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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Yacht Club, Jake asks Amanda to marry him and she accepts. Amanda suggests getting married at City Hall. At the police station, David agrees to tell the police what they want to know, but they might not want to hear what he has to say. Kendall, Zach, and Ryan find out from Angie and Dr. Sloan that Ian is ready for his surgery. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. blasts Adam for his friendship of Annie. Annie begins to have a sharp pain in her back. She undoes her I.V. and gets out of bed. She goes out into the hall where she finds the police asleep in his chair. The officer wakes up and questions Annie as to what she is doing out of bed. Annie has another sharp pain in her back and collapses. Aidan catches her and takes her back to bed. Adam denies to J.R. that there is anything going on between him and Annie. Adam gets a call from the hospital that Annie had collapsed. Adam hurries to the hospital. David gives his statement to Jesse about what had happened the night that Stuart was killed. Jesse doesn’t believe David. David tells Jesse that he had seen Liza standing over Stuart’s body. Jake and Amanda arrive home to find Tad and Opal, sitting on the sofa, staring at the static on the television screen. Jake and Amanda tell Opal and Tad that they are getting married. Tad and Opal are overjoyed.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie has to get used to the idea that Brad and Vienna are going to be working together on Oakdale Now. Brad sets up a live feed for Katie to feel included, as she is home on bed rest. Henry isn’t exactly happy about the situation himself and is struggling to hide this. He especially is not in the mood when Vienna calls him for a favor to fill in as the waiter on Oakdale Now, as she and Brad do a segment on dating. Brad and Henry end up in an argument, as Henry doesn’t take to how Brad is acting. The whole show turns into a circus with everyone arguing over one another, as Kim is very irate because it was live. She tells them that all of them are finished because they must have looked ridiculous on TV and the affiliates won’t stand for it. Brad and Vienna are both upset with Henry, as he tries to explain he still hasn’t gotten past losing his child. Katie has empathy for Henry though. Later, Kim surprises Brad when she calls to tell him that the audience loved them and are calling into the studio constantly; she apologizes for getting upset and offers him and Vienna their jobs back. Secretly, Katie doesn’t look as thrilled over the news however. Brad quickly calls Vienna who is thrilled, as Henry promises to be more supportive this time around. Liberty happily gets ready for the prom, but across town, Parker is sullen so Carly gives him some money and tells him to go out and have some fun. Later, Craig sees Parker downtown dressed in a tux and makes a beeline for Carly’s. She, however, is in the middle of drinking and doesn’t want him to come in. Craig finally gets her to let him in and explains what he saw. Carly begrudgingly races down to the school to stop Parker, but feels she needs to take another shot of courage before she leaves. Janet, who is a chaperone, arrives with Liberty and her friend at the prom. Parker is turned away because he no longer is registered at school, but he finds a way around it by going with one of his guy friends as his ‘date.’ Parker watches as Liberty dances with another guy. Craig tries to stop him from making a fool of himself, as Parker agrees to leave, but after Craig rushes in to save Carly from another argument with Janet, Parker starts a fight with Liberty’s dancing partner. Soon, Craig, Carly and Janet are trying to break it up with Janet accusing Parker and Carly of not dealing or handling this well, as Liberty is just trying to move on and Carly defending Parker’s actions. Carly is soon asked to leave with Parker and a mortified Liberty wants to go home shortly as well because she is upset over Parker. Carly talks to Parker about his actions, but doesn’t do too much about it. Craig arrives and questions her handling of Parker and wondering if they have a deal that if she lets him do whatever then he will give her the same courtesy. Carly feigns ignorance and when Craig asks if she is drinking again, she lies and says no. Carly tries to push Craig away so he is not able to watch over her anymore because drinking has become her priority, but she looks conflicted about it after Craig promises to abide by her wishes and leave her alone, but promises he will be there if she needs him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas catches Steffy and Rick kissing and tears into him. Steffy explains that Rick has changed and they are giving it a second try. It’s her life and she wants to spend it with Rick. They don’t like it, but her mom and dad both know. There is nothing they can do about it and neither can Thomas. Ridge kisses Taylor, but she puts a halt to it. It’s what she wants, but she is not sure that it is really him or the anti-anxiety medication she gave him. He explains that he feels like he can breathe again and he wants peace, something he can not get with Brooke. This is right with Taylor. He repeats his mantra again – Rick took Phoebe away from them and now Rick is doing the same with Steffy. How could Brooke support that? Brooke tells Katie and Donna that she had a fight with Ridge and he walked out. Steffy and Rick are adults and should be able to do what they want, but Ridge will never accept this. And now she finds out their marriage is not legal. She feels like she is on probation.

Rick is against him and Steffy going to Paris to start a new life. His father needs him at the company right now. He believes they simply have to find a way for all the family to accept this. Steffy begs for Thomas’s support, she needs her big brother. With the pills working their magic, Ridge tells Taylor that things do not seem so impossible right now with her at his side. He returns Brooke’s call, but tells her that he will not return tonight and will see her tomorrow. He hopes she has changed her view and will support him. They talk about the problem, but she says the situation is out of their control. They have to accept Steffy and Rick as a couple. He says he does not want Rick in his life at all, and especially not in Steffy’s. He tells Taylor that Brooke will never understand. Brooke tells her sisters that Ridge hung up on her. Donna advises that he is just letting off steam. He’ll come walking through that door at any time. Taylor listens sympathetically as Ridge reveals to her that there is too much tension in his home with Brooke. He points out that he is smiling now, so Taylor is the best thing in the world for him. He likes the fresh air here, no trauma and angst. He does not want to go back there with Rick making another pitch for his daughter. This is the most joy he has felt in a long time. He’s leaving……he’s moving out…. he has no other choice.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna tells Brady that she feels like Rafe and Sami are hiding something, since Rafe was planning on adopting Grace without marrying Sami. Stefano thanks Nicole for what she has done to ensure that EJ is raising his daughter, alive and well. He warns her that Sami and EJ must never learn the truth about Sydney. Nicole comes to Rafe’s rescue at the hospital when the nurse can’t find his name on file in connection to Grace. Nicole uses the DiMera name to get the nurse to release Grace’s body to Rafe. Rafe is suspicious of how upset Nicole seems to be about Grace, reminding her that she had no connection to the baby at all. Sami tells EJ that he is Grace’s father. He doesn’t believe it at first, but she convinces him, citing all the reasons she didn’t tell him about his daughter. EJ goes postal. Chelsea returns to Salem to ask Max to move to London with her for good. Kate steals one of Daniel’s blank prescriptions as he sleeps at the hospital. He wakes up as she is leaving and asks her what she is doing there, assuming she has some sort of agenda. Chloe dreams about Daniel and wakes up to Lucas wanting them to be honest with each other about everything. He divulges to Chloe that Grace was really E.J.'s daughter.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas tells Monica, Lucky, and Liz about Rebecca. Liz thinks Rebecca was in the know before she came to town. Later, Rebecca shares the news with Jason. Monica welcomes Rebecca into the family. Olivia enlists Robin and Patrick to help her with a sensitive issue at the hotel involving the mayor and his mistress. The mayor’s mistress is unconscious so Robin and Patrick tend to her. The mayor admits his mistress hit her head in the shower but Patrick and Robin are suspicious. The mayor heads off as the paramedics are on their way to the hotel room. Helena overhears Ethan and Rebecca discussing their plan. Helena later tells Rebecca what she now knows as Luke listens in. Helena threatens to expose Rebecca unless Rebecca cooperates with her. Luke confronts Helena. Helena’s bodyguard knocks Luke unconscious. Holly calls Luke and pretends to be in need of his help. Maxie tells Jason about the recording Johnny heard of Claudia’s voice. Maxie then tells Johnny that she told Jason. Johnny asks Jason to halt his investigation of Claudia. Johnny asks Jason to “let it go” or else they will come to blows. Johnny says he will protect Claudia no matter what. Ethan pays Lucky a visit and tells him the new DNA results are due back. The test results come back positive.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia is on the phone with Natalia telling her how much fun she and Emma had the other day. She also wishes Natalia luck on the meeting and wants her to call her back to let her know how it went. Natalia is at the meeting with Rafe's parole officer. Natalia tries her best to put a good spin on what Rafe has been doing since released. Marina and baby are in the park when they run into Josh, who is jogging. He stops to talk to her. Josh then turns the discussion on Edmund. Telling Marina he wished he never returned to town. Shayne drops by Reva and Jeffrey's with a treat for Reva. They talk about the murder. The way Shayne is talking, Reva knows something's up and wants her son to spill what is on his mind. Jeffrey is at the TV station talking with Dinah, who is wrapping up a report on the murder. She tells Jeffrey that she is tired of talking about the murder. Jeffrey talks about potential suspects. Jeffrey can't believe anyone around Reva would do it, Josh or Shayne and then frame her. Jeffrey questions her about Bill or even Dinah, herself. So much so they get into a shouting match. Dinah leaves her office and Jeffrey follows her. Shayne drops a bomb on Reva about confessing. Reva wants to know why he wants her to confess. He tells her that no one would believe her after she professed her innocents. She wants to drop it and continue eating. Olivia goes to Company and runs into Blake. Blake is reading a book that Olivia comments on. Back at the TV Station, Shayne drops by and sees Jeffrey and Dinah argue. Shayne wants Jeffrey to stop and go look for someone else. Jeffrey reminds him that number one suspect is his mother. Marina visits Reva to talk about anything but the murder and just walk. They take the babies with them. At Company, Natalia comes in miffed and angry. Frank sees this and asks about the parole hearing. Natalia tells Frank that the parole officer barely listed to anything she had to say positive. That Rafe took off. Frank says, "I'll check the ball field." Olivia has a problem with her car when Josh just happens to walk by. He offers to take a look. He diagnosed it as a bad battery cable. They then kiss! Olivia then stops the kiss to talk more. Josh wants to kiss her again and she stops him. She laughs as he talks. Natalia runs into Matt. He asks about Rafe and Natalia tells him in part that he is not himself. Marina and Reva are having fun spending time with their little ones and talking. Reva gives Marina some motherly advice on mothering. Shayne and Dinah meet up. She sees he has a big motorcycle and asks about it. He tells her he wants to ride with her to forget murders and weapons. After Josh is done fixing Olivia's car she gets in and he tells her to give him a call if she ever has a problem with it again. Josh then gets a call from Jeffrey asking if he is busy. Josh says, "Not now". Jeffrey tells him about looking for bodies. Dinah and Shayne end up riding bicycles and talking again about the murder investigation. They run into Reva and Marina in the park. After talking yet more about the investigation, Marina and Reva decide to go back to Reva's to get the babies out of the sun. At Cedars, Jeffrey and Josh meet up to go see Edmond's body. Olivia goes home to try and relax and exercise, but it is not working out. Natalia is at the cemetery and she calls Rafe, she leaves a message. Reva comes home to find her house vandalized and the person running away. At a clothes shop Olivia runs into Blake. Frank and Rafe meet up for soft drinks and talk. Natalia walks in on them. She is happy to have found him At Company, Shayne drops by. Marina is glad to see him. Shayne tells her about her and Dinah's ride in the park. Marina tells him she is happy to hear Shayne has found somebody. Dinah is caught trying to get into a building by a patrolman. She talks her way out of trouble. Reva drops by the SPD angrily telling Mallet who she found coming back from her walk with Marina. Mallet tells her he will assign someone to watch over her and the house till they catch the vandals. Jeffrey and Josh find out that Edmund's body is missing. The coroner tells them the body was cremated. Jeffrey begins to wonder.....

OLTL Recap Written by Jen P.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nikki rushes in Memorial hospital to check on Victoria, who is being treated in one of the exam rooms. J.T. lets Nikki know that Victoria is being examined now. Nikki also questions J.T. as to what had happened. J.T fills Nikki in on all the details. Daniel lets Amber know that he was trying to right the wrong he had done. Kevin questions Daniel as to how he had fallen for such a scam. Daniel fills them in on what had gone down behind Jimmy’s bar with Thomas and Victoria. Daniel and Amber start to leave, but runs into Howard Aucker at the door. Heather confronts Paul about his trip downtown to the police station. Paul explains everything to Heather about his investigation of Mary Jane Benson. Victor thanks Adam for looking after Ashley. Ashley comes downstairs to join Victor and Adam. At the hospital, the doctor comes out and tells Nikki and J.T. that Victoria is awake, but he is still going to run some more tests on her. Nikki calls Victor to tell him about Victoria being in the hospital. Aucker questions Daniel as to where he was tonight. Daniel lies to him and tells him that he was right here in the apartment doing work. Jana suggests to Daniel to tell the truth to Aucker. Paul is served with a restraining order. At the hospital, Victor finds out about the art thief and the briefcase full of money and Victoria’s involvement in all this. J.T. mentions to Victor about Mary Jane being at their house tonight. Ashley imagines that she feels the baby kick. Aucker questions Victoria about what she had seen in the alley. Aucker gets a call from Romalotti. Adam calls Dr. Taylor about Ashley feeling the baby kick. Dr. Taylor stops by to examine Ashley. Dr. Ellsworth tells the family that Victoria has a concussion. Daniel confesses everything to Aucker. Aucker’s fingerprints are found on the gun. Adam threatens Dr. Taylor to keep him in line to keep doing as Adam says.

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