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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake brings Amanda into the hospital with contractions. They run into David into the corridor. Krystal sees Marissa at the Yacht

Club, and finds out that Marissa had gotten her job back. Kendall is put into a jail cell opposite Annie. Kendall demands a new cell, but the officer refuses. Annie tells Kendall that she knows why she is here is because she had killed Stewart. Liza watches Adam, Colby and J.R. together after Stewart’s funeral. Jake confesses to David that he loves Amanda. David offers to buy Amanda’s baby and Krystal watches the whole thing. Erica and Liza argue after the funeral which results in Liza slapping Erica. Liza comes into the hospital and finds Amanda crying. Adam recounts a family story from when he and Stewart were boys. Adam urges Scott and J.R. to work together as a family. Scott and J.R. agree to form a partnership. David visits Marissa at the Yacht Club and tells her that it was all his fault what had happened with Krystal selling her. J.R. asks Scott if he thinks that they can be a team and Scott agrees. Amanda tells Liza that David Hayward is her child’s father. Amanda, as well as, Liza wishes that Jake could have been the father of their child. J.R. confronts Marissa if she is staying in town because of Scott. Liza decides not to go through with her pregnancy and is going to have a miscarriage. Adam and Erica argue. Erica insists that Adam tell her what he sees before him. Adam tells Erica that he sees a woman standing before him as he takes Erica in his arms. Krystal gives David back his rings as she pulls them off and leaves Wild Wind.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Bonnie thanks Dusty for keeping his distance from Meg and letting the police handle things. Damian gives Meg some good news on the video that she had made in the search for Paul and Eliza. Edna watches the video that Meg had made. Rosanna gives Paul some chores to do as they both watch Eliza. Carly is in a bar, as usual. Gus orders Carly a drink, but Carly refuses. Craig visits Carly. Craig sees parker through the glass in the door and orders Parker to open up. Parker tells Craig that Carly isn’t here. Meg sees the video from Edna telling her to meet her and she can have her daughter back. Meg and Damian hurry to go tell Bonnie and Dusty the news. Everyone wants to go with Meg, until Meg becomes sick and passes out. Bonnie agrees to go get Eliza in Meg’s place. Paul catches up with Edna just before she can leave with Eliza. Craig pitches his new idea to Carly for the sparkling water, which is “MId-Day Sun.” Gus visits Carly and wants to pick up where they left off despite protests from Carly. Parker comes downstairs and forces Gus to leave. Parker accuses Carly of drinking and picking up men in bars.

Carly insists to Parker that she had had only two drinks. Parker pours out the vodka. Paul manages to convince Edna not to turn him in and let him keep Eliza. Carly and Parker decide to make their own decisions about their life. Paul and Rosanna watch Meg’s video. Craig visits Carly, but Parker covers for her that she is not here, but at an AA meeting. Paul calls Meg, but Damian answers the phone. Dusty and Bonnie find out where Paul and Eliza are.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne and Felicia tell Stephanie they want out at Forrester Creations and they hope she can make room for them at Jackie M. She explains that she has already told Ridge that she is working on it and hopes she can get control of Forrester herself. It involves Bill Spencer. Felicia doesn’t want any more stress on their dad as it could kill him. Stephanie says he brought this on himself and she feels they have been shoved aside. Ridge says it is not her battle to fight. It is not worth all the fighting between her and Eric. Stephanie says she is not happy but she will butt out. Donna questions why Stephanie is still allowed in the building. After all she is the enemy. Katie says they need a strategy to get Bill and Stephanie to back off. Donna’s ears perk up as if she might have an answer. But she tells Eric that Bill is a horrible person and she wants nothing to do with him. Stephanie’s decision to discontinue the web cast and Logan’s Chronicles doesn’t sit well with Bill. He claims that a big soft heart will get Eric into trouble. He wants dirt…. something they can hold over Eric to bring him to his knees. She declares that Eric is not a brilliant businessman, but he is a good person and there is no dirt.

Nick and Bridget make love and she hopes they are this lucky the rest of their lives. Ridge announces the good news to Eric and Donna that Stephanie is going to dump the Logan Chronicles. She does not want to hurt the family. As he rattles off a litany of things that Eric might have done, he tells Stephanie that she has handed him the brass key to put Eric behind bars. Suddenly she realizes that Bill came to L.A. with an agenda. He has been using her to get Forrester Creations for himself. He gloats as he tells her that Karen told him FC was full of internal strike. Now with Stephanie’s help, FC will not be Eric’s, it won’t be hers either, but he will succeed and it will be his.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Owen captures Melanie and Brady, and locks them into a crypt. Owen’s father finally accept Phillip’s ‘corpse’ but nearly has him cremated. He shuts him in the drawer next to Stephanie to wait for Owen to return. Phillip makes his way out of the body bag and hears Stephanie groaning in the drawer beside him. He calls her name. Owen’s father questions Owen about the recent body brought into the morgue. Lucas tells Maggie and Chloe that he is beginning to remember what happened the night he fell off the wagon. Victor calls Lucas, Chloe, Kate, and Daniel to the mansion to talk about Phillip, just telling the four that he isn’t involving the police. They learn he has disowned Brady, and Daniel lays into him for it. Victor divulges that he knows about Daniel and Chloe’s affair. Victor ends up telling Kate everything about Stefano and Stephanie, and she insists that he find Phillip and Stephanie, and clean up this mess. Victor and Chloe trade barbs, and she seeks solace in Daniel’s arms. Kate catches them embracing. Mia learns that her cousin is leaving town, and she must either live on the streets or go back home to her mother. She confides in Maggie. Will has a heart-to-heart with his friend Tad about Mia and Kinsey, and Will decides to do something nice for Mia. He asks Victor for permission to use his pool.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin confronts Holly about lying to Ethan about his paternity. Patrick discusses Michael’s anger issues with Sonny. Jason is horrified watching and listening as Michael and Claudia bond. Michael tells Jason how much he likes Claudia. Maxie returns to town and Spinelli after spending time away at a fashion show with Kate. Maxie gives Spinelli Kate’s PDA but he doesn’t find anything incriminating on it. Jax is hesitant to get physical with Carly because of her blood pressure. Carly gets a note from Dr. Lee giving her permission to have sex. Sonny talks to Michael about his anger toward Carly. Claudia tells Michael about her pregnancy. Michael seems fine about Claudia’s baby even though he seems to resent Carly’s baby. Carly gets upset when she sees Michael bonding with Claudia over the new baby. Sonny notices that Michael seems to like Claudia. Lucky still resents Luke’s time spent with Holly years ago in Singapore. Sam and Jason track down Claudia’s car bomber. The guy says Claudia hired him to kill Jerry. Holly finally admits that Luke is Ethan’s father.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip and Beth talk about Bill and James problems. Beth wonders if Bill or James will have charges brought up against them. James is at Company talking with Daisy about is money problem. Dinah tell Josh and Shayne that Reva has been arrested for Edmund's murder and they all leave Company for the police station. Marina and Mallet talk about Reva being the prime suspect. Marina doesn't think she did it. Jeffrey talks to Reva to get at what she is keeping from him. Jeffrey is angry. Reva claims she wanted to make sure that Edmund stay away from Shayne or either one or both would have been dead. Jeffrey wants to know why she didn't tell him before. He adds that she could have called him to help. She say she did follow him to the construction site and that she thought he was so moved at what Shayne was going to do in his daughter's memory. Marina apologizes to Mallet for putting him in a position. Shayne, Dinah, and Josh get to the police station. Shayne wants to know what is wrong with Mallet arresting Reva just out of the hospital. James offers to help Daisy at Company, but not before another cup of coffee. Dinah speaks for Shayne and Josh to let them go in to see Reva. He agrees. Shayne thanks Dinah for her words. Once near her cell, Shayne wants to know what is going on. Outside Company, Marina orders Daisy to stay there and work since she has other things she has to do. Phillip tells James that he will take the fall for the investment scam James pulled and tried to blame Bill for. At the jail, Josh is alone for one second with Reva and barely can look at her. Mallet, Dinah, Shayne and Jeffrey talk. While Marina brings little Collin to see Reva. Marina tell Reva she had to sneak him in through the back door. She also tells Reva she will help Jeffrey out with Collin til she is home. Mallet tell all that if they can give him something he can use against another person do so. He doesn't like working this case all hours, he tells them. Back at Company, James wants to know how Phillip will work this out. After James leaves Company, Daisy come to find him. Phillip tells her that James needs space. Lizzie, Bill and James meet at the park to talk. Shayne and Dinah have an argument over Reva being in jail. At the jail, Jeffery stays and Josh agrees to go. Josh tells Jeffrey if he needs anything let him know. Lizzie and Bill are going over the funds of the company and the numbers don't add up. Dinah and Shayne continue talking about the murder. She states somebody is going down for this. Marina and Mallet are saying the same thing in his office. Jeffrey tells Reva that the evidence is piling up, and it could hurt all involved. Jeffrey takes Collin from Marina and thanks her for taking good care of him. Reva just sits in jail.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd, Blair and Marty deliver the joyous yet horrifying news about their baby. They are elated to know that she is alive but demand to know where she's been all this while and how everybody got the mistaken idea that she was dead. Marcie and Michael ask the same question of John. The question is answered that Jessica's baby died and one of her "alters" switched her dead baby with Hope and has had everybody believing believing that Hope is Chloe. Meanwhile, Bess hides at Nash's parents' home. They see the news report that her family and the cops are looking for her. But she explains to them that her family are bad people and they must understand her situation since their child was taken from them when he was an infant. Right then, Brody figures out where to find Jessica (Bess) and goes to Nash's parent' home before she plans her escape.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Newman house, Victor meets with Dr. Laura Braun concerning Ashley and how serious this situation is with her and this scrapbook. Victor realizes that Ashley needs psychiatric help. Adam overhears and realizes that Victor is keeping secrets from Ashley. Adam visits Ashley in her room and welcomes her home. Ashley tells Adam what had happened in the hospital concerning Sabrina. Adam vows to be Ashley’s friend. At home, Jana realizes how upset Kevin still is over the letters that he had received. Howard Aucker advises Daniel to keep his distance from Jana. Daniel questions Amber as to what she is working on, but she replies that it is for a friend. Howard calls Daniel to ask about the painting and demands that it be done by noon the next day. Phyllis visits Jack at home and begs him to keep Sharon away from Nick. Sharon urges Nick not to leave Phyllis. Olivia tells Jack about Ashley and her being in the hospital, but that she is home now. Jana questions Daniel as to why he is forging a “stolen masterpiece.” Olivia and Jack arrive at Victor’s to see Ashley, but Victor forbids Jack to see Ashley. Ashley walks into the room. Jack and Victor argue over Ashley and her living in “a haunted house.” Nick asks Sharon to reconsider her decision just as Phyllis walks in. Phyllis questions them, “reconsider what.” Victor forces Jack to leave. Daniel opens up and tells Jana everything about the forged painting. Ashley has a dream that she talks to Sabrina and Sabrina reassures Ashley to just relax. Victor comes in and sees that Ashley is in a much better mood and has a different outlook. Adam cannot figure out what had happened. Nick tells Phyllis that he had made a decision just as Phyllis receives a call that she needs to go home so that the babysitter can leave.

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