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AMC Recap Written by Laurie

Jesse gets upset with Tad for not confiding his suspicions about Annie.  Henry has no interest in considering Annie as a suspect, but he wants Jesse to find something incriminating on Kendall.  Ryan and Erica share a close moment as they despair about Kendall's fate.  Although she tries to reassure her mother, Kendall realizes that everyone's testimony is going to incriminate her.  When she expresses her fears to Ryan, he counsels her to hold on to the fact that she's innocent, but Kendall feels guilty for the mess she's made of her family and her life and believes she's doomed.. Randi tells Zach that Henry once had feelings for her.  Realizing she has to help Jesse and Kendall get the D.A. off their backs, Randi lies and tells Frankie she has to leave town on business.  Instead she heads to Washington to find Henry who proposes that Randi sleep with him, saying he will be willing to leave her family alone.

Annie kisses Adam when he proposes they sleep in the same room to comfort each other. Confiding his nightmares to Annie, Adam asks her to help him remember the night of his brother's murder. Annie insists they were together when Stuart was shot, and she didn't do it. When he's caught spying on the Chandler Mansion grounds, Aidan insists to Adam that Annie is Stuart’s murderer.  Although Adam wants him arrested, Annie exhorts her benefactor to set Aidan free. When Erica confronts Annie about killing Stuart, she gets violent and starts choking Erica.  After spending time with her boys, Kendall seems to vanish.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Emily questions Larry if he ever knew an Aurora Hunter and were they lovers. This would have been around the time Alison was born. She wants to know if he and Aurora used Emily's eggs to have a baby. He denies it all. Emily will just have to accept the fact that her eggs are gone and they won’t ever figure all of this out. So they can talk more privately, Larry invites Emily to his suite and they have a drink. All of this seems pretty farfetched to him, so no need to worry Hunter about this. Emily spills her drink and while Larry is retrieving a cloth to clean up, she grabs his comb and stuffs it in an envelope and puts it in her purse. Meanwhile Hunter and Alison kiss and he wants to take it further. She insists they both are in a bad place right now, but she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Sleeping with him right now would be a huge mistake. He tells her that she can go as the last thing he wants is for him to feel sorry for him. Adam and Casey continue to be at each other’s throat. Casey even blames his breakup with Alison on Adam. Adam tells him that he is not the bad guy here, so that is just an excuse. Go find Alison and explain to her and make up. Craig brings his sis flowers and gives Margo the good news that he and Carly are getting married. He just wants her good wishes….oh and her house just for a little while. He knows it is corny, but this is the real thing. It feels like he is marrying the girl of his dreams. Against her better judgment, she says she is happy for him and yes he can use her house. Carly has a bad day with pricking her finger and getting blood on her wedding dress/veil. She grabs the bottle and takes a swig for her comfort as Rosanna walks in. Rosanna wants them to celebrate and to get Carly away from the stress by taking her out to lunch. Craig interrupts and wants to speak with Carly alone. He reminds her that she should not be near alcohol. Rosanna interrupts but when Craig won’t explain, she tells Carly they can have lunch another time. Casey finds Alison in Hunter’s room and in the melee Hunter admits he loves Alison. Casey wishes them a good life and charges off. Carly begs Craig not to tell Rosanna about her drinking. She doesn’t want her watchful eye all around her on her wedding day. Rosanna questions Parker about how his mom really is, she seems stressful. Emily confiscates Hunter’s coffee mug so she can get a DNA testing. Hunter clears out his desk and tells Emily that he is quitting. She makes him promise to stay in touch. Larry discovers that his money clip is missing and finds it on the floor where Emily dropped it. Craig asks Parker to be his best man. While fixing dinner, Rosanna finds a bottle of vodka in Carly’s spice cabinet and asks her about it. Carly claims she did not want to tempt Parker. Later Rosanna pours champagne and will not take no for an answer and insists they all toast to the marriage. Carly manages to fake drinking it. Margo goes home from the hospital. Alison shows up and Casey is very cool toward her. Adam tells her that he is sorry that Casey is taking out his frustrations on her. Emily barges into Hunter’s room and tells him no matter if he has a bus to catch, she has something important to tell him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge hugs Steffy, and Taylor explains that she told Thomas and Steffy about him and Brooke. She just wanted to spare him those details. Thomas moves some bags and boxes around and insists they want him back home. Ridge doesn’t want to make any big decisions right now, but will think about it. He tells Taylor that he’s not sure he should even be around other people right now in his frame of mind. Stephanie shows up at Brooke’s door…..not to gloat as Brooke thinks but to say she was wrong about Brooke. She wants to thank her for loving her son. She never realized Brooke was so unselfish. Brooke tells her that she has been in love with Ridge for most of her life and thought she would spend her entire life with him, but she assures her that she does not need a shoulder to cry on and certainly not Stephanie’s. Stephanie tries to paint a rosier picture about Brooke’s future, but Brooke pooh-poohs any hint of a future romance. That part of her life is over. Owen and Jackie and Bridget and Nick are only a few feet apart separated only by potted plants while they contemplate breakfast. Bridget talks to Owen and firmly insists that he check out today otherwise he will get his butt publicly whipped. Nick checks in with Clarke to find out where Owen and Jackie went and if they are together. Jackie keeps putting Owen off when he asks about getting married. She just doesn’t see what the big rush is. Nick rants to Bridget that Owen is up to something. It’s really ruining their honeymoon since he knows he is getting dramatic and not giving her all the attention she deserves. Despite her wanting Brooke out of their lives, Stephanie now only feels very sad with pity and sympathy.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

NBC will not air Days of Our Lives today due to the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Alexis tries to explain her affair with the mayor to Molly after Kristina shows her (Molly) something on the Internet. After Molly leaves, Kristina and Alexis have a disagreement. Michael settles in with the Q’s. Carly worries that the Q’s will “spoil” Michael. Jax advises Carly to distance herself a little bit from Michael. Edward arranges for Michael to have an in home physical therapist and a car. Michael takes Morgan for a ride, against Edward’s better judgment. Dominic tells Johnny he wants a job with Sonny. Dominic later goes to see Kristina. Coleman asks Patrick to be his first Karaoke singer at the bar but he refuses. Maxie gets angry when Spinelli agrees to be Coleman’s first performer, thinking he’s a bad singer. Robin’s interest perks up when Toussaint says he has a background in “investigating,” so she fills Toussaint in on the mayor’s story. Robin suspects that the mayor’s wife may be the killer. Olivia turns down a long weekend with Johnny, saying she’s making a trip home. Carly finds an excuse to go check up on Michael. Carly gets upset when Edward tells her the boys went for a drive in Michael’s car.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Everyone gets ready for the 4th of July except Phillip and Lillian, who are at Cedars. As Phillip leaves Cedars, Lillian cries. At the park where everyone is getting ready for the 4th, Rick and is kidding around as Daisy arrives. At the home of Olivia, Emma wants to get going to the park for the celebration. She tells Olivia, "I don't want to miss the games. Olivia and Natalia are on the phone discussing what they will tell their friends at the 4th of July BBQ. After they hang up, Natalia sigs. Lillian is at work and on the phone with Beth. She tells her Phillip needs his family together. James gets on the phone with Lillian. She suggests he go to the BBQ and be with Phillip. Then Lillian calls the pilot of Alan's plane pretending to be his secretary. She tells him that Mr. Spaulding has canceled his trip and ordered the pilot and backup pilot to go on vacation. At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan gets a call confirming it. When he is told what happened he wants to know who ordered a vacation in July. At the BBQ more people are arriving. Rick is talking to Blake and Frank. Seems he hasn't bought any of the fixings for the BBQ. Frank makes a list of what they need and goes shopping. Lillian arrives. When she sees Phillip she gets all teary eyed. He tells her that they are there to celebrate what the meaning of the 4th July is with family and friends. Phillip talks with Danny Santos, until Danny gets interrupted by one of his kids. Blake sees Natalia out on the sidewalk. She doesn't look good. Blake becomes concerned. Natalia brushes her off by saying, "It's nothing, I gotta go." Phillip is having a nice conversation with Olivia about Emma and today. Frank finds Natalia at the store in an aisle upset. He asks her, "Nat, you ok?" She says she is fine and smiles. He offers to give her a ride to the BBQ, she declines by saying, "I am not ready to go over yet." Games with the kids start. There is laughing. Phillip is happy to see his daughters happy. James and Daisy get away and talk. She doesn't want to hear what he has to say and leaves. Phillip walks over to a surprised Bill. They talk about their love for Lizzie. Lizzie then walks up handing Bill a drink. Olivia is in charge of passing out drinks and asks if anyone is ok. She talks to Frank. Olivia tells him Natalie is ok. Daisy finds Rafe and hands him a plate of food. Natalia decides to go to talk to Fr Ray. She asks him a question that is hard to answer about being punished. Mindy goes to sit near Billy and talk. He tells her she is beautiful and brings her toward him for a kiss on the forehead. Rick makes an announcement about a game of either an egg toss or a hot dog toss. Back at the church, Fr. Ray is trying to recover from what Natalia said. She has told him of her pregnancy. He tells her to sit and think. Back at the BBQ, Emma grabs Phillip's hand for an egg toss partner.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian tries to persuade Mo, Shawn, Viki and Charlie to attend Starr's wedding. But they want nothing to do with her. Markko tries to persuade his parents to attend and is having similar difficulty. Everybody has their doubts. But the families and friends of the young couple all surround them. Jessica and Brody are getting closer. He reveals that he'd like to pursue a career in law enforcement but believes it's not realistic since cops cannot have criminal records or psychiatric history. Yet, Bo sees him at the station and appears to surprise him. Bo and John work on the mayor to get him to let Cole uncover the drug case for them and get his charges reversed. But the judge says no. Yet John will not give up.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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