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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Ryan is with Annie in her hospital room. Ryan questions Annie as to why she had mentioned David being at the Chandler mansion the night of the storm. Adam interrupts their conversation and runs interference for Annie. At the Yacht Club, Scott and J.R. discuss how to get Chandler Enterprises back on its feet. J.R. blames David for all their trouble. Marissa walks up and interrupts their conversation. David comes into Ian’s room at the hospital to check on him to see how he is doing. Kendall begins to question David as to where he was the night that Stuart was killed. Zach comes in and asks David the same question. David doesn’t want to do this, but Zach and Kendall insists. Jack, Jesse and the police are at the Chandler mansion, on the patio, checking for more clues in Stuart’s death. In Germany, Randi tries to reach out to Frankie, but once again he pushes her away and this time all the way back to the United States. The police find a size 11 foot print in the woods behind the Chandler mansion.

Brot tries to talk some sense into Frankie, but Frankie refuses to listen. Marissa offers her support to David to keep him from leaving town, but he insists on leaving .Adam tells Annie that he remembers his promise to her concerning her getting Emma back. Jesse begins to question every man involved what size of shoes they wear. In leaving Wildwind, David runs into J.R., who tries to stop David, but David knocks J.R. up against the wall. J.R. hits his head. Jesse arrives at Wildwind and learns what had been going on. Jesse is just about to issue an APB on David when David walks in the door. David lets Marissa know that she was the reason why he had come back. Brot urges Frankie to fight for Randi, but Frankie refuses.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Craig tries to get Carly to stay in business with him to work on a vitamin water line, but she thinks he is just trying to keep an eye on her so she won’t drink. Craig tries to convince her to give them a shot, but there conversation is interrupted by a phone call. Dusty tries to get Meg to press charges against Paul, but she won’t budge and is just happy that Paul brought her home; she thinks she is doing what is best for her child. Dusty isn’t happy to hear this so he tries to convince Rosanna to stand up against Paul, but she won’t either. Dusty is very displeased, as Damian stands up for Meg and tells Dusty to back off. Paul thanks Rosanna for supporting him, as they say their goodbyes and Paul heads home and Rosanna stays to talk with Jack. An elated Meg and Damian bring Eliza home to the farm. Rosanna and Jack talk about what happened with her and Carly’s relationship with Craig. Jack tells Rosanna that Carly is in trouble and needs her help. Rosanna asks him to call Carly for her. Jack calls Carly down to the station because Rosanna is there, as a stunned Carly races out leaving Craig behind looking unsure of what she told him about how possibly Rosanna could be back in town. Carly races to the station and interrupts Jack and Rosanna’s conversation before he is able to tell her about Carly’s drinking problem. Rosanna wants them to catch up over drinks, as Jack looks noticeably bothered to hear this, but Carly won’t give him the chance for him to say anything. Dusty butts heads with Bonnie and later with Meg, as he continues to try to get someone to put Paul behind bars. Both agree he no longer needs to play the hero, which frustrates him. Meg enjoys spending time with Eliza and Damian. He offers her a shoulder anytime, which seems to please Meg. Bonnie and Dusty later toast to no longer hating one another as much as they did before, as they smile at each other. Rosanna and Carly talk over martinis, as they catch up. Rosanna can’t imagine what Carly would want with Craig, but Carly plays off their relationship and asks her to stay with her. Rosanna wants to think about things some more, but doesn’t want to bump into Craig. After Rosanna leaves, Carly downs Rosanna’s untouched martini and heads home. Craig goes to the police station to find out about Rosanna, as a smug Jack can’t wait to tell him that she is back, which means he will be out because Carly will choose Rosanna over him. Carly wants to rip up the check from Craig, but she can’t seem to do it. Craig arrives to plead his case to her and to talk with Rosanna. Carly laughs saying they will never be friends and Rosanna will never forgive him. Craig wants her to consider that if he can get Rosanna to forgive him then she might consider being his business partner again. Carly tells him that will never happen and that she wants him to leave, but when he does, Carly seems a little saddened by this afterwards.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge rants at Brooke that he needs to hear the words – he forbids Rick to see his daughter and he wants Brooke to say it too. She’s sorry, but she can’t do that. Their intentions are very clear. They are in love and they can’t stay away from each other. They are adults and should be allowed to do this. Ridge tells Brooke that after all that has happened, she should be supporting him not Rick. He tells them to just go. He can’t stand to look at Rick and Steffy. He tells Brooke that he knew Rick would not stay away, but he never thought Brooke would betray him and refuse to see her son for what he really is. He states that he loves her, but he will not tolerate this. Her son is a threat to his daughter, even himself, and she just does not seem to give a damn about that. He’s done…….and he storms out. Thomas and Taylor visit Phoebe’s grave. Both feel that Phoebe would still be with them if it weren’t for Rick. Ridge ends up at Phoebe’s grave and Taylor inquires if anything is wrong. He tells her that Brooke is supporting Rick so he just had to get out. He needed Brooke’s support, but there is none. He’s left Brooke. Eric tells Stephanie that he misses her at the office and wants her to come back. Firing her was a mistake. She laughs that he always wanted his cake and eat it too. She went out on a limb to be sure he did not go to jail, so she thinks they are even. She thinks he needs to step back and think through other people’s eyes. It is not just Donna, but his own behavior as well. His behavior has consequences on his company and his reputation. Donna interrupts, but Stephanie says she can come on in. She is finished with her conversation.

Taylor laments this will work out. They will try harder to keep Steffy from Rick. He argues that he just can’t take it any more…. if there was only some way to have Phoebe back. He won’t let that happen to Steffy too. Yet Brooke won’t do anything to stop it. Taylor searches her purse and finds a pill and gives to Ridge. It’s something prescribed to take the edge off. She feels he needs some time to mellow out, but he doesn’t want to go back home or see Rick. On the way in the car, Taylor tells him that she will take care of him. No one will know, no one will bother him. She’s taking him to Big Bear. There, she tells Ridge that she can’t believe Brooke won’t put her foot down. She doesn’t have the compassion it takes to give him the support and understanding he needs to heal from the loss of Phoebe and now this. She wants Ridge to let her help him heal. Ridge stokes the fire, and Taylor spies his cell with a recent message from Brooke. Taylor thinks Brooke has done enough damage – she deletes the message. She tells Ridge she will be there for him always.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole tries to comfort Mia, who holds Grace one last time. Nicole later begs God to punish her for what she has done instead of Grace. Caroline, Roman, Lucas, Will and Chloe gather at the hospital to say goodbye to Grace. Sami is having trouble accepting that Grace doesn’t have much time left, and snaps at Rafe when he tries to explain it to her. Later the two make up, and Will, Rafe and Sami bond with Grace. Lexie tries to comfort Daniel, who is frustrated that he can’t do more for the baby. Stefano continues to assure EJ that the situation with Owen is taken care of, and advises that EJ focus on spending time with his daughter while he can.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Alexis tells Nikolas that Rebecca is Emily’s twin and she was “sold” as a baby. Nikolas says the information doesn’t matter to him and he’s sure Rebecca “has no agenda.” Alexis seems to have Rebecca’s number. Rebecca talks to Ethan about getting what she deserves since she was “sold” instead of Emily. Through a flashback, we learn that Ethan and Rebecca met randomly when Rebecca was on her way to Port Charles. Rebecca’s original plan was to confront Nikolas and the Q’s but Ethan talked her out of her plan. Ethan convinced Rebecca to just ”show up” in Port Charles and wait to get noticed by everyone. Ethan said Rebecca could write her own ticket if she followed his advice. Ethan then partnered with Rebecca and helped her get info on Nik and the Q’s. Rebecca seems to be having a change of heart about the Q’s and Nik. Both Carly and Claudia seem fine after their tumble down the stairs. During an argument with Ric, Claudia doubles over in pain and she learns the baby could be in jeopardy. Jason finds Michael with Kristina and he enlists Sam’s help. Michael begrudgingly returns to GH with Jason. Michael tells Jason that Carly is manipulating everyone with her pregnancy. Kristina later complains to Sam about Jason. Sonny confronts Carly about tangling with Claudia. Carly says she heard Claudia blame herself for Michael’s disappearance. Carly picks up on Jax’s hatred for Claudia. Michael apologizes to Carly and says he was feeling “claustrophobic” in the hospital. Nik finds Ethan in Rebecca’s room. When Ric comes back to Claudia’s room, Sonny asks him why he’s so concerned about the baby.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At the park, Cyrus is miffed that Natasha isn't leaving him alone. He reminds her they are working undercover and shouldn't be seen together. At Remy's, he is looking everywhere for trouble. He gets a call from a guy named Doyle who is asking about Remy's getting married. Remy is miffed and tells him not to call again. Christina walks in after the call and cools Remy off. Frank calls Remy about a meeting with Cyrus in the park. Beth tries to talk to Phillip about James. Phillip wants James to learn from his mistakes. He tells her he didn't learn that he was still stealing money from people. At Towers, Bill and Lizzie are just looking at what could have been a good party. Alan walks in and tries to comfort Lizzie. She is not buying it and leaves with Bill. James is in a cell at the SPD. He calls for a guard and Phillip shows up telling him that he's got more questions. At the park, Remy gets a call on his cell from his Dad thanking him for paying off the house and offering to pay him back anyway he wants. Remy catches up with Frank and Cyrus at the park and then Frank leaves, not before patting Remy on the back for helping out. Daisy talks to Buzz about James and his troubles. James lets Phillip have it. James in short says he is now out of the way. And that he doesn't want anything to do with Phillip and tells him to "go". Remy and Cyrus have different ideas on how to investigate the murder and theft of the diamonds so they split up. Alan sees Phillip after Phillip has seen James. Phillip tells Alan what happened. Phillip mentions his concern for Beth. Alan tells him he'll take care of Beth while Phillip takes care of James. Bill goes to see James. He is angry. Alan sees how upset Beth is when he comes to tell him a lawyer is on his way.

Cyrus talks to Doyle about how he can get his hands on some stones. Daisy visits James and has lunch with him. Phillip talks to Clayton, Remy's father. Phillip tells Clayton he can pay him back whenever he can. Clayton gives Phillip advice on how to handle James. At Company, Christina tells Buzz about Remy's proposal of marriage and the diamond he was going to give her. At the park, Lizzie is exercising her leg for a run when Bill walks up to talk. He then kisses her. Phillip visits James again and lets him have it. Tell him what he did to Remy's father. He then talks to Beth about his conversations with Clayton and James. James is going to the courthouse and he leaves with Beth and Alan. Before they leave, Alan has some words with Phillip about "the family". At Company, Christina, Cyrus and Remy meet up. Christina mentions the diamonds. Remy gets a call on his cell. Frank tells Remy he thinks he is right about Cyrus. Remy tells Frank, he'll keep an eye out for him. Bill gets a call on his cell from Beth asks them to come down to the courthouse. Daisy tells Buzz, "I don't want to be involved with a Spaulding." At the courthouse, James listens to the Judge. The judge lets him go with a reasonable bail and that he doesn't want to see James. Then Phillip speaks up telling the judge that releasing him would be a mistake. That once he promised to stop he then turned around and stole money from another person. The judge goes back on the earlier order and tells the courtroom bail is denied.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Cole and their parents get ready to give the baby go Marcie and Michael. But Starr and Cole both reveal that they may be having second thoughts about giving their baby up. Jessica is devastated and blames herself for the death of her baby and all that Tess and Bess have done. Brody comforts her and tells her he loves her more than anything. Charlie proposes to Viki and tells her he loves her more than anything. Clint tells Nora if they are getting married, they must set a wedding date. Yet Rachel tells her mother she knows that she may not be certain that Clint is the right man for her and Nora may not be over Bo.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Nick and Sharon wake up together. When Sharon notices the time, she knows that she has to get home because Jack will be worried about her. Nick assures her that Jack knows. Jack and Phyllis wake up together. Phyllis tells Jack that J.T. will be bringing Summer home soon. Jack leaves in a hurry. Mary Jane mumbles to herself that since Phyllis’ marriage is over, if Phyllis thinks that she can steal Jack. Daniel tells Jana that he can’t let Aucker sell that painting. Daniel vows that he is going to check out the alleyway behind Jimmy’s himself, but Amber stops him. Aucker fits Victoria with her listening device. Victoria admits that it feels a little awkward. J.T. walks in to let Victoria know that he had dropped off Summer. Victor meets with Dr. Donohue and signs the contracts. Adam checks on Ashley and finds she is still having cramps, but not as bad as last night. Ashley tells Adam that she doesn’t feel the baby as much as she had been. Adam mumbles “oh,no” softly to himself. Nikki visits Ashley and Adam and confronts Adam as to why he had lied to her about where Ashley was. Nikki picks up the towel off the floor and hands it to Adam. Adam remembers how much blood was on the floor. Dr. Taylor arrives to check on Ashley. J.T inquires as to why Victoria is wearing a wire. When J.T. finds out what Victoria is doing, J.T. is completely against the idea. Mary Jane stops by to check on Phyllis. Phyllis tells Mary Jane that Nick is leaving her. Nick arrives and interrupts their conversation. Sharon arrives home to find Jack waiting on her. Sharon makes up a lie, but then tells Jack the truth. Dr. Taylor lies and tells Ashley that the baby is fine. Dr. Taylor stops by Adam’s room and tells him that Ashley had suffered a miscarriage. Nikki calls Victor about Ashley and Adam.

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