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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the chapel, Scott and J.R. wait for Stuart’s memorial service to begin. Scott feels that it should be Adam in the coffin instead of Stuart. Scott tells J.R. that he cannot get up there and deliver a eulogy to his father. Amanda begins to question as to what shape her life had gotten in and wishes that she could be more like Liza. Jake advises her to watch her back when it comes to Liza. At the police station, Natalia brings Ryan in to visit Erica. Erica blames Ryan for Kendall being a suspect in Stuart’s murder. Liza confesses to Jesse that she had slept with Zach and that she set Kendall up for the murder of Stuart to get Kendall out of the pic so that Liza could have Zach. Jesse arrests Kendall for the murder of Stuart. Jake warns Amanda to watch her back when it came to Liza. Tad puts on a puppet show for Kathy and Jenny. Opal arrives to join in the fun. Marissa arrives at the chapel to pay her respects, but offers to leave if Scott doesn’t want her here. Scott insists that she stay.

Erica tells Ryan that Liza Colby should be the one behind bars because Liza had been in Adam’s house the night of the murder. Kendall is brought into the police station. The memorial service begins for Stuart. Scott also delivers his own eulogy to his father. Scott thanks Marissa for the things that she had said to him. Marissa offers Scott to stop by the yacht Club later for something to eat, drink and to just talk. Kendall is booked and put into jail. Annie offers Kendall her help in getting through the first day in jail. Amanda goes into labor.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry is intent on suing the TV Station and Katie for Vienna's miscarriage but after a talk with Brad he decides to drop the lawsuit and consider forgiving Katie although that will take time. Katie gets a positive result from a home pregnancy test and confirms the good news with a doctor. Vienna is also at the hospital for a follow up visit and is told she can still have children. Vienna finds out Katie is expecting and has mixed feelings about it. Katie tells her that is the way she felt when Vienna was going to have a baby. Katie asks Vienna to help her through the pregnancy because Katie needs a friend. Katie asks Vienna to keep the pregnancy a secret from Brad until she has had a few weeks to make sure everything is okay with the pregnancy. Vienna thinks that Katie should tell Brad but agrees to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Craig, Jack and Janet come together to help Carly when Craig informs Jack and Janet that Carly pretended to go to an AA meeting. Janet thinks that Carly needs a distraction from drinking so Craig gives Carly a new project designing a label for Midnight Sun's new designer flavored water. Parker is hurt when Liberty turns down his invitation to go to prom. Carly is excited about Craig's new idea and tells Parker that he can be the spokesperson for the water but he thinks its a lousy idea and he doesn't want Craig trying to control the family. Carly is hurt by Parker's lack of support for her and goes to a bar to drink and forget her troubles.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Ridge that all his problems would go away if he would leave Brooke and come back to her. Brooke thanks Bill for giving her the opportunity to strike back at Stephanie for trying to devalue their company. She does tell him that he doesn’t have a chance at Forrester Creations. He warns her just to let things play out. You never know how things might turn out. Stephanie calls Ridge and tells him that Brooke was just on the web cast and he should come back and see it. He catches Rick and Thomas bickering. Rick hauls back and is about to sock Thomas in the chops when Ridge tells him he better not lay a hand on his son. Brooke walks in and is dismayed that this is starting all over again. Stephanie suggests that Ridge just watch the web cast for himself to see the damage and how much Brooke is championing her son and the Logan’s. He tells them all that this is between him and Brooke and he’d like time alone with her right now. Taylor makes her last plea for him to free himself from this chaos and be happy with her. She tells Brooke that Ridge has other options. He doesn’t have to put up with this.

Ridge explains to Brooke that she is turning this bitter rant into a tug of war and will drag the company down in the process. She took the opportunity to respond to Stephanie but in doing so she is doing just what Stephanie and Bill wanted. They are both using Brooke. Nick plays frisky but Bridget has a few ground rules before she moves in. His cigars must go…..better for his and Jack’s health. He loves his cigars, but he’s willing to make the sacrifice. Stephanie points out to Taylor that each day that Ridge does not tell Brooke they are not really married, the wider the gap and the closer he will be to coming back to Taylor. Brooke explains her part in the impromptu web cast, but they must not let that affect their marriage. She would never say anything to deliberately hurt Ridge's family. She feels something else is bothering him though. He grabs her and almost tells her but doesn’t.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami worries that her parents will be upset over Rafe’s adoption of Grace. Rafe tries to reassure her. Mia goes off on Nicole, refusing to stop seeing Will, and telling Nicole to stay out of her life. Later, Rafe tells Nicole about the adoption, and she says she is happy for both of them. Rafe just thinks she is glad Sami will be out of EJ’s life, but Sami thinks Nicole is up to something. Will and Mia spend time together playing baseball and at the arcade. They nearly kiss. Stefano demands to see EJ. Abe confronts Stefano, trying to get him to talk, but Stefano refuses. Lexie suggests Abe allow Stefano to see EJ so they can get information out of him, but Abe says he can’t allow it as he is only mayor, and no longer commissioner. Melanie and Phillip plan to disguise Phillip as a corpse and sneak him into the mortuary. Brady finds the two and they let him in on their plan. Brady helps the two, and he and Melanie follow as two orderlies take Phillip over to the mortuary. Stephanie tries to get Owen’s gun but fails. She continues to pretend to want to be with him, and tries to get him to stop worrying about Melanie, telling him that Melanie wants her out of the way so she can be with Phillip. Owen later drugs Stephanie and puts her back in the drawer. His father nearly finds her, but is interrupted when Phillip’s ‘body’ is delivered. Owen’s father tells the men he doesn’t know about any delivery, and demands they take Phillip back to the hospital. While staked outside the mortuary on watch, Brady and Melanie run into Owen. He knocks Brady out and points his gun at Melanie.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ethan pays Robin a visit at home and tells her about their possible family ties. Robin says Robert was in Port Chares when Ethan was conceived so he couldn’t possibly be Ethan’s father. Tracy has Holly arrested for stealing her jewelry. Luke is brought into the PCPD with Holly. Mac advises Holly to “work things out with Tracy.” Holly agrees to leave town if Tracy drops the charges. Jax advises Carly to give Michael some space. Jax doesn’t think Carly should be alone with Michael. Michael grills Jason for details on the shooting. Olivia hears Claudia ask Patrick if Michael could possibly remember what was said to him while he was comatose. When Olivia tells Jax, he feels guilty keeping quiet about Jerry and Claudia’s role in the shooting. Sam offers to help Jason find Claudia’s car bomber. Patrick asks Carly to keep her distance from Michael so as not to fuel his anger. Carly is upset and goes to confide in Jax. Claudia visits Michael and introduces herself as his stepmother. Michael asks why Sonny married Claudia so Claudia explains. Michael tells Claudia he can’t remember anything about the shooting. Jason listens outside Michael’s door as Claudia promises to “help” him. Luke tells Alexis he still thinks Ethan is his son. Ethan tells Luke about his visit with Robin. Holly goes to see Robin.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet and Marina talk about getting back to a normal routine when this investigation of Edmund's murder is over. Jeffrey and Reva also talk bout how their lives have been complicated with this murder investigation. On the way out, Jeffrey makes a call. Remy tells Dinah of his decision to go back to the police force. He thanks her for the coffee she brought. Rafe is up earlier than Natalia expected and questions him. He gets defensive. Olivia looks at a picture Emma drew of a house she thinks she is going to live. Olivia tells her that Natalia and Rafe live there now. Mallet then runs into Dinah who is fishing for information. He tells her, "It could be anyone in town." Reva talks to a picture of one of the kids and notes that the all the troubles are over. Jeffrey makes a stop at Cedars to talk to Lillian about Reva's mood of late. Then the subject turns to Lillian and Buzz. Swearing in for Remy and half the town come and congratulate him. Frank does the honor of swearing in Remy. Olivia and Emma stop by to see Rafe and Natalia. When Emma and Rafe go for a walk, Olivia and Natalia talk bout how they are going to handle the situation of telling Emma that she won't be living at the farm. Rafe and Emma have a tough time when she wants to ride his bike and he says, no. Jeffrey goes home and tell Reva he loves her and admires how she handled the cancer. Reva wonders what's up with Jeffrey. Mallet is looking at blown up pictures of fibers from the scene and Edmund's skull and doesn't like what he sees. He asks the officer that brought the pictures to him to call Reva. Back at Natalia's, she and Olivia are outside watching Rafe throw a ball to Frank. She comments to Olivia that she likes to see Rafe happy again. Frank gives back the gift Rafe gave him as a wedding present. Rafe tells him to keep it. That he still feels the same way about Frank. They pat each other on the back. Dinah, Christina, Blake Marina are having some fun chatting. At Reva and Jeffrey's, Mallet comes by. He tells them about the photographs. She tells him she didn't kill Edmund. He puts Reva under arrest.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair, Todd and Marty are keeping the secret from their respective kids that baby Hope is alive and that she's really Chloe and Jessica has taken her. John keeps the same secret from Michael and Marcie. Jessica takes the baby to Nash's parents' home. They don't know much about their son or his child. Tess comes out and warns Bess that she's going to get in trouble. And right when Bess thinks she's safe, Nash's parents see Viki on the television announcing that her daughter and granddaughter are gone. At that And at that point, Marty Blair and Todd inform Starr and Cole that their baby is alive.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Newman ranch, Victoria yells for Adam to open the door, but doesn’t get an answer. At the hospital, Victor looks through the book which is all about Sabrina and then asks Ashley how had she gotten it. Ashley tells Victor that it was in her purse. Victor questions Ashley how it had gotten there. At the Abbott house, Sharon tells Jack that she doesn’t know she can share a life with him when this baby could be Nick’s or Billy’s. At Restless Style, Nick tells Phyllis that Sharon is pregnant and the baby could be his. Phyllis questions him as to what he is going to do now. Phyllis lets Nick know that she had been in the cemetery and had heard everything that had been said. Victor finds Ashley’s name embossed on the scrapbook. Ashley becomes upset and the beeper on the machine begins to beep. Victor calls for Olivia. Victoria tells J.T. that she needs to get into Adam’s room to check on him. Once inside Adam’s room. Victoria begins to search the room for clues as to what Adam is up to. Adam comes back and finds Victoria and J.T. in his room. Ashley decides that she wants to go home. Against her better judgment, Olivia agrees to let her go. Sharon decides to have a paternity test to determine who the father of the baby is. J.T. questions Adam as to where he had been. Adam lies and tells J.T. that he had been in the wine cellar. Jack questions Sharon if she wishes that Nick would leave Phyllis and Summer for Sharon and the baby. Sharon decides to stay with Jack no matter who the father of the baby is. Phyllis visits Jack and tells him that she had given Nick an ultimatum. Sharon visits Nick. Nick tells Sharon that he is leaving Phyllis.

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