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AMC Recap Written by Nathan

Amanda asks Jake who her son's adoptive parents are. He hesitates at first but after seeing how important it is to her, he makes up a story about a couple of high school sweethearts who wanted a baby. Amanda excuses herself to get a tissue and Tad, who overheard Jake's tale, confronts him. He urges Jake to tell Amanda the truth when she comes back but he doesn't. He does, however, manages to cheer her up.

Aidan continues spying on Annie and Erica joins him. They hear the conversation between her and Kendall and after sensing that Annie is angry, Erica rushes to her daughter's side. As usual, Adam quickly jumps to Annie's defense. After the Kane women leave, Annie spots Aidan outside. After listening to his theory on how she killed Stuart, Annie tries to alert security. Aidan leaves and Annie runs into Adam's arms, who tells her that she'll be sleeping with him tonight.

After Zach interrupts the meeting between Ryan, Tad, and North, North informs them that Ryan and Tad will have to testify at Kendall's trial. Zach becomes angry and warns Ryan to stop trying to save Kendall as he is only making things worse. North finds Madison at Zach's casino and argues with her. This pushes Madison into confiding in Zach that North lost the love of his life before he met her. She also tells him that he regularly cheats on her and is planning a weekend getaway in Washington D.C. Natalia walks in on Frankie and Randi almost making love and informs the newlyweds that she's looking for a new place to stay, so that she won't become a third wheel. Later, North visits Randi at her apartment and asks her to go to D.C. with him. After Madison asks Zach to inform her if North visits the same woman more than once, Zach sees North leaving Randi's apartment. Kendall confronts Tad about what happened in the D.A.'s office. As she asks him to lie on the stand for her, Jesse walks up to them.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Allison and Hunter make up, as she learns his mother has died. Casey arrives wanting to talk with Allison about his mom and Riley being Adam, but Allison blows him off to be with Hunter, which doesn’t sit well with Casey, who ends up almost coming to blows with him. A furious Allison sends him on his way without knowing why he came to see her. Later, Allison finds out from her mom about Margo and feels horrible that she blew Casey off. She goes to see him, but Casey doesn’t want to talk with her. Allison ends up back with Hunter, as he continues to wrestle with how his mother died without telling him the truth about his dad. Allison promises to get him through this, as Hunter wonders why she is so loyal to him, as Allison admits that she doesn’t know what draws her to him when they end up in each other’s arms kissing. Dusty and Damian continue to be at each other’s throats thanks to the machinations of Paul, who pretends to be Damian when he makes off with Dusty’s laptop with his presentation for a multi million dollar deal on it. This sends Dusty off at Damian in front of Meg and Lily when he searches Damian’s room and finds the laptop thanks to Paul. He promises there will be retaliation, as Meg is frustrated and overwhelmed with their arguing and stomps off. Paul conveniently offers her a shoulder again. After speaking with Lily, Damian tries to make peace with Dusty, but Dusty doesn’t want anything to do with his olive branch and Damian decides he can’t back down either now. Susan tells Emily that she tested her eggs and wasn’t surprised that they aren’t hers. She suspects Larry is playing some kind of game. Emily is not rushing to believe this, but also is desperate to get answers from Larry at the same time. She meets with Larry, who feigns ignorance and tells her that someone must have mismarked her eggs, but Emily is very leery. After Emily bumps into Hunter and learns his mother died and the story behind the name Tristan Wagner, Emily recalls talking with Larry about his favorite opera with the same name. She keeps this to herself, but has to wonder about the connection. Later, Emily confronts Larry and wonders if he ever knew a woman named Aurora Hunter.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that no, he will not accept this is the end for them. She tells him that she never thought he’d be unfaithful and that is the one thing their marriage can not survive. Taylor leaves them alone to sort this out. Brooke repeats that their beautiful romance has finally come to an end. Taylor is the one who can bring him that peace where she can’t. She tells Taylor that they both share two beautiful children together and have suffered a loss. She thinks they need to be with each other. Brooke gives her instructions for Taylor to take Ridge, love him and be good for him. She tells Ridge that he can heal with Taylor. She takes their hands and puts them together and tells Taylor to take care of Ridge for her. She walks out the door and dissolves onto the ground. Nick and Bridget enjoy moments in the sun, but he keeps checking his messages to find out where his mother is and if she is alone. Owen follows Jackie and demands that she not keep him waiting. He needs an answer to his marriage proposal. While Jackie is learning to surf, Bridget jogs on the beach and runs into Owen. She asks why he is here. Both agree that they need to keep Nick and Jackie apart or this could get ugly. Bridget convinces Nick to order dinner in and watch a movie. While she showers, Nick wanders out on the patio and spies a boat looking like The Marlin. Someone must have stolen the plans, he grouses to Bridget. She’s just relieved that he didn’t spy Owen and Jackie. They even hear voices coming from the adjoining room, but try to dismiss it. Stephanie can’t wait to inform Felicia and Thorne that Ridge stayed the night and slept with Taylor.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate convinces Chloe to eat the entire poisoned apple, even though Chloe thinks it tastes weird. Kate tells Lucas, Daniel, and Chloe that she plans on doing a segment with Daniel and Chloe about Chloe’s recovery from leukemia, and Chloe and Daniel saving her life through the bone marrow transplant. Later, Daniel takes an ailing Chloe home. She collapses in his arms on her doorstep. Kate and Lucas have an argument about Chloe, but Kate claims she is happy for Lucas as long as he is happy with Chloe. Brady and Arianna have another run-in, and Arianna asks Brady to try to convince Sami to dump Rafe. Brady refuses, and tells Arianna he is concerned about her. Fearful that he is hitting on her, she says she isn’t ready for a relationship. Brady says he isn’t either, and the two agree to be friends. Brady tells Maggie later that he can’t get her off of his mind. Maggie advises him to take things slow. Meanwhile, Melanie makes plans to get Brady and Arianna together alone at the Horton cabin. Sami and Rafe argue about Emily, and Sami is angry that Rafe doesn’t seem to know her that well, since he was surprised she was snooping for information. The two later make up and make love. Sami goes to order take-out, and when she looks for money in Rafe’s wallet, she comes across a memorial card for Emily.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Alexis is relieved her secret is out so the mayor can no longer blackmail her. Robin and Patrick tell Alexis they doubt the mayor is guilty of murder. Later, Alexis tells Diane the circumstances of her one night with the mayor. Ethan spends time with Liz. Coleman returns Spinelli’s lost PDA then asks Maxie for tips on drumming up business for the bar. Spinelli thinks the bar needs some class. Claudia leaves Jax’s office in a huff. Jax and Carly agree to work together to get Michael out of Sonny’s house. Michael begs Sonny to let him stay. Sonny says his house is “too dangerous” for Michael. Jason takes Michael to the Q’s but not before Michael tells everyone (Jax and Carly included) that he “hates” them. Rebecca agrees to move in with Nikolas. A drunken Ethan summons Rebecca to her room at Kelly’s. Ethan accuses Rebecca of wanting to replace Emily, and then reminds her “Nikolas is the mark.” Rebecca insists she still wants to be with Ethan. Claudia tells Johnny that Jax knows the truth about her role in the shooting. Johnny’s hope is that nobody spills the news to Sonny. Lulu goes to Nikolas to discuss Ethan’s place in the Spencer family. Sonny tells Claudia the move to the Q’s was the right decision. Claudia promises never to take her baby “away from” Sonny. Edward and family welcome Michael to the mansion but they end up bickering. Jason tells Michael to call him if things at the Q's start to get to him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

While visiting his grave, Phillip gets a call from Frank to get to the station concerning James. Olivia and Emma have some mother daughter time getting ready for the 4th of July. Buzz's stove stops working. Phillip visits James at his cell. Alan arrives to tell them both that he's made the arrest go away like it didn't happen. At Olivia's, she and Natalia are talking about the 4th of July and spending it together at the BBQ. Doris arrives and Olivia tells her that she is going to the Bauer BBQ with Natalia. Natalia tells Blake she is pregnant with Frank's child. Blake promises to keep it a secret from him and others. Beth meets Phillip outside the SPD and tells her that James went home with Alan. Doris and Olivia have a few laughs. At Reva's, she has little Colin on her lap telling him staying home watching Baseball with Grandpa will be a lot more fun. Beth and Phillip are talking about James. Beth figures working for Alan might make James see what Alan is really like and then he can go back to school in the fall. Phillip isn't to keen on the idea. Natalia and Blake go to Cedars to see if Natalia is pregnant. The test come back positive. Natalia gets a call on her cell just as she leaves Cedars Hospital, it is Olivia inviting her to a 4th party. Natalia tells her she can't.

OLTL Recap Written by Jen P.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Cane's DNA is revealed, or is it? After the initial DNA test states Cane is Philip, Paul tells Nina that the tech from the lab confirmed that the blood was tainted. Mary Jane is cracking up and her identity as Patty Williams is revealed in a dream. Phyllis is accused by authorities of poisoning an unconscious Summer. Sharon refuses to move in with Jack for the sake of the baby.

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