Tuesday 7/7/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/7/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

All My Children did not air today due to ABC's coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial service.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

As The World Turns did not air today due to CBS's coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial service.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Katie there are just too many memories at Forrester’s so she is taking a leave of absence. She is acting emotionally, but she needs to pack and get out before Ridge arrives. She spent too many years here with him. How can she look at him now that he has gone back with Taylor. Stephanie is delighted to hear from Taylor that things are going so well with Ridge being home. She vows to make him the happiest he has ever been. She stops short of all the details but says they are sharing the same bed. But if anything happens the way it did before in the guest house, she wants Ridge to initiate it. Ridge tells Felicia and Thorne that he wants them to hear it from him first. He and Brooke are over and he has gone back to Taylor and the kids. He wants to throw all his energy back into the company and he needs their help. They have to give him the bad news that they have officially quit. Ridge isn’t sure how Forrester will survive with them gone. He begs Eric to try and get them to stay. Eric has his own news, more bad news now that Brooke is also leaving. They all agree that the timing can’t be worse. Eric wants Ridge to try to talk Brooke into staying since the company is in a crisis. Katie doesn’t think this sounds like her sister….she needs to stand up and fight for Ridge, not just hand him over. Brooke tells Katie that she is counting on her because Bill Spenser is trying to take over the company. Maybe she can talk to him.

Moments before she is leaving, Ridge comes into Brooke’s office and tells her that she can not go; please stay. Eric tells Donna that she can not blame herself for all the chaos at Forrester. She vows they will come out on top again. They will figure this out and she will answer phones, pack boxes, whatever it takes. Stephanie is confident that Ridge is Taylor’s for the asking. Brooke knows that now. Taylor is not as positive. She knows Brooke and she will miss Ridge and get lonelier and lonelier and she will be back after him. Thorne calls Stephanie and shares with her that Brooke is taking a leave of absence. Stephanie relays to Taylor that Brooke has removed herself from the whole situation so she has nothing to worry about. Brooke says she knows that it was stupid of her to tell Ridge to go back to Taylor, but she could not abandon her son either. So here they are at the crossroad again and she can’t imagine her life without Ridge. He admits that he always thought they could ride out the worst of storms, but there is just too much damage between them. She cries that she wants him to go on with his life. She will always love him and she knows he will always love him, but they just can’t do it together. They have to be apart. This is goodbye. He grabs her and they hug and cry.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Days of Our Lives did not air today due to NBC's coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial service.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

General Hospital did not air on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 for Michael Jackson's memorial service.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Shayne visits Remy at the police station. Frank comes in and says he is sorry for being late. Then Christina arrives. Frank then announces the "Springfield Dream Team." AT Company, Billy and Buzz are talking about Lillian and Buzz's settling down. Buzz reminisces when he took charge of Company. They laugh. Then Josh arrives, not happy. Reva is on the phone with Jeffrey, she is asking questions. Jeffrey tells her the plane is loosing altitude. That he can't talk long and that he loves her. Reva is horrified. She tells him to stay with him. Jeffrey asks about Colin's rabbit. Jeffrey wants her to be happy and not for Colin to forget him. She tells him this can't be happening. Then she can't hear him. She continues to tell him how she feels about him. Jeffrey's last words to her are "I love you very much." Just as she is walking around crying, Josh shows up. Josh sees her distraught and asks what is wrong. Daisy gets a check for tuition to Berkley. Mallet and Marina get word about their son's adoption. Marina tells Mallet what she knew about their son's true parentage and grandparentage. Frank gives Remy and Cyrus their go ahead to work as a team. Frank asks Cyrus if he had a green card to work. Shayne calls Billy about Reva. Josh tells Reva to slow down and calm down and tell him about the phone call from Jeffrey. She tells him, "I got a call from Jeffrey and he said the plane he was on was going on. Josh calls Frank to inquire if he heard about a plane crash. Josh tells Frank about a plane loosing altitude. Frank tells Remy and Cyrus before he leaves to go to Company. Remy issues Cyrus a locker. Remy tells Cyrus he did a good job helping out on the case. Outside Company, Daisy is still trying to figure out how she got a check to go to Berkley. They go into Company and sit with Buzz and and Bill. Ashley starts asking questions about the stock market. Trying to see if one of them sent the check secretly. Marina and Mallet go see Shayne about a package they got. Mallet asks Shayne if he knows anything about Edmund's whereabouts. Shayne gets defensive. Outside, Frank meets up with Reva and Josh. She tries to think about what Jeffrey said to help Frank in finding the plane. At the police station, Ashley and Daisy ask Cyrus about the check. He is clueless. At the park, Marina has her son and is about to read a letter from Edmund. Josh calls Shayne about what Reva told him. Shayne tells his Dad that he and Mallet will meet them where they are. Ashley gets sad about Daisy's going to Berkley. Daisy tells her she isn't going, that she can't. At Company, Cyrus arrives, gets a beer and wonders whey Buzz is so down. Buzz tells him of the package Coop sent. That he can't open it. Cyrus tells of a time when his Mom died and a package he got from her that he couldn't open. Marina reads the letter to little Henry. It is all lies, Marina tells Henry. She rips the first letter in half. Outside, Shayne gets there. Shayne asks Reva about Dinah. Reva says, "I don't know about Dinah." Frank is clueless. Inside Company, Reva talks to Billy trying to get him to reassure her that Jeffrey will be alright. Frank questions Reva about the call. She starts crying. Josh tries to calm her. Ashley, Daisy and Christina get together and talk about the check to Berkley. At Company, Buzz opens the brown package to find books. Outside the SPD, Remy tells Cyrus of a report of the diamonds. In his car, Cyrus reaches for a blue bag. There are diamonds in it. He then writes a note. Marina still takes to Henry about Edmond. At Cedars Billy tries once again to calm Reva down. Outside Company, Shayne questions Frank about the plane. Frank then says that maybe they are dead. Reva tells Frank that is not what she wants to hear.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

One Life to Live did not air today due to ABC's coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial service.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Phyllis starts to send Nick home to get Summer’s favorite bunny when Noah and Daniel arrive with the bunny. Nick lets Noah and Daniel know that they are not allowed to see Summer. Mary Jane says good-morning to her stuffed cat. Mary Jane reveals that she had given Summer a peanut butter laced kiss because Phyllis had to be stopped from going after Jack. Daniel asks if someone had turned Phyllis in to the police. Nikki tells Victor that Daniel and Noah are with Nick and Phyllis. Rafe visits Victor at the Athletics' Club. Victor tells Rafe that he had brought him down here to discuss Adam. Victor tells Rafe what had happened to Adam in prison with the hypodermic needle. Victor wants Rafe to find out who had done this to Adam in prison. Sharon visits Nick and Phyllis at the hospital. Sharon finds out that someone had filed an anonymous report against Phyllis. Phyllis leaves the hospital. Sharon starts to go after her, but Nick stops her. Sharon promises that maybe she can help. Nick tells Nikki that Jack is the father of Sharon’s baby. Victor orders Mary Jane away from his family. Rafe accuses Adam of lying about what had happened to him in prison. Mary Jane plans on making Sharon go away too just like she had with Phyllis.

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