Wednesday 5/27/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/27/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Yelling in the corridor of the hospital as Krystal gets off the elevator. Tad comes down the hall, in a wheelchair, whooping and yelling. All of a sudden, a large noise. Tad had wrecked in the wheelchair. Krystal and Jake come to his defense. Jake and Krystal help Tad up and back into his room. Tad lets Krystal know that he is going home. Liza, in the hospital corridor, lies to one of the police officers in order to get to see Adam. When Liza walks into Adam’s room, Adam is surprised to see her. Liza lies to Adam as to why she is here, but Liza is caught in her lie when Colby comes into the room and lets Adam know that Liza had been in Adam’s home the night that Stewart was killed. Erica watches as Kendall reads a story to Ian. At the police station, Zach is taken into an interrogation room. Jesse comes in to join Zach. Jesse turns on a mini tape recorder to tape Zach’s statement. Erica visits Adam only to find Liza there. Adam yells for the officer to arrest Liza for attempting to kill him. Tad lets Krystal know that he is going home, and suggests that he and the girls move into Wild Wind with Krystal and David. David visits Amanda despite her protests.

Tad, Jake, and Krystal arrive home to find David there with Amanda. When Krystal starts to leave Tad’s, David catches up with her on the outside and accuses Krystal of being sucked in by Tad. Erica visits Zach at the police station just before he leaves. Erica kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for taking care of Kendall just as the police officer takes Zach away. Liza confesses that she had slept with Zach and that was why she had told the story she had about Kendall because she wanted Kendall out of the way. Kendall draws back to slap Liza when Jesse arrests Kendall.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Craig makes sure that Carly goes to her AA meeting, as Carly is annoyed. Craig walks Carly to her meeting, but she ducks out early and tells one of the people involved that this isn’t for her, as the man sees himself in her, but Carly blows it off. Parker steals from Craig’s wallet. Craig and Parker have another tiff because Parker is into self-pity again. Craig then calls him on his wallet being gone, but Parker denies it, as he stomps out. Parker then comes across Carly secretly pouring vodka into her coffee and lets her know he saw. When Craig finds his wallet hidden, he calls Parker on it, but Parker manipulates Carly into lying for him. Craig is no fool and calls Carly on covering for Parker, who denies it and tells Craig she wants some space. Janet gets an offer for a free four day trip to Florida and is excited to tell Jack, who doesn’t think it is feasible with all that is going on. However, when he sees her face, he changes his mind. Craig bumps into them and asks to speak with Jack. Craig tells Jack what happened with Carly and Parker and they both admit that Parker stealing is bad, but it is more worrisome that Carly lied for him. Meanwhile, Carly is having it out with Parker about what he did, as Parker feels justified, but Carly is incited that he would pull that. Jack arrives to confront them and orders Parker to show the contents of his wallet. An angry Parker does and Jack tells him that he knows what he did. He then tells Carly that she had her chance and since she won’t tell him the truth, Parker is coming with him. Jack shows up with a furious Parker telling Janet that she has a new busboy until he pays back what he spent. Janet realizes that they aren’t going on their vacation anymore. Carly goes to drink again but has no alcohol so she sees Craig’s belongings on her couch and packs them up instead. She then interrupts a business meeting to tell him to get out of her life. Meg is at a loss as to what to do about Paul kidnapping Eliza, as Lily tries to help. Luke is frustrated with Damian thinking he made it worse on Meg, but Noah and Damian come up with a plan to have Meg post a video plea to Paul to get his, as well as Eliza’s and Meg’s face out there. Meg agrees and with the support of Damian, Lily, Luke and Noah, Meg makes an emotional plea to Paul. Lily and Luke thank Damian, who is busy showing a lot of support to Meg. Damian promises her that Paul will be affected by her words. Meanwhile, Rosanna’s employee sees the video and realizes what Paul has done.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Over lunch, Ridge says he will not talk to Stephanie any more about Brooke. She says the Logan influence to FC is destructive and they have to do something about it. Surely he would like to guide the company through these hard times without having to consult Brooke or Donna. He’d like to hear her plan unless this was just another excuse to corner Brooke. Taylor joins them and Stephanie gives her view again that they can rescue this company if they all do it together. Jarrod speaks with Bill and assures him that despite his initial hesitation he can get the juices flowing about a good juicy piece about the Forrester’s. Meanwhile Brooke can not stand to watch Stephanie’s web cast any more. Rick tells her this is affecting all of them. She is sending them out all over the world. He threatens to call Bill Spencer and get him to pull back on Stephanie. Brooke begs him not to, she will do that. Bill is surprised when she shows up in his doorway. He challenges her. Brooke has to show her undies. If she is wearing old granny type underwear, then he will send Stephanie flying. On the other hand, if she is wearing some nasty teddy, then he knows Stephanie has been telling the truth and Stephanie stays. She says she is not stripping for him. He offers her the opportunity to stay and participate in the Jarrod interview on web cast and she can respond to the Logan Chronicles.

Stephanie looks for Eric but finds Rick instead. He asks if she is there to apologize. Stephanie tells him not to get too accustomed to this office as he won’t be there long. Brooke calls and tells Rick to stay close to a computer as she is about to do her own web cast. In turn, Rick tells Stephanie to stay put, she might want to see this too. Point by point, Brooke defends all of Stephanie’s charges and her comparison of Brooke to Saint Taylor. No matter if Stephanie likes it or not, the company is going to rise to the top again. It is run by Logan’s, Logan women. Stephanie points out to Rick that no where in that long diatribe did Brooke once mention her husband, Ridge, or Donna’s husband, Eric….you know that guy that started the company. Taylor points out the obvious to Ridge. He was much happier when he was with her. He will never be that way with Brooke again. She asks him to come back to her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

After telling Brady that she doesn’t know where Stephanie is, Nicole learns that Mia is pretending to be an addict, and has befriended Will. Nicole calls Mia and interrupts her study date with Will. After Will defended Mia to an old friend and praised her honesty, she considered telling him the truth. However, Nicole interrupts. When she meets with her later, Mia ends up defending Sami to Nicole and divulging that Rafe is going to adopt Grace. Melanie sneaks into Owen’s father’s mortuary and finds Stephanie’s earring on the floor of the morgue during a tour. Certain that Stephanie is there, but fearful that Owen may kill her and flee if the police get involved, she and Phillip plan their next move to get back into the morgue. Caroline confronts Victor about the melee on the pier, demanding to see Stephanie. Victor stalls her by saying Stephanie is in hiding. Sami meets with Caroline to tell her about Rafe adopting Grace. Caroline isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. Rafe takes a job in construction so as to be able to help support Sami and Grace. He and Sami try to assure Arianna and Caroline that him adopting Grace is the right decision.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claudia wants Johnny to get back on Sonny’s good side. Sonny tells Olivia she betrayed their friendship by getting involved with Johnny. Olivia resents Sonny’s interference in her personal life. Sonny seems to want more than friendship from Olivia. Jax is concerned when Olivia tells him about her involvement with Johnny. Michael has a memory of a woman apologizing to him while he was comatose. Robin is able to pick up Emma and spend some time bonding with her. Jax asks Michael not to cause Carly any unnecessary stress. Lucky and Liz are disturbed when they find Rebecca making herself at home at Wyndemere. Liz confronts Rebecca about suddenly changing her clothing style and her makeup to closer resemble Emily. Nikolas sides with Rebecca. Lulu goes to see Michael and finds him on the floor so she helps him back into bed. Alexis asks agent Rayner to investigate Rebecca “off the record.” Sonny tells Johnny he doesn’t trust him. Johnny claims to be loyal to Sonny. Olivia and Johnny enjoy a beer and a dance at the garage. Ric pays Claudia a visit and threatens to tell Sonny he may have fathered the baby.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip tells Alan he needs help with James and moving money. Alan refuses to help. He feels James should get himself out of trouble. Phillip has other ideas. At Company Olivia is talking with Frank and Buzz about Natalia and Rafe. At the Courthouse Rafe is getting ready for his hearing. Back at the Spaulding Mansion. Phillip tells Alan that James made a mistake. All Alan can say is all of them can go down. Alan says, "You all disrespected me." While with Daisy, James gets a call. Phillip tells him bad news about the wire transfer. Bill and Lizzie are talking about their wedding. Bill wants a romantic getaway. At the courthouse, the judge is not amused with Rafe's record. The judge wants to hear Natalia out. The judge stops Rafe's statement with one of his own that is not good. At Company, Buzz and Frank are talking about Frank's decision to not help Rafe in court. Frank blows up at Buzz. Buzz can't figure out why. James has high hopes in Phillip helping him. Phillip realizes that Alan is the same "Old Alan". Lizzie calls Phillip saying she and Phillip are in Chicago in police custody over some guy telling them Bill stole money and Bill's slugging him. Back in the courtroom, the judge doesn't like the fact that there is no male influence in Rafe's life. That is when Frank barges in and tells the Judge who he is and that he'll take responsibility in being Rafe's mentor. Alan tells James that Lizzie is in Chicago and in trouble and that Phillip went there to help her. Phillip arrives and explain the problem to the police and will rectify the problem. Then they realize there is more trouble in store. In Court the judge changes his order and releases Rafe on the promise he never see him again. James is about to leave the library where is talking to Alan until Alan stops him to talk about where Phillip went. In Chicago, Bill tells the detective that he is the only one they should keep. That Lizzie has nothing to do with his problem. At the Court House in the hallway, Olivia wonders why Frank changed his mind in helping Natalia and Rafe. He in short says that they would have appointed another person that doesn't care nor does know Rafe like he does. Olivia offers to help Rafe get back on his feet also. Rafe turns her down sort of and leaves with his mother. Phillip explains to Bill and Lizzie that when anyone gets involved in a Spaulding weird things happy. They are now free to go and decide to go home with Phillip. Phillip changes that by ordering them to stay and have fun. Phillip calls James, who doesn't take the call to Alan's liking. Phillip figures that James is now turning to Alan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jen P.

Rex realizes Stacy is lying to him about knowing Stan. Schuyler tells Gigi that Stacy wasn't Shane's donor; that she threw out her blood. Gigi realizes that means that if she can get the proof for Rex, that they can be together again and she can have her life back. Dorian tells Langston and Markko that Lola killed her mother and is in St. Ann's. Kyle blackmails Roxy into giving him a free room by telling her if she doesn't, that he will spill the beans about the stem cells. Todd visits Tea in the hospital, as does Blair. Todd tells Tea he will take care of her. John and Marty almost make love until he remembers that he is married to Blair.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Newman house, Olivia and Victor help Ashley out of the house and to the car to take her to the hospital. Neil can’t believe that Cane had really gotten Lily to go fishing. Tyra admires the pics taken on Cane and Lily’s honeymoon. Devon interrupts. At “Restless Style”, Phyllis tells Jack that Sharon is pregnant, but she feels like the one throwing up. Phyllis questions Jack if he had confronted Billy. Jack replies that he had. At the Abbott house, Sharon tells Nick that it is late and that Jack will be back. Nick tells Sharon that he is going to tell Phyllis tonight about the baby and that it could be his. Devon lets Lily know that Neil and Tyra are an item now. At the hospital, Olivia examines Ashley and finds her and the baby are fine.

Victoria tells Parker to not pay more than $4.75 a metric ton. J.T. tells Victoria that she is sexy when she takes a “take charge” attitude. Victor calls Victoria and tells her that Ashley is in the hospital and tells her to check on Adam as well as Abby at the ranch. Adam arranges to deliver a package to Ashley in the hospital. Devon insists to Lily that he wants to know who his father is. Jack tells Sharon that he knows about Billy may be the father of her baby. Nick visits Phyllis at “Restless Style” and tells her that Sharon is pregnant and Nick may be the father.

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