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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach questions Kendall as to why she is lying to the children. Kendall denies lying to them. At Tad’s house, Tad heads the children to the kitchen. Amanda tells Jake and Opal that she feels that she had made the right decision to keep her baby safe. Jake suggests a walk on the beach for Amanda. Tad urges Jake to tell Amanda the truth about her baby and that Liza is getting the baby. Jake refuses to tell Amanda anything. Jack lets D.A. North know that he has no physical evidence against Kendall, but D.A. thinks otherwise. Madison interrupts and tells D.A. North that he had promised no business. Zach receives a call and leaves. Erica tells Ryan that Annie has her first appointment with the court appointed therapist. Erica makes plans to keep Adam away from Annie while Ryan sneaks over to the Chandler mansion to talk to Annie about Emma. Annie meets with her therapist and tells him that she is afraid that she will lose Emma. Adam and Liza decide to work together for Colby’s sake. Annie questions Liza as to what Dr. Nolan had said about her. Zach meets up with D.A. and Madison North at the casino. Zach orders them a special bottle of champagne. Kendall calls D.A. North to set up a meeting with him to discuss the trial.

Ryan visits Annie at the Chandler mansion to discuss Emma. Zach and Madison play a game of twenty-one in which Madison loses all her money. Madison begs Zach not to tell Henry. Zach gives Madison back all her money. Zach and Madison discuss Kendall’s trial, but Madison is on the side of her husband. Liza visits Tad. Tad urges Liza to tell Jake that she had changed her mind. Tad lets it slip that Amanda had held the baby. Adam join Erica at the clothing boutique. Adam invites Erica to join him and Annie for a celebratory dinner. Erica accepts, but decides to bring a guest. Annie accuses Ryan of being paranoid when it comes to Emma. Kendall meets with D.A. North and tries to offer him a bribe, which he refuses. D.A. North advises Kendall to be ready for the trial. Kendall sees through D.A. North and sees that it is really his wife, Madison that he is wanting to send to prison. Ryan tells Annie that he will protect Emma at all costs. Annie turns around and sees the copper shovel sitting in front of the fireplace.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Emily and Larry meet at the Lakeview and she confronts him about his signature being on the receipt that had transferred her eggs from memorial to the University of Chicago. Alison meets up with Riley, who is looking for an apartment. At home, Casey comes out of the bedroom, to find Margo, sitting at the table, feeling very depressed. Casey offers to take her out to breakfast, but she refuses. Noah questions as to why he had even wanted to become a filmmaker. Luke encourages him that he is very talented. Luke advises Noah to go see Hasbro about his location shoot at Fort Leonard Wood. Alison confronts Casey about Riley’s looking for an apartment. Casey feels that that is great. Alison tells Casey to tell Margo the truth about the watch. Casey refuses. Hasbro refuses to take Noah’s call. Luke suggests getting Riley involved to be their military liaison. After talking, Riley, reluctantly, agrees to help them .Emily demands to know from Larry as to where her eggs are. Margo comes to the hospital, looking for Bob, to give her some anti-depressants. Margo finds out that Bob is gone. Emily tells Susan that she is going to a fertility specialist to have the tubal ligation reversed, but receives bad news. Larry vows to search for Emily’s eggs. Alison gives Margo Riley’s watch and explains everything to Margo about Casey. Margo confronts Casey. Riley meets with Lieutenant Hasbro but finds that it is Lieutenant Hasbro at all but Colonel Winston Mayer, who is Noah’s father, who is supposed to have died. Winston agrees to keep Riley’s secret as long as Riley keeps Winston’s secret. Noah and Luke agrees to Winston’s terms. Alison breaks up with Casey. Margo gives Riley back his watch and invites him back home. Riley, reluctantly, agrees.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the office, Bridget plies Nick with kisses and tries to get him to reveal the secret about the honeymoon. He chides her just to concentrate on not screwing up the vows, he’ll take care of the honeymoon. Brooke will stand up for her and Rick will be his best man. But if they don’t get it right this time, her old man will have his head along with a few other vital body parts. His mother is thrilled about this and she will be showing up with bells on….without Owen as both have them have been told. Jackie tries to assure Owen that his fears are ungrounded. Nick has not heard the last on this subject from her. He’s her fiancée and that’s it. He will accompany her to the wedding. Taylor thinks back on the night before and finding the pills in Ridge’s pocket. Stephanie tells her that this reconciliation she has been hoping for so long is finally happening. She was delighted to wake up this morning and find Taylor had spent the night at the guest house with Ridge. Taylor is evasive though when asked. Donna shares with Eric that she knows he has some reservations, but she really thinks it will work out this time for Bridget and Nick. Owen grouses to Bridget that it is a good thing he likes her, but he’s not sure why she is so hell-bent on marrying Nick again… his condolences this time. Nick shows Jackie one of his latest gifts, a T-shirt from Chuck’s with a certificate for a bucket of chicken wings for him and his bride, a real night out on the town. Lucky Bridget! He says lucky him, she is finally making an honest man out of him for the third and final time. He wastes no time in mentioning Owen and how he is using this as a power play, manipulation, it’s degrading. He warns her how this will look to others when she shows up on Owen’s arm. She reminds him that this is no big deal, older women even past the age of eighty, younger men, and cohabitating. There is plenty of that going around. She would like to see Nick accept her as being happy. She’s asked him time and time again just to give it some time, but she doesn’t think he has tried at all.

Donna tries to put Eric in the mood with a jar of their honey, but he begs off – not tonight. Owen spews to Bridget that her fiancée thinks he’s just some hustler, a pretty boy cruising easy street and manipulating his mother to get it. He’s so dead wrong. Owen stops short of saying what he will do if Nick doesn’t back off. But he has his limits, he’s not a doormat. He will push back, so if Nick doesn’t back off, it will be a big mistake. Nick admits he is so busted. He really wants to see his mother miserable. He has no care for seeing her happy. He just wants to see her boy-toy through her eyes. He compares him to Deacon Sharpe, right down to the buff body and slick smile. She says it’s not that she doesn’t cherish being Nick’s mother, but she wants him to see her as more than that, as a woman ….a woman who is at that stage when she can give herself permission to put her own needs first. And Owen has done that in glorious, unexpected ways. Nick says that scares him and it should her. They don’t know enough about Owen, how and why he came to L.A. even. She says she trusts Owen. He doesn’t talk much about his family, but that doesn’t mean there is anything suspect there. She is not going to have a background check, not even for Nick. And every time that Nick trashes Owen, it just makes her treasure him more. She just hopes than when she does marry Owen, that Nick will accept him and let her be happy. Donna tries once more to liven Eric up. He admits he’s concerned about the company, it’s on the ropes. Sales are way off and he had no idea it would get this bad when he let Stephanie go. Nick shoves Owen into the office and warns him in no uncertain terms what could happen if he shows up tomorrow at his wedding. And there will be no Jackie/Owen marriage, make no mistake about that. Nick won’t be responsible for what he might do. All of this is going to stop when he gets back from his honeymoon.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe questions Nicole again about her connection to Grace, and visits Emily’s grave. We learn Steve and Kayla are running a clinic in a third-world country. Philip and Stephanie try to obtain visas to visit them, but are unsuccessful. Sami vows to get custody of Johnny back from EJ and the two have a screaming match. Later, Sami solicits Philip and Stephanie for help in bringing EJ down. Nicole advises EJ to let Johnny and Sami see each other, for Johnny’s sake, if not for anyone else’s. Kate poisons a new tray of hors d’oeuvres after Chloe accidentally spills the first tray on Daniel. Kate spies on Chloe and Daniel as they help each other with their clothes in an upstairs bedroom. Lucas prepares to eat one of the poisoned deviled eggs.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly calls Michael when she can’t find Morgan. Michael says he’s going looking for Morgan in the woods that lead to Sonny’s house. Claudia’s shooter tells Morgan that Jason shot him. Morgan gives him directions to the main road. Carly heads into the woods and finds Morgan with Claudia’s shooter. Michael suddenly appears from behind but he’s no match for Claudia’s shooter. Carly convinces the shooter to walk away. Michael and Morgan apologize to Carly for their behavior. Carly and Michael share a close moment. Sonny is suspicious of the ambush on Jason and Johnny. Olivia answers Johnny’s phone when Sonny calls at an inopportune time. Johnny heads to Sonny’s and gets grilled on what happened in the woods. Ric comes home to find the mayor’s wife waiting for him. The two discuss the mayor’s affair and the lawsuit. After a passionate night with Nikolas, Rebecca has a dream about Emily. Maxie tries to help Patrick and Robin with some details on the mayor and his mistress. Robin finds medical evidence that convinces her the mayor’s mistress was murdered. After Sonny goes upstairs, Claudia’s shooter shows up at his house.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet calls Josh to ask him to meet him. Lizzie and Bill enjoy some time in bed. At Cedars Hospital, Beth and Lillian are talking about Lizzie getting married. Vanessa and Alexandra at Towers and are talking about Bill and Lizzie and plans for their wedding. Alan tells Phillip he did the right thing for James. And that he'd do the same thing. The subject then changes to Spaulding Enterprises and a Board Meeting to Elect a new CEO. Alan wants Phillip in the running. Phillip doesn't want it. Josh meets Mallet and tells him, "What kind of a man is Jeffrey to let his wife go to jail to protect his own hide." Mallet is curious. Reva goes to see Marina to ask her for a favor and watch Collin for a week. Reva tells her she is going on a trip and doesn't know how long she'll be gone. Once at Marina's, Marina questions Reva about where she is going. Reva is not sure. Josh is at Company on his cell. He is making it as if he is talking to Wanda, but is really talking to Jeffrey. He tells him that the charges against Reva have been dropped. At Bill and Lizzie's, she is looking a fabric swatches. Bill tries to take her mind off it by sex and succeeds. At Food Court, Alex and Vanessa run into Lillian and Beth. They start talking about the wedding. At the Spaulding house, Alan is trying to groom James. After Alan leaves, James and Phillip start talking and get into an argument about Spaulding Enterprises. Vanessa, Alex, Beth and Lillian barge in on Bill and Lizzie. Beth starts talking wedding arrangements, cake tasting, etc. Lillian and Beth shows Lizzie dresses. Billy has a run in with James and talks to him about what he did to Bill. Mallet comes home to find Collin there. Marina tells Mallet Reva is going to visit Hawk. Reva stops by Cedars to get a supply of meds for herself for the trip. Tells the doctor that Collin is with Marina. Josh is in back of her telling her that she isn't going anywhere. Reva tells Josh, "You can't tell me what to do!" Josh explains what Jeffrey did was to keep her safe. "And for once in her life do as I ask." Marina explains why Collin is there. Mallet isn't happy. James is at the offices of Spaulding, talking to Alan about his encounter with Billy. Then Bill shows up to get his things. Lizzie tries on a wedding dress. Billy shows up suggesting that Lizzie could choose her own dress. Josh is summoned to the police station to talk to Mallet, who is full of questions about Jeffrey and Reva. Reva and Marina are at the Mallet's talking about Jeffrey and Collin. At Towers, Lizzie is all dolled up and eating when Bill shows up. At Company, Billy and Vanessa are talking about her afternoon with Lizzie and her female part of her family. At Towers, Alex is there when Alan shows up telling her he has had a good day, that he threw Bill out of the office. Driving, Phillip stops at a house. At Reva's she is holding Collin talking to him like he understands, about Jeffrey and. She puts the lamp in the window. She says to herself, "Jeffery, if you don't come soon I am going to be really pissed off." James is at the basketball court. Alan shows up and starts a one on one..

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Gigi attempts to get Natalie and Jared to drop the charges against Kyle Lewis so that Kyle will tell her who Shane's real donor is. But Natalie and Jared know of no reason to do that. Schuyler tries unsuccessfully to get Kyle to tell him the information. Rex takes Shane to an appointment with a new doctor. Yet they are not certain what to do. Clint surprises Nora, Bo and Matthew by announcing that he's found a neurosurgeon who can help Matthew to walk. Meanwhile, Matthew's friend, Destiny is waiting on them at the country club, as her summer job. She gets fired when she loses it with Justin and Becca. And we find out that Matthew's new doctor, whom Clint has flown in, is Destiny's brother, Greg. Dorian invites Markko's mother to the house and convinces her to reconsider preventing Langston and Markko from seeing each other. The mother is willing to do that. But her husband finds out that Dorian fired Moe, Noelle and Shaun and drugged Charlie Banks. And he concludes that he does not want Dorian or anybody in her family near his son.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Ashley comes looking for Abby at the studio and runs into George, who comments that she is as beautiful as Abby. Ashley thanks him just as Abby join them. Kevin arrives to join Michael and Jana. Jana knew that Kevin would get there in time. Kevin assures Jana they will get her out of here. Eden tells Noah that she needs to get back in there and so does he for the photo shoot. Noah just wants to spend time with Eden, but she tells him that they have to get back to work. Daniel blames himself for Jana being in this mess. Heather comes to visit Adam, but Victor tells her to make the visit fast as he is awaiting a doctor. Dr. Donahue arrives to check Adams’ eyes. Adam calls Dr. Taylor to get over there fast as he had shattered the vial of Botulinum toxins before the other doctor arrives. Heather walks in and tells Adam that Dr. Donahue is here. Adam panics and wants Heather to help cut the ankle bracelet off his leg. A girl from school notices Kevin and remembers him from school. She comments that he was awesome . Ashley visits Abby and tells her that Estella had been arrested.

Victor finds out that Adam doesn’t have retinitis pigmentosa. Victor feels that Adam had been faking his blindness all along and he had been torturing Ashley and the baby. Dr. Donahue tells Victor and Ashley that Adam had been injecting something into his eyes. When confronted about it, Adam lies and tells Victor that that had happened to him in prison. Victor feels guilty for his treatment of Adam and for not believing him. Ashley asks Victor to feel the baby, but Victor doesn’t feel anything. Noah lets Abby know that he is divorcing his parents. Dr. Donahue tells Victor that Adam will suffer permanent blindness.

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