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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David tells Marissa that he feels that Liza is raising his son as her own. Liza walks in on Krystal telling Jake that David feels that Liza is raising his son. Liza lets Jake and Krystal know that she will file a restraining order against David if he comes near her son. At the Chandler Mansion, Adam sits on the sofa, listening to the television about the death of Henry North. Annie comes in and lays her hand on Adam’s shoulder. Jesse remembers his talk with Randi about Henry’s murder and how he helped her cover it up. Jesse meets with A.D.A. Willis about Kendall’s murder trail. Willis says that without Henry’s files, the case is lost. Zach accuses Madison of killing her husband. She gives him the briefcase of information that Henry had compiled against Kendall. Kendall stops by Ryan’s to give him the news about Henry when she sees Erica wearing only one of Ryan’s shirts. Madison tells Zach that a hooker killed Henry and the police chief is covering up the murder. Kendall walks into Fusion and sees a large poster of Erica, which she throws on the floor. When David and Krystal meet at the Yacht Club, he asks her if she still loves him. Krystal replies that she does. Zach delivers the briefcase to Liza and blackmails her into defending Kendall. Colby opens up to Marissa about the day that little Stuart was born. Jesse continues to question Annie. David gets the valuable ammunition that he needs to prove that Liza is raising his son. Kendall refuses to let Liza defend her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Alison confronts Larry about what a terrible thing he did and how she will never forgive him, as Larry tries to defend himself. Emily finds Hunter hidden under the covers of his bed in his disheveled room, as she pleads with him to simply join her for lunch (leaving out who else will be there). He finally agrees, as Emily calls Alison to ask her to lunch as well because Susan will be there too. Alison tells Larry what Emily told her and he insists on going too, much to Alison’s chagrin. Once at lunch, Hunter is not sure he is keen on hanging out with everyone and becomes angry and bitter when he learns his connection to Larry and decides he wants nothing to do with any of them, as he stomps off. Susan can’t believe how Hunter is related to them and how Larry betrayed her again. Meanwhile, Alison goes after Hunter, as Larry, Susan and an anxious Emily stay behind. Larry ridiculously tries to defend himself again and winds up on the business end of Susan’s knee to a sensitive area. Alison catches up with Hunter, who is pretty sure that he can’t handle this newfound weird connection to them all, but Alison promises him that they may not have the relationship he was hoping for, but she could use a brother. She also promises that this may be very strange, but when the chips are down, they are the people that will be in his corner. Alison convinces Hunter to go back to lunch with her where Emily, Alison and Susan welcome into their family. Rosanna asks Jack for his help with Carly, while Janet is not pleased at all that Jack is smack dab in the middle of this again. Carly wants out of the hospital, as Jack and Rosanna arrive promising that the only way she will get better is to admit she has a drinking problem. Carly won’t hear any of it and wants Craig to side with her. The doctor agrees to release Carly, as Craig tries to get her to see that she does need help. Carly pleads with him desperately not to send her away and begs him to stay with her and be the one to get her through this. She asks him to take her away without telling anyone, and Craig finally relents. Up at a cabin, Carly is overjoyed and thrilled to be with Craig, as he admits that she taught him how to love unconditionally and that he is a better man because of her. They make love and afterwards, Carly wants to make dinner, but when she finds cooking wine in the cupboards, she doesn’t tell Craig and sends him to the store for pasta.… with promises of making him a romantic dinner. Once he leaves, Carly hesitates for a while, but then finds herself drinking the entire bottle of wine. Craig calls Janet to have her call Jack and Rosanna to let them know that Carly is fine, and they will be home when he gets her through this. When Janet tells Jack, he snaps at her annoyed that she doesn’t know where Craig took her. Janet is aggravated that Jack continues to put her after Carly. Jack goes home after her and asks her to have patience, but Janet admits that she is fresh out; she didn’t sign up for this ongoing drama and she won’t live like this forever. Carly is finishing up the bottle of wine when she hears Craig come home, so she hightails it out of the room. An unsuspecting Craig comes in and is worried when he can’t find Carly anywhere.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna stands on the runway covered in gold glitter. Eric pulls her off stage. Katie quickly recovers and makes an announcement that the showing is over. Bill stands by smiling at her valiant efforts to turn this fiasco into a triumph. Donna immediately suspects it was Pam. They all realize they have been made into golden fools; they need some damage control. Pam immediately calls Stephanie who tells her to get in the closet and do not come out until she gets there. Pam tries to explain what she did to the trophy wife. Trophy wife walks up and sees her laughing. This was all because of Pam and her terrible stunts and Donna vows that she will get what is coming to her. Ridge states that “Pam strikes again”. He and Eric happen upon Donna telling Pam off. Eric bellows that he wants to see them all in his office. Thomas gloats to Rick that the family likes Marcus and Steffy is spending more time with him so she just might forget Rick.

Eric chastises Pam that this was a critical fashion show and she ruined it. Pam denies that she is the only one who could have done this. Before Eric can fire her, she gleefully turns in her resignation…..never to hear the word honey bear again! Katie tells Bill that she doesn’t think Forrester Creations has to pay for 5 seconds that Pam did. He thinks it is a slam dunk, but he will give her a chance to try and convince him not to run the story. She accepts his dinner invitation as long as he is buying. Ridge tells Eric that Stephanie, Thorne and Felicia have all left and he’s not trying to insult anybody, but it’s all because of Donna. Donna has finished her shower and hears this. She tells Eric that if she is dragging him down, perhaps it is time that she stepped aside. Eric won’t hear of it. They are together, they are a team. He’s the happiest he has ever been. She promises that they will be on top again. They kiss as she says that no matter what the future holds, they will be together.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Daniel sends Lucas and Chloe to his apartment to retrieve his clothes. Kate obtains a key into Daniel’s apartment and uses it to hide a bottle of the poison. Kate drops her scarf in a rush to hide in the closet and Chloe finds it. Melanie secretly sets it up so that Stephanie and Philip run into each other tomorrow night. Nicole meets with Sami in the park to tell her that EJ is dropping the custody suit. EJ drops by to talk to Sami and is angered to find Rafe moving in. EJ finds Sami holding Sydney in the park and threatens to rethink his decision to drop the suit because of Rafe moving in. Daniel tells Brady about still being in love with Chloe and nearly losing her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dante tries to talk Sonny into giving him a job. Dante says he knows the ins and outs of the business more than anyone. Claudia arrives and tells Dante to get lost, prompting Dante to ask Sonny who wears the pants in the organization. Sonny challenges Dante to find “proof” of disloyalty within the business. If Dante comes through, Sonny promises to put him to work. Sonny becomes suspicious of Claudia’s negative attitude toward Dante. Claudia and Sonny argue and he later goes to see Olivia. Anthony tells Jason to tell Sonny the “acts of disloyalty” within the organization have nothing to do with him. Jason asks Anthony for “proof” that Claudia instrumented Michael’s shooting. Anthony says he has no “reason to believe that Claudia was involved.” Later, Jason tells Johnny he’s eventually got to choose sides between his father and Sonny. Dante goes to see Jason and tells him about the plan to work for Sonny. After Dante leaves, Jason asks Sam to run a check on Dante. Spinelli won’t take the stage at Jake’s but Maxie, Rebecca, and Lulu give it a shot. Spinelli confides his singing troubles in Diane. Diane tells Spinelli to tell Maxie “the truth.” Rather than disappoint Maxie, Spinelli decides to sing. Ethan tells Rebecca to take Nik’s money or else. Johnny grills Olivia about her past with Sonny and wonders if she wants a “future” with him (Sonny). Dante heads back to the house to see Claudia. Dante proposes that he and Claudia forge a partnership. Sonny and Olivia argue and he forces her into a kiss.

GL Recap Written by Tanya

Everyone is at Miller’s Field for Bill and Lizzie’s wedding. Bill thanks Dinah for pulling off such and incredible event. Phillip comes prepared with a present for Lizzie, in the form of Alan, who tells her that he just wants her to be happy. Billy tells Bill and Shayne that he is passing the title of trouble from he and Josh to Bill and Shayne. Rafe asks Olivia if she is going to ruin this wedding too. Mindy gets all the attention from both Rick and Matt. Beth talks to Lizzie and tells her how proud she is of her and that she deserves the happiness that she is getting. Vanessa gets sentimental with Bill as Phillip does the same with Lizzie. Frank, Matt, Buzz, Rick, Cyrus and Remy decorate Bill and Lizzie’s car with beer cans and a “Just Married” sign. Just as it’s Lizzie’s turn to walk down the isle, she stops, so she can asks Dinah to be her maid of honor. Doris is waiting at the front to marry Bill and Lizzie and after they say they vows to each other she pronounces them husband and wife. Billy and Vanessa get nostalgic and he kisses her. Everyone goes out to dance with Bill and Lizzie. Phillip and Beth go for a walk and reminisce about old times and then they kiss. Lizzie and Bill cut the cake and then Lizzie throws the bouquet, it falls apart in the air and all of the single women get a piece of it.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Although everybody at Dorian's party attempts to convince Mr. Rivera that he needs to accept Markko's decisions to be with Langston, he does not listen. And he tells his son that he cannot live under his roof if he continues to see her or her family. At that point, Markko assesses that he is homeless. But Viki tells him that she will let him stay with her and Charlie at Llanfair. Cristian is suspicious about Fish. He runs into Kyle Lewis who reveals that he knows some "secrets" about Fish. And when Fish has his "date" with Layla and they return home, he seems to resist her advances to sleep together. Rex and Gigi drop the bombshell to Shane about what Stacy did to them and that she is not his real donor. Yet, they realize that they still haven't a clue who the real donor is. Roxy is worried about the nurse finding her, knowing her secret and taking the stem cells from her. Privately that nurse is keeping the "donor" with her, ready to nurse him back to health and have him meet his family. And she reveals that he asked her to let Stacy have the bag of blood with the stem cells to hold over Roxy and blackmail her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Adam brings food for both Mary Jane and kitty. Mary Jane reminds Adam that he had promised that he would help her. Adam tells Mary Jane his plan for both Ashley and Jack. Heather, on the phone , tells Dennis that this looks as though she has a personal grudge against the Newmans. Heather tells Dennis that it will not happen again. Heather meets Rafe, who is there to see Noah. Ashley tells Hope that they have to face them sometime. Jack reminds Sharon that they had just gotten good news about their daughter, but Nick and Phyllis must be getting bad news about Summer. Jack tells Sharon that he is going to see Nick and Phyllis and asks her if she wants to accompany him. Sharon replies that she does. Phyllis and Nick assure Summer that there is nothing to fear about the M.R.I. Phyllis thanks Victor for flying Dr. Han in to treat Summer. Nick promises that he will stand by Phyllis day and night. Gloria commends the man on his martini. Gloria wants to know how he made it, but the man gives Gloria his phone number instead. Jeff tells Gloria that he is planning another visit to Victor. Colleen has just arrived back in town and visit’s the hospital and bumps into Victor. Victor orders Colleen out of the hospital. Adam lets Rafe know that Noah had gone to the hospital to check on Summer. After Heather goes into the house, Adam tells Rafe that he doesn’t know how to break this to Heather, but please be patient with him until he can tell her. At the hospital, Sharon tells Nick that she will always love him. Adam finds out from Heather that her witness is Mary Jane Benson. Victor tells Gloria and Jeff that their assignment is to discredit Colleen. Victor asks Ashley to marry him tonight and Ashley accepts. Dr. Han gives Nick and Phyllis not so happy news about Summer and her prognosis.

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