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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake takes Amanda to the house where Margaret, a nanny, is taking care of her baby. At ConFusion, J.R. and Erica discuss the things that are going wrong in their lives. Erica wonders what Adam did to J.R. now. Annie gets a call from Emma, saying that Ryan doesn’t believe her. Ryan walks in and interrupts Emma’s conversation. Annie keeps asking Emma what she saw, but doesn’t get an answer. Adam walks in and wonders what is going on. Annie insists on going to Emma, but Adam stops her. Kendall thinks that Zach believes she killed Stuart, but he assures her that's not the case and they need to work on a game plan. J.R. tells Erica that if Annie has her way Adam will be putting a ring on her finger. Jake takes Amanda inside the house to see and hold her baby. Jake explains to Amanda that he got Liza another baby when she threatened him and this is Amanda’s baby boy. Amanda names him Trevor and decides she cannot leave him again. Liza visits Ryan and together they question Emma. Emma tells them that Henry approached her at the school bus stop and questioned her about Stuart's murder. With Adam’s help, Annie sneaks out of the Chandler mansion and goes to see Emma. Liza goes to see Annie, but Adam tells her she's asleep. Liza calls Ryan to let him know that Annie may be headed his way to see Emma. Annie sneaks into Emma’s room and locks the door. Emma tells her mom that she saw Kendall shoot Stuart. Ryan knocks on Emma's door, wondering why he can't get in. Kendall decides to take the plea agreement and give herself up.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Katie reminds Henry that he had promised that he would stop being Geneva Swift when Vienna was off the show and now Vienna is off the show. Henry refuses to stop being on “Oakdale Now.” Dusty asks Bonnie how is she gonna get him out of this mess. Bonnie tells him that that all depends on Paul. Paul orders Barbara to tell him who she is. Paul doesn’t remember Barbara. Damian checks up on Meg to see how she is doing. Meg tells Damian that she needs to distance herself from situations like this .Damian hopes that that doesn’t mean that she wants to distance herself from him. Brad tells Katie that Kim is hiring Geneva Swift full time. Henry brings Vienna flowers. Vienna wants to make love and goes to get ready. Henry receives a phone call from Kim telling Geneva (Henry) to get down to the Lakeview right away. Bob questions Paul if he remembers how he had gotten here. Paul doesn’t remember. Barbara calls Meg to tell her about Paul and that Paul needs her. Meg goes to Paul. Bonnie tells Dusty that Paul was involved in industrial espionage. Brad insists on finding out who Geneva Swift really is. Meg arrives at the hospital to see Paul, but Paul doesn’t recognize Meg or even Eliza. Brad checks on Vienna to see how she is and to find out the whereabouts of Henry. Brad runs into Geneva (Henry) who tells Brad that Kim had rented them a hotel room to freshen up. Damian tells Dusty that Paul had lost his memory, but Dusty doesn’t buy his story. Katie comes to the TV station and tries to talk some sense into Henry. Henry refuses to listen. Brad finds out that Kim hadn’t booked them a room. Brad tells Vienna that he thinks that something is going on between Henry and Geneva. Dusty confronts Paul in the hospital. Meg comes in and demands that Dusty stay away from Paul. Vienna confronts Geneva and pulls off her wig. Vienna realizes that Geneva is really Henry.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Something about Pam sets Nick’s teeth on edge. They are interviewing for the PR job today so he tells her just to keep the conversation light, like about the weather. She claims that is fine since she is more the down home girl type. She practically drools when she introduces Whip Jones to Jackie and Nick. Of course Stephanie knows him already and is happy to see him. Nick isn’t so taken since he’s an old crony of Stephanie’s. Clarke asks Pam if she put arsenic in her lemon bars. Whip seems to like them and even more so when he learns that he has been hired. Taylor calls Stephanie to warn her that Brooke may have officially quit Forrester’s but she is there now and it’s probably not good. However, she tells Steffy and Thomas this is not going to be a problem although Brooke is in there now with Ridge. Brooke confides in Ridge that she doesn’t know how they ended up where they are. He fills her in. She told him it was over. She even handed Taylor’s hand to his and told them to have a good life. Brooke says she was wrong; that was a mistake. She said she is not here to fight and she is not going to beg, but she has some new information that he needs to hear. She admits she made a mistake and Ridge made a mistake, but it’s not too late to fix it.

Stephanie asks Whip if they should have a conversation about his ex-wife? She says that Brooke needs a new object of her affection. He says he always said he could be the best thing for Brooke. Stephanie agrees absolutely. Taylor sits outside the office and tries to convince herself that Ridge loves her and everything will be fine. Brooke tells Ridge that Taylor gave him pills so it wasn’t his fault when he made love to Taylor. She was hurt so she really didn’t want to push them together; just the pain to stop. She misses him and wants to be with him. Then she does what she just said she wouldn’t, she begs him to come back to her and seals it with a kiss.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nathan catches Melanie trying to cheat on her nursing test and convinces her to take the test honestly. Melanie passes the test. Brady laments to Victor about being turned down by Arianna. Arianna laments to Rafe about having to turn down Brady. Melanie tries to reunite Brady and Arianna but neither are willing. Nicole and Sami run into each other in the park and strike up a truce. Rafe is still skeptical of Nicole. Stefano runs a background check on Rafe and warns Nicole that there is someone besides Sami and Rafe that she needs to worry about. Arianna makes a secret phone call about achieving the manager job as being part of a plan.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas is upset with Rebecca’s decision to move out, saying Edward is “manipulating” her. Nik wants Rebecca to live with him and share his life with her. Jason interrupts Spinelli’s announcement at the Metro Court. Spinelli picks up where he left off and tells Maxie poetically where and when to meet with him. Jax takes Carly to see the new house. Claudia and Sonny have the ultrasound. Michael gets into a fight with Kristina’s boyfriend at the country club. Kristina leaves with her boyfriend instead of supporting Michael. The manager calls Carly and says Michael’s attack was unprovoked. Carly gets upset with the manager for placing all the blame on Michael so she calls Sonny for help. Carly holds her ground until Sonny shows up with Max and Milo. Alexis talks with Olivia about her one and only night with the mayor. The two end up talking about Sonny. Jason is annoyed but he helps Spinelli prepare a rooftop for his rendezvous with Maxie. Spinelli says he needs an engagement ring so he heads off to find one, leaving Jason in charge of setting up the rooftop. Maxie has no clue where Spinelli wants her to meet him. Lulu thinks Spinelli’s clues point to Wyndemere and Maxie finally agrees. Nikolas gently sets Maxie straight when she arrives at Wyndemere. Maxie finally figures out where Spinelli wants her to meet him so she rushes off to him. Claudia and Sonny bicker as they wait for her test results to come back. Kristina’s boyfriend pressures her for sex but when she refuses him, he slaps her. Dr. Lee gets Claudia’s paternity test results back.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lillian and Phillip talk. Emma gets ready for a day leaving Olivia alone. Mallets argue about Mallet's working the Jeffrey case and not spending time with family. Phillip and Alan are at the gas station where James runs into a girl. Phillip asks Alan to drive and tells him that Alex told him how much he loved camping and fishing as a kid. Daisy tries to comfort Reva. Reva talks to Collin about Jeffrey. Word gets around that Jeffrey has been declared dead. While getting gas, James meets a girl. Phillip tells Alan he is tired of driving and for him to drive the rest of the way. At the camping/fishing area, Phillip and Alan talk about Jeffrey. Dinah and Shayne wait for Reva and Josh and Daisy to get back. Reva goes home alone.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew and Destiny talk about her brother and he reveals that she's been a great friend to him and he'd like to be there for him. Greg suddenly decides he will change his mind and stay in town with his family. Dorian finds out that Blair slept with Todd and tells her that this is a sick habit she has. Marty goes to see Todd and reveals that she thinks he's a narcissist and she's horrified that they share a grandchild. Stacy reveals to Rex that they are meant to be and he must love her. But he tells her she is a monster for what she has done. Yet she will stop at nothing in order to have him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Colleen visits Lily in the hospital and brings her some things back from Italy. Lily wishes that she had gone with Colleen. Lily tells Colleen that she doesn’t know if she will be here this time next year. Colleen tries to console Lily. Neil promises to take his family on a vacation to Hawaii after the results come back. Olivia finds out that Lily’s test results are back. Chloe tells Cordelia her daddy blow out his candles. Jill join in the birthday festivities. Billy opens up his present and it if a video camera. Mac interrupts the party as does Philip . Philip has stopped by to see Nina and Chance. Michael tells Kevin that he doesn’t know about this business venture and if it will turn a profit. Kevin tells Michael about hearing one of his chipmunk speeches on the radio that morning. Michael tells Kevin that he will put up the money for the copyright. Billy welcomes Philip home. Billy gets re-acquainted with Chance. Colleen wants to call Cane, but Lily stops her. Neil tells Lily that the biopsy results were positive. Lily begins to cry when she learns that she has cancer. Mac visits Billy in Murphy’s old trailer. Billy gives Mac a grand tour .Olivia explains everything to Lily about what kind of cancer that she has. Olivia plans the surgery for the next day. Colleen calls Billy and lets him know about Lily’s cancer. Colleen questions Billy about Cane . Mac calls Cane.

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