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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda has her baby. Amanda demands to see her baby and to hold it. Jake has his reservations, but agrees to let Amanda hold it. Tad finds out from Liza that her pregnancy is a fake. Liza owns up to Tad that Jake was to give Liza Amanda’s baby to keep it out of David’s hands. Tad is completely against this idea, not only for Amanda, but for David. At the Yacht Club, Marissa join Krystal. Marissa lets Krystal know that David is going after Jake and Amanda. Krystal calls Tad to let him know that David is on his way to find Jake and Amanda. Liza lets Tad know that Jake and Amanda are in Barbados. At the hospital, Annie tells Emma that she has a guardian angel, who is going to help her get out of here. Aidan questions Emma as to what Annie’s secret is, but Emma refuses to tell him. Tad calls Jake to warn him of David’s arrival in Barbados, but David intercepts the call. David is caught in Jake’s room by one of the maids, who lets David know where Jake and Amanda are.

David rushes to the hospital to find his son, but is told that the baby is dead. David lashes out at Jake and tries to choke Jake to death. Tad is completely against the idea of David being kept in the dark about his son. Ryan finds out Annie’s secret from Emma. David demands one of the nurses to take him to his son. Jake listens to the conversation.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Paul arrives for his supervised visit with Eliza, as he seems to be on his best behavior even as he has to stifle his curiosity when he learns that Dusty is no longer a part of Meg’s life. Lily and Damian arrive, as Lily offers to watch Paul interact with Eliza as Damian whisks Meg away for a fun day. Meg is unsure at first, but is coaxed into it and winds up having a wonderful day on a boat and then private beach area with a picnic prepared by Damian. Their day is interrupted when heading home, they realize their dingy that was tied up had floated away and are forced to call the coast guard for help. Damian and Meg enjoy the extra time together, as they flirt, but Meg explains that she is not ready to jump into another relationship. Damian thinks it is because of Dusty. Meg admits that may be a part of it, but it is also uet until she feels she has some semblance of control over her life. He isn’t going anywhere, which seems to please Meg. Once home, Lily hears the tale of what happened and wonders how come Damian didn’t take advantage of his situation. He wants everyone to know he is changed. Lily seems a touch intrigued by him, as she watches him and Meg interact. Faith asks Paul a pointed question as to why he took Eliza away from her mother. Faith admits that she was never worried while he was gone because the Paul she knew was always good to her and Parker. Craig visits Rosanna and offers to drop the charges if Rosanna tells Carly that he did something nice for her despite what she almost did to him. Rosanna sees a genuine concern in Craig and goes to see Carly. Parker watches over Carly, who has no memory at first of almost hitting Craig. Parker voices his concerns for what is going on with her, but Carly explains that accident was the wakeup call she needed to stop drinking. Parker is leery, but Carly promises she will stop and they will start fresh. Carly can’t seem to function without a drink and almost takes one before she smashes the glass. Rosanna comes by for a visit and notices how badly Carly looks and realizes she almost hit Craig with her car. Rosanna wants to know what is going on with her, but Carly pretends it is just a bug. They talk about what happened before she arrived back in Oakdale, but Carly pretends she is better now that Rosanna is back. Later, Parker sees Rosanna and hopes now that she is back things can get back to normal, but he doesn’t exactly tell Rosanna about Carly’s drinking problem when she asks what is going on. Carly goes to see Craig to apologize and thank him for always being on her side even when he could have turned his back. He promises never to do that, as Carly admits even after the DUI and almost hitting him, all she can think about is drinking. Craig wants her to think about anything else, as Carly leans in and kisses him. Craig offers her an out, but Carly wants to stay with him, as they continue to kiss passionately when she admits with him is the only place she feels safe.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie sees Ridge caress Taylor’s face. She thinks about the pills that she saw him take and wonders if they played a part in his behavior. She calls Taylor outside the bedroom and asks about the pills. Taylor is not overly concerned, but assures her that she can pull back and be a little more detached. Stephanie begs her not to do that. Taylor is his lifeline right now. Taylor questions Ridge about the pills and he declares that he is just fine. He didn’t think she would mind him taking another pill. She’s not comfortable of anyone self-medicating. If he’s not better in a few days, she will write him his own prescription. She’s there for him and he can ask for anything. Katie explains to Brooke that Rick called and he won’t be home. She doesn’t think Ridge is upset with her, just Rick and Steffy. He’ll come home soon. Brooke calls Ridge and wishes he were home. He laments that he can’t do that when Rick could come and go from her place any time he chooses. She says she loves him. Nick plays happy with Bridget who surmises this must be because Jackie has dropped Owen. On the contrary, Owen presents an engagement ring to Jackie. She’s thrilled on one hand, but skeptical on the other of his motives. He denies that it has anything to do with making Nick happy or that he is worried about where he is going to live. He’s not threatened and he doesn’t want to change Jackie. She is perfect as she is in every way. She raises her hand for him to slide on the ring. They kiss. Nick proposes to Bridget and she says yes. Brooke lies on the bed and reflects back to her beach wedding with Ridge. She cries as she tries to sleep. She reaches over and touches the other pillow and says goodnight to Ridge. Taylor admits to Ridge that she has never seen him so happy. She wants to make him happy again. With him lying on the bed, she kisses him. They say goodnight. As she leaves, she takes the bottle of pills with her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

At Philip’s request, Stephanie agrees not to tell Bo and Hope EJ was behind her kidnapping. Victor and Philip set up a meeting to make peace with the DiMeras. Bo and Hope suspect that Stephanie was lying for Philip. Rafe tells Arianna about Sami being Grace’s mother, and she tells him that this situation is a lot like something that happened in his past with a woman named Emily. Rafe denies it. Later, after Arianna runs into Brady at the cemetery, she stops by Emily’s grave. Melanie sees Arianna and Brady together and accuses Brady of having the ‘hots’ for her. EJ tells Nicole about Grace being his daughter. He bonds with Sydney, and tells Nicole how much he loves her and how much he hates Sami. Nicole worries about the situation with EJ knowing about Sami and their child together, but Stefano urges her to pull herself together and keep telling herself that Sydney is her child, not Sami’s. Will throws a fit when he learns Sami lied to him about Grace being her daughter. He storms out, threatening to move. He later runs into Mia, and tells her he wishes he could leave, but there are too many people he cares about in Salem to do so. Rafe tries to comfort Sami. At first she tells him that he doesn’t need all this in his life, and that he can leave, but Rafe assures her that he is in love with her, and that he wasn’t just around because of Grace. She says she loves him, too, and that she really doesn’t want him to leave.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Kristina drops Michael at Sonny’s house. Jason surmises that Kristina drove Michael to Sonny’s house so he confronts her. Sonny promises to be supportive of Claudia if the baby is his. Jason tries to help Carly understand Michael. Claudia offers to help Michael adjust to the changes in his life and achieve his goals. Michael tells Claudia that he wants the time back that he lost. Sonny tells Carly to let Michael stay with him and Claudia. In the end, everyone agrees that Michael should stay with Carly and Jax. Spinelli researches the funding behind Crimson. Johnny impresses all with his piano playing at Jake’s. Alexis asks Diane to drop the lawsuit against Matt. Patrick and Robin discuss Matt’s surgery. Patrick feels guilty for leaving the surgery to Matt. Rebecca regrets taking Ethan’s advice on Nikolas and the Q’s. Nik catches Ethan and Rebecca together at the casino. A drunken Matt gets into a fight with Spinelli so Johnny steps in. Coleman calls and asks Patrick to come and get Matt. Jason saves Sam from an over bearing cop who she says works for the mayor.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip meets with the Feds about James. Alexandra , Beth and Alan visit James in jail to talk some sense into him about what he's done. Bill and Lizzie are trying to decide what movie to see. Rafe is angry at Olivia and talks back at her. Natalia tells him to apologize. He wants to know what is going on with them. Natalia tells him they are in love. Rafe can't believe his mother lied to him all this time about her and Olivia. Rafe wants to know if it is just a mistake and it will be over. Natalia says, "I am in love with Olivia." Frank is at Company with Billy talking relationships. Billy tells Frank he'll find somebody soon. Lizzie and Bill gets some advice about setting up a news conference from Ashlee. She tells him that WSPR can handle it and have other outlets pick it up. At the courthouse, James has another court date. James stands up for the verdict and gets one year of community service. Everyone except Phillip is elated. After everyone has left, Phillip talks to the judge about the sentence. Beth then thanks him. At WSPR, Lizzie, Bill, and Lizzie have just done their impromptu press conference about changes at Spaulding/Lewis, which Alan sees. He tells Alex, "I am back." At Natalia's she is trying to talk to Rafe about her relationship with Olivia. He is not accepting it very well. Rafe tells her she is not considerate of his feelings and that they can go to hell. At Rafe's, Frank is waiting for him when Natalia comes to find him. She tells Frank what happened between her and Rafe. He wants to know how she could let that happen. They go searching for Rafe. Olivia is talking with Doris about what happened with Rafe. Bill meets Billy and Vanessa for drinks at Towers and talk about finances and work. Alan is on the phone with one of his old business partners telling him to set up a board meeting and that election nominations will be taken and he is nominating himself. When Lizzie walks in, he tells her about Bill losing the confidence of the board members. Doris is still talking to Olivia when Ashlee comes in to ask if she saw the press conference she set up for Bill on TV. Doris is smiling when she says, "Yes, sweetheart." At the jail, Alex and Phillip are talking about James. Beth and James are outside. Beth tells James, "Your father says things will be different now." A car comes whizzing by and James gets in it and takes off. At Towers, Vanessa sees that Bill and Lizzie want to be alone, so she and Billy take off. Frank and Rafe are having drinks outside. Olivia goes to see Natalia to apologize to her for making a mess out of her and Rafe's relationship.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marcie takes the baby to Starr and convinces her that it's ok with her if Starr raises her. Starr is very happy that have that choice and know that Marcie is ok with it. Yet other things are not going well in Starr's home. Markko's parents come to meet Dorian and bring some food for his graduation. Yet, she is unable to contain her rage that Ray left her to be with his daughter. She blurts our to Markko's parents that Lola almost ruined Langston and Markko's "romantic evening" together. When Mr. and Mrs. Rivera find out that their son had sex with Dorian's daughter and notice Dorian's unstable behavior, they tell their son they never want him near this girl again. Langston is furious at Dorian for ruining Markko's graduation. Cole goes to the docks alone and upset to have to give up his baby. Asher finds him and tempts him with a free bag of drugs. He gets ready to throw it in the river. But before he can, a cop catches him and places him under arrest for possession. In court, the judge rules in Blair's favor and tells Todd his case is dismissed. But Todd subpoenas Tea. She reveals that she has been sleeping with Todd while representing Blair. And at that point, the judge rules that Blair and Todd have joint custody but that means they must all live under one roof and better make it work or the kids will be placed in foster care.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Paul thanks Nina for coming. Paul tells Nina that he had done some digging on Violet Montgomery. Paul reveals that Violet wasn’t even in Genoa City the night that Cane was born. Cane refuses to let Lily help him if she thinks she is pregnant. Lily lets Cane know that she has to go to a seminar. Lily also lets Cane know that Nina had called. Neil tells Jill that he has someone in mind for the position of the director of research and development. Kay walks in and suggests that they try her. Mary Jane assures Victor that she will have the restraining order against Paul dropped. Nick visits Victor to let him know that he and Sharon belong together. Ashley thanks Olivia for stopping by. Ashley lets Olivia feel the baby kick. Adam swears to Dr. Taylor that Ashley still feels the baby kick. Dr. Taylor insists that Ashley had suffered a miscarriage. Estella drops by Victor’s. Ashley, immediately, wants to know what she is doing here. Rafe comes in and tells Ashley that he had brought her. Rafe shows Ashley a lie detector test that Estella had taken which proves that Estella had nothing to do with what had been happening to Ashley. At the gym, Tyra urges Devon to talk to her. Devon is still angry that Tyra hadn’t told him that they weren’t related.

Adam, in his room, plays the recording of Sabrina. Heather knocks on the door. Heather questions him if she had heard a woman’s voice. Adam orders Heather to break up with him since she won’t help him to get these cuffs off his legs. Heather decides to talk to the judge for Adam. Paul reveals that cane had lied about being born in Genoa City to Jill. Ashley begins to realize that Estella may not be the one, who had been gas lighting her. Paul confronts Mary Jane as to who she is. Mary Jane urges him not to tell anyone. Paul orders Mary Jane to tell the truth or he will. Ashley hears Sabrina’s voice coming from Adam’s room. Victor barges in and confronts Adam as to what he is doing .

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