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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Marissa arrives at the Chandler mansion to meet with J.R. after receiving his text message. J.R. asks her if she would be interested in a play date. At the Slater house, Zach talks to Ian and tells him how much he loves him when Kendall walks in and tells Zach that Dr. Sloane called and can see them. On television, a reporter asks Jack if Erica will be testifying at Kendall’s trial. Jack refuses to comment. A man asks D.A. North if his confident in the case that he is bringing against Kendall. D.A. North assures the man he is very confident. Jesse gets a call from D.A. North, who tells him that he doesn’t like what he had been reading in the latest report. D.A. cannot understand why Jesse is still pursuing finding info on David Hayward while Kendall had already been indicted for murder. In court, Ryan testifies against Annie to everything that she had done against him and Emma. Liza objects to Ryan’s statements. The judge breaks in and tells Liza to take it easy. At the hospital, Jesse, Randi and Frankie meet with Angie and Dr. Wexler. Randi asks for a few moments alone with Frankie. Frankie tells Randi that Angie had ambushed him. Randi encourages Frankie to see Dr. Wexler. Jack stops by Kendall’s to get her to sign some papers and was hoping that Kendall wasn’t watching television. Adam testifies in Annie’s behalf. Liza suggests that Annie be released on her own recognizance. The judge refuses, but then reconsiders when Adam offers for Annie to live at his house. The judge rules that bail be set at one million dollars, that Annie be forced to wear an ankle bracelet and she is not allowed to leave the Chandler mansion during the evaluation. The judge also rules that J.R. and Little A will have to live somewhere else during the evaluation. Ryan realizes that Adam is doing everything he can to help Annie to be competent to stand trial. J.R. and Little A are forced to move out of the Chandler mansion. Annie moves into the Chandler mansion. Liza reminds Adam to follow through his deal concerning Colby. D.A. North kisses Randi in the elevator. Aidan meets Annie on the patio saying she is playing it beautifully then kisses her.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the Hughes house, Riley offers to do the dishes after he and Margo had finished breakfast. Casey walks out of the bedroom and watches Margo and Riley together. Upon seeing Casey, Margo invites Casey to join her and Riley for lunch at Al’s. Casey declines the invitation. Parker is busy clearing a table when Liberty walks in. Parker asks Liberty to spend the day with him, but she tells him that she is meeting one of the girlfriends. Casey catches up with Alison at the hospital and gives her Riley’s watch. Alison recognizes the watch and wonders why Casey is stealing Riley’s watch. Craig visits Carly at her home. He notices that she is throwing away all the liquor in the house. He is pleased with her. At the police station, Jack meets with a man, who is the eye witness to the hit and run which involves Craig, Carly and Parker. Riley looks for his watch and finds it gone. Riley begins to suspect that Casey had swiped his watch. Margo promises that she will look into it for him. Liberty gets stood up for her date, but accepts a date with McKenzie. Parker watches from inside the diner and becomes angry when he thinks that Liberty had lied to him. Carly goes out to buy her another bottle of liquor. Margo stops by the hospital to question Casey about Riley’s watch, but Casey turns the tables on her, and makes it look as though Margo is choosing Riley over him. Craig goes to the police station to sign his statement, and finds out that Jack has an eye witness to the hit and run. Parker confronts Liberty and McKenzie about Liberty’s lying to him. Liberty orders Parker to leave her alone. Carly takes another drink. Craig arrives and tells Carly what he had found out at the police station. Craig urges Carly to tell Jack the truth.

Carly refuses to tell Jack what had happened. Jack tells Margo that he feels that Craig knows more than he is letting on. Jack also lets Margo know that he feels that Carly is the one, who had almost run Craig down. Jack questions Parker about the hit and run and Parker confesses that it was Carly. Jack visits Carly to question her about the hit and run. Carly confesses. Liberty ends it with Parker once and for all. Margo asks Riley to leave, but offers to help him find him another place. Carly starts to pour out the vodka, but changes her mind, and takes a big drink straight out of the bottle.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Taylor is in the kitchen, Ridge takes four of Taylor’s anti-anxiety pills and follows it with a glass of wine that she pours. She sees how tense he still is and recommends that he try to get this stuff off his mind. He says he sees it every place he looks - Rick’s hands all over Steffy. She recommends that he find something to distract him and he offers that he is trying. He tells her that he’s grateful for her as it’s been a big help. She re-emphasizes that is why she is there for whatever he needs. Stephanie has sidelined Brooke and kept her from leaving and going to Ridge. Stephanie tries to impress upon Brooke that they have lost a child together so it is only natural they would want to grieve and solve this together. Taylor is the most qualified person to do this. Brooke argues that Taylor is in love with Ridge so her motives are suspect. And if Ridge responds because of his vulnerability then Taylor would only be taking advantage of him. Stephanie agrees that Ridge is vulnerable. It’s obvious to her that he is more at peace and happier with Taylor and gives him something that Brooke can’t or won’t. Brooke accuses her of wanting Ridge with Taylor and that is why she told Taylor about the invalid marriage license. Stephanie says sure, she wants him with a woman who can provide stability and that is Taylor, not Brooke. Brooke argues that Ridge doesn’t love Taylor or want to be with her in that way (oh really, since when?). Stephanie reminds her that Brooke is the problem, Taylor the solution. Ridge is on the edge of an emotional breakdown. Surely that isn’t what Brooke wants for him, so if she wants to help, just stay away from him. Ridge sits back relaxing over dinner. Taylor says she knows some tricks of the trade to help him stop worrying. She suggests that he start by thinking of Steffy and how positive she is….how smart she is, how she carries herself, her self confidence, how skeptical she can be to question authority….not one to be taken in. He’s has to really focus to keep in this conversation. She says she is not always so clinical. She does have a crazier side. He assures her that he does not see her as clinical right now. He sees her as a sensitive, compassionate, beautiful woman.

With more wine, Ridge tells Taylor that she is sitting there almost glowing. But she is wasting her night on a man who really doesn’t have much of his life in control right now….not much to glow about there. She reminds him that he is the man who gave her three beautiful children. And it feels good for her to be with him for nights like this, with good conversation and he admits they are good at entertaining each other….she adds in more ways than one. Stephanie calls and gets Taylor to admit that things are going well and Ridge’s tenseness is melting away. Stephanie encourages Taylor to keep working her magic. Even spend the night if she can and she will keep Brooke from coming over. She suggests that Taylor turn off Ridge’s cell phone; she does. Taylor continues to boost Ridge by suggesting the great bond they have….how they have gone through life’s biggest joys and biggest disappointments and tragedies yet somehow able to come through it all and remained close. Right now they are rediscovering each other on a whole new level and she does not want to ignore that. He suggests its time to go to the bedroom. Brooke tries to call, but only gets voice mail. She tells Stephanie that she will see Ridge tonight. Stephanie doesn’t think she has changed her mind about Rick. Nothing has changed for Rick and Steffy so how is she going to tell Ridge that she will keep them apart? She’d have to walk away from Rick and be with her husband on his side. Brooke reminds her that her son is really a good person and he loves Steffy and soon Ridge will come to appreciate that. Stephanie gives one more pitch for Brooke to sleep on this. There might be a whole new perspective in the morning. There comes a time when they all need to be alone. Let Ridge have a good night’s sleep, a little peace of mind. Taylor guides Ridge to the patio and shows her the north star. She tells him that she’s waited for this night for a long time. They had one in Big Bear and that is when she knew things were changing and there was hope. He says the same for him….all those weeks of angst and tension…suddenly the clouds parted and he could see the stars and smell the mountain air, all because of her. Taylor says the north star is Phoebe…their little star and she wishes they could have seen her grow up and all the things she would have done. She even remembers when she was conceived…and when she gave birth to the girls……it wasn’t easy and they almost lost them. Ridge reminds her that they almost lost Taylor. She says no, she would never have left her beautiful husband or the girls without a mother. Those memories are just so precious; she adores him. He wants to lie down. She sighs that she has dreamed about this for so long. He says it feels like a dream….. (Ridge, it’s the pills!)….his head is spinning. She remarks that her heart is about to jump out of her throat. He echoes those are his thoughts too. She thinks perhaps they should do something about that. She kisses him on the mouth, then a kiss here, a kiss there, another one, more on the mouth. She is lying on top of him as he lets her make the moves.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Everyone gathers together for Grace’s funeral. Stephanie shows up and slaps EJ. EJ prepares to give some legal documents to Sami, but Nicole convinces him to hold off until after the service. EJ, Caroline, and Will all say a few words about Grace. Bo, Hope, Roman, and Caroline all try to soothe Sami. Arianna apologizes to Rafe for questioning why he did what he did for Sami. She tries to assure him that he doesn’t have to take full responsibility for protecting Sami from EJ, but Rafe disagrees. Both Brady and Stephanie sympathize with Sami for hiding EJ’s baby. Will tells Mia about Sami lying about Grace’s father. Mia still thinks Will should forgive his mom. Later, she heads back to work and runs into Chad. Stephanie pretends she is ok after the service, but continues to pop pills to stay calm. Nicole learns the sisters of the Holy cross are at the church and flips out. EJ gives Sami the legal documents, and we learn that he is suing for custody of Johnny. Melanie and Max say their goodbyes to each other, and he suspects Nathan is the reason Melanie has decided to stay in Salem.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas plans a romantic and elegant evening with Rebecca. Nikolas says his chat with Monica made him see things differently. Michael wakes up and continues to fight with Kristina’s friend at Jake’s. After the fight, Michael tells Kristina how much fun he had. Alexis catches Michael and Kristina at Jake’s. Alexis calls Carly then takes Michael home. Carly gets upset with Michael and says he needs to go back to the hospital. Michael reacts violently and pushes Carly. Jax intervenes as Morgan and Carly watch in horror. Olivia worries when Johnny tells her he’s going “on a special assignment for Sonny.” Olivia goes to talk with Sonny about Johnny’s safety. Later, Sonny and Claudia argue over Olivia. Eventually their heated argument turns passionate. Johnny and Jason head off to take care of business for Sonny. Claudia first reminds Johnny to stay out of the way so Jason can be dealt with. As Jason and Johnny are walking, Claudia’s sniper takes aim at Jason.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh is staking out Reva's. Shayne is at Reva's, Reva tells him she wants answers. They go out to the car. Josh sees them and after they drive off follows them. Jeffrey and Dinah go see a contact of Jeffrey's. The guy wants to know what they are going to do to catch Edmund. Natalia is at the Food Court and is looking at eggs. She spills one as Matt Reardon come up to her. Frank has a form Rafe has to sign for the mentoring program. Marina and baby Henry visits Mallet at the SPD. Outside SPD Josh catches Reva just as she is about to go in to give Mallet a piece of her mind. Josh interrupts her to tell her he's heard from Jeffrey. Josh continues to tell her that, "Jeffrey believes that Edmund is alive. And he made it look like he killed him so that Jeffrey can go looking for him." Shayne shows up at SPD and Mallet tells him to stay out of his life. Natalia and Matt are now outside Natalia and Olivia's dropping her off when Olivia comes out to greet them. After Matt leaves Natalia and Olivia talk bout Rafe's possibly coming over. Mallet and Frank are on the phone talking about the case. At Company, Rafe is talking to Frank about his birthday and not wanting to go over to Natalia and Olivia's for it. Frank reminds him that Natalia is still his mother. At Reva's car, Josh tries to stop Reva from looking for Jeffrey. Josh tells her that, "We went over every plan and this one is the one that made most sense." Reva wants to know where Jeffrey went. Later Shayne is in Reva's car. He tells her he knew of some of the plan. Reva just wants to know why he didn't tell her. Mallet gives to uniformed police heck for just sitting at a picnic table. At the store Olivia and Frank are looking at Birthday cards. Frank tells Olivia to leave Natalia and Rafe alone. Back at the SPD (Springfield Police Department), Frank and Mallet are on the case. At Reva's she is on the computer looking for clues as to where Jeffrey is. Shayne is with her helping her out. Matt goes to see Josh who is hammering. Matt feels Josh needs a brake and offers to go buy drinks. Josh says, "No thank you." Olivia and Emma are outside school talking. Rafe is talking to his mother about what her life is like. She tells him she is confused. She continues to tell him, "You've been my best friend for half my life." They then hug. He tells her he has to go. As he leaves she tells him "Happy Birthday, Raphael." Mallet and Frank know that Reva broke into the computer. Shayne goes to see Marina. She wants to know why he's there. He tells her that he's there to tell Mallet, "He's an ass." Mallet comes home to find Shayne there. They go at it. Reva is home getting frustrated. Jeffrey and Dinah dressed up as Navy asking a cemetery worker to dig up a grave. Emma joins Natalia at the table. They are all talking about Rafe and why he's not there. Natalia and Olivia are trying to make Emma understand it all. Natalia and Olivia are at the kitchen sink with there backs to Emma as she sneaks a finger full of chocolate frosting. Olivia warns her not to do it. Emma wants to know how Olivia knew she was about to sneak a lick. Olivia says, "Because I have eyes in the back of my head." Frank comes home to see Mallet and Shayne going at it. Frank wants a beer out of he fridge. But when he sees how uneasy it is in the kitchen he leaves and goes downstairs. At the cemetery the exhumation starts. Reva is home and she thinks she has found a clue as to Jeffery's whereabouts in the form of a phone number. Reva talks to a man named Grieci. It is actually the Grave attendant. Reva tells Grieci, to tell Jeffrey that she loves him. After the call he tells Jeffrey, "She loves you."

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Cole informs Starr that he is sentenced to a mandatory 2 years in prison because they believe he violated his probation, she is devastated and tells him they must find him a lawyer, find a way to fight this and she promises she will never leave him. Knowing that they now have Hope, he then proposes to her. Blair, Todd and Tea are not certain what they will do now that the judge has ruled that Todd and Blair and the kids must live together under the same roof. Gigi goes to see if she can motivate Kyle Lewis to tell her who the real stem cell donor was that saved Shane's life. But he tells her that he needs her to get Natalie to drop the charges against him before he can provide that information. She then concludes she doesn't know what to do. Schuyler then notices that Roxy might also know their secret.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Ashley gets a package from Jane Smith (really from Adam). Ashley gasps when she opens it as does Nikki. Adam comes downstairs and wonders what is going on. Victor questions him if this is a product of his handiwork. Adam denies doing this. Adam comments that this is all Estella’s doing. Nikki defends Estella. At Jimmy’s bar, Mac encourages Cane to go home and enjoy his family while she waits for the repairman. Kay tells Jill that she didn’t mean to take anything from her. Jill doesn’t necessarily believe her. The coffin is opened and they find the coffin empty of a dead body, but it is filled with sandbags. Nina gasps and exclaims that this can’t be. Nina questions as to where Philip’s body is. Kay tells Jill that the casket was empty. At Jimmy’s bar, Lily calls out to Cane if he is in there, but no reply. Billy asks Mac to keep the patio open for a private party. Victor tells Adam that the detectives are on their way. Rafe and Estella arrive at the Newman estate to talk to Ashley and Victor. Victor lets Estella know what had been going on. Estella looks at the grisly sight inside of the box.

Nina and Paul blame the doctor, who had performed the autopsy for the sandbags being in the coffin. Paul lets Nina know that there was never a body in the coffin. Nina orders Jill to make Cane take another D.N.A test. Wallace arrives at the Newman estate to investigate. Upon checking for fingerprints, Wallace finds Estella’s fingerprints on the box. Victor presses charges against Estella. Estella is arrested and read her rights. Cane agrees to the D.N.A. Mac and Billy dance. Rafe tells Adam that he cannot be his lawyer anymore.

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