Thursday 6/4/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/4/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake and Amanda have lunch at the Yacht Club and Marissa is their waitress. Jake and Amanda introduces themselves to Marissa. At Wildwind, David tells Krystal that it was his children who stopped him from killing Adam. Tad walks in to take Krystal home. In the parlor of the Chandler mansion, Colby and Liza argue. Erica walks in and tells Liza to leave Colby alone. Colby defends her mother to Erica. At the hospital in Ian’s room, Kendall remembers the times that she told Zach that she loved him. Kendall also remembers the times that she told Ryan that she loved him. At the police station, Ryan shows Annie Emma's drawing of her mother holding a gun in her hand. Annie tells Ryan that if he will let her talk to Emma then she will tell him everything that happened. Colby demands that Liza tell her the truth about the night that Stuart was killed or she will call the police.

Angrily, David orders Tad and Krystal out of his home. At Wildwind, David is still very distraught and angry over the things that went wrong in his life. Babe appears to him and tells him that what he has been doing is wrong. At the Yacht Club, Marissa offers her help in reaching out to David and helping him. Kendall visits Ryan at home, but he is less than enthused to see her. Kendall tells Ryan that she loves him, but it seems more like a question than a statement. Liza arrives at the hospital to apologize to Kendall, but sees Zach instead. Zach lets Liza know that he is married. Marissa arrives at Wildwind to help David and get to know him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul and Rosanna leave the Co-op farm with Eliza because Dusty , Bonnie and the police are hot on their trail and they want to arrest Paul for kidnapping since Meg now has custody of the baby. Paul's car stalls and Rosanna and Paul end up sleeping in the back room of a restaurant in exchange for Rosanna singing for the customers and Paul washing dishes. Bonnie persuades Edna to tell them which way Paul and Rosanna went but they must stay in town an extra night since Bonnie gets sick.

Katie, Vienna, and Brad film a segment for the reality show but Henry doesn't attend the taping because he can't bear to see the spot where Vienna fell. Katie faints during the taping and is rushed to the hospital. The doctor informs Katie that the baby is fine but her elevated blood pressure is an early sign of preeclampsia and she must be on bed rest for her entire pregnancy. Vienna finishes the reality show segment with Brad and he asks Kim if he can be the host of Oakdale now again. Kim tells Brad the show works best with a co- host so Vienna agrees to fill in for Katie. Katie thinks its a wonderful idea but Henry is worried that Vienna will be spending to much time with Brad. Vienna tells Henry she loves him and she must do the show for the sake of Katie's baby. Katie and Henry make up after Henry realizes that he would have felt terrible if Katie had lost her baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tells Bill that he is changing the agreement. Originally he just wanted a roll in the hay. Now he is proposing that she leave her husband…….a husband that she loves while Bill is arrogant and disgusting. He claims he would never tire of her pouring honey on him. She tells him he can just forget that; he is not replacing her Honey Bear. He says he will not force her to do anything. He is giving her the opportunity. What she does with it is up to her. He has only given her the opportunity to save her husband’s company and herself in the process. She doesn’t believe him….that he will forgo the chance to buy the company even if she does spend the night with him. He repeats again – make love to him tonight and Eric will be safe. That is a win-win scenario. Donna tells Bill that this is not a win-win situation. Forrester is a family business, her family now so if he takes from Eric, he also is taking it from her. She won’t betray her husband. She hopes when he sleeps on this that he will see what he really is doing. He counters with that he really doesn’t want to see Eric in jail. Get him to sign the documents selling him Forrester’s and no one will be the wiser.

Owen makes dinner for Jackie and they discuss that Nick will finally accept them when he realizes Owen is not after her money. Stephanie and Eric tell Felicia and Thorne about their dilemma with Bill and his threats to call Immigration which will send Eric to prison. Stephanie and Eric take full blame for not sharing the papers about their employees with the children. And Eric admits he never should have fired Stephanie. She admits that her father told her she was unlovable and over the years she tried to prove that right. Eric says that is not true; he still loves her. Donna returns and overhears some of the conversation. She begs Eric to sell to Bill and not go to jail. She calls Bill and warns him that Eric is not going to sell. Prove to her that Bill is not the man she thinks he is. Bill hands Jarrod a copy of the next cover of his publication showing Eric busted behind bars. He orders him to print it.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe tries to tell Lucas the truth about her affair with Daniel, but a call from a frantic Sami interrupts. Chloe then fantasizes about how telling the truth might go. When she considers that Lucas might go ballistic and start drinking again, she decides not to tell him the truth. Kate later tells Chloe that she wants her to take back over the hosting job for her talk show. Chloe agrees, thrilled that Kate seems to want to work things out. Kate, however, has other plans, and we learn that she is setting a trap for Chloe. Sami decides to tell the truth about Grace, and prepares Will for a shocking revelation about Grace’s background. Lucas says he will be there for her a hundred percent. Sami then prepares to tell EJ the truth about his being Grace’s father, but Daniel interrupts, saying that Grace is very sick, and that it’s more serious than he first thought. Mia tries to comfort Will. Nicole sees Mia at the hospital and warns her that if she tells Will the truth about her baby, he won’t want to have anything to do with her. Mia agrees. Nicole then overhears Sami’s intentions to tell the truth. She privately decides to face Sami head on, but Stefano interrupts her, divulging that he knows that Sydney is really Sami’s child, not Grace. Roman warns Stephanie to leave the Kiriakis mansion, but she refuses. Kate, on the other hand, supports her engagement to Phillip. Later, Phillip and Stephanie make love.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Agent Rayner tells Alexis he’s certain Rebecca was illegally adopted. Claudia watches an embrace between Sonny and Carly. Claudia goes to Jax and tells him that Carly is “using Michael” to “get closer to Sonny.” Jax tells Carly about his visit from Claudia. Carly wants Claudia out of their lives. Jason and Robin are able to calm Michael down after his violent outburst. Michael says he’s frustrated being imprisoned in the hospital. Later, Claudia goes to visit Michael and lends a sympathetic ear. Claudia tells Michael to cooperate with the doctors so he can be released from GH as soon as possible. Claudia listens to Michael and tells him she’s on his side. Michael says he remembers Claudia apologizing to him when he was comatose. Jason tells Sonny what happened with Robin. Sonny worries about Michael taking his rage out on Carly when he goes home. Sonny is convinced that Michael should live with him instead of Carly. Rebecca and Nikolas have no regrets about the progress their relationship has taken. Alexis again tries to warn Nik. Helena returns and lurks around in Rebecca’s room. Helena corners Rebecca on the pier and accuses her of “working a scam” on Nik. Robin worries when Patrick takes Emma to the hospital daycare center. Robin says she’s hesitant about returning to work. Jason heads over to a Zacchara club to take care of business for Sonny. Michael tries to leave the hospital on his own.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie and Bill get ready for her party. Bill pops the marry question again in fun. James is just hanging in the mansion and Beth tells him to get ready for Lizzie's party. At Company, Both Frank and Buzz are dressed up for Lizzie's party and ask Daisy why she isn't. She says, "I'm not going." Jeffery and Mallet are still talking about what Mallet found in Reva's car trunk. Josh calls Jeffrey's cellphone to ask if Reva can be released. Jeffrey tells him there is a problem. Jeffrey tells Josh to not look worried when going back to Reva. That is until a police officer comes and takes her away. Back at Jeffrey and Reva's Mallet and Jeffrey are discussing the evidence. Jeffrey tells Mallet, "Why after all these months of being sick, then getting the all clear, would she throw that all away." At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan and James is discussing Phillip as a father figure. At Lizzie's party Matt and Rick are discussing women. Bill and Lizzie arrive running into Vanessa, Lillian, Buzz. Ashlee tries to talk Daisy into going on a reporting assignment with her. Back at the Spaulding Mansion, James is on the phone and unknown to him, Phillip is listening in at the doorway. Jeffrey finally talks to a cuffed Reva about what the cops found in her car's trunk. Reva is in disbelief. She says, "They couldn't have." Josh stays with her while Jeffrey goes to find out how to get her out. Daisy goes to the police station to find out that Reva is being arrested. Alan and Alexandra enter Towers for Lizzie's party. Back at the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip, Beth and James are getting ready to go to Lizzie's party. Phillip changes his mind and asks James to take Beth. Phillip then gets a call on his cell. At Towers, Lizzie notices her mother and brother arrive. Ashlee asks them if she can take a photo of them. Lizzie agrees. Later at Towers, Ashlee and Daisy are talking about James. Lillian and Buzz are talking, along with Alexandra about Lizzie and Bill. Ashlee gets Beth, Bill, Lizzie and Phillip for a picture. Alan corners Phillip and tells him he knows about his taking the rap for James. At the police station, Reva tells Frank she didn't kill Edmund just before he processes her finger prints and picture. Later Frank and Mallet talk about the case and Reva. Jeffrey comes to take Reva home after posting bail. Jeffrey goes to her cell saying she is ready to go home. As she walks out of her cells she pats Frank's face to thank him for letting her go. And she and Jeffrey leave. Once home she hugs baby Collin. Josh and Frank decide to go for drinks. They invite Mallet, but he says he has work to do. At Towers Ashlee is still taking pictures of the Lewis and Spaulding Families. Bill is arrested during the party, Phillip tries to stop it and says James is the one they should arrest. Alan doesn't like it when Phillip speaks up.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and her friends and family are elated that their baby will be home soon. But Jessica is devastated now that she remembers all that has happened. Viki consoles her daughter. Clint, Bo, Brody, Natalie and Jared are there for her. Charlie accompanies Viki and consoles Nash's parents for the loss of their son and their grandchild. Matthew's friend Destiny has a plan involving a man named Greg whom her brother, Shawn (the body guard) does not trust. And it looks like Shawn and Rachel might be going out on a date. Officer Fish answers the ad that Layla and Cristian have posted for a roommate. Schuyler and Gigi go to Rex's home, hoping to uncover some DNA evidence that will expose Stacy. But Rex won't let them out of his sight, expresses his contempt for both of them and believes what Stacy tells him. But Gigi manages to get some of Stacy's hair as evidence.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

A man warns Genoa City that they are in for severe thunderstorms. Jack visits the Newman estate to visit Ashley, but intercepts Adam instead. Adam tells Jack that Ashley is asleep. Ashley dreams that Sabrina tells her that Victor is hers and for Ashley to stay away. Ashley wakes up screaming. Jack rushes to her side. Ashley explains to Jack about the nightmare. Jeff asks Gloria if she is afraid of the dark. Gloria lets him know that she is just afraid of being broke. Jeff tries to reassure her that they will get their money back. Mary Jane orders Sharon to back off and leave Jack alone. Nick tells Phyllis that this isn’t working anymore. Mary Jane grabs Sharon. Sharon orders Mary Jane to let go of her or she will call the police. Nikki and Paul walk up and interrupts. Nikki finds out that Sharon is pregnant and that Nick may be the father. Gloria questions Nikki as to how Ashley is with Victor out of town. Jack orders Ashley to come and live with him for a couple of days until Victor comes home. Adam insists that Jack cannot take Ashley. Jack insists that Ashley go home with him, but Ashley insists on staying there. Jack issues Adam a warning that if anything happens to Ashley, Jack will hold Adam personally responsible. Jeff urges Mary Jane to tell him more about herself, but Mary Jane refuses. Paul visits Mary Jane in her room. Phyllis tells Jack that Nick had left her for Sharon. Jack lets Phyllis know that he had asked Sharon to marry him. Nick visits Sharon and lets her know that he had left Phyllis. Nikki decides to go and check on Ashley. During the thunderstorm, Ashley calls out, “who’s there.” Adam whispers, “Ashley.” Ashley then calls out “Adam.” “Estella.” Sabrina tells Ashley that death is coming. Nikki calls out for Ashley.

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