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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Yacht Club, Amanda sits at a table and reads a book entitled, “The Dangers of Delivery.” Jake joins her. Jake begins to offer Amanda reassurance that everything will be all right with the delivery. Colby and Liza sit at a table, also at the Yacht Club. Colby tells Liza that she is moving out of the Chandler mansion. Liza tells Colby that, of course, she can move in with Liza. Colby lets Liza know that she is moving in with Corinna, but that she needs help with the deposit. Aidan visits Annie in the hospital and finds Adam. Aidan lets Adam know that he will take over from here. At the hospital, Angie questions Krystal as to why she is here. Krystal lets Angie know that she had left David and had moved in with Tad. At Wildwind, J.R. demands that David be arrested. Jesse insists on questioning David downtown. Krystal fills Angie in on how that David had wanted to buy Amanda’s baby.

Liza arrives at the police station to be David’s lawyer. Marissa calls Krystal for additional support. Angie finds out from Kendall that David had been taken to the police station for questioning. Angie introduces Kendall to Dr. Sloan. Some very incriminating evidence is found in David’s house which implicates him in Stuart’s murder. Dr. Sloan tells Zach, Kendall, and Ryan that Ian is ready for surgery. Jake asks Amanda to marry him and Amanda accepts.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Emily works on Brad and Katie's story for the Intruder and it makes her realize she wants to reverse her tubal ligation and have another child. Emily asks Susan to find out what happened to the un used fertilized eggs she donated to Susan years ago when she wanted to have a child. Bob discovers that the eggs are missing and promises Emily they will find them. Hunter finds out some shocking news when he and Allison go to visit his mother in a nursing home because she had a stroke. Hunter's mother tells him that the man who raised him wasn't his father. Hunter asks the identity of his  mother drifts off to sleep. Allison thinks that the stroke affected his mother and she encourages Hunter to ask his mother about the situation later after his mother feels better.

Tom and Casey are worried that Margo is using Riley as a substitute for Adam and they both feel like she is letting Riley into her life and pushing them out of her life. Casey warns Riley not to take advantage of his mother while she is so vulnerable. Margo sobs while she watches a video of Adam and Casey consoles her but later she is laughing when she watches the same video with Riley. Tom and Casey decide to allow Margo to grieve in her strange way but both of them agree to keep their guard up about Riley. Noah is also suspicious of Riley when Riley tells him that he didn't ever meet or know Colonel Mayer. Noah also notices that Riley isn't eager to help him with his film project when he finds out he is interviewing an army lieutenant. Lieutenant Hasbro asks Riley if he ever met a friend of his who was stationed in Afghanistan and Riley says yes but the man probably wouldn't remember him if he mentioned his name to him. Luke encourages Noah to get to know Riley better because he is sure Noah has no reason not to like Riley.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor continues to massage Ridge, both his back and shoulders and his ego. She is sorry he is going through this with Brooke not supporting him. They will get through this together just like they did with Thomas. He claims that just when he needed Brooke the most, she could not be there for him. Brooke betrayed him. He now needs to be with someone who loves him unconditionally. Brooke laments to Rick and Steffy that she can not reach Ridge and she is worried. Rick tells her to give him some time to cool off. But Brooke flies out. She wants to find him before Stephanie does. Rick tells Steffy that he caused this mess, he needs to fix it. He hopes Stephanie stays out of this. Pam tells Stephanie that she has a feeling that the high and mighty Logan family are finally going to get what is coming to them. Stephanie speaks with Taylor by phone and Taylor fills her in. She’s even afraid the sound of Brooke’s voice will set Ridge off again. Brooke barges into Eric’s office, but finds Stephanie instead. Stephanie finds pleasure in telling Brooke that she bets that Ridge is glad he is not legally married to Brooke.

Steffy calls Taylor who states that she can’t believe she and Rick are seeing each other again all the while knowing how this would affect her dad. While Taylor is in the kitchen, Ridge sneaks more pills from Taylor’s purse. He understands Steffy is worried about him, but not worried enough to give up Rick. He shares with Taylor that today he is actually relieved that his marriage to Brooke is not legal. Stephanie points out to Brooke how upsetting this is, that she constantly supports her son over her own husband. Ridge calls Stephanie to say he is at Big Bear and he wants time alone without Brooke. Brooke is upset when Stephanie won’t tell her more. Ridge tells Taylor that it is in Brooke’s court if she will call. He’s grateful that he is with Taylor. He trusts her and things are so easy with her. He doesn’t have to rack his brain. He just knows that she is there for him. He thought he and Brooke were meant to be with each other forever, but it’s been one problem after another. Now he just wants some peace and calm in his life. She smiles as he kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami, Rafe and Will say goodbye to Grace. Caroline calls Father Matt in to administer last rites. Sami doesn’t want to give up on her so easily, but eventually agrees to allow the priest to perform the ceremony. Sami and Rafe sit by Grace’s side as she slips away. Daniel has trouble handling the fact that he couldn’t save the baby, despite Chloe’s reassurances. The next day, Sami asks Rafe to get the twins so she can break the news to them herself. He heads over to the mansion to get Johnny, but EJ is reluctant to let Rafe take him. Nicole convinces EJ to let Rafe take him for Sami’s sake. Later, Stefano tells Nicole that they need to finish their conversation about Sydney. Mia tries to comfort Will, and later Arianna runs into Rafe and tries to do the same. Victor apologizes to Brady for disowning him and asking him to leave the mansion. He asks him to come back home. Brady is reluctant to do so at first, but finally agrees.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ethan claims to be in Rebecca’s room to invite her to a card game. Nikolas tells Rebecca she’s Emily’s twin. Rebecca pretends to be shocked. Nik thinks Rebecca came to town through a “connection” to Emily. He believes Rebecca when she says she didn’t know about Emily. Nik takes Rebecca to Emily’s grave. Robin and Patrick have some quiet romantic time at home. Ric and Sonny argue at the hospital. Michael tells Carly about Claudia’s apologies to him when he was comatose. Kristina tells Alexis her version of what happened with Jason and Michael. Ric tells Claudia he wants to tell Sonny the baby could be his. Sonny tells Olivia he’s suspicious of Claudia’s relationship with Ric. Michael hears Claudia’s and Jax’s apologies in his sleep. After seeing Ric come out of her hospital room, Sonny confronts Claudia about the baby’s paternity. Claudia claims she was never unfaithful to Sonny but Sonny wants a paternity test.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia sees that Rafe is still in bed and wakes him up to get up. All he wants to do is stay in bed. At Company, Josh is at a table when Olivia walks in. He sees her order and asks her to come and sit with him. At Reva and Jeffrey's, Reva is making breakfast and enjoying it. Jeffrey wonders what is up with the pancakes. At Mallet and Marina's, Mallet is going through evidence and not making any headway. Marina wants him to clear the table. At the Food Court, Shayne and Dinah are getting groceries and talking about Reva's arrest and Mallet. Shayne is not happy with the way Mallet handled Reva's arrest. At Jeffrey and Reva's, Reva puts a positive spin on the day. She feels confident Jeffrey will find the right killer. Shayne bites Dinah's head off and then apologizes. Dinah tells him, "You have every right to be angry." Josh and Olivia have a meal together. Josh suggests to her to volunteer. She thanks him for breakfast and leaves. Natalia has Rafe up and outside. At Company, Shayne and Dinah are there. Marina says "hi" to Shayne. Marina mentions Reva and self defense and suggests that is how the murder went down. Shayne becomes angry and chastises her for even thinking of such a thing. Meanwhile Jeffrey goes looking for clues at the Police car compound where Reva's car is. Rafe sees Mallet outside and they talk. Mallet asks Rafe for some help. After taking a call, Natalia gets to cooking when Olivia walks in followed by Emma. Then they get aprons on to help Natalia. Rafe and Mallet are playing catch and tossing a ball back and forth talking about the case when Frank arrives. They kid one another. Mallet gets a call from Marina. Nothing much to report. Jeffrey and Mallet agree to work together. Dinah goes to see Reva, who is working in her garden. Dinah wants to help. Jeffrey and Mallet mull over the case and wonders who would frame Reva. Especially knowing she is so loved in Springfield. Rafe visits with Olivia, Natalia and Emma. He tells them he is not wearing an apron. They all laugh. Rafe meets up with Frank and they figure out what to do with the rest of the day. Frank jokes that they should go bowling. Rafe laughs. At home watering the garden, Mallet tell Marina that the blood on the pipe came back as Edmund's. Then he tells her that he doesn't think Reva did it. Mallet then kids with Marina and sprays her. Josh and Shayne talk about Reva and what she has been like the last couple of months. Shayne asks Josh to protect Reva would he confess? Josh says, "Yes". Dinah and Reva are now resting at the picnic table. They are having a good talk. They don't know Jeffrey just arrived until they finish. Dinah feels a little weird and goes.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd and Blair debate about who should have the kids. But they agree that Starr stays with her and he may take the boys. Immediately, he goes to see Tea after knowing she has nowhere to go when she leaves the hospital except the hotel. And he doesn't want to be alone. Blair goes and tells John that she wants to make their marriage work. But he is not ok with that realizing that Marty is the one he really wants. Noelle and Moe encourage Dorian to move forward with Ray and can tell she has real feelings for him. Gigi and Schuyler talk about his history with Stacy and he provides some real insights to her about his life and history. It appears they are getting closer. Meanwhile, Stacy is "working" Rex. And they are getting closer.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nina thanks Cane for fitting her in so she can ask him some questions about his past for the screenplay that she is writing. Billy tells Chloe that he didn’t think that she would come. Billy asks Chloe about Delia and tells Chloe how much he loves Delia. Billy tells Chloe that he wants them to work out, but Chloe doesn’t believe him. Mary Jane mumbles that Phyllis isn’t answering and she had just been with her. Victoria asks the man for another soda. Aucker asks Victoria had the man made contact yet. Victoria lets him know that she is waiting for J.T. to arrive. Kevin, Amber and Jana all arrive to help Daniel, who waits outside for Balfour. Daniel and Balfour meet face to face. Daniel orders Balfour to give him back his painting or he will take it. Balfour orders Daniel not to move. Nina questions Cane about Violet Montgomery. Chloe visits Kay to talk about Billy and what Chloe should do. Mac shows Billy a scrapbook that she had saved from high school Thomas orders Daniel to leave. Paul meets up with Mary Jane and begins to question her once again about things that had just come to light in her life. Mary Jane accuses Paul of stalking her.

Billy makes Mac admit that she still has feelings for him like she did in high school. In the confrontation in the alley, Victoria is hurt. J.T. urges her to hold on while he yells for help. J.T. vows revenge on Aucker if Victoria dies. Nina receives some valuable info about Cane and Violet from Paul. Wallace questions Paul if he knows Mary Jane Benson. Wallace tells Paul that Mary Jane had just filed a complaint for Paul’s stalking and harassment. Cane meets with Philip and tells him that Nina will never give up. Jana and Amber are relieved that Daniel is alright. Daniel tells them that his trouble is not over.

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