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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse visits Zach in prison to let him know that he arrested Kendall. In the Pine Valley jail, Kendall meets with Jack, her lawyer. At the hospital, Colby listens to Jake and Liza talking. Liza tells Jake that she wishes that Jake were Colby’s father. Erica pulls away from Adam and tells him that he is no match for her. At Wildwind, Krystal pulls off her wedding rings and gives them back to David. David tries to talk to Krystal, but she leaves him anyway. Amanda orders David out of her hospital room David and Amanda begin to resolve their differences. Amanda tells David that if he promises that he won’t take her baby then they will try to work something out. When Krystal visits Tad to let him know that he was right about David, he asks her to move back in. Opal has her reservations about Krystal being here. Tad is overwhelmed that Krystal is home and wants to have a celebration. Jack arranges for Kendall’s release from jail. Colby confronts Adam and Liza about them not telling her how Adam manipulated Liza into having his child. Colby forgives both Adam and Liza. Erica walks into a very tender moment between Adam, Liza and Colby. Liza promises Jake that if he goes back on his promise to her that she will make him and Amanda both pay. Kendall visits Zach in jail and asks if he  killed Stuart. Jake arrives home to find out from Opal that Krystal is moving back in. Jake assures Amanda that her child will be given to the right person.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Holden arrives home to let Lily know that there still isn’t any word on Paul and Eliza. Holden tells Lily that Jack had been working on it all afternoon. Lily tells Holden that she had gotten a call from Damian and that Meg was sick. Damian receives a call, but Paul hangs up when Damian answers it. Dusty shows Joey a pic of Paul and Joey recognizes the pic. Rosanna mentions to Paul as to why doesn’t he call Meg. Paul lets Rosanna know that the already had, but that Damian had answered the phone. Rosanna wants to know what Damian was doing with Meg. Rosanna asks Paul as to why he had called Meg. Damian checks to see where the call had originated from, but with no luck. Damian calls Bonnie to see if the call had come from her, but Bonnie lets him know that it hadn’t. Damian lets Bonnie know about the call that they had received. Bonnie lets Meg know that the person hadn’t shown up. Meg also finds out that Dusty is with Bonnie. Holden and Lily arrive at Damian’s to find Meg, lying on the sofa, without her blouse and covered up with a blanket. Lily and Holden take Meg home with them. Edna listens to Dusty and Bonnie discuss Paul and Eliza. Edna alerts Paul that they are looking for him and Eliza in town. Rosanna comes up with a plan to throw Dusty and Bonnie off the trail.

Edna’s catches up with Bonnie and Dusty in town and tells them that Pau and Eliza were headed for Sparta. But Dusty doesn’t believe the story. Bonnie wants to go to Sparta, but Dusty insists that Paul and Eliza are still right here in town. Lily also takes in Damian when he becomes sick with the flu.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Bill that she does not have a Logan Chronicle for today. He says that the game is over. If she is so positive that her ex-husband never hired undocumented workers, then she has nothing to fear. On the other hand……he had such high hopes with her as a co-conspirator. If she won’t give the dirt to him, then he’ll have to go out and find it for himself. With every word out of her mouth, he’s convinced there is something to find. She tells him he has too much time on his hands. He says it is just a question if he will have to send Eric to jail to get what he wants. He confides in Jarrod that he needs some information on Eric, anything he can use about his cutters, seamstresses, the maintenance……..anything Eric might have done slightly illegal. Jarrod doesn’t like doing this to old friend, Eric, but digs up what he can. Donna reminds Eric that Bill is a very dangerous man and he always gets what he wants. She hopes Stephanie won’t cause them any more damage. He doesn’t think Stephanie will break her promise to her children. Nick tells Jackie that he does not want Owen around his son, even the company for that matter. She doesn’t like the silent treatment she is getting. She reminds him again how good Owen is for her and for the company as well. Later after Nick has a talk with Owen and Owen tells him that he is not dropping his mom or going anywhere, Jackie orders Nick to stop bullying Owen. Nick makes it clear that he considers Owen just her boy-toy, nothing else. He hopes she will tire of him soon and he will be gone.

Stephanie confesses to Eric that she is less than happy with Bill Spencer and will not be doing the Logan Chronicles. And despite him being her new best friend that Bill might be a problem. He’s looking into any practice Eric might have had with undocumented employees. She asks if they are vulnerable. He tells her they are protected. There is nothing to find; they have been very careful. He’s angry with her for bringing this down on them. He’s highly incensed that she would go in business with Bill to steal the company from him. She apologizes as this is not playing out like she originally imagined. Owen unbuttons his shirt and tempts Jackie right there on Nick’s desk. Bill googles some names in Eric’s employ and finds the very first one is very much dead yet he is still shown with Forrester….identity theft, just the proof he needs to bring Eric to his knees. Eric can sell him the company or go to prison for a very long time. He calls Stephanie to warn her that he has all the goods he needs. Eric better be prepared to negotiate or he won’t like the consequences. He gloats that Stephanie is no match for him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie and Brady work on getting a signal on one of their phones, but Brady’s ingenious device made of Melanie’s bra’s under-wire fails when both their phones die. They later have a heart-to-heart about Isabella, Brady’s mother. Phillip tries to send Melanie and Brady a text message to come rescue him and Stephanie. Owen and his father prepare to embalm Phillip, but Stephanie’s gasps send Owen’s father scurrying upstairs to see if a new client has come in. Owen gets Stephanie out of the drawer, saying it’s time to leave. She manages to distract him long enough to crack open Phillip’s drawer. Later she snatches Owen’s gun. He gets it back just as Phillip flies out of the drawer. Owen holds his gun on the both of them. Hope and Bo learn from Henderson that Brady was last seen near the cemetery with Melanie. They head over there and find Melanie’s hospital badge on the ground. Kate confronts Daniel and Chloe, and threatens to tell Lucas of their affair. Daniel pulls her aside after she nearly tells, and reminds her that the way to make sure her kids are happy is to let them live their own lives--without her interference. Kate pretends to agree, but secretly decides to tell Lucas everything. When Lucas demands answers from Chloe, she tells him that the night he got drunk, Maggie was trying to tell him that Chloe was planning to leave town without saying goodbye. She adds that she loves Lucas, but doesn’t think she deserves him. Lucas buys her story, and tries to assure her of his love.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason brings Spinelli a phone recording of Claudia ordering Jerry’s car explosion. Spinelli says the recording is authentic. Jason tells Spinelli that Claudia is “working” Michael. Michael asks if he can live with Sonny and Claudia. Sonny is skeptical but Claudia is all for it. Sonny gets Carly to agree to the living arrangements. Morgan has a visit with Michael. Holly tries to explain things to Ethan. Ethan is angry with Holly for being less than honest with him. Holly claims she left Ethan and Luke’s meeting to fate. Luke isn’t so happy with the way Holly handled things. Holly says she thought she could make a life with Luke and Ethan, with the help of Tracy’s money. After Ethan storms off, Holly wonders if she and Luke still have a “chance” for a life together. Luke says he’s tempted but his life is in Port Charles. Lucky is still upset about Luke’s betrayal of Laura. Liz tries to convince Lucky to work things out with Luke. Lucky walks in on Luke kissing Holly goodbye. Ethan tells Lulu they’re brother and sister. Jason goes to tell Sonny about the phone recording. Sonny tells Jason that Michael will be staying at the Corinthos house temporarily. Jason isn’t happy with the news. Sonny notices the tape recorder in Jason’s hand.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia runs into Doris and Ashlee at Company. Ashlee tells Olivia she is looking for work. Olivia joins them and ask Doris for some advice about ex cons and how they adjust. Doris talking about Rafe doubts that he'll be ok with their secret. Doris guesses Olivia is afraid. Olivia doesn't want to hear it and walks away. Rafe goes to his father's grave and says a prayer and leaves some flowers and leaves. Natalia approaches and offers to go on a picnic. He says he rather go home. She notices some papers sticking out of his pocket. She guesses they are to apply to be a cop. He tells her he is skeptical he can pull it off. Later he puts on a tie that belonged to his father and Natalia gives him Gus' badge for luck. Natalia calls Olivia to tell her Rafe needs something to tie him over. Olivia tells her to send him over and Natalia thanks her. At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth walks in on Phillip as he is calling his lawyer. Beth implies she is proud of Phillip for protecting his children. They run into Bill and Bill announces he wants to throw them a party. Daisy walks home to find James on her doorstep. He tells her he needs a new ID without his real name on it. He wants to start a new life. Daisy agrees to make him a new ID, but thinks it is not a good idea. While together James gets a call and tells Daisy to change and meet him at towers in an hour. At Towers, Alan bumps into Billy. Billy thinks there will be all kinds of Lewis-Spaulding adventures once Bill and Lizzie are married. Billy tries to put a spin on things. Vanessa arrives and asks Alan to be happy. Bill and Lizzie join their parents at Towers. Back at the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip and Alan go at it. Alan tells Phillip everything is going to hell. Phillip informs Alan he is giving Lizzie and Bill an engagement party. Natalia arrives at the mansion to talk to Alan. She informs him that Rafe is try hard to adjust to the outside world. Natalia asks Alan not to help him with a job or money. Alan promises. Rafe goes to see Olivia. She offers him a job as a bus boy. Before he can leave, She asks him to stay so they can talk. He admits to her he can't be a cop. Olivia tell Rafe to tell his mother the truth. Lizzie tells Bill to call her father to thank him for all his has done. Ashlee startles Daisy in her basement and asks her to the movies. James calls Daisy to Towers. Ashlee tells Daisy a friend is looking for a job. Daisy offers her the ID business. But Ashlee would rather avoid prison. Daisy changes clothes and tells Ashlee that she and James are not dating. Ashlee approves of James because he is not a criminal unlike Grady. An investor arrives at the Beacon to see James. Also at the Beacon James is surprised to see Phillip and escapes by claiming he is on a blind date. Daisy is impressed and says so. Phillip also arrives and says, "Sounds like a good deal. Where do I sign."

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr, Cole, along with their parents and Marcie and Michael all wait in suspense to find out when they will see baby Hope. Yet they all realize that even if she's returned home safely, there may be complications and conflicts regarding who she should live with Meanwhile, Brody finds Jessica while she is Bess. Yet, she is able to successfully convince Nash's parents that he wishes her harm and cannot be trusted. But when she notices that they wish him harm, Jessica comes out long enough to reveal her love for Brody. Yet, she manages to be Tess in order to attempt to leave with the baby until it's too late when she hears and sees sirens.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At Amber’s and Daniel’s apartment, Wallace questions Amber as to why she hadn’t called the police the night before when the break-in had occurred. Daniel walks in and finds Wallace there, and wonders what is going on. At the diner, Jana looks at the computer screen and remembers a conversation that she had had with Daniel about his forging a painting that had been stolen years ago. Jeff and Gloria walk into the diner from the back and tells Kevin and Jana that they had found a penthouse. Kevin offers Jeff and Gloria a job at the diner, but they refuse. At the Athletics' Club, Mary Jane walks downstairs with a folder in her hand. Upon seeing Nikki, Mary Jane hands Nikki the folder. Nikki walks into the dining area and finds Paul, sitting at a table, waiting for her. Paul lets Nikki know that he is investigating Mary Jane because a lot of things in her story doesn’t add up. Nikki has her doubts about what Paul is doing. At the Newman mansion, Victor is on the phone when Jill comes barging in. Jill lets Victor know that she blames him for her losing everything in the Cayman Islands. Jill suggests that Victor help her get her money back in exchange for helping him get payback concerning Katherine snagging Neil away from him and going to work for Katherine. Victor refuses Jill’s help. Jeff and Gloria also come barging into Victor’s living room. Victor forces them to leave and not to come back to his home again. Jill voices her apology to Victor for Jeff and Gloria’s intrusion. Victor gets a call from Mary Jane, who wants to see him as soon as possible.

Paul remembers a conversation that he had had with Mary Jane in which she had made mention about April and New York. Nikki also begins to be suspicious of Mary Jane. Jill join Jeff and Gloria in their penthouse and discuss how their meeting had gone with Victor and if he had suspected anything. Jeff and Gloria wonder who is living in a room at the club that Victor had paid cash for their room. Victor tells Mary Jane that the plan didn’t work and he was calling it quits. Mary Jane pleads with him to give her another month in getting Jack away from Sharon. Victor lets Mary Jane know that he doesn’t want Sharon hurt. Paul and Nikki have a meeting with Paul’s brother.

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