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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie brings by a macaroni-and-cheese casserole for Randi and tells them that Jesse is going to have a press conference to tell the findings of the autopsy results. Natalia adjust Jesse’s tie as he prepares for the press conference. A reporter tells the viewing audience that Jesse will be announcing the results of the autopsy. Colby wants to take Little Stuart out for a stroll, but Liza has her doubts. Liza lets Colby know that David thinks Little Stuart is his son. Tad comes home and wakes Jake up. Tad tells Jake that David is snooping around about Liza’s baby. Kendall refuses to let Liza defend her. David sees Amanda, talking to a therapist. David commends Amanda for handling this so well. Amanda confesses that she is not handling it at all. David tells Amanda what had happened with Liza’s baby and how that Liza had reacted. David tells Amanda that he feels a connection to Liza’s baby. Amanda reveals that she does too. The press conference begins where Jesse reveals that Henry had died of a result of his injuries in the automobile accident. Madison visits Jesse.

Madison reveals to Jesse that she had watched the surveillance tapes and knows everything about the hooker and the police chief, who had helped the hooker cover up Henry’s murder. Jesse reveals to Madison what had happened in the hotel room. Madison, in return for her keeping quiet about what really happened, asks Jesse to help her with her husband’s insurance policy. Angie asks Jake to let her see the autopsy results. Angie confronts Jesse about the autopsy results. Amanda confronts Jake about her baby and if Jake had given her baby to Liza. Jake is reluctant to answer. David gets the results of the DNA. Madison approaches Randi at the Yacht Club and introduces herself.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey is still hurt that Margo won't let him tell his dad the truth about Riley but he promises he will keep his mouth shut about Riley for Margo's sake. Margo can't stand that Casey can't seem to get along with Adam but Adam tells her he has to work out his differences with Casey on his own. Riley tries to bring Casey and Alison back together by telling Casey that Hunter is Alison's brother not boyfriend but his efforts only cause Alison to break up with Casey. Casey can't accept that nothing happened between Alison and Hunter when he saw them together in Hunter's room. Hunter still can't think of Alison as a sister.

Carly's family comes together for an intervention and after a long and gut wrenching confrontation between Carly, Jack, Parker, Craig and Rosanna Carly finally accepts that she is an alcoholic and agrees to let Craig drive her to the treatment center Jack and Rosanna found for her. Carly promises Parker that she won't be gone forever and she will return when she is better.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells his family that the Forrester showing needed to be a success and what Pam did just ruined that. She’s obviously off her meds and someone needs to look out for her now that Stephanie has moved in with her. Marcus tells Donna that something good came out of all of this if Pam has quit FC. He discourages Donna from looking at some disturbing photos. He throws them in the wastepaper basket. Bill charms Katie while wining and dining. He claims big fish eat the little fish, and for her information he’s the killer whale. He needs someone on the inside of Forrester Creations and he smells the potential in her. Taylor laments to Ridge that finally they are all able to sit down and communicate with Steffy about Rick with no screaming. It feels so natural. They dress for bed and kiss. Marcus surprises Steffy by the pool and gives her a friendly kiss on the cheek.

Katie tells Bill that the last time she was in his bed, she ended up throwing up. He could have taken advantage and he didn’t. He quips that when a lady is in his bed, he wants her to be aware of his making love to her. Bill gives Katie the chance to pick which photo to use for the magazine cover……a nice one of Donna on the runway or the finale dripping in honey and sequins. She squirms as he edges so near her and she can’t make that decision so he does – the not so boring one. She rails at his choice and how she knows beneath that exterior is a better person. She hates to give up on people, but she has to believe there is something more than this cold, bitter person who operates on emotions. He has all the wealth and power in the world, but she bets he does not have a friend. That’s sad. Bill tells Katie that he likes her and he doesn’t want to hurt her. But don’t try to get inside him or fix him. She won’t like what she sees. She touches his face and gazes into his eyes until he turns away. She gets her jacket and leaves without a word. Lying side by side in bed, Ridge admits that Taylor has been good to him and for him. He’s more at peace. She thanks him for coming back to “our family”. She’s more alive now and never wants to go back to living without him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chloe comes close to finding Kate in the closet but Lucas makes her feel bad about snooping. Later, Chloe vents to Nicole about her jealousy, deciding that she must cut all ties with Daniel. Chloe eats Kate’s poisoned food during the shoot. Rafe burns the newspaper clipping about Emily’s death. Rafe convinces Will to let go of his anger toward Sami. EJ tells Sami that he’ll drop the custody case pending an investigation of Rafe. Nicole accuses EJ of being obsessed with Sami. Arianna lies to Brady, claiming she was turning down a relationship with him because her ex-boyfriend was an addict.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Olivia gets mad and pulls away from Sonny. Sonny insists that Olivia is attracted to him. Dante tries to talk Claudia into teaming up with him, among other things. Sonny says Olivia is perfect for him because she likes “messing with trouble.” Sam looks alluring in her undercover outfit and twists her ankle on Jason’s stairs. She uses Spinelli’s computer to search for information on Dante. Spinelli does his best to sing a love song for Maxie – the more he sings, the better his voice becomes. Spinelli tells Maxie the truth about the microphone, even though he didn’t use it. He says Maxie’s “faith” allowed him to sing so well. Ethan spies on Nikolas and Rebecca kissing. Later, Rebecca sneaks out of Nik’s bed to meet Ethan. Ethan says he’s telling Nik the truth unless Rebecca greases his palm. Dante meets his contact and tells him about his progress with Sonny. Dante’s contact says he has info that might help. Dante goes to Sonny with a tip on one of his people. Depending on the outcome of the situation, Sonny says he may give Dante a job. Claudia smells Olivia’s perfume on Sonny so she insults Olivia. Later, Olivia tells Dante to get out of Port Charles soon. Maxie tells Spinelli she loves him after they make love. Spinelli says he loves Maxie too.

GL Recap Written by Tanya

Remy and Christina wake up in his truck to find cans and a "Just Married" sign tied to the back. Mallet is rethinking the possibility that Marina could be the one that murdered Edmund. He then cancels the lab test that he was having ran on their stroller. After he gets to the police station, the results of the lab test are brought to him. At first he throws them away, but then decides to look at them and finds out that the stroller's plastic was a 100% match to the plastic found in Edmond's skull. Dinah and Shayne are moving in together and she calls Josh to check in and lets him know that she will be looking for Edmund. Mel wakes up to find Cyrus in her room, only to find out that nothing happened, he just helped her to bed after she drank too much and got sick. Reva and Josh still haven't found anything on Jeffrey. As Remy and Christina enter Company, everyone screams and congratulates them on getting married. Later, both Christina and Remy admit to Buzz and Cyrus that they weren't that drunk and planned on getting the other one to marry them. Dinah talks Mallet into leaving town with her to find Edmund.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Stacy catches Rex and Shane happily together and indicates that Amy not buy that he is sick. Gigi goes to talk to Brody and Jessica and then to Schuyler, giving them all the heads up of the scam she and Rex must pull off to Stacy that Shane is sick so that they will know where she got the stem cells and they can catch her in the act of her scam. Cole and John inform Rachel that Cole is going undercover and they would like her to help back up their story. She tells them she does not approve of what they are doing and worried it will backfire but she's willing to help. Todd makes Blair jealous with Tea and she makes him jealous with a life guard who she invites to help Sam learn to swim. Starr and Cole are happily together. But Jessica knows she must face her demons regarding the face that the baby she took from Starr is right in town being raised by Starr and Cole.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At a restaurant, Lily bumps into Devon and asks him for his help. Lily wants Devon to help save her from Neil’s over protectiveness. Lily insists that she cannot stay another night in her Dad’s apartment. Devon questions Lily if Cane had done something to her and Lily states that she will tell him later. Lily drags Devon back to the table with her. Devon sees Neil with Tyra. At Jimmy’s, Mac asks Cane if he regrets selling the bar to her. Cane tells her that he may regret a lot of things, but this wasn’t one of them. Mac questions Cane if he is still leaving town and he tells her that he is. Colleen comes back from the restroom and commends Mac on how clean it is. Colleen orders two drinks. Mac wonders who two drinks are for and Colleen tells her that they are for her and Aidan, her date. Jeff questions Gloria if Aidan is getting the job done. Jack orders some food to be taken up to Sharon’s room and to put it on his tab. Gloria tells jack about Victor and Ashley getting married tonight. At the Newman house, Victor asks Abby to be the maid of honor and asks Adam to be his best man. Victoria arrives to discuss business with Victor when she finds out about the wedding .Adam visits Mary Jane in the potting shed and tells her his plan. Colleen begins to feel drunk. J.T finds out that Mac had bought the bar. Cane calls Devon to speak to Lily, but Devon refuses to let him talk to Lily. Jack arrives for the wedding and is upset that he hadn’t been told . J.t. takes control of the situation and takes Colleen out of the bar. J.T. explains that Victor is just looking for some excuse to have Colleen thrown off the Newman board. Lily tells Devon that she might be pregnant. Lily calls Cane and tells him they need to talk. Victor and Ashley exchange wedding vows. Victor and Ashley are married. Ashley calls out Sabrina’s name. Abby gasps as she calls out, “Mom.”

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