Tuesday 6/2/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Colby reads an article to Scott about Kendall being released. Scott tells Colby that he is the one to blame for this mess and the reason that Stuart is dead. Marissa visits David and finds him drunk. Liza sees Erica at the Yacht Club who warns her never to hit her again. Erica is taken aback when Jack arrives to meet Liza. Jesse visits Zach in prison. Zach wants to recant his confession. Erica watches Jack and Liza together. While Kendall talks to Ian in his hospital crib, Ryan walks in. Marissa calls Krystal to let her know about David and his drinking. Krystal refuses to help.

At the Yacht Club, Colby lets Pete know how completely torn she feels over Adam and Liza. Erica manipulates a maid into letting her into Liza’s hotel room. Colby comes in and catches her. Krystal comes over to see David who is in a very bad way. Krystal instructs Marissa to leave. David grabs Krystal by the arm and orders her to put back on her wedding rings. David begins to shake Krystal and blame her for Stuart being dead and Adam being alive. Scott rushes in and hits David who falls to the couch.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The Hughes family is shattered when a box of Adam's things is sent home and a state department official informs them that Adam died when a suicide bomber hit the supply house where he was distributing food and medicine to the people. Casey blames himself because he wished for his brother's death many times. Casey regrets that he will never have the chance to make things right with Adam. Tom and Margo regret that Adam didn't get a chance to come home and be part of the family now that his life was back on the right track. Tom and Margo decide to have a memorial service with just family and friends to celebrate the good in Adam.

Katie thinks that Brad is having an affair with a woman named Gina when she sees a card with Gina's name and a box with a bracelet in it. Vienna spies on Brad and Gina and sees Brad give Gina a kiss on the cheek and a bracelet. Gina also wonders when Brad plans on telling his wife. Vienna gives Katie the details and Katie plans to leave without ever telling Brad she is pregnant because she doesn't want him to come back to her out of pity. Vienna packs to leave with Katie and tells Henry Brad is having an affair. Henry goes to Brad's house and punches him. Brad explains to Henry that Gina is a woman who planned to give her baby up for adoption and he was trying to persuade her to give the baby to him and Katie. Henry tells Vienna to keep Katie from leaving because this has been a big misunderstanding. Brad explains everything to Katie and she tells him they are going to have a baby of their own so they don't need to adopt. Henry and Vienna are happy for Brad and Katie but are still mourning the loss of their own child. Henry and Vienna donate the $10,000 to a fund for adoption because it is a good way to remember their child.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In Eric’s office, Stephanie tells Eric that Bill Spenser called and Bill is coming there to see him. His generous nature may now get them in trouble. Donna joins in and Eric confesses to her that he hired illegal employees. Bill is on to this and is on the way over. Donna is livid that this idiot brought this upon them for something Stephanie casually said to Bill. Bill tells Jarrod that Eric isn’t so squeaky clean after all. Now he has the dirt that he needs. Owen grouses to Jackie that Nick is not going to let up. Nick is going to keep trying until he drives him out of her life. Yes, he wants children, but at the end of the day they both just want to be happy. If and when the time comes, they can adopt. She is shocked that he is talking future here. Bridget tells Nick that he is being a little harsh on Owen….he has helped the company. Nick agrees….okay he will let him live….maybe. Bill barges in Eric's office and says this is the way it is going down. Mr. Illegal suddenly has a new identity and if the INS needs any more information he has a whole drawer full of folders for them to feast their eyes on. So either Eric sells him Forrester Creations on Bill’s terms or pack his bags for a nice long stay in the slammer with his new best friend, Bubba.

Owen tells Jackie that she makes him feel alive and it would be nuts for him not to see her. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to him, and he hopes she wants to see more of him too. Jackie smothers Owen with hugs and kisses and says he is a dear, sweet man and no one has said such nice things to her. She confesses she is not sad and lonely any more since he came into her life. Eric tells Bill this is extortion; Bill calls it playing hardball. Bill even lowers the price to $60 Million and concludes that it could go lower. Eric tears up the papers and states that this is a family business and he is not interested in selling. Stephanie too says although she wanted a piece of the action, she is now going to join Eric in his stand and they will keep the family business with him running it. She’ll do whatever she has to in keeping it in Forrester hands. Bill assures her that they will lose and all the illegal employees will suffer also. He points out that Eric has caused her nothing but humiliation and pain so he doesn’t see why she would side with him now. She says basically he is a good and decent man, something Bill would know nothing about. Bill suggests to Donna that they leave and let Stephanie and Eric discuss this. Donna tells Bill that he is disgusting. His suggestion is for her to spend one night with him and all of this will go away. He admits he could get any woman he wants, but they don’t interest him. She, pussycat, does. He hopes she will give him a chance to see what a great guy he can be….a night that she will never forget. And the payoff is she will be helping her husband keep the thing that is most dear to him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Hope rescue Melanie and Brady. Phillip beats Owen to a pulp just as Bo and Hope arrive to arrest Owen. Phillip tries to get Stephanie, who is strangely calm, to open up to him about what happened to her. Melanie feigns happiness that the two have been reunited, but Brady can tell she is in pain. Meanwhile, EJ gets some of his men to work on finding Owen, worrying that the cops may get to him before the DiMeras can. Nicole reassures him everything will work out, and divulges what she knows about Rafe adopting Grace. EJ flips out, threatening to go over to Sami’s place and have it out with her. He claims he is just worried about Johnny, but Nicole accuses him of being jealous of Rafe. EJ denies it. Nicole asks him to prove it by staying at home. Rafe and Sami make love, and Rafe shows Sami the adoption papers that he has submitted for review. Later, after leaves for work, Sami notices in horror that something is seriously wrong with Grace. Mia tells Will about her living situation imploding. Lucas greets the two, and later learns that Mia went to rehab. Alone with Will, Lucas warns him to stay away from Mia. Mia listens in as Will tells Lucas that he refuses to ever give her up.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Morgan talks Michael into moving back home. Jax worries about Michael’s “temper.” Lucky is upset with Luke about Ethan and Holly. Holly tells Lucky about her past with Luke. Lucky says he couldn’t care less anymore and walks out of the casino. Ethan and Lulu talk about his childhood. Ethan says Holly gave him up for her own convenience. Lulu reminds Ethan that Holly “gave him life.” Ethan takes Lulu’s words to heart and goes back to see Holly to “thank” her. Ethan leaves things on a sour note when Holly admits she’s leaving town. Lulu tells Lucky not to blame Ethan for the situation. Claudia is offended when Sonny asks if Jason found something against her. Johnny walks into Spinelli’s office just as Maxie accidentally plays the recording of Claudia’s phone call. Later, Maxie catches Johnny breaking into Spinelli’s office. Maxie figures out that Johnny is trying to protect his sister. Claudia and Carly argue over Michael. Later, Claudia sneaks in to see Michael and tell him of Sonny’s disappointment that he’s decided to live with Carly. Michael tells Claudia he remembers her “tone” of voice speaking to him when he was in a coma. Sonny asks Jason to take Johnny under his wing so they can keep an eye on him and “gain his trust.” Jason says he’s “working on” getting evidence against Claudia. Tracy walks in on Luke and Holly’s goodbye. Luke is upset with Tracy about the DNA test. Holly leaves town with a warning to Tracy to cherish Luke and respect Ethan. Lulu breaks up a fight between Ethan and Lucky.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus heads back to town with a familiar lady, Remy sees his dad come out of the bank and goes up to him. Clayton tells Remy he is about to loose the house. That he hasn't told Remy's mother. Olivia and Natalia talk about Remy and his finding out about them. At Towers, Phillip goes up to James and his friends and asks what James and Daisy are up to. Taking an ID from the table Phillip asks about it. James answers his question, that it is his, to Phillips dismay. Phillip asks James where he got the fake ID. Daisy says that she made them. She then butts in to their conversation and Phillip tells Daisy to leave them. Phillip gets angry at James. Olivia tells Natalia that Rafe didn't want the job she offered. Back outside the bank Remy talks to Clayton about getting him help and not to tell Remy's mother. Remy calls Dinah, but gets her answering service. At Company, Remy sees Christina and Marina and tries to forget his problem. Buzz visits Coops grave and Cyrus comes up on him, surprising him. They talk about the whereabouts of Grady. Cyrus thinks he just doesn't want to be found. Fr Ray sees Natalia at the Food Mart and asks about her. Daisy goes to Olivia for advice about the Spaulding family. Olivia's advice is to her is stay away from them. Daisy tells her, "Phillip put his foot down" about seeing James. Phillip tries to talk to James. Phillip does agree to help him. Phillip says, "I could end up going to jail for you." James says, "I appreciate it." Phillip will agree to help James if he gives up on the fake IDs. Natalia tells Fr. Ray that she let everyone down. Fr Ray isn't so sure that down is the word for it. That she has done good. At Company, Frank, Rafe, Blake, Marina and Remy are all talking about careers. Remy gets a call on his cell and leaves. At the Cemetery, Buzz and Cyrus are still talking about when Cyrus left. Cyrus catches up with Daisy to talk. Natalia is looking for Rafe and asks Daisy. At the Spaulding Mansion, Rafe stops by and sees James. They get to know each other. At the Brownstone, Olivia and Phillip run into each other. They talk about Emma. They conversation turns to him messing with his life, and she then walks away. Cyrus talks with a strange woman via phone. They are planning something. Remy looks over the diamonds he has. James is on the phone with Daisy and when he mentions Rafe is with him, she wants to talk to him, but James nixes that. Natalia and Olivia talk bout what to do with their friendship.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki, Clint and Bo find Bess at Nash's parents' home. Brody comes to and attempts to convince her to give herself up. Tess also comes out and tells her she has no choice. But she does not listen. At that point, Viki determines that maybe she can get through to Bess by acting as Jean Randolph. Meanwhile, Starr and Cole wonder what to do with the fact that when Hope comes back they need to figure out whether to keep her or let Marcie and Michael adopt her. After Dorian finds out what happened, she tells Blair and Starr that they cannot allow Viki's family to get away with taking Starr's baby and having everybody believing she died. She also reveals to Blair that Ray is in a crises with his daughter being sent to St. Anne's. Blair acknowledges that her aunt has real feelings for Ray Montez.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lily wants to sample the cheesecake, but Cane tells her that she had to wait for her birthday party. Chloe calls out for Billy as the door closes. Mac asks Billy if he really wants to do this and he tells her that he does. Billy tells Mac to read the card which is wishing Mac and Raul congratulations on their engagement. Kevin asks Amber if she is still on hold. They discuss going public in order to plead their case. Aucker arrives to confront Daniel as to why he had lots of messages on his voice mail. After talking to Aucker, Daniel realizes that he had been had and the other Aucker had been a “fake.” Aucker instructs Daniel to make a drawing of this other “Aucker” so that they could have a description of the man. Lily thanks Neil for coming to her party. J.T. visits Mac and finds out that she is engaged to be married to Raul. Chloe arrives. Billy inquires as to where Delia is. Amber and Kevin talk to Tommy Lasorda on the radio, but all they get is negative responses, except for one, who takes Kevin and Amber’s side. Chloe and Billy argue as usual over the type of person that Billy is. Billy orders Chloe not to ever compare him to Cane. Chloe points out all of Billy’s good points. They attempt at a reconciliation. Billy orders Chloe and Delia to move back into the pool house and he will move out. Chloe attempts to reconcile with Billy. Billy insists that he has to come clean with Chloe. Billy tells Chloe that he had slept with Sharon, she is pregnant and the baby might be his.

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