in here." Blake opens a closet door to find Olivia eating potato chips. Beth warns Lillian to stay out of the Spaulding men's problems. Lillian defends Phillip without telling Beth exactly why. Back at the lake, Alan tells of a man who worked at a gas station his father owned. This guy took Alan's number to go to war and never came back. Alan has felt guilty for years about it. Alan tells Phillip the words the brought him home were lies. Phillip says, "If we can talk like this it doesn't matter." Then Beth and Lillian show up in Beth's car. The girls agree to help them pack up. Olivia goes to Remy to help her with Natalia. Olivia is worried about her. Remy agrees to go and find and talk to Natalia. Daisy goes to see Cyrus in jail and gives him a piece of her mind about what he's done. At Company, Lillian visit's Buzz, who tells him that Cyrus was arrested because of the diamonds and that he almost got arrested because the sale of some of the diamonds helped Buzz get Company back. Once back at the Spaulding Mansion, Alan is the old Alan. When he asks Phillip if he's seen the paper to see the business section. Phillip questions him about the war. Alan doesn't want to talk about it anymore by saying, "What war?" Phillip is dumbfounded. Remy sees Daisy is upset. She tells him Cyrus fooled them. Remy tries to make an excuse for Cyrus. Daisy doesn't buy it. Blake goes to the Police station to talk to Frank about Olivia. Frank tells her about Cyrus and the fact he might have accidentally set him up for the jewel theft. At the Spaulding's, Phillip gets Alan to explain what just happened. Alan says he didn't know how long they would be stranded, so he told a story he thought would entertain Phillip. Phillip can't believe what he just heard.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Langston and Markko are wondering how they are going to see each other while he stays at Viki's and she stays at Dorian's. Starr and Cole have similar concerns regarding the fact that he must go undercover and not tell her where he's going to be staying. Cristian goes looking for information about Fish. He runs into Brody who tell him maybe he shouldn't trust what Kyle Lewis says. Meanwhile, Fish is indicating to Layla that he wants the "idea" of being with her. But in reality, he may be gay. Gigi and Stacy have a confrontation and Stacy falls down the stairs of the parking garage. Rex confronts Roxy for covering up the secret for Stacy. And he concludes that he bets that his biological father would have to have bean the donor for Shane and that is why his mother couldn't tell him anything about the situation.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Kevin tells Jana that Daniel is back in jail because they had found a forged Terroni in his apartment. Amber realizes that she could be next to be arrested. Daniel tells Amber that someone is going to an awful lot of trouble to set him up. Amber vows to bring down that someone (Deacon). Amber remembers her talk with Deacon in which he had told her that he wanted just one night alone with her. Michael visits Daniel and tells him that the D.A may want to revoke his bail. Amber vows to prove Daniel’s innocence. Nick and Phyllis bring Summer home. Nikki tells Paul that they need to tell what they had found out about Mary Jane. Adam lets Heather know that Victor is totally rejecting him. Victor assures Ashley that all the things that she thought that she had seen for her to just put it out of her mind. Ashley still blames Estella for doing this to her. Victor tells Ashley that he is sending Adam away so that Ashley can have peace of mind. Ashley begs Victor not to do this to Adam. Paul and Nikki tell Phyllis that there is absolutely no trace of a Mary Jane ever existing. Amber calls Phyllis and tells her that Daniel had been arrested. Phyllis hurries to go to the police station to be with Daniel.

Victor and Paul meet to discuss Mary Jane. They decide to plan a press conference for later that day to offer a reward for Mary Jane’s arrest. Adam visits Mary Jane in the potting shed and tells her that Victor is issuing a reward for her arrest. Sirens sound in the distance. Adam urges Mary Jane to go. Mary Jane resists when it comes to leaving kitty behind, but Adam urges her to go. Nikki tells Nick about seeing Adam and Rafe together. Nick tells Nikki about seeing Adam with some women’s clothing. The press conference is about to begin, when Wallace comes in and tells Victor that Adam had left the premises. The police begin to search for Adam and find him outside. Adam lies to them about seeing someone outside and he had run after them, but they had gotten away. The police search for the woman. Victor tells the police that he had changed his mind about having Adam transferred. Daniel tells Amber that the judge had revoked his bail. Wallace brings in the dress that Mary Jane had worn the night before. Ashley realizes that it had been Mary Jane, who had been scaring her. Mary Jane is all alone now since she has lost Kitty, too.

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