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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda overhears Jake on the phone (with Liza) and he tells her that he had switched the D.N.A.’s so that David wouldn’t catch on. Amanda accuses Jake of lying to her about where her baby is. Jake continues to explain to Amanda where her baby really is and offers to take Amanda there. Marissa visits Liza and is hired as Liza’s law clerk. At the Yacht Club, Mr. Lewis approaches Erica and promises that he will help to clear Kendall. Annie, busily, prepares a romantic dinner for Adam. Annie lets Scott sample her canapés. J.R. walks in on them. Zach lets Kendall know that Emma had told Ryan that she had seen Kendall shoot Stuart. Emma tells Ryan, once again, that she had seen Kendall shoot Stuart. Erica sees Adam at the bar and causes a stir which makes Adam join Erica and Mr. Lewis. Adam lets Erica know that Jack had withdrawn as Kendall’s lawyer. J.R. looks at an album of Adam’s past wives and accuses Annie of wanting to be his next wife. Zach visits Ryan to discuss Emma. Ryan lets Zach know that Emma had seen Kendall shoot Stuart.

Zach refuses to believe Emma’s story. Erica visits Kendall to discuss the fact that Liza is now Kendall’s lawyer. Jake takes Amanda to see her baby. At the ConFusion Bar, Marissa questions Scott and J.R. about the night of the murder of Stuart. Mr. Lewis questions Annie. Annie lets Mr. Lewis know that she is insanely in love with Adam. Adam tells Annie that he loves her, also. Annie and Adam plan a romantic evening upstairs when Annie receives a phone call from Emma, who tells Annie that Ryan doesn’t believe her about what she had seen the night that Stuart was murdered when Ryan walks in and catches Emma on the phone.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Vienna still has back pain but returns to Oakdale Now because she can't stand to watch Geneva Swift on the show with Brad. Vienna is sure that with the pain pills she took, her back will be okay. Henry is unaware that Vienna takes an extra pain pill and when she arrives at the studio she is a little tipsy. Vienna, Brad, and Geneva have a heated debate on the air over what type of woman is more beautiful -- skinny or full figured women. Vienna ends up calling Geneva a witch and going after her. When Brad tries to stop her, she punches him. Kim fires Vienna and Katie encourages Henry to make Geneva disappear now since his plan worked and Vienna is fired. Henry refuses to let Geneva go since Geneva's fame is going to his head. Kim offers Geneva a permanent job on the show and Brad is determined to make Geneva quit.

Meg is very angry with Dusty after the explosion leaves Paul needing an operation to relieve the pressure in his brain caused by a subdural hematoma. Paul makes it through the operation but the surgeon removes a microchip from his brain which Bob thinks was used for mind control purposes. Barbara is sure that James planted the chip in Paul's brain before James died. Barbara is angry at Meg and blames her for Paul's accident. Dusty is arrested for reckless endangerment. Damian swears to Margo he knew about Dusty's plan but wasn't involved in it because it was too far fetched. Damian gets the demolition expert who met Dusty at the warehouse to lie and say he never met Damian in his life. Dusty is determined to prove to Meg that Damian is lying about his involvement in the explosion. Paul awakens from his operation with amnesia and doesn't recognize Barbara.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie is surprised by a visit from Taylor. She looks at the family photo that Taylor hands her and says she can look at that and know all is well with the world. Taylor fills her in on Brooke’s drop-in with R.J. Taylor catches Pam and tells her that she knows she pulled that little stunt with the honey and no one at Forrester is taking her excuse as all publicity is good publicity. Stephanie warns Pam not to say a word about what happened at Forrester Creations. She wants her to get this job at Jackie M’s. But Nick does manage to bring up the recent honey incident and asks if Pam had anything to do with that since she is admitting that she isn’t a Miss Donna fan. She claims Eric turned FC into a sleazy massage parlor. Katie tells Bill that he should not underestimate her or Forrester. His cute little stunts are not working. Steffy tells Ridge and Eric that she will help out, but she doesn’t think her being the model is the answer. Ridge tells her that Giovanni is one of the best photographers in the business and he will make her look good. With all watching, Steffy struts her stuff. Bill walks in and proclaims to Eric that he needs to think outside the box. If he wants to boost this company, he will have to do something much bolder than this and fast. Eric says Bill’s sort of tabloid publications are not the publicity that FC needs.

Steffy doesn’t feel comfortable in her princess gown and she doesn’t feel the pictures are coming through for Giovanni. She bolts the room. Bill sees this and says “oops, looks like your plan isn’t going to work.” The once mighty FC is on the slippery slope to ruin or at best bankruptcy. Eric tells him to shut up, not one more word. Nick tells Stephanie to please let them know the next time she wants them to hire one of her relatives. Pam pops back in and says she has one more thing to say. She knows she does not wear designer gowns or talk the lingo, and she has made mistakes, but she is loyal and committed. She knows she would make Jackie M proud. She hugs both Nick and Jackie when they reluctantly say she has the job. Eric tells Bill that he built this company from the ground up with his bare hands, no help…..and he built it not for himself but for his children…..a company with a name they could be proud of…..something bigger than themselves. And it’s been one of the most successful in the world. And now Bill comes in here but he’s wasting his time. He will never have this company. Bill stands toe to toe with Eric and says sure he will. He always gets what he wants. Eric walks out and Katie brushes past Bill as does Donna. Bill taunts Ridge that he is loyal to the end and going down with the ship. Ridge tells him that FC is not for sale and it never will be….and certainly not to him. Bill states that when the creditors come looking to get this albatross off their backs, they won’t be looking for Bill’s character references. Ridge says that is not going to happen. They are not going to fail so just get the hell out of here. Stephanie looks through some piles of paper on her desk and suddenly perks up when she sees a blast from the past….. one is from Whip Jones with a recent photo…..such a handsome face. And he would be perfect for their PR and a perfect distraction for Brooke until Ridge and Taylor get married.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Ciara has her birthday party in the park. A strange man watches the party and gives Ciara a lollipop when she is left alone. Melanie’s attempt to reunite Stephanie and Philip backfires. Brady convinces Philip to stop pressuring Stephanie. Kate complains to Chris that the recent shoot isn’t good. Kate allows Chris to gossip with Maggie about Daniel wanting to quit the show. Lexie prevents Daniel from knowing it’s Chloe in the hospital. Daniel hands in his resignation and forces himself to pack the rest of his things. Kate visits Chloe in the hospital and tells her that Daniel quit the show.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lulu is upset that Maxie didn’t turn down Spinelli’s proposal. Maxie says she loves Spinelli but has no interest in marriage. Rebecca finally changes her mind and agrees to Edward’s terms for the loan. Spinelli turns to Max for advice on how to get Maxie to marry him. Max calls upon Diane for help. Max faints when Diane goes on and on about what would convince her to get married. Sonny and Johnny argue over Claudia. Ethan pays Nikolas a visit and asks for money “on Rebecca’s behalf.” Claudia accuses Sonny of sleeping with Olivia in front of Johnny. Olivia walks in on Sonny and Johnny discussing her. Johnny doesn’t mince words with Sonny and says Sonny doesn’t deserve Olivia, Claudia, or the baby. Olivia warns Sonny that she can’t be his “shoulder” and he must step up if the baby is his. Michael spends some time with Kristina. Kate returns and grills Maxie about the changes she made with a magazine shoot. After viewing the changes Maxie made, Kate gives Maxie a promotion. Kate warns Maxie that Spinelli better not get in the way of her new job. Spinelli’s voice suddenly comes over the hotel loudspeaker. Rebecca tells Nik she’s moving into the Q mansion. Dr. Lee begins Claudia’s tests. Claudia reaches for Sonny during the ultrasound and he takes her hand.

GL Recap Written by Beth

The Mallets arrive home to arguing about Marina helping Reva with Collin. Marina says, "If I was going off to search for you I am sure Reva would do the same for me." At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth and Alex are talking. Beth has do drop off papers for Phillip and Alan. At Cedars, Lillian and Phillip are talking about his condition and Lillian wanting Phillip to at least tell Beth of it. At Company, James asks about Reva and Jeffrey. At the site of where Jeffrey vanished, an investigator tells them they found a small plane wreckage on the water. They found oil in the water but not sure it came from the plane. At Towers, Alan is having breakfast as Beth walks in. He asks her to join him. She sits across from him. She tells him to, "Go do something Spaulding, and leave her alone." He leaves. James and Phillip are looking in a box of Phillip's old things. James gets bored and leaves. At Cedars, Alex visits Lillian. Alex says, "I just had to get out of the house." They talk about the goings on around Springfield, namely Jeffrey and his disappearance. At the market, Dinah runs into Mallet they argue about the situation of Dinah going off to help Jeffrey. At Company, Marina is worried about her son and takes it out on Buzz and Frank. She later apologizes. A searcher brings a man over saying he saw a man walk out of the water shortly after the plane went down. Reva is sure it is Jeffrey and says, "It's Jeffrey, he's alive." Back at Company, Marina has calmed down. Mallet is there. They talk about the broken stroller and a new one they just got. At the Spaulding's Mansion, Phillip wants to go camping. He is talking to it with Alan. Phillip is trying to get Alan to remember one Phillip is remembering. Alan is not interested. He says, "If it involved missing a business meeting, then I am not going, and leaves the room. Back at the crash site, an investigator says, "The numbers on the wreckage match the ones listed. And we found a body." Reva refuses to believe it is Jeffrey. Reva brings over the young man eyewitness, who walked out of the water wearing close. The rescuer tells Reva otherwise. Reva orders that they "Bring the plane up!" Back at Company, they get word of the wreckage. Mallet gets mad. He says, "How a man who started all of this lives with himself." At the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip and Alex are talking about Alan. Phillip then talks to Alan again about going camping with him while they still can." Alan says, "I guess I can cancel a few meetings for a couple of days." Phillip then goes to James to join them. James doesn't want to. Phillip bribes him to go by offering to pay him. James agrees to go. At the Mallets, Marina yells at Mallet for being so caught up in the case not to watch his son. Mallet apologizes. In the middle of the fight the baby says, "Dada". Marina hears it and smiles. The baby repeats it. Mallet is thrilled. At the crash site, Josh is trying to help Reva realize Jeffrey could be dead. And that Jeffrey would want them to go on with her life. Alan is rummaging through the same old boxes Phillip was doing earlier. He grabs an old fishing hat and tries it on looking in the mirror. He doesn't realize Alex is spying on him. At Cedars Beth and Lillian are talking about Phillip's love for Beth that is still there. Shortly after Beth leaves, Phillip appears. Once again Lillian suggests he talk to Beth about his condition. Dinah is at the TV studio. Josh calls Daisy to bring Collin and be with Reva. When she arrives, Daisy gives Reva, Collin and hugs them both.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew tells his parents he will not accept being stuck in a wheelchair. Clint tells them he agrees. But they are firm on their decision not to trust Dr. Greg and are afraid of losing Matthew after the surgery. Destiny finds that out and her brother informs her he is leaving town. She is very disappointed but tells Matthew they must protest and do something as not to give up. Gigi, Rex, Michael and Shane all attempt to convince Stacy that they need her stem cells in order to save Shane. She goes off and Rex follows her. she finds the mysterious bag of blood. And he manages to catch her. Blair and Tea both admit their feelings for Todd and how the three of them have the big dilemma.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chance arrives back at the Chandler mansion from Iraq, much to the delight of Jill, Nina and Kay. Nina lets Chance know that there is something they need to discuss. Chance sees Philip, his father. Amber tells Cane that she only came because he had made it sound like a big deal. Cane tells Amber that he only wanted to say good-bye. Lily can’t understand why the doctor didn’t tell her what was wrong instead of calling her Aunt Liv. Olivia walks into Lily’s room and asks Lily how she is feeling. Olivia tells Lily that she has a mass on her ovary. Neil also arrives. Dr. Taylor tells Victor that Adam could be causing additional stress for Ashley and Adam should be out of the house and into a halfway house. Adam finds Mary Jane gone and fears that Mary Jane will spill the beans about it to Jack. Mary Jane meets with Jack at the Crimson Lights. Jack wants to tell Mary Jane about Phyllis and Summer, but Mary Jane only wants to discuss her and Jack. Mary Jane realizes that Jack believes that she had had something to do with what had happened to Summer. Victor lets Adam know that his presence here is not beneficial to Ashley or the baby. Olivia tells Lily the mass may be malignant. Lily tells Devon that she wants Cane. Philip finds out that he does not have the gene for Huntington’s. Everyone is relieved . Jack talks to Heather and tells her that he had just met with Mary Jane at Crimson Lights and he wants her arrested. Adam promises Mary Jane that he will serve Jack to her on a silver platter. Victor calls Beacon House to make arrangements for Adam. Olivia tells Lily to close her eyes and it will be all over.

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