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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Krystal tells Tad about the accident that she had been involved in with David. Krystal faints in Tad’s arms. At the Yacht Club, J.R. and Marissa have a talk about Amanda losing her baby when Marissa gets a call from Tad, telling her about the accident that Krystal and David were involved in. Kendall and Zach bring Ian home from the hospital only to find Ryan there with Emma. Kendall questions Ryan as to what he is doing here. At the police station, an officer holds his arms around David to keep him from leaving to go to the hospital to check on Krystal. Liza talks to Jesse about David. Angie comes out of an exam room to tell Tad that they had taken Krystal for a C.A.T scan. Angie lets Tad know that Frankie is home, but refuses to talk to Jesse, Angie and Randi. Brot comes to visit Frankie at Jesse and Angie’s and finds Frankie sitting on the sofa. Frankie, angrily, throws the magazines off the coffee table. Frankie lets Brot know that he just wants to be left alone. Taylor sits on a bar stool in the Confusion Bar when Randi walks in and join her. Randi lets Taylor know that she cannot do anything right when it comes to Frankie. David is released into Liza’s custody. David and Liza go to the hospital to visit Krystal.

Tad permits David to go in to see Krystal against his better judgment. Sitting at a table in the Confusion Bar, Taylor tells Brot that she knows now that things between him and her will never be the same. At the hospital, Marissa relates to J.R. how that her parents were killed. Marissa blames herself for her parent’s death. Krystal and David have a heart to heart talk. Krystal questions David as to why she can never hate him. Tad and Taylor share a drink and small talk in the Confusion Bar. Randi prepares dinner for herself and Frankie while Frankie sits outside on the fire escape . Frankie gives in and join Randi at the table. Frankie lets Randi know that he cannot feed himself. Randi begins to feed Frankie.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Carly yells for Sage to get a move on since Parker is waiting in the car on them. The doorbell rings and it is Craig, who interrupts Carly’s morning. While Carly and Craig kiss, Sage sneaks out of the house. Carly is completely taken aback when she sees that Parker and Sage are already gone without her. Carly wonders if Sage had seen the kiss between her and Craig. Henry tells everyone that Vienna is the reason for the confusion on the show. Brad comes in and switches off the television. Katie lets him know that she was watching that. Brad and Katie begin to discuss Vienna’s sexual exploits on the show which Katie doesn’t like too much, but Brad defends Vienna’s actions. Katie, being jealous tries to seduce Brad, but he refuses by telling Katie that she is pregnant. Walking to work, Henry and Vienna meet up with a very interested fan of “Oakdale Now.” Henry tells the man to beat it when the man asks for an autographed photo of Vienna. At the ranch, Jack tells Janet he is going to get to go riding with him and Sage if it kills him. Janet, jokingly, tells him that it just might. Sage walks in, quite put off with what had been going on at her home between Carly and Craig. Sage lets Jack know that Craig is Carly’s boyfriend. Jack is more than a little surprised when Carly calls him and invites him and Janet to a barbeque when they bring Sage home. Katie calls Henry and invites him to come over and watch “Oakdale Now.” with her, but he tells her that he has plans.

The show “Oakdale Now” begins with Kim asking Geneva to let the viewers know her concerns about what had been happening on the show. Massive pandemonium breaks out on the show with Geneva hurling insults toward Vienna and her articles of clothing that she wears on the show. Brad cons Henry into dancing which leads to more pandemonium. At home, Katie calls Henry to tell him about the show and realizes that Henry is Geneva. Parker catches Carly spiking her seltzer water with bitters. Parker, Craig and Carly have a confrontation in the kitchen over Carly’s drinking. Jack interrupts. Katie calls Henry, once again, to come over. After a few moments of conversation, Katie lets Henry know that she knows that he is Geneva.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke calls Ridge at the office and asks him to please come home. He says he loves her and is sorry but coming there would remind him of Rick too much so he can’t do that. Steffy stops by to remind Ridge that Rick is changing. She wishes he could see that. They aren’t rushing into anything. He doesn’t have to worry about her; she will be okay. She tells Rick they need to slow down, it’s happening too fast and she wants to be sure this time. She has forgiven him for the terrible things he said on tape to her dad, but if he messes up again she will hang him out to dry. Donna gets picked as a contestant for The Price Is Right and Drew Carey gets a $1 bid from her and she wins the range. Ironically one of the items she has to guess for a price is a jar of honey in that bear bottle, something Donna knows plenty about. Pam sits absolutely stunned that Donna wins a car. She gets in the showcase round and wins the double showcase of over $21,000.

Taylor drops by to see Ridge and they discuss they need faith to believe that Steffy will see Rick for who he is and stop seeing him. While Taylor is checking on dinner, Ridge retrieves the anti-anxiety pills from her purse and takes one. He starts to return it, but ends up slipping the bottle into his pocket. He’s also sipping wine. He tells Taylor that he is so grateful that she is in his life; they hug. Stephanie drops in on Brooke and orders that she give Ridge some space and leave him alone right now. Brooke won’t believe that Ridge said he would be happier with Taylor. Ridge holds the bottle of pills in his hand and has flashes of conversations with Rick and a dead Phoebe, of Rick and Steffy, another daughter he will surely lose…of Brooke begging him to accept her son and come home. He pours the pills out in his hand and gulps down at least four.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie learns that Nathan is Maggie’s grandson. She tells Maggie about her plans to leave Salem and go to London, but after learning that she and Nathan have some things in common, like living in France, she decides to stay, and asks Maxine for her job back at the hospital. Roman and Bo are angry at Rafe for keeping Sami’s secret. Hope sympathizes with him, and tells him about her and Bo losing their son, Zach, not that long ago. Rafe admits to Father Matt that he isn’t sure he can ever forgive God for taking Grace from him and Sami. Nicole approves of EJ’s plan to get back at Sami. Stefano begs off going to the funeral, claiming that it’s too soon after Tony’s death. EJ and Nicole go to the church alone after she convinces EJ not to take Sydney. Roman tries to reassure Sami that she didn’t do anything wrong, and that she was a good mother to Will. Will still hasn’t forgiven her however, and later, Sami and Roman run into EJ at the church. Kinsey tells Mia that a guy named Chad has been asking about her. Will lays into Kinsey, but Mia asks him to back off and forget about her. She pretends that she doesn’t know who Chad is, but Kinsey doesn’t believe her. Despite Caroline’s concerns, Stephanie plans on going to the funeral and telling EJ off.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick has an interesting chat with the mayor’s wife about the lawsuit. The mayor’s wife asks Patrick to “settle out of court.” Nikolas tells Rebecca he’s cutting ties with her. Rebecca confides in Monica about Nikolas. Monica goes to see Nikolas. Claudia blames Jason for Michael’s shooting. Sonny tells Claudia to put a leash on Johnny after he catches Johnny with Olivia. Sonny tells Jason he wants to “protect” Olivia from Johnny. Olivia tells Carly about Johnny. Later, Claudia confronts Johnny about Olivia. Claudia tells Johnny she plans on having Jason killed with the help of their uncle. Elizabeth sees Ethan and Rebecca at the hospital and grows more suspicious. Elizabeth tells Lucky she thinks Rebecca is sleeping with Ethan. Michael insists on going to physical therapy alone. Michael goes to Jake’s for a beer and shoots pool with Johnny. After Johnny leaves the bar, Kristina shows up there and runs into Michael. Kristina’s friend gets into a fight with Michael and Michael is knocked unconscious.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Franks wakes up and goes to the kitchen to find Rafe has made breakfast. He is pleased. Rafe tells him of his plans. Frank warns him to be careful. Dinah lets it slip to Jeffrey about Shayne's baby being the adopted son of Mallet and Marina. Jeffrey then figures out that Shayne could be in trouble and possibly the murderer. Mallet is on the phone with Josh. He tells him that he has an order. That states that Reva is no longer suspected in Edmund's murder. Back at Jeffrey's office, he and Dinah are still talking about Edmund and Shayne. Jeffrey realizes that Mallet calls Frank that says he found a care registered to Jeffrey O'Neil. They realize after talking more that they are going after the wrong O'Neil. Olivia talk to Fr Ray about her feelings. At Shayne and Dinah's, Dinah comes home to see Shayne doing some house work. She is amazed and happy and she laughs. Mallet is on the phone with the DA. He is requesting a warrant for Jeffrey. Jeffrey sees Reva outside with little Colin. They chitchat about lucky they are to be together. Reva Kisses him. At Company, Marina is angry at Olivia for doing what she is doing to Natalia. Because it seems to Marina every time Natalia is upset it revolves around Frank. Natalia goes to see Frank about Rafe. She wants to know how he is doing. Frank says he is good. Frank says that Natalia got caught up in her world with Olivia. Natalia tells him she him to stop. Back at Shayne and Dinah's, Dinah gives Shayne Lara's music box. She tells him that she wanted to give it to him to help him feel closer. At Jeffrey and Reva's, Jeffrey is putting out the American flag and Reva is helping him adjust it by eyeing it and telling him if it is straight. Josh calls Jeffrey to fill him in. Josh tells Jeffrey that Mallet is on his way to arrest him. Jeffrey ends the call then tells Reva he has to go to the store. Reva is still clueless as to the plan of Jeffrey driving off and not coming back until Edmund is flushed out. Mallet comes by looking for Jeffrey. Reva tells him he went to the store and should be back soon. Rafe goes to see Fr. Ray about his mother and Olivia. Rafe guesses by Dr Ray's reaction he already knows. Fr Ray tells him that he went to both women to talk to them. Natalia goes to Olivia's office to talk to her about her feelings. Natalia mentions how much they both loved Gus. Olivia says to Natalia, " I love you." They say to each other that they chose each other. At Jeffrey and Reva's, Reva is upset. She yells at Mallet for not knowing Jeffrey. At the Airport, Jeffrey asks Josh to take care of Reva. Josh tells him he'll do his best. Marina and little Henry join Frank at Towers for lunch. Olivia comes by their table to talk about how Natalia is doing. Natalia and Rafe are outside. Natalia tells Rafe to not act the way he is toward her and to remember she is his mother. Mallet gets a call about the whereabouts of Jeffrey. Mallet tells Reva that Jeffrey was spotted at the airport getting on a chopper. Mallet tells the person on the other end of the phone to stop the chopper. They are too late. The chopper takes off.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cole goes over and discovers for the first time that Marcie brought the baby back to Starr and is ok with them raising her. But he hesitates to tell her what will happen now that he has to go to prison. Dorian is really happy. But they all wonder what will happen now that Blair and Todd must live together under the same roof. Tea finds that out and is not certain what to do. Markko and Langston are being watched over by his father. He tells his father that he won't be prevented from being with the girl he loves. He'll live on his own and work ten jobs if need be. Langston then tells Dorian if she is really sorry for the mess she made, then she needs to "fix it" for Langston and Markko. Schuyler gets the DNA test results that prove that Stacy did not save Shane's life. And he encourages Gigi to "use" it. But she knows that she still hasn't a clue who the real donor is and only Stacy knows that. But he informs her that so does Kyle Lewis. She then tells him she will find out from Kyle no matter what it takes. Rex and Stacy are right then getting closer while he is trying to get over Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nikki and Paul have lunch together at the Athletics' Club when Mary Jane walks in and right up to their table. Mary Jane explains to Paul and Nikki about her being stalked three years ago and how frightened she had been of him. Rafe walks up to the table and asks Nikki if he could talk to her for just a minute. Rafe asks Nikki to talk to Ashley and Victor about his aunt, and all the things that they are accusing Estella of. Adam visits Ashley and, once again, apologizes to her for what had been going on. Adam questions her if she believes him that he is being set up for all these things. Ashley tells Adam that she doesn’t want to talk about it and asks him to leave. When Adam goes back to his room, he finds Victor going through his computer. Adam resents Victor going through his things. Victor orders Adam to leave his door unlocked from now on. Lily confronts Cane as to him being restless the night before and was Cane still worried about losing his family. Cane calls Jill and tells her that he wants to talk to her about Nina having Philip’s body exhumed. Cane questions Jill as to how she could let this happen. Kay tells Jill that they are about finished with the exhumation. Paul apologizes to Mary Jane for dredging up her past. Mary Jane explains everything to Paul about her changing her S.S. number, etc. Nikki arrives at the ranch to talk to Ashley and Victor about Estella. Ashley tells Nikki about hearing Sabrina’s voice and it was coming from Adam’s room. Nikki realizes that Adam had been behind all this. Lily inquires of Cane as to what is bothering him about them exhuming Philip’s body. Cane tries to explain to Lily that he is afraid that he will lose everything that he loves.

Nina tells Paul that she had secretly ordered a D.N.A test on Philip’s body. Adam calls Dr. Taylor and orders botulinum toxins, fresh syringes, and eye numbing drugs. Adam checks on the delivery of a package. The package is delivered to Ashley. Ashley opens the package. Philip’s coffin is opened and Nina gasps and screams.

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