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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. confronts Adam about his loving Annie. J.R. asks Adam does Annie love him. J.R. tells Adam that he is worried. Emma tells Annie that she had seen who had shot Stuart. Annie encourages Emma not to tell anyone what she had seen. Emma tells Annie that she had seen who had shot Stuart. Ryan knocks on the door. Annie, quickly, leaves. Ryan is relieved that Emma is fine. Ryan questions Emma if Annie was here. Kendall tells Zach that she is going to turn herself in. There is a knock on the door and it is Liza. Liza tells them that she had been over to Adam’s and Annie wasn’t here. Kendall tells Liza that she is going to confess to the murder of Stuart. At the Yacht Club, David and Marissa share a drink. Marissa thanks David for talking to Liza. The camera keeps showing the ankle monitor hidden behind the cushion where J.R. is sitting. Annie comes back and sees Adam dancing around. Annie looks around and sees Scott. She quickly hugs him and tells him that she is glad that he is here. Erica tells Ryan that Annie had been in the room with Emma, and had Emma lie for her. Scott helps Annie put the ankle monitor back on her ankle just as Adam walks in. Liza, Kendall, Zach and A.D.A. Willis meet so Kendall can turn herself in for the murder of Stuart.

Liza meets with Marissa at the Yacht Club and informs her that Kendall had agreed to a plea bargain. At the Slater home, Erica tries to convince Kendall not to turn herself in, but Kendall insists that this is the right thing to do. Annie tells Adam that Emma had told her that she had seen Kendall shoot Stuart. Adam wants to call the police, but Annie stops him. J.R. puts a clause in the Chandler by-laws that Annie cannot get her hands on Chandler Enterprises. Annie meets with A.D.A. Willis and asks him for an agreement that she will supply important info that will send Kendall to prison in exchange for the charges against her being dropped. A.D.A. Willis will not promise Annie anything at this time.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Henry is exposed as Geneva Swift and has a lot of explaining to do. He stammers that there was no malice here. He just wanted to raise daytime standards to a higher decency level and that vision was shared by many loyal fans of Oakdale Now. Kim is furious. She pulls him away and informs him point blank that the station will be in real trouble with the FCC for his fraud. And all of this because of Vienna's wardrobe malfunction and Henry felt he had to put a stop to it. Brad is equally upset when he finds out Katie knew about Henry's ruse all along. Henry is glad the gig is up until Floyd declares that he's still a big fan. Henry has to inform him that he's all man, nothing is gonna happen between them. Vienna won't let Henry touch her in those clothes. She accuses him of first not wanting to share her with a baby and now not sharing her with a job. Katie apologizes to Brad and assures him that she would have never set him up with something that was sure to fail. Both men feel locked out of their lives and go to the bar separately for a drink. No bartender so they return upstairs. Katie and Brad make up. He won't let Geneva Swift come between them. On the other hand, Vienna is still in a huff and is packing. She is returning to momma in Sweden for the comfort of a real woman. Jack wants to whisk Janet away for a few days of R&R. This period of Carly going to rehab has been draining and he thinks she deserves better. Craig brings in bags of groceries for Rosanna. She's not thrilled with him hanging round and explains that he can't keep doing this. And when Carly returns there might be some changes made. Booze might not be the only thing she wants to get rid of. Rosanna gets a call from the camp that Sage is sick and needs to come home. Her license has expired, Parker is away at tennis tournament so Craig saves the day by offering to drive her. Janet loves the cabin and within seconds she and Jack are ripping each other's clothes off and testing the mattress. Sage is very upset when neither her mother or father pick her up. After threatening not to go, she sulks the entire way home. Jack gets the phone call and must cut his retreat short. He goes berserk when he finds that Craig took it upon himself to tell Sage the truth about Carly. He apologizes to Sage for not being there, but offers for her to spend the night at the farm. He tells Craig that if he doesn't leave, he's going to deck him and enjoy it. Janet tries to soothe him, but he rants that until he can be assured that Craig won't always be hanging around and be in his kid's lives that he is going to have to be more hands on. Rosanna informs Craig that she thanks him for today, but Jack does not want him hanging around so please do not offer his help again.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge kiss. He tells her that she can not do this. He is with Taylor and his kids. He made a promise and he can not go back on that now. She says he needs to forget about Taylor. They said they could get through anything and that has always proven true in the past. She says that she and Ridge have unresolved feelings so he can not marry Taylor again. She made a mistake when she told him to move on. She sees it more clearly now. She cries that she sent him to Taylor over an issue that does not threaten them anymore. Steffy walks in and sees him comforting Brooke. She wants to know what is going on, surely he is not going back to Brooke. He assures her that he is not. She says she is trying so hard not to tell him how to run his life. Everything is perfect now and she wants it to stay that way. Brooke will find another man and move on. The family needs him. Owen holds up a photo of Whip and asks Jackie who that is. She answers perhaps the competition. Whip tells Stephanie that he never thought she’d end up where Sally Spectra had been. Speaking of Sally, she is running all over the Canary Islands with her cabana boys. But where does he fit in when it comes to Ridge and Brooke? Stephanie tells him that it is over between Ridge and Brooke, but this time it is different. Jackie overhears as she tells him more. Jackie confronts Stephanie that she is sending Whip after Brooke. Stephanie tells her to say what is on her mind, but paranoia gives you wrinkles. Brooke goes home and looks at a photo of her and Ridge. She first turns in down on the desk, but then later rights it. She’s shocked to open the door and find Whip. She tells him she is not quite there in accepting this split with Ridge. He says the first time he met her that she needed help. Perhaps he can help her again now. He leans in and kisses her and says he’d like to see her again.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

At Maggie’s suggestion, Mia begins a journal. She fears that Chad may learn she gave their baby away. Will warns Chad to stay away from Mia after Chad suggests that Mia is lying about going to rehab. Sami and Rafe decide to have a picnic at one of Sami’s favorite spots. Rafe panics when he learns of the location. Sami, who has arrived ahead of him, overhears a woman nearby sobbing and crying out for Emily. Brady kisses Arianna after she apologizes and asks him if they can start over. Nicole warns him about Arianna. Later, he confides in Maggie that it is too soon for him to be getting involved with anyone. Arianna lays into Melanie for interfering with her and Brady. Melanie guesses that Brady’s past isn’t the only thing keeping Arianna from wanting to be with him. EJ suspects Nicole and Stefano of being up to something. Stefano quickly covers and tells EJ that he and Nicole are just worried about EJ’s demeanor since Grace died. Stefano tells Nicole in private that he has his own concerns about Mia giving away Nicole’s secret, but Nicole only seem to be worried about Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie meets Spinelli on the rooftop and distracts him so he won’t propose again. Maxie tells Spinelli about her promotion and says she can’t handle “one more happy surprise.” Spinelli tries to propose again but a helicopter above interrupts him. Kiefer tries to smooth things over with Kristina but he ends up putting the blame on Kristina and leaving in a huff. Molly questions the bruise on Kristina’s face but Kristina says she “walked into a door.” Kristina later catches Kiefer with another girl. Sonny uses a subtle threat with the country club manager to smooth things over. Michael is impressed. Carly has second thoughts about calling in Sonny. Sonny tells Michael to choose his “battles.” Claudia learns that Sonny is the father of her baby boy. Johnny wants Claudia to leave Sonny but she’s set on making a life with him. Claudia heads off to find Sonny. Tracey tries to lay down the law with Michael. Carly goes into the woods to look for Morgan’s lost medal. Sonny assumes he isn’t the father of Claudia’s baby so he tells Olivia he wants to be with her (Olivia). Olivia says she “can’t be with” Sonny. Sonny wonders why Olivia gave up on him so easily when they were kids. Sonny kisses Olivia and she doesn’t resist. Claudia calls Ric and tells him he’s not the father of the baby. Claudia, Michael, and Kristina all end up driving in the same vicinity. Carly watches in horror from the side of the road as the accident happens.

GL Recap Written by Beth

The tree Spaulding men continue their fishing trip. Olivia drinks to Jeffrey's memory. Josh from afar checks on Reva. Reva cries with Colin in her arms runs out to see Josh there. Josh tells her to calm down. Josh suggests he take Collin inside so she can calm down. Reva later comes in to see Josh talking to Colin in a fatherly way. She actually tries to smile. Josh suggests she get help. She says no. Remy and Cyrus talk of the diamonds. The Spaulding men continue to talk and get to know each other. Phillip and James ask Alan about his father. Alan says that he was a hard man to get to know. Christina visit Olivia and Emma. Christina suggests that she and Emma spend some time together sometime. Olivia agrees. Back at Reva's, she is still denying she needs help and leaves the room. Back at the lake, Alan explains about his expectations of Phillip growing up. That he wants to make up for his mistakes and lost time. Phillip also agrees he made mistakes. Phillip says, "Lets for once have an honest conversation." Reva gets a visit from Colin's namesake. Dr. Colin. Reva is glad to see him, so is Josh. Josh decides to leave when the Dr arrives. He and Dr. Collin shake hands and Josh leaves. Dr Colin hugs Reva. Colin is admiring his namesake. Reva comments that little Colin has Jeffrey's smile. Colin reminds her that little Collin has the best of both his parents. Daisy stops by to see Remy and Cyrus. Back at the lake, Alan and Philip argue and James takes off. Later at Reva's, Josh comes back to check on Reva who angrily says, "I am still wide awake!" Reva thinks that Josh wants to replace Jeffrey. Josh insists he doesn't want to replace Jeffrey. At Coops' grave, Cyrus finds him and talks to him about Coop. Josh connect with Olivia at a bar. Alan tries to make a call at the lake and can't get through. Later Alan and Phillip make small talk about James. Reva is sitting holding little Colin and talking to him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew and Destiny talk to Tea about their legal options regarding the fact that his parents won't authorize the surgery that could help him walk and that he won't accept that. She concludes if he is really serious, there are things she can do. Bo and Nora are talking about their son an wondering what to do. And when they least expect it, a summons server finds them a serves them with a subpoena drawn up by Tea on behalf of their son. Meanwhile, Rachel and Greg notice a client of hers has suffered a head trauma. Greg knows that it is urgent that he get surgery. He takes the kid to the hospital and risks getting thrown in jail by hospital security in order to save his life. Rachel and Shawn are both in awe of the fact that Greg moved heaven and earth to save a young boy's life. Blair and John talk about the ending of their marriage. He tells her that he does not want an annulment since it was a real marriage and she will always mean something to him. Rex convinces Stacy to give him the bag of blood and she gives up when he declares that he could never love her. She is distraught and heartbroken. Schuyler finds her but she does not listen to what he has to say. And she declares that this is not over. She will get revenge upon them.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Colleen and Billy meet up in the corridor of the hospital. Colleen makes sure that Chloe isn’t on her way up. Billy questions Colleen about Lily. Neil thanks Katherine for calling about Lily. Neil lets Lily know that he is taking a leave of absence from Chandler Industries. Mac demands that Cane stay in town because Lily needs him. Cane argues that Lily doesn’t need him. Mac gives him and tells Cane that Lily has cancer. Gloria and Jeff visit Victor at Newman Enterprises and tells him the progress that they had made concerning Colleen. Victor refuses to pay them any money at all until the mission is accomplished. Deacon has a meeting with Daniel Romalotti. Amber tells Jana that this is what she had been afraid of is seeing Deacon again. Daniel interrupts them and asks,” what does Daniel need to know.” Amber is reluctant to tell him. Daniel tells Amber that he has to go meet Deacon. Mac orders Cane to do the right thing concerning Lily and her cancer. Deacon interrupts Daniel and Amber. Deacon acts as though he doesn’t remember Amber’s name. Gloria and Kevin send the video of Colleen to all of the board members. To her horror, Victoria sees the video of Colleen. Victoria calls Colleen and orders her to Newman Enterprises immediately.

Amber goes to visit Deacon in his hotel room. Deacon tells Amber his terms in keeping his mouth shut about the info that he has on Daniel which will send Daniel back to jail. Mac brings Lily a laptop computer so Lily can watch all of her favorite old movies. When Amber refuses to spend the night with Deacon, Deacon calls the police and tells them that he has information on a crime. At Newman Enterprises, Colleen sees herself on the internet. Colleen tries to explain, but Victor doesn’t want to hear it. Victor fires Colleen. Special Agent Grimes visits Daniel and Amber and finds the forged Terroni.

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