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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the bar in the casino, Madison talks to Zach and advises to get Kendall to take the deal that Henry is offering Kendall. At Zach’s home, Kendall makes some very hurtful remarks concerning Henry’s wife which he doesn’t like too much. Henry advises Kendall to take the deal or not that she would be going to prison for Stuart’s murder. Erica accepts Adam’s invitation to dinner with him and Annie. At the Chandler mansion, Ryan tells Annie that no one is getting his daughter. Annie turns around and spies the brass fireplace shovel. At the hospital, Frankie wakes up from his surgery and finds Randi there beside him. She asks him how is he feeling when Jesse and Angie come in to join them. Kendall denies firing the gun that killed Stuart. Adam tells Annie that Erica and Ryan will be joining them for dinner. Annie refuses to eat dinner with Erica and Ryan. At the casino, Henry walks in and sees Madison at the game table . Henry orders Zach to stay away from Madison.

Angie and Jesse get good news that Frankie may be regain use of his hands. Randi tells Frankie that Angie is only trying to help, but Frankie puts her out of his room. Henry wants Jesse to put Zach in jail, but Jesse refuses. Jesse warns Henry about Zach and about Erica. Randi walks up and notices the confrontation between Jesse and Henry. Randi questions Jesse as to what that was all about, but Jesse refuses to tell her. Zach receives a call from Madison, but she refuses to say anything. Erica manages to push the right buttons to make Annie lose her “cool.” At home, Ryan thanks Erica for helping him as he gives her a kiss on the cheek. Annie tells Adam that she hadn’t let Erica get to her like that . Randi catches up with Henry in one of the hospital rooms and confronts him as to what had went on between him and Jesse. Frankie can move his fingers, but there is no one around to share it with.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At Al’s, Hunter gets Alison’s attention. Alison lets Hunter know that she and Casey bad broken up. Hunter is thrilled. At the hospital, Emily tells Susan that she is letting Larry handle finding her eggs. Sadly, Meg tells Holden that she had broken up with Dusty. In his hotel room, Dusty, on the phone, blasts someone, who is trying to take over his company. Bonnie stops by and tries to lift Dusty’s spirits. Damian, talking to Lily, explains how much trouble that Worldwide is in. Damian can’t deny his feelings for Meg. At the nursing home, Hunter introduces Alison to his Mom. Larry finds Emily’s eggs and delvers them to her in a Styrofoam cooler. He reminds her that they have to be tested. Hunter finds that Tristan Wagner is the name on his birth certificate. Hunter goes to visit Tristan Wagner, but finds him to be an African-American. Hunter kisses Alison, Alison pulls away and tells Hunter that he is out of his mind. Damian sells back the shares of Worldwide to Dusty. Damian offers his apologes to Meg, who thinks that Damian uses his money to manipulate people in order to get what he wants. Outside, Lily tells Holden what Damian had done concerning Worldwide. Dusty invites Bonnie out .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In his last hour as a single man, Nick can’t keep his hands off of Bridget. She stops the kisses long enough to tell him he has to be at the chapel in an hour so better move it. He goes to the office where Rick has been frantic with worry since Nick is late. Nick quips that he does not want Owen there, so if he shows up, just shoot him. Katie helps Bridget get ready. Stephanie flips through a photo album and tells Ridge she is thinking about other weddings. He doesn’t want to talk about or answer any questions about last night with Taylor. Taylor remembers her night of lovemaking with Ridge and then her finding the bottle of pills. Brooke shows up early and is happy Taylor answered the door as she wants to speak with her. She tells her that she knows she has been helping Ridge with his grief, and she appreciates that and for Taylor not taking advantage of the situation. Jackie helps Owen get dressed and assures him that Nick is not going to change her mind. They are a couple. Nick runs into Owen all dressed up at the office and makes a snide remark about him being all dressed up and no place to go – he is not going to his wedding. Nick interrupts girl talk and needs to talk to his mother. He tells her that he just saw Owen and he’s glad she came to her senses. Marcus and friend greet Beth and Stephen and ask about Paris. Felicia and Thorne grin as they see their parents friendly with each other. Most are surprised to see Bill Spencer there but he says Nick invited him and this is an important Forrester gathering so he wouldn’t miss it. Ridge explains to Taylor that his mother has been asking a lot of questions but he has held her off since he knows she will go straight to Brooke. Stephanie makes note that Rick is there with Steffy. Brooke gives Bridget a last minute family heirloom. Bridget beams that in a moment she is going to be Mrs. Nick Marone again, married to a man that she adores. Bill flirts with Katie. At the altar Nick is livid when Jackie shows up with Owen. Nick starts to make a scene and Jackie speaks with him privately to please not do this. Many in the room chuckle when they see Jackie and Owen. Nick tells Rick that he will take care of all of this later. Brooke walks down the aisle, the congregation rises for the entrance of the bride on Eric’s arm. Sitting on opposite sides as the ceremony begins, Ridge exchanges glances with Taylor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate stops Lucas from eating one of the poisoned eggs. Kate tricks Daniel into having a private conversation about his feelings for Chloe while she secretly tape records it. Lucas and Chloe move into their own home. Rafe talks to Will about supporting Sami. Philip prevents Stephanie from accepting Sami’s request to blame EJ for her kidnapping. Rafe stops Sami from taking the kids and going on the run. Despite being told not to feel sympathy for Sami, Nicole decides to go against the family and work with Sami to see Johnny. Stephanie takes too many pills and falls on the patio before passing out.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam tries to talk some sense into Kristina about her recent behavior. Sam goes to Jason and says “trouble” is brewing with Michael and Kristina. Michael tells Jason what happened with Morgan. Michael says he wants to be taken into Sonny’s business. Claudia hides her surviving shooter (Dominic) in her bedroom. Dominic tells Claudia that Johnny pushed Jason “out of the line of fire.” Claudia confronts Johnny. Andrea talks with Patrick about settling the lawsuit “quickly and quietly.” Later, Patrick and Robin go have a talk with the mayor. The mayor claims he wants the murderer caught, if in fact there is one. Ric and Andrea have another meeting. After Matt is told his office is off limits per a subpoena, Toussaint catches Maxie trying to break in. Maxie claims she’s trying to surprise Matt. Maxie tells Matt that Spinelli is trying to prove him innocent. Alexis almost catches Kristina at Sonny’s house. Claudia catches Alexis lecturing Michael. Alexis and Claudia argue. Jason confides in Sam about Michael. Meanwhile, Michael goes to Johnny and says he wants to “learn the business” from him. Johnny turns Michael down as Jason walks in. Andrea comes back to GH and confronts Matt. She calls Matt incompetent and slaps him. Kristina runs into Dominic while she’s hiding in Sonny’s house.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip visits Dr. Ed Bauer. They talk about past Bauer BBQs. Ed gives him a physical and blood work. Phillip tells Ed that his headaches are back. Then they change the subject to families. Ed shows him pictures of Michelle, and Phillip Ed about Lizzie getting married. James starts community service picking up trash from the park. Alan shows up. He hired someone to do James' community service and tells James to come with him. At the Spaulding Residence, Beth and Alexandra are talking about James and his community service. Beth hopes that the marriage will bring Lizzie and Phillip closer. Back at Dr. Ed Bauer's office, Phillip waits for the results. In Alan's car, Alan tells James he has now finished his community service. Alan suggest a meal and a game of one on one. Alan tells James, "You're going down." Phillip is at his car when Dr. Rick Bauer shows up outside Ed's office in California. Rick wants to know what Phillip is doing. And Phillip wants to know what Rick is doing in California and at his Dad's office. They both see Ed. Beth tells Phillip what Alan did to get James out of community service. She tells Phillip, "I am getting tired of Alan fixing things over and over again." At Company, Beth sees Alan a James there. Alan offers Beth half his hamburger. Beth is livid. Rick and Ed are in Ed's office and Phillip is listening to them in the doorway, smiling. In a field, Rick and Phillip are walking and talking about Beth and their friendship. After a bit, Rick wants to know what he is doing in California visiting Ed. At Company, Buzz is giving James advice for staying clean. Beth is furious at Alan for what just happened with James. Rick and Phillip are at the Basketball court playing one on one when a couple of guys show up. Rick speaks to them while Phillip watches. Then they start playing 2 on 2. At Company, Buzz gives James a root beer and hamburger and more advice to which Alan hears on his way in and he being sarcastic thanks Buzz. Beth goes crying to Lillian. At the basketball court the 2 on 2 is over and Rick and Phillip are trying to recover from playing with the younger guys. After the game, Phillip looks at his cell and sees a text message from Dr Ed Bauer. At Company, Alan is trying to tell James the good in what he did to help him. Lillian gives Beth advice to tell James to get independent from the family. Beth just doesn't know what to do. Phillip is back at Dr Ed Bauer. Ed tells, Phillip, "What you have is untreatable." He doesn't go any further. Phillip leaves Ed's office and goes walking.

OLTL Recap Written by Jen P.

Dr. Greg shows up in Llanview and takes Matthew's case. He is reunited with Shaun and Destiny. Shaun doesn't believe he's there for his family, just the big check he'll get from the Buchanan's. Brody tells Rex that there's more to Gigi's actions than Rex knows about and that he shouldn't trust Stacy, but believe in Gigi. Stacy has her first ballet class where she has a run-in with Jessica. They exchange harsh words and Jessica takes Bree out of her class. Stacy tells the little girls they aren't going to be dancing at Lincoln Center, but end up as strippers in Las Vegas. Gigi, at Schuyler's urging, fills Natalie and Jared in on what Stacy has done and Natalie tells her that she'll drop the charges against Kyle and help her find the real donor if Gigi will tell Rex the truth. Dorian and Langston meet Markko's father and Dorian lets it slip that Markko and Langston had sex. To help win his father over, Dorian decides to have a dinner with all the people she has wronged in the past.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor calls J.T. and Victoria to come to the ranch. Ashley comes downstairs and lets Victor know that she is going to town. Victor advises her not to go near the courthouse or Estella’s arraignment. Adam comes inside. Victor questions him as to where he had been. Adam lets him know that he had been outside. Victor apologizes for Adam not being able to participate in the stem cell trial. J.T. tells Victoria that Victor had had Estella arrested. Nikki vows to be in court to give Estella emotional support. Nikki tells J.T. and Victoria that she believes that Adam is behind all this and she is going to prove it . Noah stops Rafe and asks him for legal advice. Noah tells Rafe that he wants to be emancipated minor .Nick calls Noah and tells him to meet him and Sharon at the Athletics' Club. Sharon asks Nick if he is sure about the house on Rampart lane. Nick lets her know that he is. Mary Jane talks to her kitty when there is a knock on the door and it is Jack. Jack questions Mary Jane as to what the business is. Nikki explains to J.T. and Victoria that Adam had an accomplice. Victor feels that he had failed Adam. Heather secretly goes upstairs to see Adam. Adam tells Heather that he is going blind. Victor asks Victoria to rebuild his collection. In court, Nikki offers Estella emotional support when Ashley walks in. Nikki assures Ashley that Estella had been set up by Adam. Mary Jane tells Jack that she is falling for him. Jack tells Mary Jane that she is the only woman that he wants to be with. Nick and Sharon tell Noah about the house. Noah tells Nick and Sharon that he wants to be emancipated. The judge sets Estella’s bail at $5,000.

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