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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In Angie’s and Jesse’s apartment, Angie prepares to go to Germany to help Frankie cope with his injuries. Jesse objects to Angie’s going. Angie and Jesse get a webcam message from Brot telling them that Frankie is in a bad way. Randi sits by Frankie’s bedside until he awakens and orders her to leave. In jail, Annie reads the newspaper which shows a picture of Kendall with the headline, “What do you plead?" Annie talks to the woman in the next cell about knowing Kendall. Fed up with Annie's chattering, the prisoner stabs her in the back. Zach visits Adam at the Chandler mansion and just stares at him while he explains what happened the night his brother was murdered. Liza arrives and interrupts Zach and Adam’s conversation. Liza recounts what she remembers of that night. Adam, on the other hand, doesn’t remember anything. Kendall appears before the judge and pleads not guilty. Back at the hospital, Jack urges Kendall to remember something that may clear her, so she recalls tripping over something when she was running away. Jack thinks she came in contact with the killer and goes to ask the police to check the Chandler grounds again for any evidence.

When Annie is brought into the hospital with a stab wound, Jake treats her. Annie awakens to find David staring at her. Later she tells Ryan that David's presence made her remember something frightening from the night of Stuart's murder. With Jesse’s help, Angie decides not to go to Germany. Angie talks to Randi via webcam and encourages her to help her husband. Randi seeks comfort in Brot’s arms when she cannot seem to get through to Frankie. Kendall begins to ask David where he was the night that Stuart was killed, but he doesn't want her to go there.  Then Zach walks in and insists that they do.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Jack visits Barbara at her apartment and asks for her help in bringing Paul and Eliza home safe. In a motel room somewhere on the road, Bonnie wakes up and finds Dusty, sitting on the bed bedside her. She immediately puts Dusty up off her bed. In the storage room, Rosanna wakes up to find Paul, feeding Eliza her bottle. Paul arranges to leave town with Eliza before he gets caught. Paul encourages Rosanna to go back to the farm while he goes on to Canada. At Holden and Lily’s home, Holden lets Meg, Damian, and Lily know that there is still no word on Paul and Eliza. Jack tells Barbara the longer that Paul keeps Eliza away from Meg the more trouble that Paul is in. Jack suggests “bugging” Barbara’s apartment, but Barbara refuses. Dusty and Bonnie are in the dining room, looking over the menu when Rosanna walks in. Dusty immediately recognizes Rosanna, but Rosanna denies that he had gotten her confused with someone else. Rosanna is just about to leave when the owner of the diner comes out and calls Rosanna by her name. Paul calls Barbara and tells her to get Meg on the phone within the hour or he will be gone for good.

At the Lakeview, Barbara bumps into Damian and asks for his help. Damian calls Lily to get her to bring Meg to the Lakeview without Holden becoming suspicious. Rosanna finally tells Dusty and Bonnie where Paul and Eliza are headed. Meg talks to Paul on the phone and agrees to his terms, but has some terms of her own. At the police station, Meg tells Jack the deal that she had made with Paul. Paul arrives at the police station with Eliza in his arms. Dusty, Bonnie and Rosanna arrive to find that Paul had already brought Eliza home.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Brooke that he’s really getting into his therapy and its helping. He’s trying to work hard on getting rid of his anger toward Ridge. He’s still in love with Steffy and he needs Brooke’s support. He really doesn’t want to come between her and Ridge, but he needs her to be there for him. She agrees that she will be. Eric invites Bill into his office and assures him again that his lawyers will fight him on this. He has no intention of selling Bill Forrester Creations. Bill shows Eric, Stephanie, Felicia and Thorne the cover of the next publication depicting Eric behind bars. He’d better sign the papers so he can spend the rest of his life on the golf course instead of in jail. Eric says he wouldn’t sign even for a billion dollars. Bill pulls out the papers and suggests Eric sign them. Eric tears them up. Bill states okay, they will play it Eric’s way. He will notify his publishers to print the magazine as is. Stephanie says no way. She admits two people for Bill to meet – her lawyers. She pulls out her cell phone and smirks at Bill that they have his every word on tape. He actually uses the word blackmail. Surely he did not think he could beat her. Ridge explains to Brooke about the clerical error that Pam made. He’s known for a while but didn’t want to bother her about the little details until they had been corrected. Now he feels that is all behind him, no more Rick and Steffy so they can get on with their own lives. Steffy doesn’t know why she is giving him another chance, but she meets Rick for lunch. He pleads his case that he misses her, still loves her and hopes she will forgive him and take him back.

Steffy tells Rick that she was hoping in time that her dad would come around and give them another chance. He doesn’t want to live with regrets, so he will talk to her dad and be totally upfront and try to show him that he has completely changed. Stephanie re-plays the tape and the lawyers think they have enough to expose Bill for extortion and blackmail. Stephanie suggests that he pack up his tent and sneak off into the night. They are a family and they bury his kind alive…..goodbye. Likewise, he thinks her family needs to understand something; they are just getting started. He leaves and they all clap in appreciation. Donna follows Bill out and gloats that the good guy won. He tells her if he doesn’t work out, she knows where to find him. Eric tells Stephanie that words can not express how impressed he is with what she just did. He wants her to come back to him. Bill tells Jarrod that he may have lost the battle, but he will win the war – Forrester Creations will be his! While Ridge and Brooke are in a good, lovey-dovey mood discussing their future, Rick and Steffy burst in. Ridge wants to know what they are up to now. When he hears, he says that under no circumstances will he allow this. Rick pleads his case again that he is changing. Ridge rants that how many more times is he going to have to say this? They can not get back together. He tries to get Brooke to say it too, but she can’t. He will get a restraining order if he has to. He wants her to say it; he needs her to say that she too forbids it.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie has nightmares about being kidnapped. Phillip tries to assure her that the war is over, and that nothing bad is going to happen to either of them. Stefano confronts Nicole, saying that he knows Sydney is really Sami’s baby. Nicole tells him that he has as much to lose as she does, as EJ’s world would be shattered if he learned the truth, and Sami could get custody of Sydney. Stefano agrees to keep her secret, but threatens that there will be hell to pay if Sami ever finds out. Later, he and EJ head home, and Stefano assures EJ that he doesn’t have to worry about Own anymore, as Stefano is going to take care of him. At Daniel’s suggestion, Will works on gathering the family together for Sami and Grace. Mia confides in Nicole about how upset she is over Grace, and the two later go to see her. Nicole tells the nurse that Mia is the baby’s mother. Sami and Rafe learn that Grace has bacterial meningitis. Sami decides not to tell EJ he is her father. Sami and Rafe pray and visit with Grace as Daniel begins to lose hope that she will recover.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason finds Kristina at a club and takes her to the penthouse. Kristina flirts with Jason then threatens him if he goes through with his call to Alexis. Meanwhile, Alexis brags to Jax and Carly about how “perfect” Kristina is. Michael runs into Toussaint on his way out of the hospital. When Toussaint goes to get a nurse to check on Michael, he (Michael) takes off. Toussaint catches up with Epiphany. Jason runs into Toussaint who fills him in on Michael. Helena and Rebecca have a heated discussion on the pier. Helena asks Rebecca to “work with” her but Rebecca says she isn’t interested. Sonny grills Claudia on Michael’s disappearance. Lucky fills Nikolas in on Ethan. Agent Rayner presents Alexis with a file on Rebecca. Michael heads to Alexis’ house to see Kristina. Kristina tells Michael that she rarely sees Sonny. Jason shows up at Alexis’ house looking for Michael. Kristina answers the door in her underwear while Michael ducks out of site. Carly gets upset when she learns that Michael is missing. Claudia tells Johnny about Michael remembering her voice. Carly overhears Claudia tell Johnny that Michael took off because of her (Claudia). Carly confronts Claudia at the top of the stairs and the two of them fall down. Ethan is waiting for Rebecca in her room. The two greet each other with a kiss. Alexis informs Nik that Rebecca is Emily’s twin.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus is hired as busboy at Company. He has a rocky start. Cyrus' lady friend, Natasha comes by Company and waits outside for Cyrus. Remy is found at the lake, where they found Edmund, by Christina. They talk about Edmund and Frank's wanting Remy back as a cop. At Towers agents are about to cart Bill away when Phillip speaks up and tells them Bill has nothing to do with the fund, that it was James. James admits it. At Company, Frank is visiting his sister and gets a call. The call was about the trouble at the Spaulding engagement party. Frank tells Marina. Marina looks out the window to see Cyrus talking to Natasha. At the park, Remy and Christina are talking about the diamonds and what to do with them. Beth is angry at Phillip. Lizzie tells the party that she is going down to the police station to find out what is going on with Bill. Frank finds Cyrus at the kitchen sink at Company and tells him about Bill Lewis. Cyrus gets a text message on his phone about diamonds. At the police station, Bill talks to James about what just happened. James comments that he just wanted to get away from his family. At Towers, Daisy tells Phillip that James will never forgive him now. Alan gloats that now Phillip knows what it is to have a son now. Phillip goes for a walk to the water plant and screams out. He finds Buzz there. Buzz gives him advice about being a good father. Beth arrives at the Springfield PD. She tells James that Alan will get a good lawyer. Marina talks to Cyrus loosely about evidence in the murder of Edmund and the loss of the diamonds. Frank finds Remy at Company and talks to him bout the case. About to leave, Remy drops some money on the table that confuses Frank. Remy meets up with his father at at the park and is told by his father that someone told him that someone paid the house up. Bill talks to Lizzie about the charges and James. An agent tells Bill after clearing up some loose ends he is free to go. Tells Bill he is a lucky man. Beth and Daisy run into each other at the jail. Beth tells Daisy to go home. Lizzie visits James at his cell. Bill runs into Beth in the offices of the Police dept, they talk about James and Alan. At Towers, Alan is on the phone with Beth and Alex comes to sit near him. She is angry at him for putting Phillip in a position. Beth goes back to see James. Phillip goes to his grave and reads the gravestone and wonders why he came back. At Company, Remy joins Christina. Frank comes by their table to give Remy a report on the stolen gems. Frank offers Cyrus a job as a consultant to help look for the gems. Frank puts Remy and Cyrus together as partners. At Towers, Billy, Alan, Alex, Vanessa, Lillian and Buzz are talking about the events of the party. Outside the Police Department, Beth and Phillip argue over how James' arrest was handled.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victoria tells the man on the phone that she had never met or heard of this guy, but he was an art dealer, who had a piece that he thought that she may be interested in. There is a knock on the door and it is Thomas Balfour. Daniel looks through mug shots, but doesn’t see the man, who had posed as Howard Aucker. At the Newman house, Adam knocks on Ashley’s door and calls out for her. Adam finds blood and mumbles to himself as to what had he done. He tells Ashley that he is sorry. Nick tells Sharon that this feels so right being with her. Sharon wonders if she is dreaming. Jack questions Phyllis if she had any regrets about tonight. Phyllis tells him that she doesn’t’. Victoria demands to see the painting, but Thomas sets some ground rules first. Jana arrives to see the painting. Ashley calls out for help. Jack vows to fight for Sharon. Victoria and Jana recognize the painting. Jana suggests calling the police, but Thomas tells them that that would be a bad idea. Thomas whispers in Jana’s ear a warning to Daniel that he will never paint again. Mary Jane and Jack have a drink and play a game in her bedroom. Ashley begins to have sharp pains and fears she is losing the baby. Adam suggests calling Olivia, but Ashley refuses.

Phyllis visits Daniel to let him know that Nick had left her for Sharon. Ashley declares to Adam that it wasn’t a dream and that he was with her, as well as, Sabrina. Ashley questions Adam as to what had he done to her. Victoria agrees to wear a wire to catch Thomas Balfour. Phyllis vows to Jack that she is going to fight for Nick. Jack tells Phyllis that tonight is no the time.

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