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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Ryan’s condo, Ryan and Liza meet with Mr. Lewis about the case that he is building against Kendall. Ryan mentions that Annie might have been the one, who had killed Stuart, Emma listens to their conversation. At home, Kendall pulls Zach into a kiss, but he pulls away and tells her that they cannot do this. At the hospital, Jake lies to Amanda and tells her that he did not give her baby to Liza. At the Yacht Club, Madison confronts Randi that she knows that Randi had killed Henry and that she had the surveillance tapes. Frankie walks up and interrupts their conversation. David finds out from the D.N.A test that Liza’s son is not his son. At home, Frankie wants to make love to Randi, but all Randi can think about is Henry trying to rape her. Marissa tells Krystal about the D.N.A test that David ran on Liza’s baby. David walks in and stops at the bar. Krystal, reluctantly, goes to join him. David apologizes to Krystal for what he had done.

Randi tells Jesse about her visit with Madison and that Madison had told her that she knows about Randi killing Henry. Jesse tells her not to worry that he will handle everything. Emma tells Ryan that she had seen who had killed Stuart and it was Kendall. David makes his apologies to Liza, who accepts his apologies. Amanda catches Jake on the phone (with Liza) telling them that he had switched the D.N.A. results. Frankie gets a text message asking him if he is sure that he is the father of Randi’s baby.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke shares with Noah a screenplay he wrote and Noah thinks this is what will help him out of the dumps. Meg learns that Paul is the one that caused the problems between Dusty and Damian, as Lily thinks this is going to be handled by the police. Meanwhile, Paul thinks he is sitting pretty when it comes to Meg. Damian and Dusty discuss framing Paul with a bomb, as Damian can’t help but be leery of this plan. Noah meets his new professor and offers him Luke’s screenplay to be approved for his project. Against Emma’s advice, Meg goes to see Paul to confront him about his actions. Paul doesn’t seem too upset, as Meg tells him that he has ruined any chance for them getting along and has forced her to feel she has to protect Eliza from him. Luke officially moves out and shares his good news with Lily and Holden about Noah using his screenplay for his senior project, but he also doesn’t think that school is in the cards for him now. Noah’s professor doesn’t think Luke’s screenplay is right for Noah and wants him to do something of his own. Noah is down about not being able to work with ‘his boyfriend’, as his professor tells Noah that he is willing to work closely with him on his senior project. Dusty goads Paul into meeting with him at Damian’s warehouse, as Dusty has purchased the bomb. Damian admits to Meg about Dusty’s and his plan, as she is upset that he is stooping to Paul’s level. Damian tells her that he will get in touch with Dusty and call it off, as Meg races off too. Holden is unsure about Luke not continuing with school, but Lily supports him. Noah interrupts their conversation to speak privately with Luke where he breaks the bad news about his screenplay. Dusty and Paul meet, as they argue about what he has done. When Paul sees Damian arrive, he realizes he is being ambushed, but Damian wants out. Luke realizes Noah is working on a screenplay that doesn’t involve him and wonders how he will explain not going back to school now. Meg shows up as Damian and Dusty are talking about what is going down and Paul realizes what they had planned for him, as Dusty realizes there is a problem with the timer on the bomb. Luke tells his parents that Noah is working on the screenplay alone and he may consider going back to school after all. Dusty yells for Meg and Damian to get out of there, as Paul grabs the bomb and takes off with it, as Dusty, Damian and Meg all watch the bomb explode.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Eye of Fashion has a honey of a cover with Donna in all her glitter. Katie assures Eric, Donna and Ridge there is no such thing as bad publicity. Ridge isn’t sure they can ever recover though. Eric wants to dig his way out of this disaster with Bill Spenser. Jarrod tells Bill that he’d hate to be Katie Logan right now. Eric hands out folders at the board meeting to say there will be some changes made that will affect all of them. He tells Donna that he will need her even more to fill the role previously held by Stephanie. He announces that he is promoting Marcus to Thorne’s old duties. Felicia’s duties will go to Thomas and Steffy. Rick thinks they might broaden Forrester International, but Marcus thinks that is dicey and might have a better idea with a younger line right here at Forrester. They lost that with Phoebe, but could possibly get it back with Steffy. Katie bursts in on Bill and tells him that she is there for damage control. Eric is embarrassed. Bill tells her she should not feel responsible, it wasn’t her fault. And she could have stopped him before, so why didn’t she? She laments that he’s not the cad that he once was. Brooke stops by Taylor’s with R.J. to see his father. Taylor says she is sorry for what Brooke is going through. Brooke says she knows that is easy for Taylor to say since she has won…….for now. She thought they could work past all of this, but Taylor medicated Ridge and then slept with him.

Ridge thinks Marcus is on to something and wants to hear more. Steffy would like to remain low key. Rick has doubts, but will go along with the other’s decision and even spearhead it. Eric tells him no, he wants the four of them to work together. Bill shows Katie an article on Eric and Donna…..the one he didn’t and wouldn’t publish. She thanks him for doing that for her. She didn’t think he had that in him to do something nice for someone else. She taunts him that she thinks there is another Bill Spenser deep inside him. She’d like to meet him someday……he’s a tough nut to crack, but she thinks he’s worth the effort. In front of Steffy, Marcus tells Rick that he does respect Steffy and given the chance he will remind her every chance he gets that they were good together once and could be again. After Taylor calls, Ridge leaves the meeting to go see Brooke and R. J. Brooke tells Ridge that she misses him and she can’t believe she made that decision for him to leave and go to Taylor. She will have to live with that mistake. She hugs him and says she will never stop loving him. She runs out with Ridge following, but she slips into her car and speeds off. Taylor watches.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie gets the job at the hospital. Melanie tricks Stephanie and Philip into being at the cabin at the same time. EJ and Will have a heartfelt conversation about Johnny and Grace. EJ questions Mia about her interest in his parenting skills. Kinsey delights in Chad’s discomfort at seeing Mia with Will. Sami finds Emily’s old rings and at first mistakenly thinks they were meant for her. EJ lets Rafe and Sami take Johnny home for a family dinner with Allie. Chloe passes out in the park and is brought to the hospital. Lexie wants to consult Daniel but Chloe refuses. Daniel decides that he must quit his job and the show. Kate pretends to want him to stick around but Daniel refuses. Kate pays for a modified taped conversation that sounds like Daniel is begging a reluctant Chloe to be with him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ethan insists that Rebecca brings him $10,000. Nikolas seems happy that Rebecca doesn’t want his money. Rebecca meets Ethan without the money and tries to convince him the plan still stands. Ethan gives Rebecca until noon to bring him the money. Maxie wakes up in Spinelli’s bed. Jason is annoyed with the noises coming from Spinelli’s room. Spinelli proposes to Maxie but Maxie doesn’t give him an answer and instead hurries off to work. Sonny is anxious about Claudia’s test since it will reveal if he’s the baby’s father. Claudia warns Sonny about treating her with respect once the baby is born. Sonny says he will never “love” Claudia. Sonny then wonders if Claudia “trapped” him so Claudia slaps him. Jason grills Johnny about Dominic (Dante). Jason calls a meeting with Johnny and Dominic (Dante) and tells them about his visit with Anthony. Kristina and her boyfriend play tennis with Michael. Kristina wants the guys to become friends but that clearly won’t happen. Robin and Patrick discuss Andrea’s guilt. Robin wants to view the footage from the hotel on the day of the murder. Andrea tells Patrick and Robin that the lawsuit will be dropped. Ethan pays Edward a visit and claims to have info on Rebecca. Edward then calls Rebecca and asks if she needs anything so Rebecca asks for $10,000. Edward offers Rebecca the money, no questions asked, but insists she moves into the mansion first. Spinelli confides in Jason about Maxie. Jason advises Spinelli to be patient. Maxie tells Lulu about her night with Spinelli, including the proposal. Johnny offers Claudia his support. He wonders what Claudia’s plan is if Ric turns out to be the father. Sonny walks in and wonders the same thing.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lillian jokes with Phillip about when they first met. At Company, Christina talks to Buzz about Remy and their getting married yesterday, drunk. Frank visits Marina at home. She shows off as new stroller that needs to be put together. Frank kids that Mallet should show her how to work it. Shayne makes a call to Dinah but gets voicemail. He pleads for her to call him back. Dinah is with Mallet, in the park, talking about the case. Reva has another meltdown that Josh helps her control. A pilot comes by telling them he was the last to see Jeffrey before he took off. Reva asks this pilot to help them find Jeffrey. The pilot apologizes for Jeffrey being missing. He gives her an envelope from Jeffrey. She opens it and starts to read it. Back home at Marina and Mallets, Shayne stops by to chat. Dinah and Mallet go and investigate together. At Company, Christina and Remy have conversation about their impromptu wedding to Remy. Lillian and Phillip talk about telling Beth about his condition. Phillip doesn't want to tell Beth of his condition right now. Lillian isn't so sure that is a good idea, but abides by his wishes. Buzz tells Frank and Cyrus about Christina and Remy and their getting another quickie divorce. Remy call Mel to see if he is divorced. Mel says yes. After he hangs up with her. Buzz tells him he is crazy and should try and stop the divorce. Remy calls Mel back to meet him at the courthouse to stop the divorce. Reva calls home to check on Colin. Shayne and Marina argue about the baby and his safety. Mallet tells Dinah that he knows who really "killed" Edmund and it is not Reva or Jeffrey. He refuses to tell her though. Dinah looks shocked. He says Marina is the killer. It is because of the old stroller had a crack in it after the murder. Dinah isn't so sure. Mallet says, "My heart says it isn't Reva, but my gut can't believe it is Marina." Shayne calls Josh to check in with Reva and ask about Dinah. Josh says he had heard from Dinah, but she didn't say where she was. Shayne asks to talk to Reva. Reva is pleased Shayne checked on her. After the call Reva tells, "Lets go home." Phillip runs into Beth. They talk. Phillip says he is sorry for a lot of stuff he put her through. Cyrus Mallet and Frank spy on Christina and Mel. Remy rushes to the courthouse and tells Christina to stop what she is doing. He tells her he loves her. That she is his wife and that he won't allow her to sign the divorce papers. Mel wants to know what her brother is up to. Remy tells Christina he loves her. Christina the same. Remy reminds Christina that he promised to love her. Christina lovingly jokes that marrying him is the first and second crazies thing she did. Phillip shows Beth a house he bought for Lizzie and Bill. Beth thinks he is crazy and tells him so. Then Phillip mentions the first thing he gave Beth after they got married. He says, "I'll give that to them for a housewarming gift." Beth starts to believe it will work. Mallet and Dinah are walking in the park. Mallet doesn't want her to go snooping with a gun. Dinah agrees only if Mallet stops believing that Marina killed Edmund. An investigator tells Reva they found a small plane and something else.............

OLTL Recap Written by Jen P.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack tells Sharon that Victor and Ashley got married. Jack also tells Sharon that Ashley had thought that she had seen Sabrina outside the window. Wallace confronts Sharon as to how Victor’s wallet had gotten into her hotel room. Sharon denies knowing anything about it. Nick congratulates Victor on his marriage to Ashley. Victor lets Nick know that Ashley had imagined seeing Sabrina and that it was all in Ashley’s head. Adam wakes up Mary Jane and tells her that she had almost ruined everything. Mary Jane tells Adam that it is time for her to leave. Jill questions Nina if she had heard from Philip just as Philip arrives at the Chancellor mansion. Philip lets the Chancellor know that he had taken the test for Huntington’s disease. Lily insists to Devon that she is going to tell Cane that she is pregnant. Cane arrives to see Lily. Devon gives him helpful advice to consider Lily’s feelings before his own. Dr. Taylor advises Victor to get Ashley to see a psychiatrist. Detective Wallace calls Victor and tells him that they had found his wallet in Sharon’s room at the club. Victor tells Detective Wallace that he will be right there. Nick offers to go with Victor, but Victor refuses. Dr. Taylor tells Adam that he cannot be a part of this scam anymore. Adam advises Dr. Taylor to do as he says or he will expose Dr. Taylor’s dirty little secret. Cane tells Lily that he is leaving town before Lily can tell him that she is pregnant. Victor refuses to press charges against Sharon. Lily tells Devon that she hadn’t told cane that she was pregnant when she has a pain in her side. Devon rushes her to the hospital. Adam sneaks some dresses out of the house so that Mary Jane could pick her one to wear in order to meet Jack. Mary Jane realizes that she cannot trust Adam as she prepares to go see jack. Once back at Crimson Lights, Mary Jane calls Jack to meet her. Dr. Taylor advises Victor to put Adam in a halfway house for the blind. The doctor tells Lily that she is not pregnant. Lily wonders what is wrong with her, but the doctor doesn’t know until he can run some more tests.

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