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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Jake gives Liza her fake medical chart which shows that she is pregnant. Jake also shows Liza the sonogram of Colby to pass off as this baby’s. David grabs Krystal by the arm and begins to shake her when Scott rushes in and hits David who falls to the couch. Scott insists on calling the police. Colby finds Erica going through Liza’s hotel room. Erica insists that she is trying to find evidence to clear Kendall. Erica finally manages to convince Colby to help her. Colby finds some letters underneath the bed that she puts into her purse without Erica noticing. A piece of white paper is lying under the foot of the bed. Ryan suggests to Zach and Kendall that they get married to keep Zach from having to testify against Kendall. Colby reads all the letters from her mother. When Colby shows Pete the letters, he notices blood on one of them. Pete takes the letter to run a test on it to see if the blood is Stuart’s. Krystal tells Jesse that all David could talk about was killing Adam. Colby and Liza have a heart to heart talk about the letters. Pete calls Colby to let her know that it was indeed blood on the letter. Colby calls Liza a “liar.” Zach and Kendall are married. Opal shows Ryan Emma's drawing of a woman holding a gun. When Ryan goes to show Annie the drawing, she says she will tell him everything.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Noah learns that he has been accepted into the honors Film department program; he will be able to produce and direct his own film. He and Luke’s private celebration is interrupted when Allison tells shows up to tell them about Adam’s death. Casey, Tom and Margo prepare to go to a private memorial service for Adam. Margo doesn’t want anyone else there because she can’t handle it right now, as Casey worries to Tom about if they are the only ones there, who will be able to say something nice about Adam. Luke, Noah and Allison decide that Casey needs their support even if they weren’t invited to the service. They show up and Casey is thrilled to see their faces. The memorial service starts and the priest asks if anyone wants to share anything about Adam, and a young military man steps forward. Sgt. Riley offers a story and talks about their friendship and how Adam came there to make amends for what he did in his life. Margo, Tom and Casey seem appreciative that he was able to shed some light onto what Adam had been up to. Margo invites Riley back to their home for food. Riley talks with Noah about his time on base in Georgia, and Noah learns he was stationed at the same base his parents had him. Riley gives Margo a CD that Adam made. Margo offers Riley a place to stay before he leaves town. Casey leaves with Allison because he can’t handle this right now and wants to be alone with her. He admits that he is worried that Adam died before they could make amends – he also wonders if he could have even made amends with Adam. Allison offers him comfort. Tom worries that Margo might grow attached to Riley because of his connection to Adam, as Margo promises not to. After she gets emotional from listening to Adam’s CD and Riley comes downstairs for milk since he can’t sleep (a favorite also of Adam’s), Margo tells him that he should consider this place a home to him and he is welcome to stay as long as he wants. Riley is happy to hear this. Luke thinks that he knows what Noah should write about in his film; he should write about his life growing up with the Colonel and about living on all the bases, he lived on. Noah is intrigued but doesn’t think anyone would be interested, as Luke disagrees. Paul continues to elude Dusty and Bonnie while he spends time with Rosanna. Dusty doesn’t ingratiate himself to a local police officer very well. Rosanna goes on a date with that same man, who tells her about Dusty. Rosanna cuts her date short to warn Paul, who is having a close call himself when Bonnie is at Rosanna’s farm stand shopping and sees Eliza, whom she doesn’t know. She becomes concerned when she sees the baby unattended because Paul had to hide from her. Finally, as she is about to call the police, an employee comes out and tells her that the baby is one of the employee’s grandchildren. Bonnie later tells Dusty about this casually and he is suspicious. They decide they have to get a photo of Eliza and the only way to do that is to ask the police for help. Dusty and Bonnie return to see the officer and apologize and plead for his help. He is finally inclined to help them. He later brings back a photo of Eliza and Bonnie is overwhelmed to see that the baby she saw at the farm stand is Eliza. Meanwhile, Rosanna is instructing Paul that he needs to take the baby back to Meg. Paul needs more time to think. Rosanna tells him that if he isn’t going home and he doesn’t want to go to jail, then he has to leave now because it is only a matter of time before they arrive there looking for him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna restates Bill’s offer to her – one night with her and he will drop all the charges against Eric. She knows this is just a power trip for him. He sees it as a chance for her to save her husband. She tells him to stop it as there will be no romantic evening with him. Okay, then he hopes Eric is prepared to sell. Eric and Stephanie huddle together to figure out some way to save the company and not sell it to Bill. Nick grouses to Bridget that after he kills Owen, he’ll feel better. He tried to fire him instead, but Jackie rescued him again. He hopes his mother will come to her senses soon and this will be over. Owen and Jackie make love in the middle of the day and he proposes they move in together to prove to Nick they are really serious. She suggests he move in with her; he agrees. Eric tells Donna and Bill that the mistakes were his and his alone. His family should not have to suffer for this. He will not sell. Bill warns him again that he will turn him in to Immigration. Donna jumps in and says give it “one night”, surely Bill can think it over and give it that. He agrees to “one night”. Nick tells Bridget that he is going over to his mother’s and make sure Mr. Six Pack is not hanging around.

Eric tells Donna he can’t imagine how one night can make a difference. She cries that Bill Spencer can not get Forrester Creations and Eric can not go to jail. She will not let that happen. Donna lets herself into the suite. Bill tells her that he is glad she came. He’s ordered dinner, but no strolling violins, wasn’t time for that. He pours her champagne which she doesn’t touch. He senses she is uncomfortable. She agrees that she hates having to be here. He says Honey Bear is a sweet guy, but he’s also a stuttering old man and he will grow tired of her honey. He’ll want his family, all the history, Stephanie. That is his pattern. He saw that look again today. Donna must accept that. Eric has strayed before, but he always returns to Stephanie. He doesn’t want her to be another one of Eric’s discards. He also knows that she didn’t come here to give herself to him, but rather to try and talk him out of this. He confesses that he likes her and he wants to save her from the inevitable. She needs to get out while the getting is good and he can show her how good it can be. He whispers that he wants her to stay the night with him… her husband, save his company, but more importantly… herself. Eric vows to Stephanie again that he is not going to let go of this company, too much family emotion and history, memories here. Unfortunately Nick does not knock, but barges on in with Owen and Jackie in bed. He demands Owen leave, but Jackie informs him that he must knock first next time now that Owen is going to move in. He shows his disappointment and she demands that he accept her decision. Owen has brought back joy into her life. Nick is still livid that Owen is taking advantage of her. She implores him not to make her choose between the two of them. Nick leaves, still unhappy.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Will tells Lucas that he refuses to stop seeing Mia. Will later asks Maggie if she knows of anywhere Mia can stay, and Maggie asks Mia to move in with her. Mia agrees. She admits to Will that she overheard him and his dad talking about her, and that she wishes Lucas didn’t hate her. Will tries to reassure her, saying that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, and that he won‘t ever change his mind about how he feels about her. Sami rushes Grace to the hospital when she starts having seizures. She tries to call both Rafe and Will, but their phones are off. EJ, who has made up with Nicole by agreeing to stay out of Sami’s life, is at the hospital to see Stefano. He ends up comforting Sami and assuring her Grace will be fine. Later, Daniel tells Sami that Grace has improved, but they will need to run blood work on her to make sure her problems don’t stem from an inherited disease from her biological parents. Sami begins to panic. Arianna warns Rafe about Sami. Rafe insists his and Sami’s relationship is nothing like what happened with him and some woman named Heidi. Arianna ends up storming off, saying he is going to ruin his life. Nicole overhears and tries to assure Rafe that she thinks he made the right decision. Rafe is suspicious of her approval. He later learns that his phone has died. Chloe confides in Nicole that she can’t get Daniel off of her mind. Daniel is still fantasizing about Chloe, too. Chloe finally decides, after talking to Maggie, that she will tell Lucas the truth about her affair.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael gets snippy with his physical therapist so Monica steps in. Monica is able to calm Michael down and talk some sense into him. Claudia starts to redecorate the house and Sonny isn’t happy about it. Carly tells Jason that Claudia is trying to manipulate Michael. Jason promises Carly he will “deal with Claudia.” Carly wonders what “dirt” Jason has on Claudia. Luke presents Ethan with a new online DNA test and says Tracy can’t know about it. Alexis and Liz agree about their Rebecca suspicions. Liz calls Rebecca on her Emily transformation. Rebecca claims her plan is to help Nik “move on” with his life. Claudia gets upset when she sees Olivia kissing Johnny. Claudia threatens Olivia so Johnny threatens to “bury” Claudia “if anything happens to Olivia.” Johnny doesn’t approve of Claudia’s relationship with Michael. Michael tells Sonny he wants to leave the hospital sooner rather than later. Jason thinks Michael should stay in the hospital and recover. Sonny goes along with Michael. Carly says Michael’s doctor will decide when he comes home. Sonny finally agrees with Carly. Robin says Michael should slow down on his physical therapy and take some pain medication. Michael disagrees and has a violent outburst with Robin and Jason intervenes. Agent Rayner tells Alexis that Rebecca was adopted “illegally.” Nikolas and Rebecca move their relationship to the next level before their 2-week waiting period is up.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus puts a plan in action. Jeffrey visits Reva, who just wants to know what their son is doing. Reva is going to be released. Josh asks Frank if there is anything he can do to help. Frank says, "Just hang low." Remy confides in Christina about he's wanting to marry him by showing her the diamond. She says she can't marry him. That she feels it is better the way they are. Frank talks to Cyrus. Christina and Remy are now ok with not marrying. Shayne visits Reva and then Josh does. Reva comments that the police are running out of time. Mallet hands Jeffrey a search warrant. It gets a little hard when Frank ask Remy to locate the missing, he's words, "Jewels" known as the stones in the bag. Remy gets nervous. Josh keeps Reva company while they are waiting for her release. Then Josh goes to track down Mallet. Josh calls Jeffrey to ask about Mallet. Jeffrey gives Josh bad news about the search warrant. Not finding anything in the house, Mallet asks to see Reva's car. He opens the back hood to find a white tube with blood.

OLTL Recap Written by Jen P.

Brody finds Jessica (Bess) at Nash's parents house and she tells him that nobody is going to take away Chloe. As he tries to shake some sense into her, trying to reach Jessica, Mr. Brennan comes in and threatens Brody. She uses the fact that Nash was taken away by the state to get them on her side. Cindy knocks Brody out with a vase, forcing Jessica to break through. Stacy tells Stan she'll give him the money while Schuyler, Rex and Gigi are discussing Stacy and her evil ways. Rex thinks Schuyler just wants the money. Cole tells Starr he is happy about hope but he needs to go take his drug test and will call her soon. Marty went with Cole. Starr, Marcie and Michael wait to hear word on where Hope is. The Brennan's realize something isn't right with Jessica and call the hot line. Bess takes over and cuts the phone line. Just as she is about to leave with Chloe (Hope) the police show up.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon tells Jack that he is spoiling her by doing so many things for her. Billy tells Chloe that Sharon is pregnant and the baby could be Billy’s. Chloe goes totally ballistic. Phyllis gets a call from Nick telling her that he is going to have to meet with his father about some business. Adam calls out, “who’s there?” Nick lets him know that it is Nick. Nick tells Adam that he has some business with Victor. Olivia examines Ashley and finds that everything is fine. Olivia suggests that Ashley see a psychiatrist which Ashley resents. Ashley asks Olivia to leave. Nikki visits Victor. Victor tells Nikki that he really meant it when he had wished her congratulations on her engagement. Nikki tells Victor that the time that she had gone to London, that she had told Ashley to go after Victor.

Nikki visits Phyllis to bring Summer a singing bear. Mary Jane also visits to do some work with Phyllis. Ashley calls Victor to tell him that she is going for a walk. Billy promises to make this up to Chloe. Phyllis receives a call from Victoria. Phyllis advises Mary Jane to stay away because Sharon is pregnant. Chloe tells Billy to find them their own home so that they can start over. Victor tells Nick to go to New York to look at some property that Victor wants to get his hands on. Mary Jane suggests killing Sharon. Nick tells Victor that Sharon is pregnant. Victor lets Ashley know that he has to go out of town on business. Chloe confronts Sharon and finds out that Billy and Sharon had slept together on their wedding day.

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