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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the police station the D.A. questions Liza concerning the night of Stuart’s murder. At the hospital, Kendall and Zach get very good news concerning Ian and his surgery. Kendall and Zach are overjoyed that they hug and kiss. At Tad’s home, a fight breaks out between Jake and David when David tries to stop Jake and Amanda’s wedding. Krystal comes rushing in to find Tad trying to separate Jake and David. David begins to make insulting remarks which ends up with Tad hitting David in the mouth. At the police station, Liza makes a statement about the night that Stuart was killed. The wedding between Jake and Amanda goes on as planned with David tied up in a chair and gagged. Marissa comes in to find David tied up and gagged. Marissa, promptly, unties David. Marissa begins to lash out at Tad and the others for their treatment of David. At the hospital, Erica is than a little concerned over Adam being so close to Annie .Erica lets Ryan know that she feels that Annie had killed Stuart. Erica gets good news about Ian. Despite David’s protests, Jake and Amanda marry.

Kendall starts to knock on Ryan’s door, but then remembers the kiss between her and Zach. Kendall lets herself into Greenlee’s apartment to find Jack there, packing up Greenlee’s things. Kendall talks to the pic of herself and Greenlee as if Greenlee was right there with her. Ryan walks in and finds Kendall.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Breaking up is hard to do in Oakdale as Derek breaks up with Bonnie because he gets upset that she left her underwear in Dusty's glove compartment. Bonnie tries to explain that nothing happened between her and Dusty she just took them off because she was sick and they felt uncomfortable. Bonnie explains to Derek that she was always fully covered and Dusty didn't even know she took them off. Derek gets jealous and Bonnie reminds Derek they never had an official relationship. Meg tells Dusty that they can't have a relationship if he continues his war with Paul because he is Eliza's father and Paul will always be a part of Eliza's life. Dusty and Bonnie later drown their sorrows at the Lakeview and tell each other they have been dumped.

Paul is determined to help Rosanna get her money back from Craig even though she insists that she has changed and no longer wants the money. Craig asks Rosanna to call a truce for Carly's sake since Carly needs people who care about her to help her get out of her downward spiral. Rosanna refuses to call a truce at first but after visiting Carly and seeing how depressed she is she reconsiders because she thinks Craig is the only one who can help Carly right now. Paul breaks into Craig's room and break's into Craig's computer and successfully transfers all of Craig's money into an account in Rosanna's name. Craig finds out what happened when he gets a call from the bank and later confronts Rosanna who admits that her plan to get her money back worked.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge walks in and Brooke declares that she is glad he is home. They hug; he says he was at Big Bear and it was just what he needed. He wasn’t alone either; he was with Taylor. She’s suspicious. He says it isn’t what it might seem. They slept in separate beds. They lost a child and were sharing that grief. It is Brooke’s son who caused that grief and Brooke allows him to come and go in their home and he can not live with that. He wants Brooke to support him, but time after time she can not. Last night he finally realized that. He didn’t want Taylor to have to take care of him, but with her he found that peace. He realizes now he can feel joy again and he needs that. Brooke isn’t happy that Taylor can do the one thing that she can’t. Ridge says he realizes she can not take a stand against her own son, so that is the reason he is moving out. At lunch, Taylor confides to Stephanie that Ridge now has such peace in his eyes. He is leaving Brooke. Owen calls Bridget at home and tells her that Nick is after him. He’s driving him crazy. He’d like Bridget to talk to Nick on his behalf. When Nick returns from his shower, Bridget is in bed wearing a black teddy and holding a big bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. He tells her to hold that pose and he jumps in bed. Later when he is exhausted, she suggests he cut Owen a little more slack. Jackie kisses Owen and wants to lock the door and get even friendlier. Owen advises against that in case Nick comes in.

Stephanie is delighted and tells Taylor that she needs to take advantage of Ridge spending more time with her. Taylor feels it in her bones. She won't have to do a thing; Ridge is coming back to her. Brooke tells Ridge that he can not move out. They have a family together. He tells her that maybe it’s a weakness in his character, but Rick sucks the life out of him every time he sees him and he can not stay here in this house. Brooke can not help him and her son at the same time. She can not separate herself from Rick, but Rick is making him physically ill so he has to get away from him which means getting away from Brooke as well. She professes that their love is stronger than any problems they have. She reminds Ridge that his hatred will eat him up whether they are together or not. She begs him not to leave her. Don’t take his anger and walk out the door. She will not let him go.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe and Lucas argue about his keeping Sami’s secret from her. She storms off and runs into Daniel, confiding in him that she feels like Lucas betrayed her. Daniel doesn’t understand her wanting to give up on Lucas so easily after everything she has already done to commit to their marriage. He asks Chloe if she still loves Lucas, but she says she loves Daniel more. Kate asks Daniel to be on her talk show, saying she will agree to mend fences with him if he does so. He says he will think about it. Kate has a friend of hers pretend to be Daniel and fill the prescription she forged. Lucas later sees her with he vial of medicine, and is suspicious when Kate claims it is just liquid vitamins she was prescribed. Nicole tries to convince Rafe that she is just upset about Grace because she understands what Sami’s loss feels like. Later, she tells Sydney that she thinks this baby switch was God’s plan to make sure she didn’t go through losing another child. Stefano praises Nicole for what she has done, since he and EJ are now able to be with Sydney because of it. EJ lays into Sami for keeping Grace from him, vowing that he will hate her for the rest of his life. He learns Rafe took Graces body to a funeral home and heads over there. He punches Rafe. Sami tries to break the fight up, claiming that what happened was her fault. EJ totally snaps, saying that Sami was ashamed of Grace, treated her as an inconvenience, and was ultimately responsible for her death. Sami slaps him. Max decides to join Chelsea in London, even though he has been accepted into medical school with a full scholarship.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason steps in when Michael has an angry outburst with Liz. Michael gets physical with Jason. Michael is appalled with his own angry behavior. Jason later tells Sonny what happened. Michael calls Sonny and tells him about his outburst. Carly walks in as Michael asks if he can live with Sonny. Sonny tells Jason the baby Claudia’s carrying could be Ric’s. Patrick and Robin discover that the mayor is trying to cover up info regarding his mistress and her injuries. Alexis comes by GH to question the mayor’s mistress. Alexis wonders if the mayor is guilty of assault. Carly and Jax prepare for Michael’s homecoming. Dr. Lee says she can’t find Claudia’s baby’s heartbeat. Claudia doesn’t tell Sonny. Claudia returns to GH for tests without telling Sonny. Dr. Lee still can’t find a heartbeat. Lulu worries about her job if Spinelli and Maxie expose Kate. Kate gets upset when she finds Spinelli at Crimson so she demotes Maxie to “2nd assistant.” Maxie insists that Spinelli keeps investigating Kate. Jax and Alexis talk about the shooting. Jax doesn’t mention anything about Claudia’s involvement. Matt operates on the mayor’s mistress and she suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Patrick and Robin head to the park with Emma.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia is trying to talk to Rafe, but Rafe is not listening. After Rafe leaves, Frank gives tells her to take it easy with Rafe and that he will check up on him and be there for him. At a dress shop, Blake is helping Olivia pick out a dress for her date with Josh. Shayne uses Marina as a sounding board talking about what went on the day Edmund was supposedly murdered. Marina suggest they go see Reva and asks one of the girls at Company to cover for her. Jeffrey and Josh goes to see Rick about the cremation of Edmund. When Josh tells Rick they looked. Rick says, "You don't know all the places to look." Reva is still trying to report that someone spray painted her house to Mallet. He doesn't buy her story. Mallet misunderstands her and thinks she wants to confess. At Cedars Rick comes back with bad news, there was a clerical error. At Company, Natalia, Frank and Rafe are having drinks. Natalia dares her son that she can drink a hard drink. She downs one and coughs. At Olivia's brownstone, she and Blake are having drinks and talking about men. Outside Reva's, she announces to Shayne, she is going to "Get the real bastard that killed Edmund." Reva goes on her computer and tells anyone out there she is coming to get them for Edmund's murder. Josh has a theory that Edmund is not dead. Blake prepares to go to work at Company to the dismay of Marina. Things are looking up for Rafe, he got a job. He is excited and tells Natalia. Marina and Mallet talk about Reva, and what happened. When Jeffrey gets home he sees the graffiti on the house. He goes in and asks Reva if she is alright. Jeffrey tells her about Edmund's body being cremated. Jeffrey continues to tell her that he and Josh think Edmund is alive. Josh tells Mallet what he found out and his theory that Edmund is alive. Mallet is furious. Mallet can't believe Edmund's alive. Frank tells Marina and Blake about what he found out about Edmund's body being "cremated". Olivia and Natalia meet up at the park like two old lost friends finding each other. They laugh, cry.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Marcie and Michael bring the baby home, they can sense that Starr may be having second thoughts. Starr reveals just that to Langston. Cole tells Starr he wants her to attend his graduation ceremony. And they declare that they want to be together and have their baby. Marcie then walks in to overhear Langston admitting to Markko that Starr told her she wanted to keep her baby. Jessica is distraught but Brody is there for her. Rex is still furious at Gigi. And she still cannot confirm that she knows Stacy faked the DNA results and therefore cannot tell Rex what she had to do. Stacy is working on Shane when he informs her that he overheard his mom telling Schuyler that she did not sleep with Brody. Stacy seems to know what she has to do to win both Rex and Shane over.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy marvels at how Delia is giggling. Chloe hopes that Billy won’t miss Delia’s first word. Billy tells Chloe that he doesn’t intend to. Mac tells Cane that she is ready for her “close-up.” Mary Jane tells Mr. Vanderwood that everyone at Jabot is thrilled to be working with him. Jeff, once again, introduces himself to Mary Jane. Jeff tells Mary Jane that he is looking for someone to do his public relations. Mary Jane declines. Gloria questions Jeff as to what he had found out, but Jeff tells her he isn’t sure . Sharon tells Jack that she can pick up her things tomorrow. Jack lets her know that she doesn’t have to avoid him. Sharon tells Jack good-bye. Michael tells Phyllis that he wishes that he could do more for Kevin, but Phyllis isn’t really listening to him. Michael wants to talk about Phyllis’ problems, but Phyllis refuses. Chloe finds out from Billy that Sharon had left Jack. Nick visits Phyllis and tells her that he wants her to file for divorce, but Phyllis refuses. Chloe lets Mac know that Sharon and Jack had split up. Phyllis tells Summer that Nick will be living somewhere else. Noah tells Eden that he will meet her back here. In leaving, Noah meets up with Lauren, but he doesn’t have time to talk. Lauren questions Eden as to what is going on. Eden lets her know that Noah is meeting Sharon. Jeff sees Jack and Mary Jane kissing, and relates the news to Gloria. Sharon tells Noah that she and Nick are attempting a reconciliation. When Phyllis goes back to the office to take care of some business, she leaves Summer with Mary Jane. Jack arrives and finds Summer with Mary Jane.

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