Thursday 7/9/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake and Amanda arrive at the hospital for Amanda’s meeting with her psychologist. Amanda begins to have doubts about this session. Erica meets with Jack to discuss Kendall and how she had paid a visit to Adam. David and Krystal walk in and sit down in a corner booth. Zach arrives home to find Ryan with the children. Ryan tells Zach that Kendall is home. Kendall walks out. At home on the fire escape, Jesse remembers how he and Randi had made Henry’s death look like an accident. Zach questions Kendall as to why she had ran. Kendall questions Zach as to where he had been. Zach lets Kendall know that Henry is missing. Randi lets Frankie know that she is pregnant. Frankie is overjoyed. Amanda meets with her psychologist. Liza interrupts Jack and Erica and reprimands them for trying to set Annie up. Mr. Murphy calls Zach from Washington and tells him that Henry is still missing. David hears Liza’s baby crying and comes to the aid, but Liza pushes him away and will not allow him close to the baby. At the casino, Madison remembers hitting Henry over the head with the bookend. Liza comes into the hospital with the baby and Jake, immediately takes over the treatment of the baby. Zach visits Randi, but finds Frankie home.

Zach questions Randi if she had gone to Washington to see Henry. Randi lies and tells him “no.” Erica questions Krystal if she and David are back together. Zach finds out that Henry’s car had been found. Everyone in Pine Valley is alerted that Henry is dead. David begins to be suspicious of Jake’s interest in Liza’s baby. On the elevator, Amanda wants to see Liza’s baby, but Liza pushes her away. Annie questions Liza as to why Liza is keeping her away from her baby.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Noah and Luke prepare to move in to an apartment together but Luke worries that Noah isn't ready to take such a big step. Noah assures Luke that he is ready to move into an apartment with him. Noah later finds a box of his father's things while he is moving boxes out of the dorm and goes back to the docks to think about things. Luke and Damian get worried about Noah and when they find him at the docks Noah admits to them he fears he will never get his father out of his head. Damian suggests a Viking burial ritual so they make a bonfire at the pond and burn all of the Colonel's things including Noah's movie. Noah feels better except he worries about what he will do for his senior project since he burned the movie.

Craig Rosanna, Jack and Carly's kids are worried about her and Parker blames himself for not telling anyone that Carly never stopped drinking. Parker wishes he hadn't made things so hard for Carly. Rosanna, Craig and Jack look for Carly who continues to get drunk in back of the limo. Carly ends up at Holden and Lily's and tells Holden she skipped the wedding because she couldn't stand the judgment on everyone's faces. Carly persuades Holden not to call anyone and to drive her to the wagon Wheel. Carly drinks a bottle of booze that she stole from Holden's house then she kisses Holden but he pulls away from her. Holden decides to call Jack and Carly Passes out. Jack and Holden take Carly to thee hospital where she gets her stomach pumped. Rosanna tells Jack that Carly needs both of them now because Craig can't help Carly. Carly apologizes to Craig for skipping the wedding because she got scared. Craig promises Carly that he will stay with her and he isn't going anywhere.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Slow dancing out by the pool, Ridge tells Taylor that they have a couple of incredible kids. She says it’s unanimous as she thinks so too. He pours champagne and she toasts to a beautiful homecoming. She says she does not want to get ahead of herself. He’s here, but she is not sure what that means. Things feel so right though. She loves him and has missed him. She’d give anything to have things back the way they were. Eric tells Donna that the fashion show is tomorrow and the bankers are calling; he’s getting nervous. Pam interrupts and ushers Stephanie in. She states that Ridge is all that Eric has left. And he can restore FC if Eric will step aside. Take his trophy wife and take a trip around the world, enjoy life. Eric can’t imagine what gives her the right to barge in here and say this. Pam tells Donna that Stephanie will talk him into this. She chides Donna for modeling the showstopper tomorrow. That is not the way to boost the company sales. Brooke explains to Rick that she can’t stay at Forrester and be around Ridge right now. It won’t help if Rick leaves though. Nothing he can do to change things. Ridge has moved on with Taylor. He wants to be sure that Brooke is happy, but she doesn’t look happy. She says they may not be together right now, but their love will never die.

Bridget thinks she is surprising Nick who is waiting in bed……he’s less than impressed with her leopard teddy. It’s in the cat family and kin to a cougar. She’s devastated that this sexy outfit would remind him of his mother. She’ll take it off….rather he can help her take it off. Nick tries, but he keeps repeating on what he’s going do to Owen. Bridget removes herself and tells him that he can continue like this or he can make love to her….his decision….she will be waiting. Taylor hopes Ridge doesn’t mind her saying these things as it is the way she feels. Donna tries to eavesdrop on Eric and Stephanie. She orders Pam to order a case of her jars of honey. She thinks she and Eric will be doing a lot of celebrating tomorrow. Eric argues with Stephanie that he’s brought the company through worse times. And he begged her to come back and she didn’t, so why care now? He says tomorrow will be a whole new day for Forrester. She predicts that if it doesn’t turn out the way he thinks it will, it might be his last showing. Instead of jars of honey, Pam orders honey in ten gallon containers. Donna wants honey, she will get honey. Taylor and Ridge relax on the lounge chairs and gaze at the stars, thinking of Phoebe. Phoebe knew they needed each other. She asks Ridge to really come home to her. They kiss.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Philip tries to convince Stephanie to take him back. He offers to go away with her and start a new life, but she refuses, telling him that she only way she can be safe is to not become a Kiriakis. She later runs into Nicole, who ask her not to testify against EJ at the custody hearing. Stephanie wonders how Nicole can defend him, but Nicole says she has to protect her family. Stephanie tells Victor that she and Philip are over. He refuses to accept it. Victor told Bo earlier to leave Stephanie and Philip alone so they can be happy, and Bo goes to talk to Philip, who breaks the news about Stephanie. Bo says he is sorry, and that he understands what Philip is going through. He counsels him to make a decision--he can have money and power, or Stephanie, but not both. EJ confronts Nicole about her phone call to Sami. She claims that Sami asked her to get EJ to drop the custody suit. She and EJ argue about her sympathizing with Sami. Stefano interrupts, taunting Nicole. Once alone, he tells her that he knows that she arranged for Johnny and Sami to see each other. He advises her to watch her step, because EJ will fly off the handle if learns the truth about her. Nicole storms out. EJ and Stefano then discuss Nicole, and how it’s strange how understanding she is of Sami. After Nicole speaks with Stephanie, she rushes home to tell EJ that they have a problem with the custody suit. Will tells Chad to back off and leave Mia alone after she tells Will that Chad is a psycho she once dated. We later learn that Chad was the father of Mia’s baby. At Melanie’s suggestion, she, Nathan, Brady, and Arianna play strip poker--boys versus girls. Brady and Nathan, although sure they’ll win, end up down to their underwear when Melanie proves to be an excellent player.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Rebecca prepares to move in with Nikolas. Ethan seems jealous and is against the move and asks Rebecca to slow things down. Ethan accuses Rebecca of choosing Nikolas over him and asks her for “an advance” on his money. Later, Rebecca manipulates Nik into offering her money, and then pretends to be against the idea. Maxie is relieved that Spinelli’s voice has improved. Spinelli doesn’t tell Maxie his new voice is due to the microphone he’s using with the “pitch correction software.” Instead, Spinelli says his love for Maxie has improved his voice. Jason advised Spinelli to tell Maxie the truth. Diane bursts into Alexis’ house with copies of emails that Alexis’ “supposedly” sent to the mayor. The emails make Alexis out to be a scorned “stalker who set up the mayor for spite.” Alexis denies writing the emails. Alexis finds the emails on her computer – both her and Diane think she’s being set up. Alexis tries to clarify things with the girls, saying that whoever wrote the emails is trying to make her “look really bad.” Liz helps Nik with some redecorating before Rebecca arrives. Matt gets upset when he’s taken off a case. Later, he runs into Maxie at Jake’s. Maxie talks with Matt about loss and sibling rivalry. Matt later apologizes to Robin and Patrick for being so harsh with them. Robin is suspicious of the emails Alexis supposedly sent. Andrea comes to GH to thank Patrick for his “support” at the Metro Court. Lulu invites her siblings and Liz to Karaoke night at Jake’s. Jason is arrested when the dead bodies are found at the Z cabin. Diane asks Jason to “stay in lock up for a week” to help Alexis “look like” she fighting crime in the city. Mac tells Alexis she must either “resign” or she’ll be “fired.” Andrea lurks while Patrick and Robin discuss Alexis’ past. Spinelli arrives at Jake’s and tries to tell Maxie the truth. His magic microphone falls into a pitcher of beer.

GL Recap Written by Tanya

Billy tells Bill and Lizzie about the possibility that Dinah was in the plane with Jeffrey when it went down, not knowing that Dinah is back and safe at home. Billy and Bill make plans to go together to tell Vanessa the news. Lizzie tells Bill that if Dinah were there it would be better to forgive her for the kidnapping and move on than for her to be dead. Mallet and Marina discuss possibly letting her family know that Henry could be in danger, but Mallet tells her that if they do, then they would have to let everyone know the truth about Shayne being Henry’s father and Shayne may not be ready to tell his family just yet, so they decide just to keep Henry safe by being around a lot of people. But instead, Marina goes to see Shayne to ask him what he intends to do about Edmund. Josh finds out where Jeffrey’s plane possibly went down and Reva makes plans to go find him. Josh argues with her about going and then finally says for her to keep them posted as he walks out. Later Josh goes to Shayne to tell him about where Reva is going and tells him to go with her. Lizzie runs into Shayne who tells her that Dinah is alive and after she tells Billy and Bill, she tells Bill that they have to go to her and invite her to their wedding. Olivia realizes the best thing is for her to go home after an unsuccessful journey to find Natalia. Mallet discovers that Henry’s stroller is broken. Josh decides to go with Reva to Florida to find Jeffrey after Shayne says he is staying with Dinah.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew, Nora and Bo all meet with Dr. Greg who tells them he has a "good success rate" with spinal surgery and "hopes" he can enable Matthew to walk again. Bo, Nora and Rachel are all suspicious that the doctor only wants to appear like a magician, take their money, but does not care about Matthew nor the risk that the procedure could potentially kill him. Yet, Matthew demands that they realize that it's his decision and not theirs'. Starr and Cole decide now is not the time to get married, now that John has announced that Cole does not have to go to prison. John is ready to explain the situation to Marty and Cole about the "deal" he's struck with the judge. Gigi wants to get back with Rex. Yet, he does not know how to admit to her that he did sleep with Stacy and believed for a while that he could have a relationship with her. Schuyler remembers, however, and calls to confront Rex for the situation.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Amber has a heart to heart talk with Jana and tells her about her and Deacon Sharpe raising Deacon’s and her cousin’s child. Victoria meets with Deacon Sharpe about the Terroni painting. Phyllis brings Summer a doll that she had been wanting. Heather visits Adam when there is a knock on the door and it is Rafe. Adam refuses to open the door. Nick becomes suspicious of Mary Jane. Nikki reveals that Paul had had trouble with Mary Jane. Phyllis vows to find out more about Mary Jane. Victor, on the phone, demands that Mary Jane be found. Adam finds Mary Jane in the house and they form an alliance. Paul tells Victor that Mary Jane may have accused Phyllis. Phyllis, Nick and Nikki search Mary Jane’s hotel room and find her gone. Nikki finds a pic of Summer under the sofa. Phyllis realizes that Mary Jane had given Summer the cookies. Summer wakes up and calls for Phyllis. Amber sees Deacon face to face.

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