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AMC Recap Written by Mary

D.A. North steps onto the elevator right behind Randi. He reaches over and stops the elevator. He pulls Randi into his arms and kisses her. Randi pulls away and lets him know that she is married. At the Yacht Club, J.R. lets Erica know that Adam had forced them out of the house so that Annie could live there. Erica cannot believe her ears that Adam would do such a thing. At the Chandler mansion, Liza reminds Adam of his promise concerning Colby. Colby walks in and confronts them as to what they were discussing. Colby lets them know that she is old enough to take care of herself. Aidan sees Annie on the Chandler patio and kisses her. Annie lets Aidan know that she doesn’t need him anymore that she has Adam. At the hospital, Jesse introduces Randi to D.A. North. Annie tells Aidan that Adam believes in her and orders Aidan to leave. Sitting at their table, Ryan tells Erica that she is not going over to Adam’s tonight. Randi visits Frankie in his hospital room. Upon seeing the forms lying on his eating table, she realizes that he had decided to have the surgery. Randi remembers the time when D.A. North had suggested that Randi run off with him. Randi assures Frankie that she will always be there for Frankie. Jesse join Randi and Frankie and begins to fuss about the D.A.’s actions. In their hotel room, Little A begs J.R. to tell him a story about Babe. Liza visits Ryan to discuss Annie and Ryan’s testimony in court that day. Ryan reminds Liza of all that Annie had done to him and Emma. Ryan refuses to change his statement and tells Liza to leave as Emma listens to their conversation.

In the parlor of the Chandler mansion, Adam and Annie hold hands when Erica comes in and interrupts them. Erica tries to reason with Adam concerning Annie, but all he can see is that Erica is jealous. Angry, Erica starts to leave when Annie comes downstairs. Annie lets Erica know that she is here now and Adam doesn’t’ need Erica. Annie questions Adam if Erica is in love with him. Annie lets Adam know that he doesn’t need Erica when he has Annie. Brot lets Frankie know that things will never be the same between him and Taylor. Randi says good-bye to D.A. North for good .Adam has a specially prepared dinner for Annie which she enjoys immensely.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty and Meg watch one another, as she is with Damian and he is with Bonnie. The tension is apparent and Damian thinks that the only way Meg can move on from the past is to talk with Dusty one last time to see if they have a future. Meg decides to take him up on this suggestion. She asks to talk with Dusty, as Bonnie heads out nervously considering her feelings for Dusty are growing but she doesn’t want to admit it. Dusty and Meg are on the verge of giving it one more try, but Dusty pushes Meg’s buttons again and they realize their problems are still there and neither one of them will back down. They both head off angrily deciding giving it another try was a mistake. Meanwhile, Bonnie is talking with Derek, who suddenly has a change of heart, but she doesn’t know where her feelings lie so they get into an argument and Derek stomps off. Later, Dusty confronts Damian and tells him that he is onto him and knows he wasn’t on Meg and his side and is only trying to push himself into Meg’s life more as her new BFF. Damian calls Dusty on all his mistakes with Meg and how he alone drove her away. Damian later makes a phone call where he tells the person to buy up all Worldwide stock he can and make sure no one knows he is the one doing the buying. Damian later goes to see Meg and tells her that if she only wants a friend for the time being (even though he admits he wants more), he is willing to be patient, as they continue to flirt. Dusty seeks out Bonnie and asks her out to dinner, but Bonnie, who is trying to protect herself, turns him down with an added insult, to seal the deal. Carly continues to drink unbeknownst to everyone. When Craig comes over, she covers by suggesting they go upstairs. Their romp turns into a conversation about their future and Craig asks Carly to marry him. Carly doesn’t take him seriously at first, but he convinces her to give it some thought. She won’t go further with his suggestion unless Rosanna and her kids get on board. Craig wants them to go talk with her now. Meanwhile, Rosanna is trying to convince Paul that she needs to stand on her own feet, as Paul wants her to stay with him and Eliza and have a makeshift family. She doesn’t think it is healthy, but Paul wants her to think about it. After he goes to take Eliza back to the farm, Carly and Craig come by with their news and her blessing. Rosanna is unsure and stunned but asks Carly if she loves him. She needs him, she admits, but then later tells them both she does love Craig. Rosanna begrudgingly gives her blessing. Paul walks in as this is going down and takes some shots at this supposed union, as Rosanna suggests he let this be between her and her sister. Later, Paul wants her to stop this, but this convinces Rosanna more then ever that she can’t stay with him because she doesn’t want to be the old Rosanna anymore and if she stays with him, she might. Paul offers to get her a room at the Lakeview, as she finally accepts his generosity. Carly and Craig go home to celebrate, as Carly secretly takes more drinks from the hidden vodka bottle before she and Craig head upstairs to celebrate more now as an newly engaged couple. Carly sadly looks at reflection in the mirror before she trails behind Craig as they head upstairs.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor wakes Ridge up the morning after with a big old smile on her face. Clearly he has no clue what happened. He admits things are sort of fuzzy. He spies the pill bottle in his trousers. He vaguely remembers they made love and how good he felt that she was supporting him as Brooke hadn’t. While he is showering, Taylor picks up the clothes and finds the pill bottle. Nick wakes Bridget up and hopes that tomorrow she can fit their marriage into her mundane plans of picking up dry cleaning and a dentist appointment. Owen and Jackie are amorous in the office. She states that she will walk into Nick’s ceremony tomorrow and announce openly to the world that she is with Owen. Donna and Pam explain to Eric, Thorne and Felicia and Brooke how it went at Price Is Right. Thorne dismisses it as they don’t need this kind of publicity and tomfoolery.

Stephanie calls Taylor to find out how last night went, but Taylor begs off as she can’t talk now. Eric has a talk with Bridget about her marrying Nick again. She assures him this time it is going to work. Nick catches Owen and Jackie going at it again and bellows at them to knock it off…..Owen’s days of pawing over his mother are numbered. He tells Owen that he is not invited to Nick’s wedding tomorrow. If he shows up, he will be the laughing stock of the town. Bridget asks Brooke to be her matron of honor. Taylor asks Ridge about the empty bottle of pills. He doesn’t remember clearly, but he must have taken them all at some point last night. He did not think it was a big deal. She admonishes him that he was supposed to ask if he needed them….and on top of that he had wine with it….so he was prompted by the pills not his own emotions. She thought they were getting back together. She felt that way, but to him it must have been nothing. They can’t tell anyone about this. She didn’t want it like this. She wanted it to be like she dreamt and prayed for.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate carries through with her plan and poisons some treats for the Hearth and Home talk show. She arranges for Daniel to feed them to Chloe, and to further implicate him, she lifts one of his fingerprints from a glass and transfers it to the bottle of poisonous medicine. The show begins to tape, and Chloe prepares to eat one of the treats. While Sami is still reeling from EJ serving her with custody papers, Will tells her that she deserves this. He goes on to acquire permission from EJ to visit Johnny at the mansion. Will later lays into Lucas for lying to him about Grace. When Lucas learns of EJ getting custody of Johnny, he rushes over to comfort Sami. He assures her that he will help her in whatever way he can. Sami thanks him. Later, Sami brings Johnny over to the mansion. Mia tells Chad that she never wants to see him again, and she flashes back to the two of them getting ready to have sex in the back of a car. Chad arranges to get a job at the Java Café after Mia leaves for the day. Nicole, who feels guilty about Grace’s death, sobs and begs God and Grace for forgiveness, saying that none of this would have happened if not for her, and that she’d do anything to bring Grace back.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas teaches Rebecca to waltz. Rebecca gets upset and runs off, leaving her shoe behind. Rebecca runs into Ethan on the pier and says she feels like she’s “become” Emily. Nikolas tells Alfred that his evening with Rebecca “was quite a success.” Nik finds Rebecca on the pier with Ethan. Sonny regrets having sex with Claudia. Carly is devastated by Michael’s behavior toward her. Morgan gets upset as Jax is restraining Michael. Michael finally calms down and goes upstairs with Morgan. Michael tries to explain things to Morgan. Jax wonders if Michael should move out of the house to lighten Carly’s stress level. Later, Michael sneaks out the window and heads over to Sonny’s house, telling Morgan it’s for the best. Morgan tells Carly and Jax that Michael left the house. Meanwhile, Michael begs Sonny to let him move in. Michael apologizes to Carly on the phone. Johnny pushes Jason out of the line of fire. Johnny and Jason work together and escape Claudia’s ambush in the woods unharmed. Jason tells Sonny that one of the shooters may have survived. At the garage, Claudia confronts Johnny about Jason’s survival. Johnny says the shooters were trying to kill both him and Jason. Olivia comes by to check on Johnny. Jason calls a meeting with Jax about Michael. Jax explains what happened between Michael and Carly. Jason says, “it’s a bad time” for Michael to live with Sonny. Michael talks with Sonny about his violence toward Carly. Michael says he can’t control himself. Morgan disappears and runs into Claudia’s only surviving gunman in the woods.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva sees Josh spying on her and screams for him to get out. And that she needs her husband. Dinah is at Lara's grave talking to her about Henry, Shayne and Edmund. At Company, Daisy is talking to Frank about the Edmund's "murder" case. The talk changes subject to Rafe and his birthday. Frank is happy to hear that Daisy tried to cheer him up. At Olivia and Natalia, Olivia, Natalia and Emma are putting candles on a cake and lighting them. They then blow them out. Olivia and Natalia talk about how to bring Rafe back into the fold and good graces. At Company an angry Josh is talking to Daisy. He wants her to go see Reva, then changes his mind and tell Daisy to wait for Reva to "cool off". Daisy question what Josh meant by waiting for Reva to "cool off". Josh mentions that Reva is a little angry. Shayne dreams of Lara and her being pregnant. He wakes up when he hears Lara call the baby Henry. Blake is at Reva's hearing her rant about Jeffrey. Reva tells Blake to go. She does then returns and starts helping Reva fold laundry without saying a word. At Company, Natalia runs into Frank and tells him that Rafe was over her and Olivia's today. And that it went ok at the start. Also at Company, Shayne is having lunch when Josh walks in and sits beside him in a booth. Josh tells him that he was just at Reva's and that he wonders how Shayne and Marah aren't screwed up as they are. Back at Reva's, Blake and Reva are having coffee. Blake is telling Reva about Jeffrey and why he did what he did. At the cemetery. The body is back in the grave and now Jeffrey tells Dinah that will lure Edmund out of hiding. At Towers, Blake runs into Natalia. They talk about jobs. Blake offers Natalia a job as her assistant. At Company, Josh and Shayne are still talking about Reva. Josh says, "I am so glad you're here, son. Your so good with your mom." At the cemetery, Dinah is talking to a grave telling it she is sorry. Jeffrey decides to make a call. One call only. At Reva's, Daisy comes over. Reva can't believe it. She asks Daisy if Josh sent her over. Olivia and Emma are at a community garden when Natalia shows up. Emma is excited to see Natalia and hugs her. Dinah calls Shayne, lying to him of her whereabouts. He tells her of what is going on in Springfield. How now Jeffrey is prime suspect, Reva is going nuts. Shayne wants Dinah to come home as soon as possible. Back at Reva's, Daisy offers to watch Collin till Jeffrey gets back. The iphone goes off. Reva gives it to Daisy to help her with it. There is a cryptic text message from Jeffrey. At Company, Josh is having time with Henry and Marina. Then Josh and Shayne talk more, this time about Dinah. Jeffrey is wondering about Dinah's call to Shayne. Dinah tells Jeffrey that she made some story up. Reva finds an heirloom lamp. Reva finds Jeffrey's wedding ring in the heirloom lamp and wants to know how it got there and what does it mean. Olivia and Natalia are talking about waiting to make the announcement that they are together.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cole asks Starr to marry him when Todd walks in to overhear. They assume he's going to fight them. But he surprises them by telling them he will offer his blessing. Yet, everybody is very worried about Cole having to go to prison for 2 years and assume Todd will use that against him. At Todd's, Blair and Tea are arguing about both of their feelings for Todd and their roles in the new court-ordered living arrangement. Schuyler is determined to help Gigi find out who the real bone marrow donor for Shane really is. And they both suspect that Roxy knows something she is not telling. Meanwhile, Rex and Stacy are enjoying being together and get arrested. Bo lectures Rex on his behavior and appears concerned about Rex cheating on Gigi with her sister.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At home, J.T. tells Victoria that she should be resting. Victoria assures him that she has lots of energy. J.T. reminds Victoria that if she had listened to him then this wouldn’t have happened. Victoria remembers that this is Sabrina’s and Victor’s anniversary. At the Newman house, Dr. Taylor examines Ashley. Dr. Taylor lets Ashley know that her and the baby are fine. Ashley remarks that Victor will be pleased. Dr. Taylor tells her that Victor is upstairs with Adam. Dr, Taylor goes upstairs to see Adam. Upon seeing Dr. Taylor, Adam asks Dr. Taylor to stick around. Once Victor is gone, Adam asks Dr. Taylor if he brought the things that he had asked for. In their hotel room, Nick asks Sharon where she is going. Sharon lets him know that she is going to get her clothes. Nick tells her that she doesn’t need any clothes. Nick and Sharon decide to go house hunting and bypass Daniel’s bail hearing. Michael tells Phyllis that Daniel’s bail hearing is first and then Jana’s. A man comes out and tells Daniel that they are ready for him. Dr. Taylor tells Adam that he can just guess what he is going to do with that and he is out of his mind. Ashley tells Victor that she is going into town for the day and it would give him all day with Sabrina’s memory. The bail hearing begins. Jana blames herself for this whole mess. Victor visits Sabrina’s statue and talks to it as if Sabrina was right there. Upon seeing Tim, Victor tells Tim to take the statue away. Nick and Sharon find the perfect home. Daniel’s bail is set at one million dollars, but Jana’s bail is denied. Victoria becomes angry with Victor when he begins to remove everything in the house that reminds him of Sabrina. Victoria, upon leaving, asks Ashley if she is satisfied. Phyllis interrupts Nick and Sharon and asks Nick if she can remove funds from their joint account for Daniel’s bail. Nick ok’s the release of the funds, but he wants to talk to Daniel first.

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