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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Randi meets with Henry in a hotel room in Washington. When Henry begins to make advances toward Randi, she lets him know that she is married, but he doesn’t want to take “no” for an answer. Randi picks up a bookend and hits Henry in the side of the head with it. In the living room of the Chandler mansion, Erica tries to get Annie to confess to the murder of Stuart. Annie attacks Erica and tries to choke her to death. When Erica tells Adam about the attack, Adam takes Annie’s side calls for his security guards to have Erica arrested. J.R. arrives and wants to know what is going on. Zach arrives at Ryan’s apartment to let him know that Kendall is gone. After Zach leaves, Kendall walks in from off the balcony. Kendall lets Ryan know that she doesn’t want to let Zach know that she is still in town. Randi knocks Henry unconscious with the bookend.

At the hospital, Jesse lets Angie know that he is resigning as the Chief of Police. Erica visits Ryan to let him know what had happened with Annie. Kendall overhears their conversation from the patio. Madison walks in to Henry’s hotel room and finds him bleeding. She picks up the bookend and draws it back on Henry. Kendall walks into the living room of the Chandler mansion from the tunnels and finds Adam alone. She tries to talk some sense into him concerning Erica ,but he refuses to listen. Kendall lets Adam know that she believes that Annie had killed Stuart. Adam begins to re-think what Kendall is saying. Kendall also lets him know that she has a plan. Randi walks into Henry’s hotel room and finds him dead. Jesse comes in and catches Randi with Henry. Jesse examines Henry and finds that he is dead. Randi explains to him what had happened. Adam tells J.R. and Annie that he is beginning to remember what had happened the night that Stuart was killed.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Brooke that she just has to accept this. Her time with Ridge is over. Let him go to Taylor and enjoy the happiness and peace of mind he deserves. Brooke says she has listened to everything Stephanie said and now it is her turn for Stephanie to listen to her. She reminds Stephanie not to forget for a moment that their story is not over. It isn’t. Their lives are intertwined. He just needs some time to heal and Taylor and the kids can do that for him. But make no mistake, she and Ridge are not over, they never will be. She knows she is the only woman Ridge will ever love and has this hold on him. Knowing that, she is at peace. Nick grouses that they are too late. The weasel is already married to his mother. Owen is using his mother, and this quickie wedding proves it. He plied her with mai tai after mai tai and got her loaded and dragged her to the ceremony, no escape, no prenup. Nick packs and insists that he is going back to L.A. tonight. He wants to check with his accountant and make sure he makes the first move before Owen does.

Felicia and Thorne corner their dad and say they need to talk privately. They are making it official; they are leaving the company. Donna scoffs and asks them to just forget her and think about their father. He deserves that from his children. Eric asks what do they want to happen. Their mother is not coming back to the company. So if they are determined to break his heart and keep his grandchildren out of his life, then go. He’s sorry it has to end this way. He watches as they walk out. On the heels of this, Brooke walks in and tells Eric that she knows this is bad timing, but she needs to leave also and would like a leave of absence. She can’t say how long it will be. Jackie says it is a fantasy come true. Owen guides her to a canopied honeymoon bed on the beach with candles and tiki torches aglow. Tonight they are the only ones there. Nick is determined to forget about his mother long enough to make Bridget’s last night here in Hawaii one to remember.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel rushes Chloe to the hospital. She makes it through ok, but her toxicology screens come back negative. Maggie and Lexie both try to convince Daniel to get Chloe another doctor, since he is too involved, and he eventually agrees, to Kate’s chagrin. Kate vows to herself to make sure Chloe doesn’t survive next time. Max says goodbye to Melanie, Bo and Caroline, and leaves for London. Bo warns Nathan about Melanie. Sami does some internet research on Emily and learns that she died the day she was to be wed to Rafe. Arianna warns Rafe not to tell Sami the truth about Emily, and she worries that Sami will do some digging on her own, despite her promise to Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason isn’t impressed with Spinelli’s singing. Sonny gives Johnny a lecture because Dominic got away alive. Claudia takes Sonny’s side. Michael takes Morgan for a drive and the two come back safely. Carly gets upset with Edward for letting Michael take the car out. Carly is calm when the boys return and simply asks Michael how he liked driving his new car. Dominic tries to convince Kristina to give him the security code to Sonny’s house. Dominic claims he wants a job working security for Sonny. Later, Dominic goes to the Z cabin and talks with his crew about taking Sonny out. Robin shares her theory about Andrea with Patrick. Unbeknownst to Robin and Patrick, Andrea is listening in on their conversation. Robin tells Alexis she doubts the mayor’s guilt. Maxie tries to persuade Spinelli to cancel his singing debut at Jake’s. Spinelli promises to make Maxie “proud.” Spinelli then overhears Maxie on the phone with Patrick asking him to have Coleman cancel the Karaoke night. Sonny wants Claudia to keep Johnny “away from” Olivia. Edward offers to take Michael on a “tour” of ELQ but Michael isn’t interested. Sonny comes by the Q mansion to take Michael’s car keys until he gets his license. Sonny insists that Michael take driving lessons. Carly arrives at the mansion with Michael’s temporary license in hand. Andrea lurks around Alexis’ house, not realizing Kristina is home. Jason and Johnny head to the Z cabin to take care of business. The shooting starts and Johnny and Jason are the only men left standing in the end. Olivia comes home and is grabbed from behind by Dominic.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ashley goes to see Reva for pre interview talk. Ashley asks Reva if she is okay. Reva, "I am fine. Olivia tries to get Natalia but only gets her answering machine. Lizzie is having jitters about her family and the wedding. At the Spaulding Mansion, Alex and Beth are going over some plans. James comes in bored. Alex kids that he can come with them to do some errands. At Company, Josh, Billy and Frank are talking about the upcoming wedding of Bill and Lizzie. At Cedars, Phillip goes in for a blood test that Lillian does. They talk about how he is going to tell them of his condition. While there, Phillip gets a call from Billy about where to have a bash for Bill and play pool. Phillip arrives home to invite the boys to the pool playing party. Shayne visits his mother upset. Reva gives him some motherly advice about his emotions. Beth gets Bill involved in the wedding prep. Olivia goes to the SPD to file a report. Frank takes her report. They talk about Natalia. Olivia is worried. The house is empty. Beth gets Lizzie to her bridal shower. The guests are Alexandra, Vanessa, Lillian and Ashley. Beth gets all sappy about how her "Little Girl" grew up. At the pool room is Billy, Josh, Shayne, Phillip and Alan. Olivia goes to the church hoping to find Natalia. She sees Fr Ray. She asks him about Natalia. When asked if she was okay, Fr Ray says, "No she wasn't." He continues to tell her that Nat was confused. And didn't want to let her down. Everyone except Alan is enjoying the bachelor party. Reva arrives at the bridal shower. They decide to play pin the tail on the sexy male poster. At the Food Court, Josh runs into James. Josh asks James, "Why aren't you at the bachelor party. Even your stuffy old grandfather is there." James just shrugs it off. Olivia goes to Nat's and starts to leave a note, only to throw her purse at the front door and collapse crying. Outside the pool hall, James and Phillip go at it again with James just walking away and Phillip shaking his head. Lizzie gets away from her bridal shower to meet up with Bill. Alan tries to get them to argue with him. Alan gives up and leaves. Reva is outside and gets a phone call on her cell.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Cole's wedding is underway. It appears awkward. But nobody prevents it from going through until John comes through the door. John has been talking to the judge who sentenced Cole and has convinced him to let Cole go undercover in order to bust the drug dealer. But he tells John that they have a one month deadline. Gigi and Rex are ready to get back together. But he still knows he must make Stacy believe that he's "with" her. Schuyler has his reservations that Rex is faithful to Gigi when he remembers Stacy informing him that she and Rex slept together. Natalie admits to Jessica that she was wrong to judge Brody harshly and knows that he is the man for her sister. Meanwhile, Brody goes to the police station ready to give up on applying for a job when it asks if he's ever been convicted for a felony or hospitalized for psychiatric disorders. But Bo finds him and tells him he'd like to give him a chance.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

+Michael, Nick and Phyllis meet with Heather to discuss the case against Phyllis for deliberately hurting Summer in order to get Nick back. Neil brings Lily some medicine to take in order for her to relax. Nina tells Kay that all this is so unbelievable about Philip. Nina tells Jill that Philip as well as Cane has to pay for what they had done. Mary Jane talks to her kitty and tells it that this will keep Phyllis busy and away from Jack. Cane arrives to see Katherine, but Nina doesn’t want Cane to see Katherine, Katherine sees Cane and agrees to see him. Katherine puts Cane out of her room. Cane visits Lily to try to talk to her. Neil interrupts them and orders Cane to stay away from Lily. Philip begins to open up to Nina about how he had staged his own death. Heather meets with Mary Jane and lets her know that it will remain a secret that it had been Mary Jane that had reported Phyllis. Phyllis and Nick find a guard outside of Summer’s hospital room.

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