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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal searches for Jenny’s rabbit while Tad clears the living room of other toys. At the hospital, David confronts Jake as to why he is hovering over Liza’s baby. On the elevator, Amanda wants to see Liza’s baby, but Liza pushes her away. Amanda questions Liza as to why she is keeping her away from her baby. Liza finally lets Amanda hold the baby. Ryan and Erica share some quality time together on the docks. The Hubbards find out that Henry is dead. Natalia and another officer lets Madison know that Henry is dead. At home, Zach lets Kendall know that Henry is dead. Marissa, J.R. and Little A have a picnic in the hotel room. Krystal tells Tad about David’s reaction to Liza’s baby. Jesse arrives in Washington and is given one of the earrings that Randi lost in Henry’s hotel room.

Erica and Ryan spend a fun filled afternoon together until the sprinkles come on and soaks them. Kendall trial begins , but the judge issues a continuance. Kendall lets it slip to Jack that she had been the one driving, who had run Greenlee off the road. Jack, upset, tells Kendall to find herself another lawyer. Zach comes to Washington to make sure that this murder is not laid on Kendall. Kendall visits Ryan and finds Erica there. Madison gives Zach Henry’s briefcase which holds every bit of evidence against Kendall. Zach realizes that Madison had been the one, who had killed Henry. David owns up to Marissa that he believes that Liza’s baby is his son.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the diner, Vienna lies down, flat on her back. Henry orders her up and thus helps her to her feet. Two of Geneva’s fans walk into the diner and Vienna puts them out. Katie reads a book about prenatal care to Brad, who lies with his head on Katie’s stomach. Paul meets Meg, baby Eliza and the babysitter on the docks. Both wants to know what the other one is doing there. Meg lets Damian know that he is making a huge mistake because Dusty will not back down when it comes to his business. In tossing Geneva’s fans out of the diner, Vienna has another spasm in her back and ends up in the hospital once again. Katie and Brad are also at the hospital because Katie had felt a twinge and Brad had rushed her to the hospital. Brad meets up with Henry, who lets him know that Katie is also here. Brad gets a call that he has to go into work as does Henry (Geneva). Henry (Geneva) tries to get out of going in to work, but Kim reminds her that she had signed a contract. At the courthouse, a witness is brought in, who gives them a composite description of the guy, who had pretended to be Damian. Damian and Lily watch a security video and realizes that it had been Paul, who had posed as Damian. Dusty gets a composite sketch of Paul. Geneva and Brad do a show based on sex after 40. Brad misinterprets and thinks that Geneva wants him. Brad comes home and finds Geneva, almost getting undressed in his living room. Dusty starts to confront Paul, but Meg also comes to the door. At home, Vienna finds Henry wearing lipstick. Brad threatens to tear the studio apart unless Geneva is fired. .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Ridge that she slept the best she ever has last night with him back at home. The kids chime in as well. They are glad he is back home. Katie is huddled with Eric about the day’s fashion show. Bill comes on to her, then he flirts with Donna who flirts back that she doesn’t know how she will contain herself if he’s not available. Nick tells Owen that he’s going down, “pretty boy”, a lot sooner than he thinks. He doesn’t know which will last longer, his job or his marriage. Thomas gloats to Rick that the power structure is shifting right under his feet. Rick shoots back that his dad still runs the company and Rick is still dating Thomas’ sister, so all is well. Eric tells his banker that he is not planning on closing any stores as the banker advises. Eric gives a pep-talk to the backstage employees before the opening. He’s greeted by great applause from the audience. He assures them that FC is still a family business and still dedicated to style, class and elegance….every woman’s dream turns to gold – today’s theme. Pam watches closely at the monitor as she will make sure if Donna wants honey bear, she will get honey.

At Jackie M, all are watching the show on the monitor – Bridget, Jackie, Owen, Nick, Stephanie and Clarke. Pam calls Stephanie at Jackie M to be sure and stay tuned for the finale. The audience loves the show, and Eric tells Ridge they just may be back in business. They are on top again. He thinks Donna looks sensational and she will look great out there. Just as Pam planned, Donna twirls around in a striking white satin, feather laced Marilyn Monroeish strapless gown. Pam pours the ten gallon honey from above as the gold sequins also are dropped. There is Eric’s trophy wife. One by one the faces of the audience is stunned while the photographers are snapping away.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole tries to talk EJ out of suing Sami for custody, saying that not only is Stephanie planning to testify against him, but that Johnny will one day learn the truth and resent EJ for taking him from his mother. EJ comes around to her point of view and agrees to drop the custody suit. Stephanie tells Victor, and then Philip, that it’s over between her and Philip, and nothing Philip says can change it. Philip, after his talk with Bo, tells Stephanie that he will leave Titan and abandon his family for her, but Stephanie doesn’t want him to have to change who he is. Caroline lays into Victor and warns him to leave Stephanie alone. Melanie reassures Philip that he and Stephanie will get back together. While applying for an assistant job at the hospital, Stephanie and Nathan run into one another. Arianna learns that Brady was formerly a drug addict. They’re on their way out to dinner, but she tells him that she doesn’t think they can see each other anymore. Hope and Bo discuss their concerns for Ciara due to Bo’s most recent vision. They’ve hidden her teddy bear and bought her a new stuffed animal, but Ciara ends up trading it to another little girl for a bear that looks exactly like her old one.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Karaoke night begins at Jake’s. Spinelli is hesitant to sing now that his microphone is damaged. Olivia comes home to find Dante waiting for her. Olivia notices Dante’s injury and asks for details. Dante later meets with a man to discuss the situation with Sonny. Dante assures the man that he will get “close” to Sonny one way or another. Jax fusses over Carly after she has a feeling something bad is about to happen. Carly gloats over Alexis’ situation. Carly gets upset when she learns of Jason’s arrest and the plan to help Alexis. Ethan voices his opinion to his siblings about Rebecca and Nikolas. Jason is still being held at the PCPD but Mac says they have no evidence against him. Sonny is on board with keeping Jason in lock up to help Alexis. City Council takes Alexis off Jason’s case saying it’s a “conflict of interest.” Diane convinces the ADA to drop the charges against Jason. Dante boldly arrives at Sonny’s while Carly is there, saying Sonny “owes” him for not shooting Carly and the boys. Sonny advises Dante to leave town. Dante asks Sonny for a job. Jason goes to see Anthony in prison. Olivia tells Johnny about the Sonny she knew in the past. Spinelli calls Jason and tells him about the microphone catastrophe. Patrick and Robin entertain the crowd at Jake’s with a song.

GL Recap Written by Tanya

Lizzie and Bill get together for breakfast after spending the night before their wedding apart. Their day starts off great until Bill calls Josh, only to find out that he and Reva are in Florida looking for Jeffrey. Lizzie goes to pick up the flowers that she ordered for the wedding and finds out that they are the ones you plant and will bloom next year, so she gets a small bouquet of flowers instead. Bill goes to talk with the band that he hired and finds out that they are all too sick to perform, so he gets a CD player and some CDís from the band. Later Lizzie finds Bill standing by the van with all of their food for the wedding reception laying on the ground. They both agree that everything will be fine because all that matters is that they are getting married. After they get to the church and make a Twinkie cake, put bows on cans of Pringles for their guests and get dressed for their wedding, they realize that nobody has arrived for their wedding. Then they see their invitations and realize that it has the wrong date on it. After Dinah overhears how disappointed they are about their wedding, she arranges for everyone to come to Millerís field to surprise Bill and Lizzie for a last minute wedding. Mallet questions Marina about the stroller being broken. When she canít explain what happen to it, he takes it to the police station to have it checked out as a possible murder weapon.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian invites Markko's parents to her home in an attempt to charm them and get them to reconsider preventing their son from seeing Langston. She is still not giving up on getting Moe and Noelle, Shawn, Viki and Charlie to attend and convince the Rivera's that they have forgiven them. None of them have any intention until Noelle convinces them to do that for Langston and Markko. Yet Mr. Rivera tells Dorian he does not want his son near her, her daughter or her house. Markko tells his father that he loves Langston and will make his own decision with or without his parents' permission. Schuyler tells Rex that he knows Rex slept with Stacy and Rex better straighten up. Yet, it appears that Schuyler wishes that he could be with Gigi. Meanwhile, Stacy reveals to Gigi that she slept with Rex. And Gigi is devastated to have heard it from her and not from Rex. Layla goes out with Fish. Cristian talks to Kyle Lewis about the "secret" Kyle knows about his frat brother, Fish.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Cane refuses to talk to Philip about anything after the way that things had happened the last few days and the fact that he had lied to the Chancellor’s. At the hospital, Billy questions Kay if she is ready to go home. Jill apologizes to Nina for not trusting her judgment about Cane. Mary Jane doesn’t like her habitat too much and being right under Victor’s nose. Mary Jane remembers her conversation with Victor in which he had ordered her to leave town. Adam calls Dr. Taylor to see what his hold up is. Dr. Taylor reveals that he had rigged the machine to make Ashley believe that she is still pregnant. Jill and Billy demand to know what Nina is keeping from them. At the bar, Mac tells Cane that she doesn’t like working for him right now. Cane tells her to work for herself as he offers to sell her the bar. Philip begins to explain things to the family about his being gay. Victor and Ashley see their baby. Victor and Ashley fight over whether or not Victor believes her about Estella which results in Victor sleeping in another bedroom. Adam visits Mary Jane to see how she is. Billy orders Cane away from Mac. .

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