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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Confusion bar, Taylor lets Tad know that she feels that she doesn’t love Brot anymore. Brot walks in. They kiss. At the Chandler mansion, Annie meets with Dr. Nolan. Dr. Nolan questions Annie about Greenlee. Ryan watches the session from the patio. Erica meets with Colby and Adam to try to keep Adam occupied so that Adam won’t interfere with Ryan and Erica's plan for Annie . At the funeral, David delivers the eulogy for his dead son. Amanda interrupts and starts to tell David the truth when Liza feigns labor pains. All is pandemonium as Jake and Tad have to think of an alternate plan to this situation. Aidan supplies Annie with a device that will disable the ankle bracelet. Amanda delivers her eulogy to the baby. David asks if the baby can be buried beside Babe. Krystal okays the burial. Tad and Jake manage to get Liza to Tad’s house and into the basement. Jake orders Tad to go for Liza’s baby while he takes care of things here. Ryan gets a call from Erica to see if their plan is going as planned. Taylor tells Brot that she loves him, but not in love with him.

Colby arrives at Tad’s to help Liza in the “fake” labor pains. Tad receives the baby. Brot and Taylor dance to a slow dance. Amanda, David and Krystal bury the baby’s remains. Tad gets stopped by the police. Annie steals the gun out of the drawer. She picks it up and aims it toward the patio doors. She remembers shooting Stuart. Hearing a noise behind her, Annie wheels around and aims the gun at Adam. Amanda walks in on Liza having false contractions.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Jack confronts Carly about her drinking. Carly denies drinking and tells Jack that it was only seltzer water. Craig becomes suspicious of Carly as to whether or not she is drinking again. Carly sees through Craig’s hesitation and questions him if he believes that she is drinking. At the diner, Parker is upset at the thought that he had caught his Mother drinking. Rosanna walks in. Parker hugs Rosanna. Margo intercepts a call from the Veterans’ Administration for Casey. Casey walks in and questions her about the call, but Margo lies and tells him that it was nothing . Casey begins to leave, but Margo stops him and wants to know what is going on. Luke readies to go with Noah to the Army base, but Noah has his doubts about Luke accompanying him. Riley join them. Noah tells Riles that Luke is going to accompany him, but Riley has his doubts. Riley puts Noah off by telling him to let him talk to Hasbro again about Luke joining them. Riley goes to see Hasbro, but Hasbro insists that Noah come alone. Riley calls Noah to tell him the news. Noah recounts the story to Luke, who has his doubts about this whole situation. Carly and Craig argue when Carly thinks that Craig believes Jack about her drinking. Carly calls off the wedding. Craig talks to her and changes her mind so the wedding is back on. Parker offers Rosanna back her money, but she refuses. Rosanna lets Parker know that she has an interview for the manager position at the Wagon Wheel. Jack pours out his heart to Janet that Carly is drinking again. Jack suggests that Parker and Sage move in with them at the ranch. Janet has her reservations. Craig meets with Rosanna at the Lakeview and asks her to move in with Carly. Casey gets the information that he needs to prove that Riley isn’t who he says he is. Casey immediately takes the info and shares it with Noah and Luke. Riley overhears. Riley attempts to leave town, but is stopped at gunpoint by Hasbro . Carly accepts the idea of Rosanna moving in with her. Casey takes the info to Margo about Riley, not being who he says he is. Margo arrives and interrupts Hasbro holding Riley at gunpoint. Margo gets shot in the process. Hasbro is also shot, but escapes. Riley holds Margo and begs his Mother not to die.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the wedding, Felicia tells her dad that she and Thorne are leaving Forrester’s. He says they can’t, it’s a family business. Thorne says yeah, a Logan family business and it’s time they joined their mother and moved on. Brooke catches Ridge glaring at Rick. She says he is only dancing with his sister, the bride, so don’t hold that against him. He’d mentioned earlier that he had something important to tell her. Now is a good time. Taylor butts in and tells him their daughter has something to tell the both of them. Steffy says she is going to be taking it slow. She is going to take all summer to get to know Rick better. If he is the man she thinks he is, she hopes Ridge and Taylor can accept that as well. Ridge says if he trusted Rick even a little bit, he could accept this. But he doesn’t and he won’t. Owen tells Jackie that he doesn’t want her to worry about Stephanie leaving and going back to Eric. He has a surprise for her that she will love. Eric tells Stephanie that Felicia and Thorne have reached their limits and are leaving. The company is floundering, and he took her for granted and he shouldn’t have done that. Nick tells Clarke that while he is away he wants him to keep his eye on Owen and call him if he does anything at all shifty. Taylor glares at Brooke as she sees Brooke spirit Ridge away in privacy. Before Brooke can get anything out of him, Nick and Bridget interrupt to say goodbye. Nick approaches Owen and tells him the party is over. He can go. Bridget grabs Nick instead before anything can break out. Jackie hugs Nick and tells him to stay on his honeymoon as long as he can. The main thing is to take care of his precious, precious wife.

Eric tells Thorne and Felicia that he is not going to make a scene at a wedding, but this is not over. He wants to see them in his office first thing tomorrow morning. Bill flirts with Katie while dancing. Ridge tells Taylor that he really needs to tell Brooke. If he keeps this secret, it won’t be much of a marriage. He gripes to Brooke that he doesn’t know why Steffy and Rick have to be so public with everything. He can’t come home because of that. But there are things happening that he didn’t expect and he needs to tell her about. Nick carries Bridget over the threshold of the plane. They make love and she is thrilled when she hears they are going to Hawaii. Likewise Jackie is delightfully surprised when she finds that Owen has tickets for them to leave for Hawaii tonight. Stephanie finally gets Taylor to confide in “her best friend” and is dumbfounded when Taylor tells her that Ridge was high on medication when he made love to her and doesn’t even remember it. Now he’s going to reveal all to Brooke. Ridge finds a private room and tells Brooke that he doesn’t want any secrets between them. There is something he needs to tell her right now.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nathan and Melanie argue about Nick. Maggie tells Nathan what really happened to Nick and he apologizes to Melanie. Melanie brings Stephanie back her pills. Chloe convinces Stephanie to talk to Father Matt. Chloe and Daniel literally run into each other as they pass on the street. Kate uses computer software to edit the tape recording to make it sound like Daniel professed his love for Chloe. Chloe gives Lucas an old family photo album he thought had been lost in the fire. Rafe interrogates Nicole about Mia and then tries to convince her to speak on behalf of Sami during the custody hearing. Philip asks Lucas to be his best man but Lucas refuses because of how Victor treats Chloe.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Kristina is bitter about her relationship with Sonny. Claudia sneaks Kristina out of the house and away from Dominic before her parents see her. Kristina doubles back to make certain Michael is ok. Johnny comes over to get Dominic out of Sonny’s house. Carly convinces Jason that Michael should live with the Q’s. The Q’s are thrilled and Jason has a chat with Monica. Jason figures maybe Monica can deal with Michael because of what she went through with him (Jason). Edward tells Jason he should move back into the mansion too. Carly insists that the Q’s don’t down Sonny, Jason, or her and says she can see Michael whenever she wants to. Sonny refuses to let Michael into the business. Sonny buys Michael a new car. Robin, Patrick, Maxie, and Spinelli present Mac with the murder evidence. Mac arrests the mayor. The mayor says Alexis can’t prosecute him since they had an affair. Kristina is at the PCPD when the mayor makes his announcement. Lulu invites Lucky and family for lunch but doesn’t tell him she’s bringing Ethan. Lucky over reacts so Lulu and Ethan leave. Olivia and Johnny spend some quality time together.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Remy tells Cyrus he is going to the cops with the diamonds. Cyrus is trying to change Remy's mind about doing so. At Company, Blake is helping Buzz and Marina is there with little Henry. She gives the baby to Buzz and takes off as Christina arrives. At the television studio, Shayne and Ashlee are talking about Dinah and his relationship. Frank and Mallet are talking about the case. Mallet tells Frank, "All I want to do is bring them all in, Reva, Josh, Jeffrey." At the home of Olivia and Natalia, they are talking about their day. Outside, Remy agrees to wear a wire. Cyrus laughs at the plan. Shayne and Ashlee go to see Dinah. Ashlee wants Shayne to talk to her. AT the SPD, Ashlee arrives to tell them that Dinah is up to something. That she never calls into the station to where she is going lately. Mallet and Frank find a picture of Dinah and Jeffrey dressed up in Naval uniforms. Mallet wants to know what that is about. Mallet is talking to Marina about the case and tells her he wants it over and done with. Shayne stops by Company to ask if anyone has seen Dinah. Remy asks Cyrus to cuff and then punch him. Christina sees something she shouldn't then gets in her car and drives off. A woman named Shayla talks to Olivia about Emma. At Company, Blake and Natalia are talking about Natalia and Olivia. Natalia mentions they need time apart. Blake then gets wise to Natalia and Olivia's "relationship". In Olivia's bedroom, she and Emma talk, though Olivia really doesn't want to go into what Emma wants to know. A hostage situation occurs when Christina gets too close to what Remy is doing. Cyrus' partner grabs her and holds a gun to her. At Cedars, Mallet runs into Ashlee. At the park, Shayne is with little Henry when Marina comes and takes him away. She threatens to take Henry away. Shayne tells her that is not necessary. Mallet wants to know from Ashlee about how to go about getting blood types. She tells him how to go about it. In a parking lot where the hostage taking is going down between Christina and Cyrus' partner. Remy says she is under arrest. Hostage situation over. Cyrus, Christina and Remy now want to celebrate. Mallet finds Marina and Shayne together but doesn't approach them.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair know that TOdd is bluffing when he tells Starr and Cole that he will approve their marriage. So she stops telling them that she believes they are too young and she signs the papers. At that point, everybody wonders why TOdd is not happy now that she's on the same page as he is. Tea then comes over and plays the tape recording where TOdd tells her he will kill Cole if COle thinks he's going to marry Starr. ANd at that point, Todd knows the only choice he has is to approve the marriage. Gigi goes to talk to Rex and attempts to convince him that STacy falsified that she was the stem cell donor for Shane and blackmailed Gigi to break up with Rex or else Shane will die. Schuyler realizes that maybe he did the wrong thing be encouraging Gigi to get back with Rex because he wants Gigi. Natalie and Jared offer to drop the charges against Kyle Lewis so that he will tell Gigi who SHane's real stem cell donor is. Yet, Roxy has her own reasons for doing that for him whic are so that he does not reveal that secret that she does not want anybody to know.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Newman house, Victor wants to go to see Adam, but Ashley talks him out of it. Adam pretends to have feelings for Rafe in order to keep him from searching his room. Mac is surprised that Sharon had taken a paternity test and the baby could be Billy’s. Chloe lets Mac know that Billy had slept with Sharon. Jack wants to be with Mary Jane, but she can tell that he is preoccupied. Sharon reads the D.N.A results and finds that the baby is Nick’s. The doctor tells Phyllis and Nick that Summer is comatose and may have brain damage. Mac starts to leave Billy’s room, but Billy stops her and wants to explain. Billy sees that Chloe is enjoying every minute of this. Phyllis begs Summer to open her eyes. Phyllis urges Nick to talk to Summer. Sharon talks to her baby and is thankful that she and Nick can be a family with their daughter. Nick comforts Phyllis. Victor and Ashley find out about Summer being comatose. Adam tells Rafe to go. The doctor tells Phyllis that Summer may suffer from permanent brain damage. Phyllis blames herself for not throwing away the peanut butter cookies. Sharon arrives at the hospital and finds out that Summer is comatose. Sharon refuses to tell Nick that he is the father. Sharon catches up with Jack and lets him know that he is the father of her baby.

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