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AMC Recap Written by Nathan

Tad has flashbacks to the night of Stuart's murder. He begins to remember seeing a woman running away from the terrace. After Kendall informs Ryan that the D.A. has moved her trial up, Ryan shares his suspicions that Annie is the real killer. Zach and Ryan argue over whether Ryan should tell the D.A. because Zach feels that North would not listen to him. Zach receives a call that Madison North is at his casino, and he leaves to go pump her for information. Unfortunately, she does not give in and instead warns him that her husband will destroy Kendall on the witness stand. Ryan goes to pick up Emma from Tad's house and Tad shares his memories with him. Ryan immediately takes Tad to see D.A. North, who gets Tad to admit that the woman he saw could have been Kendall and not Annie. After Colby finds Liza's fake pregnancy belly, Liza lies and says that it was a cushion for her back. Amanda and Jake comes to check in on them and Amanda holds baby Stuart, not realizing that it is her own son. After they leave, Colby tells an emotional Liza that she has decided to move in with her and the new baby. Meanwhile, Amanda becomes even more depressed after holding the baby and asks Jake to tell her who her son's adoptive parents are.

After learning that Adam moved his gun, Annie assures him that she did not kill Stuart. As she starts to prepare dinner, Kendall comes by and asks Annie to help her piece together what happened on the night of Stuart's murder. After hearing her story, Annie sarcastically claims that she was the one who shot Stuart. After Scott pitches Adam and JR a new mission statement for the company, Adam turns him down. Scott then begins to remind the two what Stuart would have wanted, and JR decides to join forces with him.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Meg packs Eliza’s bag for Paul to take her overnight. She refuses to talk about Dusty when he brings it up. Tom asks Casey if he thanked Riley for saving Margo’s life. Riley (Adam) speaks up and says Margo actually saved his first. Tom gets a phone call and relays the message that Col. Mayer has been caught and Luke and Noah are fine. Casey wants to talk to his Dad, but Tom wants to stay until Margo falls asleep….the talk can wait. Adam and Casey have lunch, be danged who might see them. Casey says it doesn’t matter what Adam and Margo want; his dad deserves to know that Riley is Adam. And he isn’t buying Adam’s excuse that he ran off to Afghanistan to build houses and now only wants to be near his family. Dusty tells Bonnie he is on his way to see Meg. He hopes they can have a brand new start. Bonnie bumps into Paul and grouses to him that she wishes all these men, Dusty, Damian, probably even Paul are falling all over themselves, when Meg just wants to be left alone. Damian tells Meg the news about Col. Mayer as well. He also confesses that he’s not sure the new him will wipe out the memories of the old him in Luke’s eyes. Dusty shows up as Damian hugs Meg, and Meg accuses Dusty of spying on her. He realizes that she feels she doesn’t need him in her life anymore. What she doesn’t want is his bullying and controlling her life.

Margo tells Adam that a mother just knows. She’s glad he is back. He realizes he messed things up by not telling everyone who he really was. She begs Adam to find Casey and tell him not to tell Tom the truth now. She tells Adam that God forgive her, but she is not going to turn him in. He is sick of running and feels whatever happens will happen. Tom tells Casey that he is proud of him the way he has treated being around Riley. Casey puts off the talk that he must have with his dad. He tells Margo and Adam that he doesn’t know if or when he will tell his dad. Margo asks to talk to Casey alone. She tells him that she knows they can not keep up this lie forever, but for now just let her please be a mother to both of her sons. Meg takes out her frustrations on Damian and demands that he stand by but just let her fight her own battles. Both Paul and Damian overhear Dusty tell Bonnie that his relationship with Meg is over for good. Paul cuts one of the fuel lines on Damian’s ship at the docks. Damian gets the phone call and accuses Dusty. He vows that he will pay for this. Meg allows Paul to accompany her and Eliza home. They feel pretty good that it has taken a while, but they are acting like responsible parents. Casey tells Adam that he will keep his mouth shut because his mom is too fragile right now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is staggered when Ridge tells her that he slept with Taylor….one time….one night…..he’s sorry. She knows he was frustrated with Rick and upset with her, and Taylor was just there. She doesn’t know how he could betray her this way. Taylor gave him medication and did this to them. She rants that Taylor could not get him on his own so she drugged him. He admits he found comfort with Taylor. He hates to make excuses but…..Without knowing of the other’s presence, Owen and Jackie are in the adjoining room next to Nick and Bridget. They share the back patio and Nick grouses about all the wet clothes thrown over on their side of the balcony. Owen and Jackie surf and come in to change clothes. Owen makes secret arrangements by phone. Brooke pounds on Taylor’s door and demands to be let in. She storms in and tells Taylor that she knows everything. She slept with her husband. She looks at Stephanie and accuses her of being thrilled with this. They probably were in on this together. Stephanie says Taylor does not have to defend herself or offer any excuses. Taylor tells Brooke that Brooke practically handed Ridge to her because Brooke was not there for him when he needed her on his side.

Nick wants to play golf. Bridget whacks the ball into Jackie’s sun hat. Jackie turns around, but does not see them. Owen asks Jackie to marry him right here on the beach. It will make him the happiest man in the world. Taylor tells Brooke that she let him down. Brooke blames Taylor for giving Ridge the pills and then letting him go farther. Ridge walks in and won’t let Brooke continue to berate Taylor. He claims that he tried to explain to her, but she didn’t stay and listen to all of it. He did not want to hurt her. It was a terrible, terrible mistake. Brooke takes that mistake very seriously. This was not just a tramp, but a woman that he was married to, in love with. It feels like he is picking Taylor over her. She doesn’t know what else to say but goodbye.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie decides to break off her engagement to Philip. She tells him she loves him, but that she can’t continue to live in his home and accept his gifts knowing what he and his father do for a living. Chloe and Daniel both admit to Maggie that they still love each other. Chloe vows to make things work with Lucas, while Daniel vows never to stop loving Chloe. Kate poisons an apple from a gift basket Daniel sent Chloe. She follows Chloe around town, trying to get her to eat the poisoned apple and avoiding a mishap when Allie nearly eats it instead. As Kate watches, Chloe complains to Daniel about Kate and takes a bite out of the apple. Sami questions Rafe about Emily, but he refuses to talk about her. Later, Sami asks Arianna about her, but Rafe overhears and blows up, warning her to never speak of Emily again. Nicole tries to convince EJ that she can’t take Sami’s place in Johnny’s heart, and that he should be allowed to see his mother. EJ refuses to listen to her. Stefano warns Nicole that Rafe may be onto her in regards to the baby switch. Nicole panics. Stefano vows to keep an eye on Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli says he wants to have “courtly love” with Maxie. Spinelli wants to avoid anyone suffering heartbreak. Maxie is confused as to what kind of relationship Spinelli wants. Later, Robin tries to help Maxie understand what Spinelli is talking about. Liz is against Rebecca moving in with Nikolas. Ethan and Rebecca meet on Spoon Island. Rebecca refuses to leave the island with Ethan and returns to Nik. Alexis and Kristina argue over the affair with the mayor. Alexis tries to explain herself and apologizes to Kristina. After a disagreement with Alexis, Michael goes home and tells Sonny about the affair. Carly and Sonny disagree about Michael going to live with the Q’s. After Carly tells him about Sonny’s objections, Jason talks with Sonny about sending Michael to the Q’s. Jax has Olivia call Claudia over. Jax tells Claudia if she doesn’t convince Sonny to let Michael live with the Q’s, he’s telling Sonny the truth about Claudia’s role in the shooting. Carly finds Jax talking with Claudia. Robin and Patrick begin to doubt the mayor’s guilt. Liz talks with Ethan about his relationship with Lucky.

GL Recap Written by Tanya

Lizzie practices cooking for her wedding, along with Ashlee, Christina, Buzz and Phillip, which ends up in a food fight. Phillip goes to Lillian as part of his treatment for his terminal illness, he tells her that he has no intentions of telling anyone in his family. Blake talks to Natalia about the possibility of being pregnant which leads to her questioning Natalia about her sexual relationship with both Frank and Olivia. Natalia later goes to the store with Olivia and goes back in after Olivia leaves to buy a pregnancy test. Olivia talks with Phillip about telling Emma about her and Natalia. He tells her that he doesn’t have a problem as long as Emma is happy and secure. James attempts to be a part of Spaulding Enterprises only to cut out on a meeting to hang out with Daisy, only to get pulled over by the police for drinking and driving.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Destiny, Matthew, Shawn and Rachel sit at the palace and wait for Greg to join them for dinner. When he does not show up, they are disappointed and suspicious. Meanwhile, we see Greg at Capricorn with an attractive woman. Clint, Nora and Bo notice him. Clint and Nora are hopeful that he can help Matthew walk. But Bo admits he is skeptical. Rex admits to Gigi that he has never stopped loving her and has to "play" Stacy so that she believes what they want her to believe in order to get her to tell Rex who the real donor is. Yet, Kyle, Natalie and Jared go to the hospital and find out he died. They still haven't a clue who he is. Only Roxy knows. A nurse from the hospital knocks Roxy out and takes the spare bag of blood with Shane's stem cells that Kyle has gotten for her. And the woman brings it to Stacy.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jill and Kay fight which results in Kay having a stroke and being rushed to the hospital. Billy prays for help and happiness for Mac, Mac overhears and professing her love and desire to be with him. Jana is released on bail but her and Daniel are still in big trouble, trouble that Amber believes can be linked to her past. Devon reads Tyra the riot act about her relationship with Neil and it turns out that he is correct Neil is not ready to play house with Tyra.

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