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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Marissa walks into J.R.’s office, expecting to see him sitting behind his desk. Marissa begins to try to explain about the kiss when Scott turns around in the chair. In Washington, Jesse confirms to Randi that Henry is dead. Randi begins to panic as to what she is going to do. At Zach’s casino, Madison assures Zach that he and Kendall have nothing to worry about. Zach is puzzled as to why she is so happy all of a sudden. At the Chandler mansion, Adam tells Annie that he remembers everything about the night that Stuart was killed. Annie can’t believe her ears. Kendall and Ryan listen from inside the tunnels. Ryan lets Jesse know that she is pregnant. Scott and Marissa go to the casino, and play the slots but loses. In talking to Zach, Madison remembers how she had killed Henry. Madison pretends as though she is in the Washington motel room and orders room service. Adam owns up that he doesn’t remember anything about the night that Stuart was murdered.

Ryan and Kendall come out of the tunnels and is immediately arrested. Annie is hurt and disappointed in Adam when she realizes that he doesn’t believe her either. Jesse comes up with a plan to dispose of Henry’s body. Zach tries to call Henry, but doesn’t get an answer. Zach arrives in Washington and knocks on Henry’s door just as Jesse and Randi leave the hotel room with Henry’s body. Zach gets the hotel manager to open Henry’s door, but finds no one in the room. Jesse and Randi makes Henry’s death look like the result of an automobile accident. Adam apologizes to Annie. They kiss.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly continues to drink secretly while Craig blissfully plans the last minute details with Margo to his wedding to Carly. Sage doesn’t want to go to her mom’s wedding and admits to Jack that she is afraid that Carly will leave town again if Craig wants her to. Jack assures her that will never happen and when he, Janet and Sage arrive at Margo’s house for the wedding, Jack even admits to Craig that he is good for Carly. He asks Craig to look after Carly and his kids. When Rosanna sees Carly looking for her secret vodka stash in the oven, she calls Carly on her drinking, as she produces tons of empty vodka bottles that she found hidden throughout the house. Carly tries to deny it at first, but then explains that she used to have a problem but stopped drinking since then. Rosanna continues on Carly not letting her off the hook, as Carly claims she just recently slipped. Rosanna wants her to admit she has a problem and wants Carly to tell Craig. Carly admits to having a small problem (but stops short of admitting she is an alcoholic) and then pleads with Rosanna not to tell Craig on their wedding day. Rosanna finally agrees, but a hurt Carly now wants to get ready on her own and sends Rosanna ahead. Rosanna takes the vodka bottles, but Carly has a small stash she dips into in her purse after Rosanna leaves. While Parker is letting Johnny have some French fries, he squeezes ketchup all over Johnny’s shirt and Liberty helps Parker get Johnny all cleaned up. They are able to talk briefly, about what has happened between them recently, as they agree not to put a label on what they are anymore. Carly prepares to go to her wedding, as she drinks more. When Carly gets into the limo, she helps herself to the bar, as the chauffeur can’t help but notice. People are noticeably concerned where Carly is when Rosanna shows up alone, as Craig stays positive. Outside, he asks Rosanna why she isn’t with her sister and Rosanna admits to what she found out about Carly. Craig doesn’t believe her at first, but Rosanna explains what she found. They argue about what is going on and who is to blame, as an inebriated Carly arrives and hears them talking. Carly leaves unnoticed and asks the chauffeur to keep driving her anywhere else but there, as she continues on her binge. The time gets later and the judge needs to go, as Jack wonders where Carly is, as everyone now realizes she is going to be a no show. Sage and Parker are upset, as Jack learns from Rosanna that Carly is drinking again. Everyone leaves, as Craig finally realizes that Carly isn’t coming.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Taylor that he’s got the grill under control unless she doesn’t trust him with the lighter fuel. Not funny to her, but she doesn’t want him to make too big a deal of it with his dad back home. Thomas and company must be up to something as he tells Taylor just wait until after tonight. Ridge tells Steffy that Forrester has seen better days. Both Felicia and Thorne are leaving and now Brooke has asked for a leave of absence; he’s afraid it might be permanent. Back from the honeymoon and in his office, Nick bellows to get Bill Spenser on the phone. Jackie comes in grinning from cheek to cheek and none of Nick’s negativity is gonna rub off on her. Owen dashes in next and tells Nick that he can call him dad now. This doesn’t sit well with Nick and he insists on seeing Jackie privately in his office pronto! Nick is pulling-his-hair-out livid while Jackie tells him that she is in control of everything and very happy. She doesn’t know how the press got a hold of the wedding plans and got photos in the magazine already. Nick certainly doesn’t want to hear about her exciting yummy sex life. She tries to cajole Nick into having a good time with this and let her be happy. Bridget feels Owen betrayed her by not getting Jackie off the island when he said he would, and ended up marrying her instead. He explains that he knows Nick may not believe that but he loves Jackie….she’s beautiful and funny and he’s going to be the best damn husband ever.

Steffy and Thomas set up an elaborate romantic dinner out by the pool. They make it obvious they are not going to stick around and be there. It is a dinner for two for Taylor and Ridge. They can have privacy to eat, sit and talk, even dance. Taylor pulls Thomas aside and tells him she appreciates this, but it is a bit too soon for Ridge. Owen tells Jackie that this marriage is for keeps and he hopes Nick and Bridget will lighten up. Nick still doesn’t think pretty boy can be trusted. Bridget says Jackie is not worried about him so she doesn’t think they should either. She pushes him to the couch and says they have other things they can think about. Steffy confides in her dad that it feels so good to wake up in the mornings and know that he’s just down the hall, she can hear his voice. She wishes he was in her mom’s room and not the guest room, but for now it’s good. They hug and then he asks Thomas and Steffy if he can have a little time alone with Taylor. She apologizes and he says he knows they are expecting a lot but they shouldn’t waste the moment and the good food. He hears music so he asks Taylor to dance. Steffy and Thomas watch and she says it’s wonderful to see them back together. “Tonight anything can happen.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nathan confides in Maggie that Alice gave him Tom’s medical bag, but he fears he can’t live up to his great-grandfather’s legacy. Maggie reassures him, and Nathan learns that Melanie asked that he and Maggie not show up at the cabin to help clean. Nathan decides to go anyway to try to smooth things over with Melanie. Brady and Arianna are upset to learn that Melanie tricked them into helping her clean up the cabin. They’re even more upset when they learn they’re all stuck on the island until nightfall, when the next ferry arrives. Despite that, Arianna and Brady admit that they like each other, and agree to stop acting nervous around one another. Melanie is forced to take a shower outdoors when Arianna dumps a bucket of dirty water on her. Nathan catches her showering. Johnny tells EJ that he and Nicole have a secret about his mother. EJ confronts Nicole, but she comes up with an excuse about how she said something not-so-nice about Sami in front of Johnny, and asked him to keep it a secret. EJ accepts this and gives Nicole a locket with pictures of Johnny and Sydney inside. Later, he catches her calling Sami to talk to her about Johnny. Sami presses Rafe about Emily, and all he will divulge is that Emily died on their wedding day. Nicole panics when she thinks Sydney has gone missing, but Stefano has her. She confides in Stefano that she is worried about Rafe, but Stefano vows to take care of him. He calls around, looking for information on Emily and what happened to her. Mia tells Chad that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. When he sees her with Will, Chad assumes Will is the reason Mia doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Chad tells Will that he is Mia’s boyfriend.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dominic pays Olivia a surprise visit, as he’s really her son, Dante. Dante finds Johnny’s watch at Olivia’s and wonders if his mom is seeing Sonny again. Spinelli rehearses for his singing debut. Robin and Patrick agree on Andrea’s guilt so they enlist Spinelli’s help. Patrick offers a suggestion to help Spinelli with his singing if Spinelli will help them solve the crime. Maxie tells Spinelli he’s a bad singer. At Patrick’s suggestion, Spinelli gets a hold of an apparatus that will help his voice sound better. Andrea realizes someone is in the house so she takes off, leaving Alexis’ emails open for Kristina to read. The emails lead Kristina to believe that Alexis had more going on with the mayor than she admits. The emails make it sound like Alexis is “obsessed” with the mayor. Later Andrea calls a meeting with Alexis. Andrea tells Alexis (loudly) to stop stalking the mayor. Patrick and Robin are at the Metro Court at the time and they hear the accusations. Carly hands Michael his temporary drivers license but Sonny is hesitant. Later, Michael shares a close moment with his mom. Johnny and Jason find drugs at the Z cabin and soon after they hear sirens in the distance. The two take off but wonder who set them up. Dominic/Dante runs into Claudia on the pier and she wonders why he’s still in town. Dominic/Dante asks Claudia to get him a job working for Sonny. Later Dominic/Dante listens outside Sonny’s door as he and Claudia discuss Olivia’s relationship with Johnny. Claudia feels the baby kick for the first time.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip and Lillian are having coffee outside talking about family. Lillian reminds Phillip that he has to tell the family about his condition. She tells him after they thought he died, Lizzie was so upset. At the basketball court, Lizzie is talking to James about his attitude. Lizzie tells Bill in front of James that she doesn't need James. Outside Company, Reva is sure Jeffrey is alive and is why Frank or Josh can't get any info on a plane crash. She walks away after telling them Jeffrey is alive. Lillian sees James on the basketball court and kisses him, asking him, "How's my favorite grandson." James is kind of down. He tells her about Lizzie and his fight Phillip meets with Bill to talk about Lizzie. Bill has one request, that Phillip makes sure Lizzie is around people that love her and that she loves. At the Food Court, Lizzie has a soda with Christina. They talk about Bill. Christina says Lizzie is lucky. At the park, Marina and little Henry runs into Remy. They sit and chat about little Henry. Mallet gives Shayne a ride home, they get into an argument over Dinah and her possible death. Mallet say that Shayne should have kept Dinah save. Shayne talks back saying why didn't Mallet protect her and his family better. Reva asks Josh if he believes Jeffrey is dead. When he can't answer her she tells him she doesn't want anyone in her house that believes Jeffrey is dead. Phillip walks up to James and tells him he is going to the wedding. Phillip orders James to apologize James says he has to know the rules to so that he can follow them. Lillian goes to visit Reva. Reva offers tea. She warns Lillian not to say anything negative about Jeffrey. Mallet tells Marina about Jeffrey's and Dinah's plane. Dinah finds Shayne and they hug. Dinah tells Shayne that Edmond is alive and Jeffrey went to find him. And that Jeffrey didn't want her too much involved. Outside the SPD, Lizzie and Remy talks. She tells him she is there for a car permit. At Reva's, she and Lillian go outside with their drinks. At the SPD, Josh is talking to Frank about who to tell about the phone call. Josh tells Frank that Shayne has a right to know about Dinah. Neither knows that Dinah is home and with Shayne. At the basketball court, Phillip is trying to get through to James that he needs the family to love each other. James just gets in his car and drives off. Bill meets Remy, they talk about Lizzie and her happiness. Bill tells Remy that he will make Lizzie happy. Remy tells him he better. Lizzie and Phillip talk about James and his invitation to her wedding. Lizzie tells Phillip he uninvited himself. Phillip tells her to "reinvite" him. Dinah and Shayne go to Company where Mallet and family are. She tells them about Jeffrey and his leaving without her. Josh runs into Lillian outside Reva's. They talk about Jeffrey. Reva hears this and comes to the door and tells Josh to go home. Mallet, Shayne and Dinah go to Reva's. They see Josh outside. Josh tells them he'll get her. Reva at first is angry till she sees Dinah. She hugs her. At Company, Phillip sees Lillian. She tells him about the plane crash and Jeffrey and Reva's not wanting anyone around her that is negative. Phillip is shocked.

OLTL Recap Written by Jen P.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Mary Jane catches Victor going through her hotel room where he finds pics of Phyllis and Sharon. Victor orders Mary Jane away from his family. After a few more minutes of conversing, Victor pays Mary Jane off and orders her out of town. Sharon talks to the baby and tells her that she would have loved her big sister. Phyllis tells Nick that Summer shouldn’t have to go through this. Nick lets Phyllis know that she shouldn’t have to go through this either. Jack visits Ashley at the Newman mansion. Ashley calls Jack a daddy-to-be. Adam mumbles to himself that the last thing that the world needs is another spawn of Jack Abbott. Ashley tells Jack not to mess it up. Nikki lets Victoria know that she had seen Rafe and Adam kissing. Kevin airs on the “dawn patrol” show. Daniel checks Balfour’s cell phone (that Amber had swiped) and finds out that the battery is dead or it had been turned off. Kevin calls the phone company and gets the phone turned back on. They receive a call on Balfour’s cell phone. Jana finds that the chipmunk speech is on view click. Mary Jane calls jack and tells him that she needs to talk to him. Mary Jane lets Jack know that she is leaving town and that she loves Jack. Jack lets her know that he and Sharon are going to have a baby together. Mary Jane accuses Jack of leading her on. Ashley confides to Adam that she hadn’t felt the baby move in quite awhile. Adam suggests to Ashley to let him set her up a meeting with Dr. Taylor .

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