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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In Barbados, Jake assures Amanda that they will have lots more children. Liza calls Jake to tell him that David is on his and Amanda’s trail. At Wildwind, David is on the phone, trying to find out where Jake and Amanda have gone with his child. At the hospital, Angie brings Emma out of an exam room and assures her that she is fine. Angie leaves Emma with Nurse Judy. Aidan tells Emma to tell Annie a secret and then ask Annie to tell her a secret. Ryan walks up and interrupts Aidan’s and Emma’s conversation. In Ian’s hospital room, Zach tells Kendall that Jack wants her to “cop a plea”. Kendall refuses and vows to fight for her freedom. In the cemetery, Marissa spends some time with J.R. and Little A. At the Yacht Club, Krystal interrupts J.R., Little A and Marissa having lunch. Krystal pulls Marissa away to let her know that David is still chasing after Jake and Amanda and the baby. Krystal asks for Marissa’s help. In their hotel room in Barbados, Amanda begins to have labor pains. Emma begs Ryan to let her see her Momma, but Ryan refuses. Aidan visits Annie in her room to let her know that Emma is upstairs.

Kendall tells Zach that she is considering taking the deal offered by the D.A. Zach lets Kendall know that he cannot raise the children alone. Ryan tries to tell Emma that she cannot see her Momma now when Aidan brings Annie to see Emma. Emma, upon seeing Annie, yells, “Mommy’ and runs into Annie’s arms. Liza comes to visit Tad to apologize to him. Marissa tries to talk some sense into David about taking Amanda’s child. Amanda goes into labor and is rushed into surgery. Amanda has the baby naturally, but complications arise which leads Jake to step in. Amanda demands to see the baby. Amanda changes her mind about giving the baby away.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Noah tells Luke that he has an idea for a film which deals with him opening a box on camera that he had received when his father had died. At the Hughes home, Riley helps Margo prepare hummus and chicken kabobs. Casey becomes jealous of all the attention that Margo is paying Riley. Alison realizes that Casey is jealous of Riley and questions him about it. Parker catches Carly driving while under the influence. Parker questions her as to what had happened that had gotten her to drinking again. Carly explains that she and Craig had had a deal, but Craig had gone back on their deal, and now Craig was mad and had started yelling. Rosanna owns up and confesses to Craig that she had taken his money. Craig orders her to put it back, but she refuses. Paul walks in and wonders what is going on. Parker reminds Carly that she had promised that she wouldn’t drink anymore. Craig barges in on them and tells Carly that her sister is a thief. Craig threatens to call the police on Rosanna, but Carly tries to stop him. Craig insists on turning Rosanna into the police. Carly tries to talk Craig out of turning Rosanna in, but Craig refuses.

Luke and Noah arrive for the photo shoot concerning the opening of Noah’s box that was from his father. Noah starts to open the box and finds a gun of his dad’s that is un-assembled. Riley lets Margo know that there were some things that Adam hadn’t told him about what had gone down before he left Oakdale. Paul receives a revised custody agreement from Meg concerning Eliza. Paul is thrilled and vows not to mess it up. Noah asks Riley to assemble the gun. Craig leaves Carly’s to turn Rosanna, but Carly tries to run him over, but Craig jumps out of the way, injuring his knee. Parker comes to Craig’s rescue. Carly also join Craig and Parker. Carly wants Craig to tell her that she hadn’t hurt him. Craig realizes that it was Carly, who had about run him over. Margo walks in when Riley is assembling the gun and reprimands Casey for putting Riley in this position. Margo orders Casey to treat Riley better. Casey lets Riley know that Riley doesn’t belong here.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that they will get through this, just the two of them. Their marriage is forever. She honestly wonders if he is going to carry his anger against her son around forever. As they hug, Brooke gets a call and Ridge hears the message. It’s from Rick and he says he is going to bring Steffy tonight for dinner, so set another plate. Ridge states to Brooke that this is just not going to work. He hates that this is happening and she knows how he feels about her, but he can’t be here with Rick. With Brooke’s tears flowing, Ridge kisses her and says goodbye. When Rick comes, she tells him Ridge won’t be back this time; he’s moved out. Rick feels responsible and says he will fix this. Nick catches Owen and Jackie kissing. He snipes about the way they conduct business around here. He also objects that Owen was there and he wasn’t when they met the accountants. He and Owen get into an argument. Owen demands an answer from Jackie. Nick tells her that he loves her and trusts that she will do the right thing. She announces that she will have to go with her son; Owen is out. Stephanie is surprised to find Ridge in the guest house. He confesses that he walked out on Brooke and needed a place to stay. He doesn’t know what he is going to do next. Stephanie calls Taylor and explains that she thinks Taylor should come over now. Taylor looks in on him and he tells her that he did what had to be done – he left Brooke. He’s just trying to process all of this. While she is out of the room, he spies her purse and sneaks another pill to take……and then another.

Jackie explains to Owen that just because she and Owen aren’t working together doesn’t mean they can’t still see each other. They are living together. He’s hurt and can’t keep hoping for something that isn’t going to happen. He wants more from her. He wants a life with her….he’s talking marriage, a commitment…and this has nothing to do with him losing his job. He proposes and she says yes. Stephanie sees Ridge take the second pill. Before she leaves, she manages to take the pill bottle and slip away with it. Taylor catches Ridge actually smiling. He gently caresses her face and tells her that she is so incredibly beautiful.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel tells Chloe that they will never be together, and that she must try to work things out with Lucas. He adds that he is only walking away because he loves her so much. Kate tells Lucas that the toxic medicine she procured is for feminine troubles of her own, and Lucas accepts that. He confides in her about Grace being EJ’s daughter, and how he and Chloe had a big fight about it. Kate lambastes Sami to Lucas, telling him that perhaps Chloe is a good person compared to her. She swears to try to make things right with Chloe. Chloe finds Lucas, and he vows to never keep anything from her again, asking for her forgiveness. The two make up. Daniel tells Kate that he won’t do the segment for her show. Upset, she secretly vows to make sure that he does the segment, as he must for her plan to work. She also finds time to console Will, who is still grieving for Grace. EJ refuses to have any part of Grace’s burial arrangements, despite Rafe urging him to put his anger aside and honor Grace’s memory. Sami and Rafe leave after EJ angrily tells the two to bury the girl, since they killed her. EJ talks the funeral director into letting him see the body, and he weeps over Grace. Sami writes the insert for Grace’s memorial service, and picks out photos. Will comes home, and she breaks the news to him that Grace wasn’t adopted at all, but was her biological daughter. Victor comes over to the DiMera mansion to ask Stefano if he will consider making peace. Stefano agrees to as long as all charges against his son are dropped. Nicole, elated that Stefano is on her side in regards to the baby switch, assures Sydney that she and EJ are Sydney’s parents, and that will never change.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny tells Jason to back off of Claudia until after the paternity test. Dr. Lee finally locates Claudia’s baby’s heartbeat. Claudia is warned that she could lose the baby if she doesn’t cut her stress level. The mayor’s mistress dies during surgery. Liz tells Patrick that Matt did a good job but he wasn’t as brilliant as Patrick would have been. Matt is resentful when Patrick tries to offer his assistance to figure out what went wrong. Diane announces that the family is filing a lawsuit against the hospital for wrongful death. Kristina visits Michael and brings him a joint. Michael is able to hide the joint from Carly. The doctors release Michael from GH so Carly takes him home. Michael feels like an outsider at home. Kristina goes to retrieve the joint from Michael’s room and is caught in the act by Jason. Kristina calls Jason a hypocrite for his anti drug attitude. Spinelli, Maxie, and Lulu follow Kate to the spa to get evidence. The three find it odd when they see Giselle at the spa. Giselle is blackmailing Kate. Claudia listens in as Olivia tells Sonny that she witnessed “heat” between Claudia and Ric. Claudia confronts Sonny and Olivia. Sonny and Claudia argue over Ric. Later, Sonny hears Claudia talking to the baby. Michael argues with Carly and storms out of the house and right into Kristina waiting in her car. Kristina asks Michael to convince Jason not to tell Alexis about the joint. Carly confides in Jason about Michael. Jason says Michael can’t be kept on a “leash.” Kristina and Michael head to Sonny’s house. Kristina isn’t the best driver and she suddenly swerves when Michael warned her to “watch out.”

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia and Olivia are talking. Outside their house, Natalia asks Olivia if she is afraid to say I love you? Olivia says she is not. Natalia then says, "I love you." They now feel better. Rafe comes by and they both ask him about his run. Natalia and Olivia then mention dinner. Natalia says she'll look in the freezer. Rafe seems not to care and runs off. Phillip is on the phone. He hangs up and Emma come in the room. She says she is bored. Phillip suggests she make a list of all the fun stuff she wants to do. Emma feels better and tell Phillip she loves him. At Bill and Lizzie's, Bill and Lizzie are talking with Rick about a kid's BBQ. Bill thinks they way Rick is talking, that he is dying. Once it becomes clear both Bill and Lizzie agree to help him with the BBQ. Phillip visits James in jail. Phillip tell him, "Sooner or later he'll learn this was a valuable lesson." Beth visits James with gifts of a pillow and blanket. James tells her she didn't have to. While there, the D.A. comes by to tell James and Beth of the charges of fraud, gaming fraud etc. Phillip meets up with Rick at the park. Phillip tells Rick about James and his situation. Phillip tells Rick that this is scarring him. That he doesn't think there are rules. Rick says, "I wonder where he got that from?" A female associate of Bill's sees him kissing Lizzie and gets nervous and shy about it. Frank calls Rafe for some help and gets a his answering machine and leaves a message stating that fact. Matt meets Olivia in town while riding on his bike. They chat about her groceries and then he offers to walk his bike back to her place. Natalia and Frank talk about Rafe. Rafe goes to see Emma. A woman named Jane answers the door. Jane tells Emma she'll leave her and Rafe alone that she has some things to do and leaves. Rafe sits on the end of Emma's bed and reads some of what Emma wrote. And they talk about it. Lizzie and Bill are in a school gym. Christina and Ashley show up. Bill talks about some games for the Kids BBQ and thanks them for coming down. Beth finds Rick and Phillip playing one on one basketball. She is angry. She then tells them about the DA coming to see Bill. And tells them that because of these charges of fraud. She continues to say, "James could spend the rest of his life in prison." Phillip meets with the DA. The DA tells him that James took thousands of dollars from people. Phillip can't believe his ears. Rafe catches up with Daisy outside Company and they talk about changing minds. Daisy tells him, "I change my mind everyday." At the cemetery Natalia is at Gus' grave talking to him about Rafe. At the school gym, Rick, Ashlee, Daisy, Matt Reardon, Lizzie and Bill are playing a tug of war game.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd petitions in court for custody of his kids. He protests that Blair and John's marriage is a scam. And he subpoena's Marty to admit that John is involved with her and not "really married" to Blair. Yet the judge dismisses Todd's case. Todd is not going to give up and announces that he has a "surprise witness". While Marty serves her mandatory subpoena, she has to be late for Cole's graduation. Yet, she and John are able to rush out of the courtroom and get there right in time to see Cole get his diploma. He does however have to finish some classes after the time he's lost, before he's officially graduated. He reveals that he is not complete about having to give his baby up even though he does not admit it to anybody. Marcie knows that Starr has changed her mind and wants to keep her baby. So she brings baby Hope to Starr. Dorian is missing Ray although she does not admit to anybody that she cares if he's gone. She notices that everybody around her has a romantic relationship and she is the only single person without somebody and it's too much for her to take.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe sits beside Delia's bassinet and vows to put the wheels in motion to make herself, Delia and Billy a family again. Mary Jane tells Jack that Phyllis is out, but she can call her. At the Newman house, Dr. Taylor comes to check on Ashley and meets Victor and Olivia. Olivia is quite impressed with Dr. Taylor . Summer shows Jack a pic that she drew. Mac and Billy can’t seem to get enough of each other when there is a knock on the door. Billy tries to ignore the knocking, but Raul yells at Mac. Mac and Billy quickly straighten up their appearance before Mac opens the door to Raul. Billy quickly makes his exit to keep from having to face Raul and what Billy is doing with Mac. Phyllis arrives home and finds Jack there with Mary Jane. Phyllis lets Jack know that Mary Jane is a keeper. Raul tells Mac that Chloe had called him and told him that Mac needed him. Dr. Taylor assures Adam that he is doing everything fine. Victor visits Mary Jane to confront her as to why she had gotten a restraining order against Paul . At the cottage, Chloe has an imaginary conversation with Billy in which he wants her to stay there. Mac tells Raul that they need to talk. Billy arrives home to find Chloe there. Billy asks Chloe not to leave. Billy and Chloe kiss, but then Billy pulls away. Mary Jane and Victor decide to work together again as long as Mary Jane makes it right with Paul. Chloe tells Billy they are done as she throws the ring at him.

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