Monday 6/29/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

After burying his son's ashes next to Babe, David cries on Krystal's shoulder about his miserable life, then they kiss. Marissa doesn't know what to make of her parents' new closeness and rails at them with J.R.'s help. Sensing a closeness between them, David screams at Marissa not to get involved with a drunk like J.R., because he'll destroy her like he did Babe. When Marissa defends J.R., Krystal stops the arguing by asking David to take her home. J.R. explains that when he kissed Marissa, he was thinking of his dead wife. Once alone at her gravesite, J.R. sees Babe and thinks he'll never feel that kind of love again. In the Martin basement, Jake continues to help Liza "give birth" while keeping everyone away, but Amanda goes down to tell them the paramedics are on their way. Jake uses fake blood and other supplies to make it look as though Liza has just given birth, then they impatiently wait for Tad to bring the baby. An officer stops Tad for swerving on the road and questions him about the baby, then lets him off with a warning to be more careful. Jake calls his brother and warns him that the house is full of people, so Tad gets the infant in through the basement window. Jake then gently places Amanda's baby in Liza's arms, saying he is now her little boy. Liza decides to name him Stuart and asks Colby to help her raise him. When the EMTs arrive, Tad feigns chest pains so they will take him to the hospital instead of Liza. After getting checked out, he asks Taylor for a dinner date. Back at the Martin house, Amanda is not having an easy time hearing the baby cry. Krystal comforts her then rushes to the hospital with David to check on Tad. Although Jake tries to discourage her from visiting Liza, Amanda goes downstairs and looks at her son sleeping in Liza's arms. Liza breathes a sigh of relief when Amanda congratulates her.

Annie finds Adam's gun and recalls firing it before. When Adam enters the room, she points the gun at him then fires it when Ryan startles her by bursting into the room with Erica in tow. Although Erica and Ryan urge him to report her to the police, Adam continues to defend his houseguest, but once alone with her, he asks her what she was thinking about when she was staring at the spot where Stuart died. Annie insists she didn't kill his brother and kisses Adam. Erica, Ryan, and Aidan agree on their notion that Annie killed Stuart and are afraid she will do the same to Adam. Erica visits Adam again and warns him that Annie will kill him. Over a couple of beers, Ryan and Aidan forge an allegiance to get proof of Annie's guilt.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Riley is comforting an injured Margo calling her mom before she awakens. However, when a worried Casey shows up at his house after having told Luke and Noah about how Riley is a fraud, Margo shocks him when she tells Casey that Riley is actually Adam. Casey is stunned and believes that she doesn’t know what she is talking about, but Riley confirms it. Margo is taken to the hospital where she needs to go into surgery to remove the bullet so Casey and Riley sit down to talk. Riley explains as best he can, how he came to be Riley Morgan. Casey doesn’t believe him at first, but then he seems to believe him, but it doesn’t help because he is so furious with Adam that no matter what Adam says, Casey is not going to listen or care. Later, when Margo comes through her surgery, Tom is waiting but Margo doesn’t let him in on Riley’s real identity. When Tom goes to thank Riley for saving Margo, Margo asks Casey to lie to Tom and everyone because if anyone knows the truth then Adam will have to go to jail. Casey doesn’t understand why he had to go to jail, as Margo reminds him that Adam would go away for many years and she just got him back. Casey doesn’t feel comfortable lying to his dad especially and doesn’t think he can do it, much to Margo’s chagrin. When Tom and Riley walk back into the room, Tom can see they were talking about something important and asks them what it was. Noah is headed back to work when Col Meyer grabs him and pleads with him to come with him so they can talk. Noah is unsure at first, but then finally agrees to it. When Luke goes to talk with Noah and finds out that he didn’t show up at work and then finds his knapsack abandoned by a bench, he goes to Damian worried. Luke later finds out from Casey that Col. Meyer is alive and so he and Damian construct a plan involving Lt. Hasboro after they deduce he was involved. Col. Meyer tries to explain why he came back, and how he hopes to mend fences with Noah especially after hearing his words in his movie. Noah has mixed feelings because he is his father but he can’t get past what he did and thinks that his dad needs professional help. Col. Meyer wants them to go away together, but Noah turns him down and tells him that he needs to pay for his crimes. Luke and Damian meet with Lt. Hasboro under false pretenses, but he figures out something is up and tries to run. Damian and Luke catch up to him and are able to ‘force’ the Lt. to tell them where Col. Meyer is staying and what he has planned. They show up just after Col. Meyer has convinced Noah to help him at least get away even if he won’t go with him. Luke tries to get Noah to see that letting his father get away, will only make it worse for him. Noah fights it at first because he still can’t get over that he would be turning his own father in, but he finally sees the light and comes to his senses and calls the police to turn in his fugitive father.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke has hope that Ridge will tell her that he is coming back home. He declares that she doesn’t know how much he wants that too. She says he can tell her anything, they can deal with it and get on with their lives. He starts with that Taylor has been a Godsend at this time after Phoebe’s death. They ended up at Big Bear and there he took some antidepressant medication. It meant all the world of difference in him coping. Nick thought they were going to spend their first day in bed, but Bridget has other ideas. She’s decked out and ready to go out in the sun and fun. On the gorgeous beach, he tries, but Mr. Fuddy-duddy doesn’t want to swim or go snorkeling, just wants to get back to bed. Owen and Jackie loll in bed in the same paradise. Taylor tells Stephanie that she wishes it weren’t true, but it is. The bond between Ridge and Brooke is so strong that even now he is going to stay with her. Back in their room, Nick is in his paradise but keeps getting phone interruptions until he is ready to strangle them. Clark tells him that his mother and Owen are MIA. Love is not always enough, Taylor tells Stephanie. She reminds Taylor that it’s not just love for Ridge but peace of mind and stability. Ridge doesn’t know if he and Brooke can get it back. It pretty much depends on her. Slowly he says that he was so messed up for so long. He was having a meltdown. Then suddenly he could breathe again. His cares were lifted off his shoulders. He wasn’t himself, and he wasn’t thinking about anything but feeling good. He didn’t want to hurt Brooke, but he can’t lie to her. He confesses that he and Taylor had sex….they made love.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole takes Johnny to see Sami, and warns her to tell Rafe to stop snooping at the mansion, saying that EJ will crack down on her outings with Johnny and beef up security. Sami thanks Nicole for all she has done, and vows to make peace with her, if it helps her to get her son back. EJ and Stefano talk to Judge Fitzpatrick in an attempt to get her to rule in their favor regarding the custody hearing. She claims that while what Sami did was wrong, the case isn’t so simple, and she refuses to promise them anything. Rafe continues to investigate Nicole, and questions Brady as to where she was volunteering when she met Mia. Brady claims he doesn’t know anything about it. Melanie attempts to play matchmaker with Brady and Arianna, but they both tell her to back off. Rafe divulges to Arianna that he doesn’t plan on ever telling Sami about Emily. However, Sami sees him visiting Emily’s grave at the cemetery and asks Rafe who she is. An unidentified man reads an article about Hope in the paper and circles her picture. Bo confides in Hope about his recent vision of Zach, and how Zach told him Ciara will be in trouble if she loses her bear. They both decide to put Ciara’s teddy bear in a safe place so that she won’t lose it. Stephanie confides in Father Matt about her doubts regarding Philip and the kind of man he is. She asks for his advice, but he thinks she has already made up her mind as to what she should do. Stephanie admits that she has. After Melanie tells Philip something is wrong with Stephanie, he frantically tries to reach her. He finds her prescription bottle of pills.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

The mayor claims Alexis is “framing” him for murder because he ended his affair with her. Kristina is upset with the news and Robin ushers her out of the PCPD. Alexis says she will hand the mayor’s case to one of her assistants. Robin and Patrick tell Alexis about the medical evidence that lead them to believe Brianna was murdered. Alexis admits she slept with the mayor the night she saw Ric with Sam. Nikolas spends an evening with Rebecca watching a horror movie. Liz wonders if Lucky is taking out his anger for her on Ethan. Jason apologizes to Monica for pushing her away after his accident. Jason asks Monica to “give Michael” all the love he (Jason) refused from the Q’s. Monica and Edward promise to take care of Michael. Carly is angry with Sonny for handing Michael a car without talking with her first. Kristina calls Michael over and tells him about Alexis and the mayor. Alexis isn’t happy to find Michael at her house with Kristina. Lulu does her best to reunite her brothers. Carly calls Jason and tells him about the car. Spinelli tells Maxie even though he has deep feelings for her, they can’t ever be intimate again. Maxie claims she’s “changed” and she only has feelings for Spinelli. Jason comes home just as Maxie and Spinelli are kissing. Robin begins to doubt the mayor’s guilt. Nikolas tells Liz he’s asking Rebecca to move in with him. Ethan comes to Spoon Island to check up on Rebecca. Carly tells Sonny she’s sending Michael to live with the Q’s.

GL Recap Written by Tanya

Mallet walks up on Marina and Shayne as they are talking about protecting their son, but Marina covers by talking about the investigation. Mallet then goes off on Shayne about letting Dinah leave town and Shayne retaliates by almost telling him the truth about Henry but Marina stops him and asks him to walk away. Mallet figures out that Henry is Shayne’s son after he saw the way he was looking at Henry and after he confronts Marina, she tells him the truth. Josh continues to watch over Reva from a distance as Shayne tells Reva that Jeffrey and Dinah have been shot at. Natalia and Olivia have talks with Father Ray and Doris about their situation together. Olivia tries to talk to Rafe and get him to support his mom instead of running away from her. As Natalia talks with Blake, she realizes that she may be pregnant.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Cole persuade Todd and Blair to sign for the to get married even though both parents are against it. John works to get Cole cleared of the charged and informs Bo that the same cop who instantly showed up to bust Cole for suspicion right after Asher found him and gave him the free bag also happens to be the one who messed up Asher's case. And it's entirely possible that there's a conspiracy to set Cole up. When Gigi goes to attempt to get Rex back and tells him everything about Stacy, he does not believe her, tells her they are through and that he's seeing Stacy. But right when she's ready to accept it, he comes to see her and kisses her. Schuyler reveals that he may regret encouraging Gigi to get back with Rex since he'd like to be with Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Cane takes another DNA test thanks to Nina who is trying to convince everyone in Genoa City that Cane is bad news; her next victim is Neil. Lily spies Cane's phone and notices numerous out-going calls to Uncle Langley. Summer is still fighting for her life, while Mary Jane tells Phyllis that Nick is not Sharon's baby daddy it is Jack. With this news she thinks Jack will stay away from "RED" (Phyllis) but he comes to check on her and Summer and this infuriates Mary Jane who hatches another plot to get Phyllis, by stating in earshot of Heather that Phyllis maliciously did this to get Nick's attention. Nick confronts Sharon about the baby's paternity. Victor is found out by Jeffrey, Jill and Glo and goes to Jill to ask her to call off her dogs but she refuses. Kay's health is failing.

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