Wednesday 6/17/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/17/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie tells Liza that she did everything for Emma. In Barbados, Amanda wants Jake to tell her that her child is in a great home. Jake promises Amanda that he is going to be cherished, loved and protected. At the Yacht Club, Marissa tells David she thought she could help him that maybe they could help each other. Marissa takes David’s keys and wants to drive him home. David demands his keys, but Marissa refuses to give them to him. David grabs Marissa just as Krystal walks in. Krystal orders David to get his hands off Marissa. Marissa lets Krystal know that Amanda lost the baby. Krystal offers her sympathy to David, but he refuses to accept it. Tad walks in and finds Krystal with David and Marissa. Liza tells Annie that her story is very compelling, but Annie has manipulated a lot of people. Liza decides to take Annie’s case. Ryan walks into Annie’s hospital room and wonders what Liza is doing here. Ryan finds out that Liza has taken Annie’s case. Ryan tells Liza all the things that Annie did to him and Emma. Tad gets a visit from an officer informing him that Krystal was in an accident. Ryan confronts Adam about his hiring Liza to be Annie’s lawyer. Although Krystal assures Tad she only has a bump on the head, she faints into his arms.

ATWT Recap Written by Candi

Vienna's dress for an episode of "Oakdale Now" is enough to upset Henry. Dusty asks Meg to go get coffee, but she doesn't budge because she's with Damian now. She wants to tell him, but Damian makes it obvious. Dusty goes to see Bonnie, they play pool, he kisses her. She gets upset. Luke suggests a place that Noah can get money from -- the foundation, but Noah isn't happy with the idea. Henry and Katie watch Brad and Vienna dance on the show. They discuss jealousy. Katie says she isn't jealous, Henry doesn't buy it. Vienna's breast pops out of her dress, much to Henry and Katie's upset. They hope it wasn't live, but it was. Katie lies and says Henry hasn't freaked out at all. Henry yells at Brad. Brad tells Henry it wasn't sexual. Luke asks Damian for help with Noah's movie, Damian gives a generous $20k to Luke. Meg disagrees with the decision Damian has made and Noah doesn't accept - he tells Luke he wanted to fill out applications and doesn't want to rely on family the way Noah does to get through the making of the movie. Dusty and Bonnie play pool. Dusty thinks he's broken his jaw, Bonnie offers to help, and Dusty kisses her, but Bonnie isn't happy. Henry fakes a complaint as an old woman to Oakdale Now as an elderly woman from Illinois Citizens Against Nudity. Kim offers him a deal; he can go on the show and if he does, if enough people agree, she'll fire Vienna. Meg explains why she was upset earlier about the money he gave Luke to give to Noah, because of her own underlying problems with being controlled. Vienna apologizes to Katie profusely about what happened on Oakdale Now. Katie accepts and says she knows it wasn't done on purpose. They all watch Oakdale Now and see Henry's act as Ms. Swift, but they don't know it's Henry. Vienna is extremely upset about the woman's dislike towards her. Henry lies and says he was at the dentist. Someone has stolen Noah's movie materials. Bonnie kisses Dusty and tells him it's the last one he'll get. Meg sees and tells Damian it's just what she needed.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick is livid that Jackie is engaged to that kid. He finds it inconceivable that Jackie can’t understand that Owen is a con artist and is taking advantage of her. Jackie states that she has always lived her life just for Nick and she is not willing to do that any more. He argues and then orders her to call off this joke of an engagement. She stammers that she is marrying Owen, so Nick better get used to it. She has money but that is not what Owen is interested in. Nick quips and asks if he has to call Owen daddy and will he have more pull around here now than Nick does? Likewise Bridget explains to Owen that she can’t be happy for him either because of how it will look to Nick and others. Bridget and Owen go to the office and join Jackie and Nick and it’s a free for all. Nick states that it looks like it is him or Owen. Jackie says she will miss Nick. The guard tells Pam and Donna that he’s heard every excuse in the world, but the bottom line is they are not getting into the studio for The Price Is Right. Pam is determined to find the producer when he is not taping to get their designs to him. Enthusiastically she pulls Donna along with her.

Jackie says no one is leaving the company. There is no reason for that. She’d shoot Owen first before she’d let him take the company and leave her high and dry. Pam and Donna stand in line to get into the PIR. She works her crazy magic mojo and then goes berserk when he sees the announcer and hopes that he picks her to be on stage. Donna tells her if they are looking for crazy, then she is a shoo-in. Nick continues his harangue on Owen. As soon as he gets what he wants, it won’t be Jackie. She says she won’t be taken advantage of. There will be a period of engagement and she will be in control. Bridget hustles Nick out of the office so they won’t say anything more hurtful. Owen convinces Jackie they will have a great life and he will always love her. The PIR announcer calls the four contestants and Donna is the last name called. Pam is absolutely stunned, but Donna makes up for it by suddenly being overly jubilant. Nick returns and informs Owen there will be no marriage, no wedding at all.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie runs into a young man named Nathan after she quits her job at the hospital. She tells Brady that she plans on moving to London, but he urges her to stay in town. Melanie later finds Nathan at Maggie’s house. Kate manages to convince Daniel to do the TV show after she says he will be doing segments for breast cancer, and that she’ll donate the equivalent of his entire year’s salary to a charity of his choice in his late wife’s name. He’s unsure, but encouragement from Maggie pushes him over the edge. Convinced, Daniel agrees to do the show. Chloe tries to pray, but keeps fantasizing about Daniel. She confides in Father Matt about her troubles. Kate plans on poisoning both Chloe and Daniel. Stephanie continues taking her anxiety medication because of her nightmares about Owen. She learns from Brady that Sami’s baby wasn’t adopted, but belonged to her and EJ, and that EJ will most likely be at Grace’s funeral. Stephanie vows to be there.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin tells Patrick she plans on learning the real cause of Brianna’s death. Matt catches them trying to recreate the accident scene in the locker room shower at GH. Matt is upset to learn that Patrick is named in the lawsuit. Nikolas has a dream that Emily is trying to warn him about something involving Rebecca. When Nik tells Liz, she tells him he still needs to grieve and “let go” of Emily. Rebecca wonders if Ethan is trying to turn the tables on her. Tracy is suspicious when she finds Rebecca and Ethan together. Ethan is concerned that Luke has disappeared. Tracy, Lulu, and Lucky aren’t worried. Tracy tells Liz, Lulu, and Lucky about finding Ethan with Rebecca. Spinelli and Maxie break into the mayor’s office looking for evidence. Mac and the mayor come in arguing over the mayor’s request to have detectives at his disposal. Mac sees Spinelli and Maxie hiding in the mayor’s office but he keeps quiet. Mac gets the mayor out of the office. Mac heads to GH and asks Robin to find out what the story is. Spinelli tells Robin that he’s investigating Brianna’s death. Alexis tries her best but Max refuses to talk Diane out of representing her clients against Matt. Max does tell Diane he’s concerned for her career if she stays on the case. Diane is upset with Alexis for trying to manipulate Max. Diane wonders why Alexis wants to protect the mayor. Rebecca finds Nikolas at Emily’s grave. Patrick gets a visit from the mayor’s wife, Andrea.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Remy gets into a poker game. Cyrus is with him. Jeffrey and Josh talk more about their plan to flush out Edmund. At SPD, Marina walks in to see Mallet working on sorting what evidence he has on Edmund's murder. She asks about it. He verifies it. At Company, Shayne and Dinah are having a discussion about Reva. Jeffrey takes Reva to the park to forget all their problems. At the poker game everyone is introduced. Remy tells Cyrus in the corner of the room, that he wins some then looses. Christina is at the pawn shop talking to Doyle about the diamond. He figures that diamond is bad news. Mallet and Marina go to a car rental place at which he gets evidence that all points to Reva. At home, Jeffrey secretly starts packing for "on the run". Later he and Reva are in bed( partly clothed) talking about their love and everything. They are laughing. Reva gets up, Jeffrey follows her to the kitchen sink where she sprays him. Marina is holding Henry and talking with Shayne and Dinah about Edmund. Shayne tells her he and Josh think Edmund is alive and in hiding. Remy and Cyrus are talking after the poker game. They each have a wad of money in their hands. Remy thanks the other players and leaves. At SPD, Christina stops by to talk to Mallet and look a file. Josh calls Mallet about the rental key. Mallet gives Josh the bad news that nothing panned out. Josh is outside throws away evidence he had in a sports bag and walks away. Remy is home with Christina, he grabs a beer and meal and talks to Christina. At the poker game Cyrus has a good hand. Mallet and Marina meet up and kiss. Josh and Jeffrey meet up to talk bout what Josh just did. They shake hands. Shayne some upon Reva who is in a lawn chair outside reading. They talk about Edmund and Shayne's worrying about Reva. Dinah goes to see about a private plane. When the pilot tells her he is busy, she guesses that Jeffrey is going somewhere, she wonders where. Christina and Remy meet. Christina is upset about what Remy and Cyrus just did. Reva is upset talking to Shayne about Edmund and what her life has been like the last 6 months. Mallet is on the trail again outside. Finds a man's shoe in the trash wrapped in bloody newspaper. He looks around. Remy and Christina are alone with the diamonds. Christina has one in her hand and is admiring it. Josh is at Company enjoying a drink when Shayne comes in. Josh smiles at the sight of his son. They talk about Reva. Josh promises Shayne he'll do whatever he can. Mallet shows Marina the shoe he found. He is looking not to far away and finds footprints. He looks to see if the shoe he found matches print in the mud. Jeffrey is talking to Dinah about Jeffrey's plan. She doesn't like it.

OLTL Recap Written by Jen P.

Langston is happy that Hope is now living with Starr. As Marcie and Michael are packing, she tells Michael she needs to run an errand. At Cole's hearing, the judge was not amused that Cole broke his probation and sentenced him to no less than five years in jail. Nora then testified on Cole's behalf that she has noticed a change in Cole. The judge decided to call recess to think it over. Bo tells Matthew that he couldn't keep Cole from being arrested. Matthew is more interested in how much time Bo and Nora have been spending together. Stacy bribes a kid to get her front row seats at the community center concert and Rex shows up with Shane. Destiny asks Matthew to fill in on the piano since the choir pianist didn't show. Matthew tries to wiggle out of it, then agrees after Shane tells him he hadn't played drums since he was hospitalized, they joked around that they could make their own band, the "Hospital Escapees Club". Bo and Rex talk for a bit and Bo tells Rex that if he plans on staying with Stacy, to take it slow, but he should try to forgive Gigi and see things from her side. Stacy tells Schuyler she didn't steal the blood. Jessica visited Nash's grave before Chloe's memorial service. Cole's sentence was reduced and Cole goes to visit Starr. He's shocked to see her holding Hope and Starr explains that Marcie stopped the adoption. He's overjoyed but Starr can tell he has something to tell her. Michael tells John that they gave the baby back to Starr and Cole. Michael comes home and Marcie tells him she's pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Sharon discuss Noah volunteering at the rec center for the summer. Daniel and Jana leave to meet with Michael concerning the charges that are against them concerning the forgery painting. Amber realizes that Daniel is in big trouble. Aucker arrives at Daniel’s home to search the premises. Aucker lets them know that he is looking for $100,000.00. Nina asks Katherine had the lab called. Nina wonders why Jill is so against her exhuming Philip’s body. Cane calls Langley and tells him that Nina is still pursuing this. Lily questions Cane as to what is wrong. Daniel visits Phyllis to let her know what is going on about the forgery painting. Jack and Mary Jane are going to have coffee when he receives a call from Phyllis. Mary Jane apologizes to Sharon for the way that she had treated Sharon and begins to ask Sharon some very personal questions about Jack. Nina finds out some very interesting info about the doctor who had performed the autopsy on Philip’s body. Jana and Daniel meet with Michael about the charges that are pending against them. Sharon lets Jack know that Mary Jane wants him free and clear. At Crimson Lights, Daniel finds the $100,000.00. Aucker arrives at Crimson Lights to search the premises. Aucker finds the money. Daniel is arrested and read his rights. Michael calls Phyllis to let her know that Daniel had been arrested. While Mary Jane watches Summer, Nick drives Phyllis to the police station.

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