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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, Adam urges Joe to find some excuse that Annie can stay in the hospital. Ryan walks in and tells Joe that Adam is Annie’s guardian angel. In Barbados, David demands to see his baby, but the nurse and doctor inform him he's dead. Kendall and Zach find out that Ian can go home as soon as tomorrow. They are both overjoyed. Tad refuses to go along with Jake’s and Liza’s plan for Amanda’s baby. Pete and Colby arrive at Tad’s home. Liza begs Tad to protect her secret. Tad reluctantly agrees to go along with the plan. Colby wants to feel the baby kick, but Liza quickly leaves and goes to see Zach to pour her heart out that she is barren. Amanda talks to David and comforts him over the supposed death of their child. Randi arrives at the Hubbards' to let them know how Frankie treated her in Germany. Taylor goes to ConFusion to talk Frankie into going home.

Adam promises to get Annie out of there and back with her child. Annie and Adam hug and kiss. Liza gets the good news from Jake that she is getting Amanda’s child, because David bought their story. Liza grabs Zach and hugs him as Kendall walks in. Ryan receives a Christmas present from Greenlee: two crystal goblets with a wedding proposal on one and an acceptance on the other. Kendall comes to visit and sees the present from Greenlee. Kendall leaves abruptly, since Ryan thinks she went back to Zach. Ryan answers his phone and hears Nurse Gayle make the patient hang up. When Frankie arrives home, Randi runs into his bandaged hands making him scream in pain. The candle goes out on the windowsill that had been there since Frankie left. Jake holds Amanda's baby and promises to see him again real soon.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Emily searches through records from when Allison was born in an effort to find out what happened to her unused donated eggs. Emily finds a receipt with Larry signature that says her eggs were transferred to Chicago University Hospital. Larry tells Emily that his signature was forged and her eggs were probably sold on the black market. Emily later tells Susan what Larry told her and she thinks he is lying and both she and Emily wonder what Larry did with her unused eggs. Hunter gets a call from the nursing home asking him to come because his mother is very upset and when Hunter arrives his mother calls him Tristan darling and begs for him not to leave her in thee home . Hunter's mother Aurora also tells "Tristan" that she won't tell anyone about their relationship if he takes her with him. Hunter is confused and when Aurora sees Allison she yells at "Tristan" for bringing her there and demands that she leave. Allison later persuades Hunter to search for his father because they are both intrigued by the mystery. Hunter tells Allison that nobody has ever understood him so well and she agrees to help him search for his father.

Margo has a heated confrontation with Casey because he suggested Riley leave town. Casey is hurt when Margo tells him that Riley has served his country while he has done nothing but be selfish and ungrateful and he should be ashamed for treating Riley so badly. Casey yells at Margo that Riley may be a con artist but even if he isn't he will never replace her dead son. Margo searches for Riley and manages to persuade him to come back to her house and stay for a while. Margo later tells Tom that she has felt lost since Adam died and cries as she tells Tom that she doesn't know why but she needs for Riley to stay so she can help him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick wakes up and even with Bridget waiting and willing, he doesn’t mind going in to work today if Owen is not going to be there. However, Owen wakes up in Jackie’s bed and it’s clear they are anything but over. Owen says if people talk trash about them, they are only jealous. Nick is cheerful at the office for a change so Jackie slips her engagement ring around so he can’t see what it is. She’s happy but apprehensive when she hears that Nick and Bridget are going to be married again. She then tells him that Owen is going to be sticking around and there is nothing Nick can do about it. She shocks him when she tells him that Owen proposed and they are engaged. Nick goes into a fit. Owen relays his good news to Bridget.

Pam watches and cheers on The Price is Right on her laptop. She asks an operator to get her the direct number to the producer of the program. Donna asks her to take the program elsewhere, but then ends up getting caught up in it too. Pam gets a phone call from the CBS studio and she rushes out with Donna in pursuit. They get there though and the guard won’t admit them now. He claims the show is already taping. Katie and Donna downplay the graphics/chart that Felicia displays that shows the company’s decline. They blame it on the economy, not due to Stephanie’s being fired from FC.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie continues to have daydreams about Owen coming back for her. Terrified, she decides to start taking the anxiety pills she was prescribed. Max tells Melanie and Stephanie that he is leaving for London. He advises Stephanie to end things with Philip before something worse happens to her. Philip and EJ make peace with each other alone, despite Victor wanting to be a part of it. Stephanie accuses Philip of keeping her in the dark as to what is going on between the two families. Brady runs into Nicole and they get into an argument about whether or not she should tell EJ the truth. EJ tells Stefano that he has a plan to get back at Sami. The two talk about how lucky it was that EJ chose Nicole over Sami, since she is such a good wife and mother. Mia isn’t sure about moving into Maggie’s place, but Maggie convinces her to stay. Melanie, annoyed that Mia is moving in, considers taking Max up on his offer to move to London with him. After she gets yelled at work, Melanie quits.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason confides in Sam about Michael. Jason fears that Michael will tangle with the wrong person eventually. Jason tells Sam what Kristina’s been up to. Claudia says she agrees that Michael should live with Carly. Michael apologizes for his behavior and says he’s afraid of his anger. Sonny understands, but says he wants Michael to live with Carly. Rebecca continues to play her game. Patrick arrives at Jake’s just in time to see Johnny and Matt fighting again. Diane takes notes on Matt’s behavior. Patrick blames himself for the loss of Matt’s patient. Matt insists that the patient had a previous condition, which lead to her death. Sonny later tells Claudia he was “surprised” by her support of Carly. Claudia chalks her attitude up to her maternal feelings. Ric comes by and openly says he could be the father of Claudia’s baby. Sonny promises to protect Claudia from Ric. Carly tells Jax she wants Claudia far away from Michael. Jax says he’s afraid of Michael’s “rage.” Michael tells Kristina he fears he may “hurt” Carly because she makes him “so mad.” Kristina advises Michael just to play along with everyone. Jason gets upset when he sees what Matt did to Spinelli. Maxie and Spinelli fill Sam and Jason in on the surgery. Sam says she was hired by the mayor’s wife (Andrea) to watch the mayor. Sam says she head cries of pain outside the hotel room when the mayor’s mistress was hurt. Spinelli says, “there was no fall in the shower” and claims the incident with the mayor “was murder.” Patrick and Robin take Matt home. Later, Diane comes by to say that Patrick is being named as “a co defendant” in the hospital lawsuit.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus is outside Company talking to Natasha on his cellphone about the missing diamonds. He goes inside Company and runs into Christina. He questions her about it. Christina asks him if he is thinking about going back into being a jewel thief. He says, "No". Frank and Remy are talking about the same subject at the SPD. Jeffrey goes t see Shayne and Dinah to talk about Reva's case. Jeffrey asks Shayne who he thinks would pick up Edmund's body. Shayne suggests Jonathan being that he is the closest relative. Jeffrey thanks him. Jeffrey meet with Josh about Edmund's body. Jeffrey suggest that Reva may have planned the cremation. Jeffrey then tells Josh that he is going to make is so that it looks like he (Jeffrey) killed Edmund. Josh has a curious look on his face. Back at Shayne and Dinah's, they are talking and disagreeing on how to handle the situation with Reva. Dinah decides to go. At the SPD, Cyrus is visiting Mallet and Frank. He is trying to get their idea about the diamond/Edmond case. Marina is having a discussion with Christina about marriages. Mallet is riffling threw a car when Reva sneaks up behind him and hits his butt with a towel. He wants her to do a tiny favor for him. She says anything. Josh wants to know how Jeffrey is going to work his plan. He doesn't like it. Jeffrey tells Josh, "Just before I go to jail, I am going to go on the run." Josh doesn't like it. Jeffrey continues to tell Josh, "We have to set up clues to make it look like I did it." Josh finally agrees with some trepidation. Mallet tells, "Eva that evidence points to all or one of you not telling me the truth." Jeffrey and Josh meet again to say that the plan is set in motion. Josh is out making footprints in the area of the murder when Dinah comes up behind him, startling him. They talk about the murder wondering who might have done it. Josh tells her thank you for caring about his son. She leaves and Josh continues what he was doing before she came upon him. Shayne goes to see Marina, angry that he is bothering Reva. Jeffrey checks in on Reva. Not letting on what he and Josh are up to. Josh goes to see Mallet telling him he needs to talk to him right now. Remy meets with Cyrus telling him, "I've got something to show you." Jeffrey and Reva have a relaxing picnic in the park with little Collin. Jeffrey goes to the car to get something and while there looks over to see Reva playing with little Collin. Josh tells Mallet, "What I am about to tell you might send your investigation in a different direction."

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Marcie has given baby Hope back to Starr and assured her she is ok without the baby, the first thing Starr wants to do is call Cole to tell him the joyous news. Unknown to her, however, Cole is getting arrested for the misunderstanding when the cop caught him with the drugs that Asher gave him for free and put in his pocket. He does not want to tell her that he will have to spend the night in jail nor will he be able to call her without his phone. And not having a clue where he is, she demands that he comes to the house in person. He still is unaware that they get to keep their baby when he gets escorted to jail. Michael informs Marcie that he has a job offer in Seattle. After Todd has subpoenaed Tea in order to help his custody case, she is furious at him and tells him she could be disbarred after what he did. But he promises to help her with "damage control" and lets her stay at his home while she's recovering from her injury.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Newman mansion, Ashley hears the voice on the computer and realizes that it is the same voice that she had heard on the phone, and realizes that it is coming from Adam’s room. Victor questions Adam if he is tormenting Ashley which Adam denies. Raul lets Billy know that he had taken his sweet time getting there. Billy asks Raul if Mac is going to join them, but Raul tells him that Mac has to work. Raul lets Billy know that Chloe had called him and told him that Mac needed him. Mac visits Chloe and accuses Chloe of trying to hide from her. Mac confronts Chloe about calling Raul. Mac notices that Chloe is not wearing her wedding ring. Chloe notices that Mac is wearing her engagement ring. Lily tells Cane that she likes the idea of the couch being in the office. Cane and Lily discuss how many children they are going to have. The woman complains that it is smudged. She asks for Jill to redo it. Jill hesitates which leads the woman to ask if there is somewhere else that Jill needs to be. Nina tells Katherine that her son deserves to know who his father is. Nina tells Katherine that she doesn’t want to know Cane. Jill interrupts Nina talking about Cane .Adam denies that it is him who is tormenting Ashley. Raul questions Billy about Billy and Chloe being separated . Mac and Raul meet for a talk. Mac tells Raul that she cannot marry him. Billy calls Chloe and wants to talk to her. Nina tells Cane that she wants to exhume Philip’s body. Nina tells Kay and Jill that Philip has Huntington’s disease. Adam arranges for a package to be delivered in overnight mail.

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